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Video Reviews
Hey guys this is Reuben with Competition Accessories and welcome to our video review of the ever popular Michelin Pilot Power 2CT. This has to be one of the best selling sport bike tires of all time and for good reason. Nothing but good things to say about them for the most part. They are a sport tire that is at home or on the track or on the street, Michelin does have some more aggressive tires that are more for the track days and if you are looking for that application then Michelin has more tires available. If your the guy that hits the track occasionally and doing some more aggressive riding on the rode then the 2CTs are definitely one you are going to want to check out. First thing about Michelin Pilot Power 2 CT's, the 2 CT's stand for dual compound so dual compound technology. What that actually means is you have a firmer compound of rubber in the center portion of the tread. The crown of the tire is a firmer rubber and then it drops down to about a 20% softer rubber compound on the side. That is true for both the front and rear tires. So if you were going to rate this softest to hardest in terms of rubber compound then the softest part of the tire is going to be on the front so you have the shoulder of the front tire which is going to be your softest rubber and then you have soft to medium compound on the center of the front so you have that really good braking performance. Obviously the front tire is not put under nearly as much stress as the rear tire when the power is being put down. So the medium compound you find in the front is what makes up the shoulders on the rear tire. Finally in the center of the rear you have the firmest compound out of them all. One thing about Michelin is they have a very soft carcass and I can sit here and push on the tires and you can see how soft they actually are. What this does is it makes it easier for the tire heat up and warm up very quickly. They are also tire pressure sensitive so definitely keep it in check according to your motorcycle or the manufacturer. Once you have the right tire pressure dialed in obviously there are a lot of other things to deal with handling on the bike and they perform really well. They are pretty much the benchmark for sport bike tires they have been around for a long time and there are definitely more sticky tires out there, there are other tires around that will last longer but if you want a tire that is tried and trued and is going to perform really well in a variety of conditions the Pilot Power 2CT is definitely a contender still even though it has been out for a while now. One thing to point out when you are looking at these the curvature of the tire the actual profile these tires have a very high center crown and then they drop off rather rapidly to the sides and then they kind of have a flatter profile towards the shoulders. What that does is it helps get a better feel for the bike in the transitions like when your turning in its going to make the bike feel very light. Then you have a really confidence inspiring patch of rubber on the shoulders that has that softer compound rubber and it will lay down a really nice big contact patch and give you a really good feeling especially with the Michelin name behind it. Its a good solid product. Lets talk about the tread pattern, it is definitely classic you know you probably have seen lots of other guys out there running these but they provide you a really good compromise between a solid slick and lots of rain grooves which are used to evacuate water and other debris away from the tread. You have lots of rain grooves that are criss crossing go all down the center of the tread. It is not so much going to be an issue if you push really hard. They are going to promote even wear and give you a really confident feeling. The front is actually grooved or siped a little bit more. You have a more dense ratio or what they call the land sea ratio of the tire, they are more grooves per square inch of the tire on the front than the rear. Definitely a great set of tires, I cant speak of them enough. You can jump on our website to check the current pricing of them and we have many sizes available. If you have ridden on these before we would love to hear your feed back, if you have any questions about them you can leave us a comment on our YouTube channel or if you have had a chance to try these out. Don't forget to subscribe to our YoTube channel and don't forget you can earn up to 5% comp a cash back to use on future purchases with us. We have great free shipping deals, no restocking fees, and a easy exchange program. Thanks for watching and we will see you next time.

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