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Renthal Bar Pads are available at Competition Accessories. Find the right Renthal Bar Pad for you. Each Renthal bar pad is designed with high-density, light-weight foam in order to reduce rider injury. Renthal Barpads are durable and protected by a power-wash proof cover. Every Renthal Barpad is made specifically to fit your Renthal Bar.

Renthal Fat Bar Pads are customized perfectly to fit your Renthal Fatbar. The Renthal Fat Bar Pad displays the Renthal logo, letting the competition know that you're a serious rider. Renthal fat bar pads are easy to install due to the Velcro fastening that will allow you to mix, match, and interchange your Renthal fat bar pad with ease. Renthal fat bar pads are available in a variety of colors, which will allow you to pick the right Renthal fat bar pad or Renthal fat bar pads that are right for you.

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Renthal Bar Pad

Renthal Bar Pad
Renthal Factory SX Cross Bar Pads
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