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Spidi Boots are built tough to help you compete, whether it is on the track or on the street. With built in protection for impact absorption, Spidi Boots can keep your feet safe from a crash or scrape. Spidi Boots are made to be competitive, just like you. For the ultimate sportsman, the Spidi Sport line of boots are a perfect fit.

With sport racing models like Spidi Sport XP5S WRS, Spidi Sport XP3 and Spidi Sport VR6, you are guaranteed to find the perfect fit for your needs. Check out the Spidi Sport XP7 also because they are currently on closeout pricing, and are sure to go fast!

Spidi Motorcycle Boots are made from the finest materials to withstand plenty of abuse when you ride. With high quality fastening straps to keep them snug on your feet, Spidi Motorcycle Boots will stay in place and not shift around while you are on the bike. Spidi Motorcycle Boots are available in short and taller styles to fit your needs and in popular colors like Black, White and Red.

In available styles like vented and non vented, Spidi Boots are great for riding no matter the season. With the option of Spidi X One Vented for warmer weather, and the Spidi X One for when you want to keep the weather out, you can customize your boot to your need. For really wet riding, we have plenty of waterproof boots like the Spidi X Style H2Out and the Spidi XPD XJ H2Out to keep your feet warm and dry.

Spidi Shoes are another option, for those who want a more street look. With the same safety protections and styling as the Spidi Boots, Spidi Shoes are a little less "race inspired" and have a more athletic shoe styled fit. Spidi Shoes are built to look like your favorite running shoes, but will give you the foothold you need to rock your bike. Two great examples of the street look boots are the Spidi X Ultra and the Spidi X Ultra WRS. Both have a great styling sure to keep your feet comfortable and give you the look you want for around town.

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Spidi Motorcycle Boots and Shoes have been rated 5 out of 5 based on 1 reviews. There are 4 Motorcycle Boots and Shoes for sale, ranging from $39.95 to $229.95


Spidi Motorcycle Boots and Shoes

Spidi Motorcycle Boots and Shoes
Spidi XPD XStyle Boots
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Price $229.95
Spidi XCover Shoe Covers
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Price $39.95
Spidi XPD XJ H2Out Boots
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Price $199.95
Spidi Sport VR6 Boots
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Price $219.95

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