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Spidi Pants are a stylish way to stay protected on your bike. With built in armor and abrasion resistance, Spidi Pants will keep you from getting road rash, and also allow you to ride in style. With a Euro styling that stays ahead of the fashion trends, Spidi Pants are innovative in safety design and rider comfort. For a perfect example of Spidi form and function, check out the Spidi NL5 mesh pant. With air flow for the summer months or warm climate riding, you can have protection without having to swelter inside a layer of hot gear.

With dedicated fit patterns for men and women, you are guaranteed to get a proper fit every time. Proper fit, especially for women, is important for placing the armor pads or protective features in the proper alignment for the maximum usefulness. That's why in the women's pants, like the Spidi Gradus Womens and Spidi Glance Womens pants are created for a woman's frame, so the fit will be proportionate and comfortable.

Spidi Motorcycle Pants are available in leather and textile designs, and in popular colors like Black and White, with waterproof and insulating capabilities. Great for cold weather or wet weather riding, Spidi Waterproof Pants can make a long rainy trip more enjoyable, or make cold weather treks a snap. Try out the Spidi Hurricane and Spidi Marathon pants for full cold weather protection, or the Spidi Superstorm and Spidi VTM for waterproof, cold blocking riding pants. Any of our insulated pants are a great choice for cross country, multi climate riding, or commuting in areas where the weather is fickle year round.

If textile isn't your cup of joe, Spidi Leather Pants provide the ultimate in abrasion resistance, and offer advanced wind breaking for colder days. The heavy duty feel of leather gives a great sense of security to riders, knowing they are protected from road rash or minor scrapes and scuffs in a pair of Spidi Leather Pants. The Spidi RR Pro leather pants have a race inspired design and bring all the safety you will need on the road or on the track. Pick up all your Spidi Leather Pants and other Spidi Gear at Compacc.com and start planning your next adventure.

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Spidi Pant

Spidi Pant
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