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Tourmaster Synergy Textile Gloves


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Black - Tourmaster Synergy Textile Gloves
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Information and Details about the Tourmaster Synergy Textile Gloves
made by Tour Master
  • Comfort stretch fabric and goatskin palm construction with a Rainguard® waterproof and breathable barrier
  • Clarino® palm panel resists grip wear
  • 100gm Polyfill insulation increases warmth and heat retention
  • Lightweight and flexible carbon fiber heating elements provide consistent, even heat
  • Solid state, electronically controlled thermostat easily and accurately adjusts through three heating levels
  • Action expansion panels help fine-tune the fit and increase comfort
  • Soft Bemberg interior lining
  • Designed to be worn individually or connected to other Synergy® garments

  • Tourmaster Synergy Textile Gloves Product Reviews
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    Below are more Tour Master Reviews from our online customers.
    Hopefully they can help you find the right item and make the best buying decision.

    This review is for Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Electric Jacket Liners
    very impressed - chuck jones   IL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: very comfortable, very warm
    Cons: comes with a warning not to roll it up for storage

    This jacket amazed me the first time I used it. It is very warm. I rode my bike 20 miles to the dealer in 38 degree temp on setting 5 out of 5 and was too hot. I set it back to 3 on the return trip and was toasty. I could have gotten by with a two. I then ordered the gloves when I got home. My hands were unbearably cold. I take a lot of long trips and the only detraction will be how to store the jacket in the bike on warmer days. The user guide said not to roll it up as it might damage the heating wires. Gently folded like it was shipped to me takes up the whole saddle bag. However, I definitely recommend this jacket.

    This review is for Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Electric Vests With Collar
    Excellent Product - 04Electraglide   ME Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Workmanship, Ease of Set Up and Use, Performance, Cost.
    Cons: None

    This vest was my second purchase of this product, as I finally talked my wife into my buying one for her. She felt she didn't need a heated vest, but has now seen the light.... I've used my vest for around 6 years and it has worked very well, keeping me warm in temps as low as 24 degrees. My vest has the older style low, medium, high 3 button heat control, which works very well for me. My wife's has the newer reostat controller with the infinite heat setting. Both controllers work well, but the new control unit has the cord installed to attach heated pants which hangs down from the unit. If your not using heated pants, you'll need to find a way to stow the extra cord. Other than that, both units work very well. Wear them over a light form fitting shirt and the fabric helps to spread the heat over your body. I use a fleece over the vest and my leather jacket and I've been toasty in below freezing temps.These vests work very well, run off the bike, rather than using batteries as some vests do, and have stood up to regular usage. Once you use an electric vest, you'll wonder how you did without one for so long. An excellent value for the money, workmanship is first rate.

    This review is for Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Electric Jacket Liners
    Synergy jacket - John   IN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: fit, controller included
    Cons: instructions

    I have been a motorcyclist my whole life, but to be honest I don't ride in cold weather. I do clean snow off several parking lots in my town with a cabless tractor. Santa sent me this jacket to make me more comfortable during this task. The stretch material on the sides makes the jacket fit really well. The shell would remind you of a nice windbreaker. Since the controller is included the jacket seems to be a no brainer. It is not clear to me which knob on the controller controls the jacket and which controls the gloves. I plan to add the gloves, and would buy the jacket again. Ride safe.

    This review is for Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Electric Jacket Liners
    Comfortable Riding - T.S.   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Comes with dual temp controller
    Cons: [None]

    Rode through N. Carolina and Tennessee a couple of days after Christmas in 15 to 28 degree weather. This wouldn't have been possible without this gear.

    This review is for Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Electric Jacket Liners
    topnotch - keoni01   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: fits well. nice neck collar feels great
    Cons: na

    great First Gear product

    This review is for Tourmaster Synergy Electric Accessories
    Does the Job - SPP   TN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good quality. Works as advertised.
    Cons: None.

    Switched wiring harness from bike to CanAm Spyder and needed more length. Extensions are plug and play. Make sure you measure twice or at least once to get the correct length of extension.

    This review is for Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Electric Vests With Collar
    Riding for 35 years - spadge2020   AR Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Incrediably warm
    Cons: None

    It's true, once you ride with electric heat, you won't willingly ride without again. Easy to understand wiring instructions have you ready to brave the cold in no time. Remember how your kidneys used to get cold That's history as this vest warms you all over. Of course you will have to try it out on max power. Then you will turn it back down. It's that good.

    This review is for Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Electric Jacket Liners
    Love it - haa21   MI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Keeps me warm
    Cons: Extra cable from dual rheostat has to be tucked away.

    I like to ride as much as possible. Therefore, as long as the roads are dry, not salty, and there is no chance of ice or black ice, I like to head out. Once the temperature drops, despite spending good money on high-end gear to keep me warm, I just cannot ride too long. Well, I finally broke down and bought this jacket liner. I was skeptical. In addition, I was fearful that it would drain my battery. I do not have a big fancy touring bike. I have a Suzuki sports bike. I intended to buy the heated vest, but after reading some online reviews and watching YouTube videos, I decided to get the jacket liner. It is more versatile in case I ever want to expand to the Tourmaster heated gloved and pants. Plus, the jacket is wearable once you get to your destination. I would look silly wearing a vest, with no sleeves in winter. Anyway, I cannot say enough good things about this liner. You can feel the heat instantly. Listening to advice I found online, I ordered one size smaller. I am 5'8 and about 175. I usually wear a medium. I ordered a small in this. It fits snuggly, but that is how it is supposed to be. I wear it over a t-shirt as directed.My main complaint is that the rheostat has an extra cable for the pants. As I do not have the pants, I have to tuck the cable under the elastic leg strap. It is really not that big of a deal. My other complaint is that the instruction book was not the best. For example, it did not explain what color lead was for the jacket and what color was for the pants. These are minor complaints. The warmth this thing puts out has allowed me to ride longer that I could have without it. I have not noticed any drain on the battery, either. Beware, once you ride with this, you will always have to have heated gear. Like me, I suspect you will want to get the pants and boot liners to complete the package.

    This review is for Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Electric Jacket Liners
    Great product - motorcyclegirl   OH Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: superhot
    Cons: torso a bit too short for tall people

    Snug excellent fit. I am a tall slim women and my other jacket was bulky. The extra small fit better that most jackets I have worn. This one fits perfectly with the exception that it could be an inch longer. The sleeve length was fine. I thought I would hate the leg strap that holds the controls but ended up loving it too. Controls were easily reached and never in the way either on or off of the mc. I broke it in on a 2000 I mile trip through Utah and Az where temps varied from 45 - 85 from one mountain top to the next. The control box kept me comfortable every minute of my trip. An excellent product and would recommend it over any other heated liner I have used. It's far superior to the others.

    This review is for Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Electric Jacket Liners
    Crash - Rich   ID Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Cuffs, collar, zippered pockets, insulated, looks OK worn alone off the bike.
    Cons: Battery cable termination or Powerlet plug should be an option at initial purchase.

    I'm getting chubby and this has room for that. Quick warm up and a heated collar that I don't have in my other vendor vest. Did i mention it was toasty And the temperature controller is terrifiec better than cycling ONOFF as i did previously. It's a warm jacket even without the heat on, and the cords can all be hidden away.

    This review is for Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Electric Jacket Liners
    Great liner - mrmann   AZ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Collar length
    Cons: A little short

    All I have to say is that this is a great liner. Get's hot very quick and stays that way. Very light weight and not bulky. Pockets are a great size for most electronic gadgets. Quality is awesome as well as the size. I ordered a size smaller so the liner would stay closer to my body and keep me warmer. On a naked SV even with the liner in 30-40 degree weather, it still gets cold. I'm sure with fairings it would be very different. Awesome liner regardless. 5 stars from me. Great product and worth the

    This review is for Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Electric Vests With Collar
    not cold in Connecticut - Glenn   CT Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Light weight
    Cons: [None]

    Kept me warm on a 25 degree morning. I very much feel the cold and this vest really kept me warm.

    This review is for Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Electric Vests With Collar
    Great vest - Jesse M   NY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great fit and quality, super warm
    Cons: [None]

    Bought this vest to help extend my riding season here in upstate NY. So far l absolutely love this vest. Rode in to work the other morning in 32 weather and this vest kept me toasty on 34 heat setting. The controller is great and l can still adjust the dial with my gloves on. Folds up fairly small when not in use. Collar helps keep my neck warm. I highly recommend this vest

    This review is for Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Electric Jacket Liners
    Good Heated Jacket - GLRider   SC Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: provides good heat, not too expensive
    Cons: [None]

    Overall this has been a great buy. I would have been considering putting the bike up pretty soon here in WI. But now I can comfortably ride to work when the roads are clear thanks to my heated gear and my sliders quest 4 gear.

    This review is for Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Electric Jacket Liners
    Tourmaster Synergy Electric Jacket Liners and Chaps - PN   SC Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: I wore these itams a couple week ago it was cold and I stayed warm the whole trip only had to set the temp on 2 and was very comfortable.
    Cons: I'm a short person only 5'2 inches tall the chaps were bunched up in my jeans but worked ok.

    The trip we took I was very comfortable. The temp. was in the 30s and low 40s at it warmest. I was able to turn off the heat in the 40s because the bulk of the heated wear was warm on its on.When the temp. dropped again it was a matter of just turning them back on.

    This review is for Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Electric Jacket Liners
    Tourmaster daily use - flyguy69   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: warm easy to use buttons when wearing gloves
    Cons: does not stand up to daily use

    All and all good fit gets plenty warm But I commute all winter long and usually only get one year out of these liners. the wires breakdown where they enter the garment. I have had 3 of these is so many years....

    This review is for Tourmaster Synergy Electric Accessories
    Deceiving product - Red Baron   TX Recommended by Reviewer: No
    Pros: None
    Cons: not recommended by Tourmaster

    This is a Coaxial plug on one end and SAE Battery Tender plug on the other end, sold by Tourmaster.Bought to the adapter to use with existing Battery Tender cable on my battery, but Tourmaster does NOT recommend it to be used in this manner. Back to Competition Accessories.

    Sizing Chart & Specs for the Tourmaster Synergy Textile Gloves

    Tourmaster Mens Jackets
    X-Small3840"25 1/2"
    Medium4244"26 1/2"
    X-Large4648"27 1/2"
    4X-Large5254"28 1/2"

    Tourmaster Mens Jackets - Tall
    Medium Tall4244"28.5"
    Large Tall4446"29"
    X-Large Tall4648"29.5"
    2X-Large Tall4850"30"
    3X-Large Tall5052"30.5"

    Tourmaster Mens Pants
    X-Small28 - 30-30.5"-
    Small30 - 32-31"-
    Medium32 - 3429.5"31.5"33.5"
    Large34 - 3630"32"34"
    X-Large36 - 3830.5"32.5"34.5"
    2X-Large38 - 4031"33"35"
    3X-Large40 - 4231"33"35"
    4X-Large42 - 4431"33"35"

    Tourmaster Womens Jackets
    W/SM836"24 1/2"
    W/LG1239"24 1/2"
    S-PL1648"24 1/2"

    Tourmaster Womens Pants
    X-Small6 - 830"32"
    Small8 - 1030.5"32.5"
    Medium10 - 1231"33"
    Large12 - 1431.5"33.5"
    X-Large14 - 1632"34"

    Tourmaster Centurion 1 Piece Suit

    Tourmaster Youth Sizes
    Small6 - 826 - 28"17.5"
    Medium8 - 1028 - 30"17.75"
    Large10 - 1230 - 32"18"

    To determine your proper glove size, measure from the saddle of your thumb and index finger across your hand. Measurements (in inches) should be at the widest point of your palm.
    Tourmaster Gloves
    2.5 InSize 7X-SmallSmall
    3 InSize 8SmallMedium
    3.5 InSize 9MediumLarge
    4 InSize 10Large-
    4.5 InSize 11X-Large-
    5 InSize 12XX-Large-
    5.5 InSize 13XXX-Large-

    Tourmaster Jacket & Vest Liners
    XX-Small36" 38"25"

    Tourmaster Pant & Chap Liners
    X-Small28 - 3029"
    Small30 - 3229"
    Medium32 - 3429.5"
    Large34 - 3630"
    X-Large36 - 3830.5"
    XX-Large38 - 4031"
    XXX-Large40 - 4231"
    XXXX-Large42 - 4431"

    Tourmaster Mens Rain Suits

    Tourmaster Womens Rain Suits
    Small Plus46"28"33"30"-
    Med Plus48"28.5"35"30.5"-
    Large Plus50"30"37"31"-

    Rain Jackets

    Rain Pants

    Tourmaster Mens Boots

    Tourmaster Womens Boots

    Please use this chart as a guide only. The sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit. However, we are happy to assist you with any exchanges.
    Part Number Status for Tourmaster Synergy Textile Gloves
    Options SKU Our Price Availability
    X-Small TM-2HGL-XS $189.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Small TM-2HGL-S $189.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Medium TM-2HGL-M $189.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Large TM-2HGL-L $189.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    X-Large TM-2HGL-XL $189.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    2X-Large TM-2HGL-2X $189.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    3X-Large TM-2HGL-3X $189.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    4X-Large TM-2HGL-4X $189.99 Currently Not Available for Order

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