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SparX, the next generation of motorcycle helmets, was developed by savvy group of industry professionals and avid riders. As a US based company with headquarters in Southern California, the SparX team is made up of seasoned motorcyclists with over 30 years of proven industry experience in Brand Development, Design, Engineering, Sales and Marketing.

By partnering with one of the largest manufacturers of motorcycle helmets, SparX creates a powerful synergy that offers a quality products with superior service. The primary mission of SparX is to service the helmet needs of everyday riders. With great features and true functionality, SparX offers an innovative, yet simple and timeless range of designs.

SparX Shotgun Helmet is a tough as nails MX helmet with dirt in its blood. Built to last through race after race, the SparX Shotgun Helmet is one helmet you can truly depend on to withstand the punishments of an MX racer's life.

SparX Helios Helmet is a modular helmet designed to be easy on the eye and on the head. Comfortable inside and sleek on the outside, the SparX Helios Helmet makes even the longest journey a breeze.

SparX Nexus Helmet is another great offering for the MX set. With a light weight shell design, the SparX Nexus Helmet won't weigh you down as you race for the lead.

SparX Tracker Helmet is a full face beauty made for speed. Featuring a flip up internal shade for sun blocking, the SparX Tracker Helmet will keep the sun out of your eyes as you blaze down the highway.

SparX Pearl Helmet is a retro open face charmer with a free pair of goggles to sweeten the deal. Full of classic appeal, the throwback SparX Pearl Helmet will make you hear the echoes of bikers past calling you down the open road.

SparX S-07 Helmet is another full face option for the speed demon in you. With a sleeker lines and aggressive stance the SparX S-07 Helmet will take no prisoners and make no excuses.

SparX D-07 Helmet is a great model for the dirt biker who lives to ride, or the weekend warrior who only gets to chase the glory on the days off work. Whether you ride a little or a lot, the SparX D-07 Helmet is a great fit and will keep you coming back for more.

SparX FC-07 Helmet is another great open face style, with a full face wind screen to keep the bugs at bay. The SparX FC-07 Helmet will make your ride more enjoyable by allowing you to experience the scenery without the wind and bugs in your face.

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