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The Renthal Handlebar is a quality bar due to the manufacturing processes that are used while assembling each handlebar. Renthal Bars are made of aluminum alloy to provide excellent strength that is more than durable enough to withstand the rigors of motocross and supercross riding and racing. The Renthal Fatbar provides insurmountable strength in a braceless Renthal bar, while still providing acceptable flexibility that can only be found in Renthal handlebars. If you are looking for Renthal Fat bars, Renthal twinwall handlebars, or Renthal Streetfighter bars, then you're in the right place.

Competition Accessories can provide you with the Renthal handlebar of your choice. We offer a variety of Renthal bars in order to equip you with the Renthal handle bar that is right for you. Competition Accessories guarantees that you will love your Renthal handlebar whether or not you're riding with Renthal twinwall handlebars, Renthal streetfighter bars, or Renthal fat bars.

Renthal twinwall handlebars utilize two tubes in order to give you that added support when riding and has been the handlebar of choice for professional riders since their introduction in 1998. Renthal streetfighter bars allow for a straighter and wider bend than most handle bars and provides as another option when selecting Renthal Handle bars. Buy Renthal handlebars at Compacc.com and get free shipping on all purchases over $100.

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Renthal Bars

Renthal Bars
Renthal Handlebars
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