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Tour Master - Tourmaster Solution WP Air Boots - Mens Tour Master - Tourmaster Solution WP Air Boots - Mens Tour Master - Tourmaster Solution WP Air Boots - Mens
Tourmaster Solution WP Air Boots - Mens
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Video Reviews
Tourmaster Solution 2.0 BootsHey guys, this is Reuben with Competition Accessories. Welcome to our review of the Tourmaster Solution 2.0. Now the solution 2.0 and the original Tourmaster Solution boots have been some of the most popular waterproof boot styles that we have sold here at Competition Accessories. Now the Tourmaster Solution 2.0 has been out for a little while now and weve had a chance to really put it through its paces, try it on, see how it fits, how it feels, how long it lasts, and we have been really impressed. Weve got tons of customer reviews on our website if you want to jump on there at the end of this video and read some customer feedback on them. The best thing about them is the price. These are not going to break the bank. They retail for 119 bucks and we sell them for under 110 so you can jump on there and see what our current price is but theyre a really, really valuable boot for the money. Im definitely very impressed. The other thing thats really attractive about the Solution 2.0 is its going to work for such a huge variety of riders whether youre a commuter thats on the bike everyday, or if your planning a longer trip where you dont know what kind of weather your going to encounter the Solution 2.0 is going to work just great. Even this style of boot can work well for a sport bike guy if your not looking for the ultimate protection and not going to the track all the time the Solution 2.0 is great option for you guys in that segment also. One thing that I really like about it, obviously, is it has a built in HiPora Membrane, which is going to be waterproof, thats the key feature for it. I will open the boot up here you will see that there is a Velcro flap thats going to cover the main zipper. There is Velcro on the end of the zipper as well which helps hold the zipper pull up in place. And then you see that internal waterproof membrane this gusset underneath the zipper here extends pretty much all the way to the top of the boot. What that does for you is its going to prevent water from coming in behind the zipper here and even if you were to ride through some big puddles where water is washing up over your feet, as long as water doesnt get over the top of the boot and run down inside these are going to do a great job of keeping your feet dry. Now HiPora has some really neat properties to it. It not only keeps the water out, its also a very breathable material, so for those warmer days when your feet might be getting a little hotter, it does a fairly good job of breathing and allowing your foot to breath so its not super hot. Now I will say any waterproof boot, if its 90 degrees out and middle of summer, your feet are probably going to get a little toasty in them. But the flip side of that is if you do get caught in the rain theyre going to keep your feet nice and dry and in cold weather obviously it helps block a bit more wind and keep your feet nice and warm inside the boot. The inside is lined with a nice soft material they do have what they call their Techno GI thermoplastic heel cup and toecap. So you have a heel cup around the back here thats inside the boot for support and protection. The toe box is reinforced as well, thats going to keep it nice and comfortable when shifting but also add some protection as well if you were to go down, tumble and hit the front of your foot on something thats going to help reinforce that area and keep you comfortable. Some built in armor over the anklebone, thats there not only for impact protection but also for abrasion resistance. Obviously leather does a good job but if you were to go down, your foot is underneath your bike its going to help prevent any wear or damage to your ankle and your foot inside the boot. On the sole of the boot you have some nice tread design. I really like the sole of the solution 2s cause theyre really comfortable off the bike also, so if youre like me and ride some events whether its bike night or some kind of open house or charity fund-raiser type of event or your riding somewhere then your off the bike walking around for hours, you know the last thing you need is a really stiff uncomfortable boot thats really hurting your feet all day long. So these boots are going to give you really sure footing but they are also fairly flexible so you can walk around in comfort. The foot bed that they use inside these is orthopedic, has some arch support in it, and it also absorbs vibration so if your bike has a little bit of buzz in the foot pegs or anything these are going to help absorb that as well. If you want to look down here at my foot, I actually have one of the Solution 2s on my foot and you can see what it looks like with jeans on. Very comfortable boot, as far as sizing goes, I pretty much always wear a size 10 or a 44. No different with the Solution 2. They are just right, I would say if you are kind of in between sizes especially if you have a slightly wider foot you probably want to go up a size. But I typically take a size 10 sometimes I have to go up a size 10.5 in tennis shoes depending on the width but on these particular ones I find that I can wear the size 10 and they fit just right so very comfortable as far as flexibility goes. You can walk around as I mentioned all day long in comfort in the Solution 2.0 and again you cant beat that price for under 120 bucks youre getting a fully featured waterproof motorcycle boot. So check out these Solution 2.0s from Tourmaster on our website, at and dont forget most of your orders here at competition accessories are going to ship for free and you can earn up to 5% comp-a-cash back to use toward future purchases. If you click on the link in the upper right hand corner of this video you can subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thanks for watching our review and we will see you next time.
Information and Details about the Tourmaster Solution WP Air Boots - Mens
made by Tour Master
Tourmaster Solution WP Air Boots are here to make your wet traveling days easier. No longer will you have to stress the weather each time you ride with a pair of Tourmaster Solution WP Air Boots on your feet. These boots are made so water doesn't get in. The Tourmaster Solution WP Air Boots are ideally suited for those who ride in all weather conditions.

Tourmaster Solution WP Air Boots details:
  • Water-repellent leather and PU upper
  • HiPora® waterproof air membrane allows warm air to escape and keeps water from entering
  • Reflective panel on rear area for night time safety
  • VR single density compound sole for reliable grip
  • Auto lock zipper covered with adjustable Velcro® flap
  • Leather stretch panels for better comfort and durability
  • Molded nylon shin and ankle guard backed with shock absorbing material
  • Shock absorbing latex foam on flex panels
  • TPU shift pad
  • TecnoGI® thermoplastic heel cup and toe cap
  • Preformed orthopedic vibration absorbing foot bed

    Our Thoughts
    The Tourmaster Solution WP Air Boot is tall enough to provide coverage of the ankle and lower shin.There is an easy-entrance side opening with both a YKK zipper and full-length hook-and-loop flap closures. Articulated leather panels at the front and rear of the boot increase flexibility and performance for both riding and walking. This boot is comfortable enough to wear all day even if you are not on the bike.

  • Tourmaster Solution WP Air Boots - Mens Product Reviews
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    Tourmaster WP - Tim Nevius   MI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Sized right, constructed well, looks good, dry when riding in the rain
    Cons: None

    This is the second pair I ordered. Five years of riding and the only wear showing is the soles from walking. Ordered another pair, anticipate another 5 years on the road.

    Great boots - Peter Lazouras   RI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: good all around boot for heat, rain, and cold.
    Cons: would like sole to last longer

    This boot fits me perfectly in the toe and heel. I ride with my heels on the pegs due to my long legs and the foot bed construction is stiff enough that I do not feel the pegs through the bottom of the boots as uncomfortable. This boot has good air flow in 90 degrees and warm enough in 40 degrees. It is water proof. Zipper and hook and loop system is easy to use and stays closed. I have walked around in these boots at a town fair and they were comfortable enough that I did not regret not bringing a pair of walking shoes. Only weak spot is the hole I made on the left sole at the ball of the foot from down shifting. Wish the soles were made of stronger rubber but still flexible for walking. Peter in Rhode Island

    Boots - BC   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: [None]
    Cons: [None]

    These are the lightest boots I have ever owned. Cooler than my old pull on water resistant leather boots. The temperature has been 101 in Texas. These boots were acceptable. Easy on-off. No rain, so I can say anything about. No complaints.

    My Tourmaster WP air boot review - Joe P   Ontario Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Looks,finish,fit,comfort,waterproof,price
    Cons: Zipper design location on the inside side of yor leg

    I needed a backup pair of waterproof riding boots for my down south winter riding season. I did not want to spend as much as I did on my up north riding boots. So I decide these should be good enough. When I recieived my package and opened it boy was I surprised,theylooked great.I slipped them on and they felt great. My foot is wide and wear 11 size usually. So I got the 11W size and were a perfect fit. They feel good wearing,walking and riding and look gone on me with my riding jeans. I have ridden in warm weather and my feet feel comfortable and not sweaty. Got caught in the rain and rode home in the rain for an hour and my feet where dry. Not sure how well they would work on a long tour riding say four hours of rain But over all the boot is great and I look forward to putting them on and riding. Not problem shifting and very good grip on the road when I put my feet down. I highly recommend them.

    Tourmaster Solution WP Air - very narrow fit - 1200GSA   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Excellent quality
    Cons: Very narrow fit

    Nice boots. Excellent quality and solid construction. Poor fit due to extremely narrow midsection and toebox. Had to return due to poor fit.

    tourmaster boots - ken   NJ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: fit
    Cons: poor arch support

    I have wide feet and have always had trouble getting boots that fit.. After a brief break in period, and adding my orthotic inserts, they fit like slippers

    Best Boots for the Price - DT2 Rider   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: great fit, easy onoff, waterproof, durable
    Cons: top too big

    I have had several pair of riding boots and these are, by far, the best of the lot. Now with several thousand miles I can say that when these wear out I will look no further, I will be buying another pair. They are comfortable. I have walked all day in them after riding. They really are waterproof. I have ridden through several major rainstorms, my waterproof rainjacket leaked but my feet were dry. The fit is spot on. The only problem I have and it is minor, is that they are open at the top so occasionaly my pants seem to get hung up on the top of the boots.

    boot quality - Tourmaster Solutuon boots   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: very comfortable and high quality
    Cons: no cons

    I love the boots. I take size 15, and needed a large size boot, and have wide feet. They are very comfortable. Great value.

    solution wp boots - vstrom   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: comfortable, easy to get on and off, fast break in, great price
    Cons: none yet

    Great boots so far. Broke in pretty much right out of the box. Very comfortable. I have worn these boots all day long many days and they are one of the most comfortable pair of shoes or boots i own. Can get a little warm inside all day. I have been riding in the 20s and the 60s and not gotten too cold or too hot. Have not had a good downpour to test the waterproof capability yet, but solution boots have been around for years and i expect they will perform just fine. I have and will recommend these boots to others. Great features for the price. Boots arrived within a couple of days. Fast delivery and just as advertised.

    Tour Master solution wp air boots - olddude63   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: break in is quick, boots a not too stiff
    Cons: wish boot was about 2 inches taller

    Rode in 50 degree weather and feet were very comfortable. Not too hot and not too cold. These boots are very easy to break in. With new boots it can be difficult to use shifter on my susuki bandit, but with these boots worked great right out of the box. Thank COMPACC.

    Riding boots - Tony   AL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Breathability, walking comfort, shift feel
    Cons: Difficult to put on

    This is the second or third pair of the Tourmaster Solution Air boots I have purchased so obviously I am hooked. I have used them in temperatures from 17 to 101 degrees, rain or shine, and the boots have performed as advertised. I have stopped carrying an additional pair of shoes when touring as these boots are comfortable enough to walk around in when sight seeing off of the bike. Having tried boots three times the price these are worth every dollar.

    Tourmaster Solution Air Boots - AL1EN   KS Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Comfort, price
    Cons: None so far

    Just received and worn on a few short rides 2 hours in temps up to 95F. Very comfortable from the outset and fit true to size. Did not notice a lot of ventilation but they didn't get too warm either. Construction seems solid so I hope they hold up as they seem perfect for my application of light touring in warmer weather

    Air Boots - Hugh   LA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: well made comfortable
    Cons: a bit hot

    As first delivered there was a defect with the right boot...the right ankle protector had become displaced during manufacture and slipped into the heel cup. The boots were returned without any hassle and new boots subtituted. The boots were immediately comfortable, though a bit hot. I'm not sure why the term air applies to them, they are not airy. The toes are higher thicker than my earlier boots which has caused me to miss a shift or two, while I become accustmed to them. In the 300 miles or so which Ive ridden since the purchase, I have not yet dealt with rain so I can't comment whether the boots will keep the water out. The boots seem well made and sturdy.All in all I think they're a good purchase and of like quality to my other Tourmaster gear.

    Wide size - Doppler   NC Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Wide sizing
    Cons: Could be even wider

    These were some of the only motorcycle specific boot I could find with wide sizes available. In fact, I could have used even wider boots but these are pretty good. Like the style. Great service from Comp Acc

    Tourmaster Air Boots - Larry   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: [None]
    Cons: [None]

    Have not had a chance to ride with them yet but just walking around in then feels very good.

    Great boots so far - bdog   AL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Breathe well, comfortable, fit to size, waterproof
    Cons: none so far

    These are great boots. The nylon vent panels make the boot very comfortable not only for letting them breathe, but also for flexibility. They only too a few rides to be broken in. The fit was a little snug initially, but as they've broken in the fit perfectly. CompAcc was quick to get them to me even though they were out of stock for most of the summer in my size. These boots are walking around comfortable when off the bike too. I've worn them all day at work a couple of times.

    Excellent Value - Stephen B.   NJ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Lightweight, sturdy, warm
    Cons: none found yet

    Having been caught in the rain too many times in my Herman Munster Milwaukee boots not making fun, I love them, I was looking for an inexpensive pair of waterproof boots. I ordered these at the recommendation of other users. They run a little big. I normally wear 12.5 so that's what I initially ordered. I returned them for a size 12 and they fit fine. Service and credit as always was prompt. The next day I put on a pair of wool socks underneath and hit the road for about 250 miles in temps varying from 45-55 degrees F riding temps were much lower. Not only was there no discomfort from the lack of break-in time, but I hardly knew they were on at all. As you can see from the illustration, they taper out at the top. I have not tried them with jeans, but I wore them under my sliders all season pants and they fit fine with no discomfort. They may turn into my every day riding boots, but I do not think they would work well with a regular pant leg. I will update if that changes. Great boots for the

    Tourmaster Solution WP Air - DustyMX5   NY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Light, easy to enter, not overly warm
    Cons: Overly thick sole in arch area

    First tall motorcycle boot. I've used short boots in the past believeing them to be cooler, but air up the pant legs was not comfortable on long hauls. So far these boots have been no warmer the the shorties and no more air up the pant legs. Entry is no harder with the side zipper design. With minor breakin movement and walking are not restricted. The only issue I've had is the sole is so thick where it rests on the foot peg that the shifter had to be adjusted.

    TS S WP Air Boots - MTS   MT Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Easy or no break in. Easy on off Comfortable
    Cons: No arch support

    Good buy for the money Really comfortable boot I think I can put a slip in arch support into them Everything else is good. Really glad I didn't spend 500 on top of the line boot I have not been in a down pour to report on wp quality. Walking around very comfortable with no breakin period. I wear 12's and 12 fit me. So I didn't have to do the return bummer.

    Michigan Boots - Kurt Boulter   MI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Price and performance
    Cons: [None]

    I needed a warm, protective boot for crazy Michigan weather. My morning commute can be very cold and warmer when I go home. These boots are working out great. The heel and toe protection are just what I wanted in a boot. Velcro tab on zipper is a nice touch. Breathe good for a waterproof boot. Feet did not get sweaty. Nice quality boot.

    very comfortable - motosam   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: comfortable, cheap
    Cons: [None]

    These boots are very comfortable to wear. I wear these even when I am not riding. They look good.

    Tourmaster WP - AceD   PA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great price
    Cons: 10 wide, left boot got really loose after 1 ride, in the heel area

    I tried the boots on. first fit not bad. Wore around house. Like the fit enough to take them for a ride. Only 160 mile ride. On way home, at a stop signal, placed foot on road surface, something in the left boot heel area let loose. Left boot flop up & down on foot. Sent them back. Will try size 10.I always wear size 10 W.The right boot was a perfect fit.

    Not That Wide - Russ   CA Recommended by Reviewer: No
    Pros: None for me.
    Cons: The wide sizes are not really that wide.

    I'm only reviewing the width of the 10 wide.My feet are 10EE & 10EEE.These boots are at most a single E width. With a thin sock, after 30 minutes of lounging, not moving, the EE foot was very uncomfortable and the EEE foot in actual pain.They are tight on big toeball underneath the shift pad. The armored shift pad extends all the way to the main sole seam. So there's zero chance of break in.Seems only Daytona makes a moto boot in an actual wide size. Which is sad. TCX Infinity Also not wide. Come on moto boot manufacturers There's a whole untapped market out here

    Tourmaster Solution WP Air Boots - Mens - McBeerski   MI Recommended by Reviewer: No
    Pros: Appear to be well constructed
    Cons: They don't fit my feet - so I returned them

    The boots appear to be well constructed, although I don't particularly like how they buckle just below the instep when you walk in them. I can't won't review these boots or any others that I've tried on so far because I apparently have perfect size 10.5D feet in U.S. size. The European size 44 boots I've tried on are WAY too short. The European size 45 boots are WAY too wide. Consequently, at this time, I have not yet found a pair of motorcycle boots that fit. At this time, I still rely on my Tony Lama TLX boots. I just make sure that they are well polished & mink-oiled, and if heavy rain appears obiouus, I put on my Totes rubber boots over them . . .I must say, though, that Competition Accessories took them back with no hassles whatsoever. I will continue to do business with them in the future

    Waterproof my a - CHNOPS   Recommended by Reviewer: No
    Pros: Nice looking, comfortable.

    I put these on and stood in 6 inches of water. They were completely full of water in 30 seconds. Got stuck in a rainstorm for 20 miles, the boots filled up with water

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    8.5 TM-AIRB-8.5 $129.99 IN STOCK - Ships in 24 hours
    9 TM-AIRB-9 $129.99 IN STOCK - Ships in 24 hours
    10 TM-AIRB-10 $129.99 IN STOCK - Ships in 24 hours
    11 TM-AIRB-11 $129.99 IN STOCK - Ships in 24 hours
    12 TM-AIRB-12 $129.99 Currently Not Available for Order
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    15 TM-AIRB-15 $129.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    9 Wide TM-AIRB-9W $129.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    10 Wide TM-AIRB-10W $129.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    11 Wide TM-AIRB-11W $129.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    12 Wide TM-AIRB-12W $129.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    12.5 Wide TM-AIRB-12.5W $129.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    13 Wide TM-AIRB-13W $129.99 Currently Not Available for Order
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