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Spidi Armor is the quickest way to fit out your riding gear for safety and protection. With a set of Spidi Armor pads in your gear, you can withstand greater impact forces, keeping a crash from turning into a severe injury. Spidi Armor like the Spidi Warrior Back and Spidi Warrior Chest, and also in knee versions, will protect all the vulnerable areas of your body.

Spidi Protectors will absorb the shock of a crash, diverting the pressure away from your body and keeping you from being more severely injured than if you had no pads on at all. Formed to cradle and cushion the areas of the body, Spidi Protectors will do the best job at keeping you in one piece during a crash. Protectors like the Spidi Warrior EVO Back and Spidi Warrior Light Back have specially designed impact absorbing materials to lessen the chance of a break or fracture if in the proper position during a crash.

Spidi Safety gear is the first line of defense between you and the road. Protect your body from road rash and broken bones by adding Spidi Safety gear like a pad, set of armor or a Spidi Defender Vest for the ultimate in impact safety. Spidi Safety Gear is available everyday at incredibly low prices at Compacc.com.

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Spidi Armor

Spidi Armor
Spidi Defender Back - Chest Armors
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Price $299.95
Spidi Warrior Back Armors
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Price $59.95
Spidi Warrior Chest Armors
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Price $59.95
Spidi Warrior Evo Back Protectors
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Price $149.95
Spidi Warrior Light Back Protector
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Price $89.95

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