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Shoei Multitec Modular Helmet are a flip front modular helmet that makes traveling a breeze. With a Shoei Multitec Helmet that opens completely up, you can go from full face coverage to an open face style helmet in a snap. Shoei Multitec Helmets allow you to customize your helmet to each trip, depending on the weather, and not be stuck in a helmet that leaves you too hot or too breezy.

Shoei Multitec gives the rider the ability to ride with full face coverage, then lift the front to check a map, or answer a call, or even grab a bite to eat, without having to remove the helmet from the head. The Shoei Multitec is a fantastic idea if the weather is cold, or you don't have time to get all the way out of your gear. Shoei Multitec also allows you to ride open face, and if you get surprised by an unexpected shower or the wind gets too much, you can flip it closed and finish the ride in comfort.

Multitec Helmets are aerodynamically shaped for comfort while riding, and reduced stress on the rider's neck from buffeting or lift. With a first class ventilation, even full face mode in a Multitec Helmet is comfortable and not stuffy. Multitec Helmets offer the best of both worlds, and allow you to have two superb helmets wrapped up in one.

Check out the Shoei Multitec Helmet Review Video to help decide if this is the right helmet for you!

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Shoei Multitec Helmets - Modular - Flip-up Shoei Multitec Modular helmets are now on closeout at Competition Accessories! It is not often you find this kind of deal on a Shoei Modular Helmet, so act fast!

Shoei Neotec Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmets boasts a lot of upgraded features when compared with the ever popular Shoei Multitec, and we actually recently had a chance to compare the two side by side. The chinbar pivot has been improved, keeping the chinbar lower when in the raised position. The addition of an internal visor, the new neotec is quieter and comes with a fully removable liner. All in All.. Just a complete upgrade.

Shoei Neotec Borealis Modular Helmets is a bold graphic perfect for visibility in all driving conditions. Interior sun shade on the Shoei Neotec Borealis gives eye protection from bright sun, and you won't have to remember to take your shades.

Shoei Neotec Law Enforcement Motorcycle Helmet - Police Helmet is the perfect law enforcement helmet for the motorcycle mounted police officer.

Shoei MULTITEC have been rated 4 out of 5 based on 67 reviews. There are 10 MULTITEC for sale, ranging from $8.99 to $683.99



Video Reviews
Hey this is Reuben with Competition Accessories. Were going to take a quick look at Shoeis multitec helmet. Which is their modular helmet with the flip up chin. This helmet has been out for quite a while but its been a very popular helmet as well. Modular helmets are great for convenience, theyre very handy if your stopped at a light and want to talk to somebody, or if you want to grab a drink. For those that wear glasses they even integrate eyeglass slits on the edges of the interior as well, obviously with the chin bar up its a lot easier to get your glasses on and off so thats a big plus for those that wear glasses underneath their helmet. Taking a look at the shell of the helmet, it actually uses Shoei AIM shell, which stands for Advanced Integrated Matrix its basically just a fiberglass shell. Which is going to be fairly lightweight, a modular is going to be a little bit heavier than your typical full-face helmet just because it has a lot more moving parts on it. But the AIM shell itself is going to be a lot stiffer than what you find in the less expensive modular helmets. With a modular you dont have a one-piece chin bar so you need to have an extra strong shell so it doesnt have a whole lot of flexibility and the multitec definitely feels like it has a much stronger shell feel than some of the less expensive helmets out there. I want to talk about ventilation real quick. Its fairly basic ventilation on this helmet. You have a chin spoiler, or a chin bar vent, which is going to basically be open or close with a simple lever here. That is going to direct air up on to the face shield help reduce fogging. And then up at the top of the helmet there is a two-position intake system at the top. Basically if you open it to the first position there is just a small air scoop at the back thats going to give you some airflow to your head. If you need more ventilation than that you can open it fully and that is now going to work in conjunction with these two intakes at the front. On the rear of the helmet its just a very clean shell shape. It will flow very cleanly through the air try to reduce wind noise as much as possible. There arent any exterior vents on this helmet but at the base of the neck roll right here in this area thats where the hot air is going to escape. So that warm air is going to have a place to go once the cool air comes in through the front vents. Talk about the shield, this helmet actually uses Shoeis CX-1V shield, which has a nice ratcheting mechanism. All the way up and all the way down there are several detents all the way. You can keep it cracked, it also has a shield locking mechanism so if you tilt this little lever to the back thats going to hold the shield down. And if you push it forward your actually going to get a small crack along the front of the shield here which will allow just a little bit more air to flow up underneath the shield so if your running into fogging issues in colder weather or wet weather you can always use that lever to slightly open it if you dont want to have it in that first detent open position. Now the chin bar is very easy to operate as well. There is basically a button on the front or a lever, you just give that a squeeze, just pinch it and thats going to release the chin bar and you can open it all the way up. You can see Shoei does include a chin curtain so thats optional you can take it out. If youre riding in colder weather or if you dont want air to come up underneath the chin bar you can install that. It basically just slides up between the chin bar and the lining, there is some lining on the front of the chin bar there as well. So that comes right off. The only part of the interior of this helmet that actually comes out is the cheek pads so we will go ahead and pull those out. But it does use their comfort liner. Which is a 3-D liner, so basically it just uses different contours of material throughout the inside that works in conjunction with the ventilation on this helmet. Its a very nice, soft fabric. Its comfortable. One thing I do want you to notice is they build in some integrated speaker pockets so if you run a communication system or bluetooth for music or GPS, the speakers have a place to go. They install right behind the cheek pads the cheek pads basically just come out with three snaps. So they are very easy to remove and theyre also replaceable so if you need to go up or down a size on the cheek pads you can customize the fit with those as well. So the last thing I want you to take a look at here is the locking mechanism. It of course being a Shoei it uses very nice metal to metal latching system. There is a metal tab here and then Im not sure if we will be able to get it on the video but theres a metal latch that lines right up with those tabs. And when you close it you have a nice, secure click knowing that its down in position and ready to go. So if you do a lot of long distance riding, commuting, touring, these helmets are very, very good choice. They are very convenient. Obviously with Shoei youre getting a very good quality helmet. Its just DOT approved, Snell does not do any kind of testing on modular helmets. But it still uses Shoeis AIM shell design, which is one of the top of the line shells out there from many helmet manufacturers. Were going to put a link right here to our YouTube channel, be sure to click on that and hit subscribe. We do several giveaways on YouTube as well as on our Facebook page so be sure to check us out on there as well. You can check the Multitecs out on our website at competitionaccessories.com and well see ya next time.
Hey guys this is Reuben at competition accessories and welcome to our comparison video for the all new shoei Neotec versus the Multitec now both of these are fantastic modular helmets from shoei who is a premium helmet manufacturer the Multitec has been in their line up for several years the Neotec just came out it was just released so we wanted to take a look at the two helmets to see what makes them different and what makes the Neotec about 170 dollars more when you look at the retail prices now at the first glance one thing you might notice by looking at the front of the helmet is the Multitec is a little bit wider down around the chin bar area and the Neotec is a little bit longer front to back if i actually bring both helmets up you can probably see that the Neotec is significantly longer in shape the Neotec has taken several steps to make it more aerodynamic one thing i did want to point out is at the edge of the chin bar you have a small lip that shoeis incorporated thats what their calling their vortex generator vent basically that is going to direct wind up and away from gap between the chin bar and the rest of the helmet as well away from the slider switch for the internal visor the internal visor is another major upgrade its the first time we have seen an internal sun visor on a shoei helmet it comes with a dark smoke internal sun visor which is anti fog coated obviously the Multitec does not have that and one thing you might see if you look at the shell is there is actually a raised portion of the shell here this is using shoeis aim shell which is advanced intergrated matrix but what theyve done instead of shaving away the interior eps liner to accommodate space for that sun shield they actually built that shell up to have space for the shield without compromising on the thickness of the internal eps foam now when you compare these helmets side to side you might notice that the chin bar comes out a little bit further on the Neotec you do get 8mm more room in the Neotec which is going to allow you to have more breathing room and it also gives you more space for something like a microphone if your installing a communication system both helmets open basically in the same fashion there is a latch here that you squeeze down on and its going to raise the chin bar up but on the Neotec one thing you will notice si the chin bar and face shield pivet on the same plain so the same access they are rotating around as the Multitec here as you raise the chin bar up the shield is a little bit further forward which brings it up a little further back if you look at the back of the helmets when they raise it up you can see that the Neotec actually keeps the shield down nice and low as the Multitec it is sticking up in the wind just a little bit further while were looking at the back of the hlmets here another major difference between the Neotec and the Multitec is the Neotec gives you a closeable rear exhaust vent which you dont have on the Multitec so your going to have just a little bit more air flow but definitely a more aggressive ventilation system on the Neotec you get a rear exhaust vent where as on the Multitec you do not have one and then taking a look at the front vents top ram air on the Neotec is going to force a lot more air in and they are both 3 position sliders but the vent configuration on the Neotec is definitely going to force more air down on into the helmet where as the Multitec just basically has 2 intake ports sitting up on the top and then the chin bar vent on the Multitec looks a little larger but shoei is saying that the chin bar vent on the Neotec is actually going to be a little bit more effective both of those are going to direct air up onto the face shield now another thing that the Neotec has as an advantage over the Multitec is that it does come with a pinlock insert so this is going to come with the Neotec basically its going to install between the posts inside the face shield and that is going to give you a complete anti fog system while we are talking about the face shield it is going to be taller and wider then what you had on the Multitec and there is also a new double lip seal around the gasket so you actually have a 2 lip seal but on the Multitec its actually just going to touch on the single lip and then the Neotec has 2 lips which are going to just give it a more secure seal which is again going to help keep natural elements out a little bit better and its going to reduce wind noise keeping the ride a little bit quieter you can check both of these helmets out on our website there both current shoei modular helmets both of them are available on our site at competition accessories.com also in the top right hand corner of this video is a link to our youtube channel be sure to subscribe to us there so you can stay up to date with all our latest product reviews and videos one more thing i almost forgot fully removable interior on the Neotec so you can remove the cheek pads and crown liner completely where as the Multitec you can only remove the cheek pads so i almost forgot but thats another major improvement with the Neotec and that is a dry max lining which is going to be moisture management system so again check this out on our website thanks again for watching our comparison of the Multitec and the Neotec well see you next time
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Shoei Multitec Law Enforcement Helmet
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Shoei Neotec Law Enforcement Motorcycle Helmet - Police Helmet
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Shoei Neotec Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmets
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Includes Free Pin-Lock Insert!
Shoei Neotec Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmets
MSRP $648.99 - $662.99
Price $584.09 - $596.69

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