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Shoei Qwest Helmets is designed for a touring style - more straight up riding vs. a leaned over sport bike position. As Always, Shoei means innovation and so does the new touring helmet SHOEI QWEST. Riders will not only read about it, they will see, feel and even hear it.

The Shoei QWEST has an overall weight of only 1400g (/- 50) at size M and a noise level more than 60% lower than the RAID II / TZ-R (equals 2.2 db). Shoei QWEST Helmets are your perfect companion for every day ride and the grand tour as well.

Read our Shoei Qwest Helmet Review on the Blog or you can Watch the Shoei Qwest Helmet Video Review.

In 2010, SHOEI made the decision to concentrate on the development of a new and ground-breaking touring helmet. A new concept that would keep the best balance of light weight and noise reduction for maximum comfort. That development became the Shoei Qwest and it has made an impressive showing since its introduction to the lineup.

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Shoei Qwest Passage Helmets are sure to impress as soon as you try one on and bring the excitement back into touring. The Shoei Qwest Passage Helmet will become your new bestfriend with it's high performance features.

Shoei Qwest Helmets have been rated 4 out of 5 based on 42 reviews. There are 7 Qwest Helmets for sale, ranging from $36.81 to $349.19


Shoei Qwest Helmets

Video Reviews
Hey this is Reuben with compettition accessories. Today we are going to be taking a detailed look at the shoei qwest. This is shoei touring helmet. This helmet has come out pretty recently which has somewhat replaced the shoei tzr which i have one of those up here to show you. Kind of in that same price point. But it has a lil bit more features geared towards touring. It has better ventaliation and a different shell shape. So if you take a look at the shoei qwest and the TZR side by side, you can tell what the differeneces are between the two of them there. Definitely more of an upright riding position helmet, it has a wider eye port to have better visibility out of the helmet. But we are going to kind of dig into this helmet here, and I will show you what it is all about. So taking a look at the ventalation features of this helmet, you have a nice large chin bar vent which is going to allow air to come in and keep your faceshield from fogging. A little bit of air through your face. The top air scoop is nice and large and you will notice it sits up nice and tall on the helmet. For those guys who sit up tall on those big touring bikes and have a lot of wind protection on your bike, this helmet will have a vent that sits up high enough on the helmet to block the wind. This helmet has two closable rear vents that are gonna draw warm air right out of the helmet. Talking about the shell, this helmet uses shoei AIm plus shell which stands for advanced integrated matrix plus multi fiber which is kind of a mouth full there. Carbon kevlar fiberglass composite and the helmet is snell 2010 and DOT approved. This helmet is quiet and is its claim to fame. it is 1.25 decibels quiter than the RF-1100 and that is largely impart to the vents. It has a lil bit less ventalation features, but for you guys that are riding longer distances, you are on the road all day long, you need your helmet to be as quiet as possible. Taking a look at the face shield on this helmet, this is the same faceshield that is used on their shoei qwest, rf-1100, and X12. So if you are moving between helmets in the shoei lineup, you can still use the same shields. There is a pinlock system available for this so if you live in an aread where fogging or is more humid, you can get a shield with pinlock inserts to help keep the shield fog free. I have used one of their products before and it works really well, so if fogging is an issue, I would encourage you to check them out as well. The way the shield mechanism works, it is very nice and easy. On the side, the first thing that I will show you is the face shield locking mechanism. You tilt this little lever towards the back and it will lock the shield down in place and it can't fly open on you incase you are running at high speeds on your sport touring bike. You can also push the lever mechanism forward and it will give you a very small opening in the front of the helmet to allow for a lil bit more air to come in. so again if you are running into issues with fog or if its really hot you can crack the faceshield to get a little bit more air flow. As you can see there are several different detints that allow you to crack the faceshield even further allowing more air flow to come inside of the helmet. There are ratchets points all the way up and down, so you have a lot of adjustability moving the faceshield up and down. To remove the shield, there are basically two shields on each side and you push that forward. If you get in nice and tight, you can see that lever there, that is basically allows you to remove the faceshield off. If you look at the top of the shield, it actually has a very large lip and it is kind of hard to see on camera. but it has a lip on top of the helmet and what that is going to allow it to do is give you a nice seal along the top of the gap. So if you are riding in the rain, you are not going to have water dripping down on the inside of your shield. So that is definitely a huge welcome feature for the touring rider. Let me go ahead and reinstall this shield here, you basically just line the pins up and it just clicks right on into place. Now we are going to take a look at the inside of this helmet. Okay so taking a look at the interior of the shoei qwest. Like I said at the beginning of the video, it has a wider opening so its going to be a lot easeier to get your head in and out. Now this helmet is a round oval fit so if you have a little bit fuller of a head, this helmet is probably going to work really well for you. The only thing removable about this helmet is the cheek pads, so I will go ahead and pop one of those out here for you. There are basically three snaps and then it comes right out and you can obviously take them out and wash them. and if you need to you can replace them or go up or down in size if necessary. They are a nice layered cheek pad, what they do is put down several layers of foam on the inside to give you a nice contoured shape. They feel really comfortable against your skin as well. One thing you will see behind this cheek pad is the recess which is perfect for installing a communication system. As I said earlier, this helmet has a nice chin bar space to install the microphone in space. As far as the chin curtain goes, it does come with this really small chin curtain here. If you need a larger one, there is one available as well. So that pretty much covers all the features of the shoei qwest helmet, and this helmet is great for long distance touring riding. Solids are going to start at just over 300 dollars and the graphic at just over 400 dollars. Another neat feature is that shoei does come with a five year warranty policy from the date of purchase or seven year from the date of manufactre. Shoei has a great inspection policy that if you drop your helmet or have a crash with it, you can send it back to shoei and they will inspect the helmet for free. They will even cover the cost of return freight back to you.
Shoei Qwest Helmets
Shoei Qwest Solid Helmets - Quest
  (9 Reviews)
MSRP $366.99 - $387.99
Price $330.29 - $349.19
Shoei Qwest Overt Helmets - Hi-Viz Yellow
  (17 Reviews)
MSRP $492.99
Price $259.99
Shoei Qwest Passage Helmets
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Shoei Qwest Passage Helmets
MSRP $492.99
Price $309.99
Shoei Helmet Face Shields - X-12 - X-Twelve - RF-1100 - Qwest - CW-1
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MSRP $52.99
Price $47.69
Shoei Pinlock Anti-Fog Shields for X-Twelve, RF-1100, and Qwest
  (4 Reviews)
MSRP $54.99
Price $49.49
Shoei RF-1100 and Qwest Quick Release Cheek Pads Replacement
  (2 Reviews)
MSRP $40.90
Price $36.81
Shoei Qwest Solid Helmets
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MSRP $366.99 - $387.99
Price $330.29 - $349.19

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