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Shinko Tires are designed to give you exactly the traction you need for whatever sport you choose. Different treads and weights for specialized activities mean tires that last longer and boost performance.

A Shinko Tire is built to make you exceed and the company is dedicated to giving its consumers top quality products at an excellent price. Shinko Tires are produced for Motorcycles, as well as Scooters and Mopeds, so you are sure to find the exact tires for your bike and for your needs.

Shinko Harley Davidson Tires handle well and have an excellent wear life. These tubeless, H-Rated Shinko Harley Davidson Tires are available in black or white side walls for a great price!

Shinko Sport and Sport Touring Tires give you all the durability you need when you ride a powerful sportbike. With treaded and slick styles available, Shinko Sportbike Tires can meet you on the road or on the strip, and not miss a beat. Shinko Sportbike Tires can handle all the power your sportbike can dish out, and then some.

Shinko Offroad Motocross Tires are made for traction, pure and simple. Shinko Offroad Tires are lightweight for improved maneuverability and performance on the trails. In standard motocross sizes, Shinko Offroad Tires are a perfect fit for the trails and mountains you love.

Shinko Dual Sport Adventure Tires give you a way to make your bike more versatile. Go from one activity to another with dual purpose tires built for the best of both worlds. No more changing tires for each sport with Shinko Dual Sport Tires on your bike. Go from the track to the road with Shinko Dual Sport Tires.

Shinko Scooter Moped Tires are available in several sizes to accommodate all different types of scooters. If you need new treads for your scooter Shinko Scooter and Moped Tires are just right for your needs. Shinko Moped Tires are made specifically for mopeds, so they are the perfect fit for your ride.

Shinko Cruiser Touring Tires give your cruiser a touch of class when you are riding around town, or out on the open road. Shinko Cruiser Tires make a street machine look like a million bucks, and more. With both whitewall and standard black styles, you can find the perfect set of rubber for your wheels with Shinko Street Tires.

Shinko Drag and Track Day Tires give you stability and control on the race track. With treaded and slick styles available, Shinko Drag and Track Tires can meet your every need. Be sure you can keep up with the Tire you're about to race with, it has maximum potential!

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