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Xena Alarmed Locks are engineered to be unbeatable and to keep your vehicles safer when you are away. Xena Locks are specifically designed for motorcycles and other power sports vehicles, so they are built to give you exactly the security you need. Xena Alarmed Locks are available in many styles and sizes, which means you can find the lock you need for your bike, scooter or trailer. With Xena Locks on the job you will never have to worry about your security again, because Xena Locks are the closest thing to bulletproof you can find.

Xena Alarmed Locks are available in disc locks, padlock and bullet locks, and trailer locks to keep your trailer hitch secure. No matter what kind of lock you select, Xena Alarmed Locks will keep your property safe and secure. The built in alarm on Xena Locks is activated with shock or movement, and has a shrill 110dB alarm, sure to frighten off a prowling thief.

Getting a strong start in the UK, Xena Locks are now the number one choice for motorcycle and motorsport locks worldwide, simply because Xena Alarmed Locks have proven that they are impenetrable. Quality and reliability are what Xena Locks has defined over many years in the business, and Xena Alarmed Locks are guaranteed not to let you down. Don't let a thief make off with your stuff - get Xena Alarmed Locks at Compacc.com!

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Xena Alarmed Locks have been rated 4 out of 5 based on 4 reviews. There are 3 Alarmed Locks for sale, ranging from $6.99 to $68.49


Xena Alarmed Locks

Xena Alarmed Locks
Xena XX-6 Series Locks with Motion Sensor Alarm
  (4 Reviews)
MSRP $79.95
Price $68.49
Xena XXA15 Chain Adapter for XX15 Lock
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MSRP $20.99
Price $18.99
Xena XBP4 Replacement CR2 Lithium Battery Pack
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MSRP $7.99
Price $6.99

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