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Willie & Max is a motorcycle luggage company born out of simple need. Willie and Max were trying to go on a trip, and didn't have any packs to stow their stuff on their bikes. So, they made some. Stylish, waterproof, durable and light, Willie and Max Tool Pouches have dominated the market for over 28 years. Made with quality Naugahyde leather and top notch hardware, Willie & Max Tool Bags can fit on any motorcycle.

Now offering trunks, bags, pouches and sissy bar bags as well, anyone can find a Willie and Max Tool Pouch that suits their bike and personal style. Willie & Max Toolbags have a plastic liner that keeps the bag's shape even when empty, because every biker knows the way your bike looks says everything about you. Packed or unpacked, cruising the town or headed out on the road, Willie & Max is the best motorcycle gear you can buy.

Willie & Max Tool Pouches give your bike a little something extra. A little biker, and a little rock and roll, Willie & Max Tool Bags are a true statement of coolness. Available in many different styles, Willie and Max Toolbags are a truly classic way to dress up your bike. Don't ride around on a bare bike: Grab some Willie & Max bags and deck your ride in the best packs around.

If you're looking for something a little smaller and more compact than the traditional tool pouch, check out the Willie & Max Revolution Handlebar Bag and Revolution Fork Bag. Both were just released and part of the high quality Revolution series!

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    Willie & Max Tool Pouches

    Willie & Max Tool Pouches
    Willie & Max Revolution Fork Bags
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    Willie & Max - Eagle - Tool Pouches
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    MSRP $40.95
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    Willie & Max - Grey Thunder Studded - Tool Pouches
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    MSRP $55.95
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    Willie & Max Double Down Brown Tool Pouch
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    MSRP $45.95
    Price $38.99
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