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Scala Rider by Cardo is a world class communication system designed to make sure all riders everywhere have the technology they need to stay in touch on the road. Scala Rider Sets are available in several configurations and packages to cover the needs of more riders across the globe. Scala Rider Bluetooth is powering communications everyday.

The Scala Rider G9 is the evolution of the G4 from Scala rider, it can pair with up to 8 other Scala Rider headsets and toggle between them. You program the names of your riding partners into the headset and when you want to talk to them, you speak their name connect to them instantly for a full duplex intercom conversation. The flash pairing technology of the Scala G9 makes it simpler than ever to pair two units together: touching two units together pairs them, instead of frustrating key sequences.

The Scala Rider G9 single unit or the Scala Rider G9 powerset will pair with all the previous versions of Scala Rider headsets, so you do not need to wait for your friends to upgrade.

Scala Rider G4 Powerset is a box set of two paired units, synched at the factory, to provide automatic connectivity right out of the box. Use it as a bike to bike intercom, or as driver to passenger communication, and even connect a third device to use a GPS, MP3 player or cell phone. Scala Rider G4 will interrupt your music for a phone call or GPS instructions, without you having to manually disrupt the connection. Stay connected to your circle even in motion with Scala Rider G4 Powerset.

Scala Rider Q2 offers connectivity with another Q2 over a distance of 2300 feet. With the ability to connect intercom to other Scala Rider Q2 units as a driver to driver link or as a driver to passenger link, you will be able to give directions, or instructions easily with no break in connection. Scala Rider Q2 allows connection of an extra device, and will ring through with GPS instructions or a phone call. With a Scala Rider Q2 system you will be able to make your communication move at the speed of life.

Scala Rider Teamset Pro is communication made easy with simultaneous link between driver and passenger. Scala Rider Teamset Pro allows each person to also hook up their own personal device for their own music or cell phone connection. Your phone calls can be answered via voice commands and leave your hands free for full control with the Scala Rider Teamset Pro.

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