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Tour Master - Tourmaster Solution 2.0 Boots Mens Tour Master - Tourmaster Solution 2.0 Boots Mens Tour Master - Tourmaster Solution 2.0 Boots Mens Tour Master - Tourmaster Solution 2.0 Boots Mens Tour Master - Tourmaster Solution 2.0 Boots Mens Tour Master - Tourmaster Solution 2.0 Boots Mens Tour Master - Tourmaster Solution 2.0 Boots Mens
Tourmaster Solution 2.0 Boots Mens
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Black - Tourmaster Solution 2.0 Boots Mens
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Information and Details about the Tourmaster Solution 2.0 Boots Mens
made by Tour Master
The original solution boots were introduced over 5 years ago and were in need of updating. So the product developers at Tourmaster spent the better part of last year redesigning the boots to create the Tourmaster Solution 2.0 boots for 2011. The new Tourmaster Solution 2 boots use a high quality water-repellent leather upper with leather stretch panels and PU synthetic material (PU) to provide a flexible, yet safe upper. The Solution 2.0 boots also have a gusset built into the opening to seal out the elements from entering the top of the boot. Tourmaster then lined the Solution 2.0 with a HiPora waterproof, breathable membrane. The combination of these features result in the Tourmaster Solution 2 boots being both breathable, and completely waterproof. For 2011 Tourmaster has added a TecnoGI thermoplastic heel cup and toecap to reduce the transfer of energy and the likelihood of injury to your toes and heel in the event of a crash. Riders will benefit from the new pre-formed foot bed, which is made to reduce vibration. Add up all of these features within the new Tourmaster Solution 2.0 and we at think this will be another great seller.

Tourmaster Solution 2.0 Boots details:
  • Water-repellent leather and PU upper
  • HiPora® waterproof, breathable membrane
  • 3M ScotchLiteâ„¢ on rear area for night time safety
  • VR single density compound sole for reliable grip
  • Auto lock zipper covered with adjustable Velcro® flap
  • Leather stretch panels for better comfort and durability
  • Molded nylon shin and ankle guard backed with shock absorbing material
  • Shock absorbing latex foam on flex panels
  • Leather shift pad
  • TecnoGI® thermoplastic heel cup and toe cap
  • Preformed orthopedic vibration absorbing foot bed

    Our Thoughts
    The Tourmaster Solution 2.0 Boot is such a comfortable boot that they fit like a slipper but they provide great support for the ankle and foot. Well made and comfortable. There was really no break-in period, they fit well right out of the box. A Great boot for a great value.

  • Tourmaster Solution 2.0 Boots Mens Product Reviews
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    Boots, Tourmaster 2.0 - Chuck J   IL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Comfortabe, good price
    Cons: Not good for riding in 32F weather

    This is my second review for this product. Please look for the first under my Chuck J display name. I go into more detail there. Short story not ridden in rain yet, will report when I do. Did soak test in kitchen sink, results - no leaks see previous review. Since my last review I have ridden in 40F and again in 50F weather for a couple hours each trip. Boots with thick socks were not cold. In previous review I stated they were too cold at 32F so for that I am considering heated socks. I also submitted reviews for the tourmaster heated jacket liner and gloves. Short story I like them, but read my reviews for more detail.

    Tourmaster Boots Solution 2.0 - Chuck J   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Comfortable and Waterproof tested
    Cons: Cold feet after an hour riding in 32 degree weather

    These Tourmaster Solution WP 2.0 boots are good, so far. I bought them for their waterproof ability and not for winter riding but sadly I can't report actually riding in the rain yet. But read on.I did do a leak test by submerging toe first the front of the boot, up to but not including the zipper, in my kitchen sink for 30 minutes. Thinking if the seams at the sole don't leak and the shoe leather itself doesn't get soaked through to the liner they'll be fine. That's where the brunt of the rain will hit and try to soak in. I'm happy to report that not a drop of water made it into the boot. I don't think the zipper will be a problem because of the way it is designed with the covering flap deflecting the rain water. Most of that should be under your pant leg anyway. Regardless of what you buy, do not tuck your pant leg into your boots during a rain storm The water will run down your pant leg and into the top of your boot.I know these boots were designed for wet weather and not cold, but I rode with them for 80 miles with my thickest pair of wool socks in 32 degree temp and my feet were too cold after an hour of riding. I don't normally do that but sometimes it happens and I wanted to see how they'd do. In the past I would wear full gators over my boots and that acts as a wind break, and I'd be fine. I will buy heated socks for these and eliminate carrying the gators.I had a sizing problem with these boots. I wear size 7.5 shoes so I ordered size 8. They were very comfortable once on but the opening into the shoe part was too tight and I had difficulty getting them on and off. I then ordered 8.5 to compare them. On and off is acceptable now yet still a little tight until my foot is all the way in. Once I have then on they are fine. A little loose at the toe but not bad and that leaves room for my thickest socks and still be comfortable. I wore them everywhere for a couple days in 72 degree weather to see if my feet would sweat and the results were very good. No sweat.CA's ordering system is the greatest Ordering, Reordering, returning, and getting refund was so easy and fast I can't say enough about how good these people are.

    nicer than the price you'll pay - Don W   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Very good fit, sturdy, light weight, comfy, flexible, good grip on soles
    Cons: Not as tall as I would thought they'd be.

    I have a narrow, kinda skinny foot with an average arch and usually wear a 10.5 - 11 size shoeboot. For me shopping on line for boots is particularly frustrating because I have to read many product reviews before I start feeling even a little comfortable in ordering. Part of the problem is many reviewers don't include their foot sizes or widths. Only that the boot they bought is too wide or too short or too whatever. If you are reading this review I hope describing my feet helps you get a good idea about whether these boot will work for you. I purchased the Solutions 2.0 in size 11 and they fit perfectly were comfy right out of the box Not too wide and not too snug at all. The soles are grippy, but not hard and the toe fits easily under my Triumph Tiger 1050 shifter no issues at all shifting the bike smoothly and naturally. We rode to a motorcycle show in Sacramento and I ended up walking all day in these boots. Comfy. comfy. comfy. My feet did not get hot or tired or sore and I'm 62, so that says a LOT about the comfort level for meThe boots are not as tall as the 8 yr old Dianese boots I was wearing. I bought these Tour Master boots to replace my Dainese these Solution 2.0 fit me BETTER for 13 the cost I don't expect the Solutions 2.0 to last 8 years, but who knows

    boots - Tango   MI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Easy to put on and off, comfortable and stylish, lightweight
    Cons: Haven't found anything about them that I don't like

    The perform as advertised completely waterproof

    Tourmaster Solution 2.0 Boots - Beaver   TN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Look great. Nice fit. Comfortable.
    Cons: Seem a little stiff but they're new

    I just got these boots and the weather has kept me from riding much, but so far they are very nice. I wear a 10 12 shoe and bought the boot in an 11 and they are quite comfortable. e an adventure bike and I like the formed toe, particularly on the left side, as it makes it easier to work with the shifter. Time will tell about these boots, but so far no complaints at all.

    Tourmaster Solution 2.0 Boots - cemarcher   IL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Waterproof for riding and walking, good fit, long lasting, value
    Cons: none

    I ordered a new pair to replace an old pair of this same product. Although the old pair is still holding up just fine, these boots are now offered in a wide fit. That's what I wanted. These boots never leaked or let me down in any way. They were always comfortable when walking in the mud. Couldn't ask for any more. Thanks for a great product.

    Wider Size Boots - boxer bent   GA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Come in a wide size
    Cons: none

    Comfortable, sturdy, great price. Don't know why wide sizes aren't common with all the older riders out there, but these are all day wearable. Liked the first pair so much I bought a second.

    These boots are made for ridin' - LEW   CO Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Totally waterproof, fit well, good price point
    Cons: none

    This is my third pair of these boots, and we got my partner a pair when she started riding. These are well-priced, fit well and are totally waterproof. I've ridden my KLR650 through some peg-deep stream crossings and stayed dry. Ditto riding in the rain for 4 hours recently. When these wear out, I'll get another pair.

    awesome motorcycle boots - ltd3   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Comfortable, well-made, sturdy without being stiff
    Cons: [None]

    I typically wear an 11 US and ordered a regular 11. The fit was great. These boots feel sturdy without being clunky and stiff. I have great feel for shifting. I have large calves and am able to zip them up fine. The top of the boot is right at 11 inches tall. Perhaps you would be interested in knowing that I know I was but was never able to find that out before buying a pair. The top front has some hard material that will help protect your shin if you go down, and there is ankle protection.I have not ridden in wet or really hot conditions yet.Overall I think it is a great boot for the price.

    good boot - mk   NE Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Warm, good fit
    Cons: A little stiff for general walking.

    I've ridden at highway speed in temps as low as 26 degrees F. These boots kept my feet warm and comfortable. They are fine for a short walk while putting in gas or getting something to eat during a ride. However, if you plan to do a lot of sight seeing walking, you might want to change into something lighter.

    Tourmaster Solution 2.0 - KYWinger   KY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good fit, comfortable, reasonable price
    Cons: None so far

    I was leery of buying boots online, but after reading a number of reviews on these, I decided to give it a go.So far, I have to say I'm really well pleased - I've not had the occasion to wear them in the rain, so I don't know about the water proofing, but all other aspects are good. They are a great value for the money - thumbs up from me.

    Tourmaster Solution 2.0 Boots - Mike from Lake Havasu City AZ.   AZ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great boot for the price
    Cons: none

    The boot is exactly what I wanted and the fit was great,no break in required.My wife liked my boots so much she ordered a pair for herself.

    Tourrmaster Boots - Connieman-C14   NH Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Excellent product coupled with a great price
    Cons: None

    This is my second pair of Tourmaster boots. If this model is half as good as the preceding model I'll be very pleased. The first pair had over 50k miles of service, and remained waterproofAlso, thanks CA for the great service.

    Boots - Steve   GA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Comfortable, warm, dry.
    Cons: None

    Boots work good. Keeps feet warm & dry on daily 1 hour commute. Worn in temps low as 37F & no problem. Comfortable to where & walk in all day

    Tourmaster riding boots - Dammguy   PA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Boots are light and comfortable -
    Cons: Glad I oredered a wide size - must still wear thin socks

    I am pleased with these boots, but have not ridden in the rain with them yet. They are a little tight in the width and I must wear thin cotton socks. I expect them to get better after I get them soaked while riding and then dry while riding when the rain stops on a longer trip.

    Great Value - Intrepid BMW Traveler   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great value
    Cons: [None]

    Windproof, waterproof, no nonsense. While at a BMW rally my favorite riding boot developed a leak, not wanting to break the bank I bought a pair of these Tourmaster Solutions. I am now on my second pair after 5 years of hard riding. Value....Value ....Value

    So far, great - Lenguado   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Lightweight, very comfortable, easy to break in.
    Cons: A bit warm on even a not to hot day.

    So Far, So Good I have a pair of the original version Tourmaster Solution boots, which I just love, but are getting a bit worn. Figured I would try the 2.0 version as a follow-on. So far, very impressed. I wore them for one full day the first time, and they seem to have already broken in. Not bad. Worn them a few time since, and they are great. Very comfortable, and easy to walk in. Have not had them in heavy rain yet. See how that goes. Only thing I noticed was that they did get a bit warm seems to be a bit warmer than the 1.0 version on a day that was a nice spring day. Other than that, very happy so far

    tourmaster boots - monte   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great value for the money, very comfortable, good protection
    Cons: none

    This is my second pair of tourmaster boots and I have found the new model is much better and has a longer lasting sole and waterproof to boot. It can't be beat for this amount of money. I highly recomend these boots.

    Tourmaster 2.0 - Tom N   MN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great fit..Good Looking Boot...Lightweight...Great protection...Highly recommended
    Cons: None so far...Very fair price

    Would recommend.Two of my fellow riders also use them.We ride about 12000 miles per summer.

    Great Boots - BMWBAM   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: warm, dry, & comfortable. very well made like moat Tour Master clothing
    Cons: a little stiff when new and required a break in period

    I tried several boots before I got these ones. The wide option made a big difference. I have not used them in the rain, but I think they'll hold up fine.

    Love the boot part 2 - JWC, Monroe, La.   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: [None]
    Cons: [None]

    As stated earlier I made a 14 state16 day, 7000 mile trip from Louisiana to LA to Washington State to Yellowstone, Mt Rushmore in through Colorado and back home with these boots. They worked very well. Yes they were a touch hot in Vegas where the temps reached 100 plus degrees but they also kept my feet pretty warm when I went to Yellowstone and the temp was 37 degrees. Soles are holding up well and the inside of the boot is not showing signs of wear either. Outside of the boot still look brand new and i have logged some 15,000 miles since I bought them. In the rain my feet have stayed dry. As I had stated I usually wear a 10 12 shoe. The 10 was too tight so I had to get a 11 which caused my heel to slip some. So I added a full length insert inside and that made them perfect. Depending on the weather dictates which thickness of sock I wear. I rode 160 mile yesterday in 43 degree weather and my feet stayed just right with wool socks on. Again I approve of this boot and recommend it if you are looking for a good pair of boots at a great price.

    New and improved - JAORE   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Comfortable, waterproof, priced right
    Cons: Warm in summer - but I live in Alabama

    I wore the original and my biggest concern was lack of inserts for crash protection. Tourmaster has, at least partially, addressed this in the 2.0.These are the most comfortable boots out-of-the-box I've ever had. I don't feel the need to pack opther shoes when I know I'll be off the bike during the day. Highly recommended.

    Dry and warm - Michael Dean   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Comfortable waterproof warm
    Cons: Sizing is off

    I stopped by Comp Access. and picked up a pair of these boots. I normally wear a 10.5 wide but the 11 wide was too tight, so I went with a 12 wide.Having gone through 5 or 6 hours of rain last week, I can testify that these are indeed waterproof. But I can't get over how comfortable they are. I've very impressed.If you ever have a chance to stop in on a Sunday like I did, make sure you talk to Dave. He told me what to look for and provided EXCELLENT service. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

    Love the boot - JWC, Monroe, La.   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: comfortable, looks good, good price for the book
    Cons: alittle big width wise for me, mainly in the heel area.

    I've had these boots for several months now and I really like them. Very comfortable right out of the box, no break in required. My only con so far was the size. I had to go ahead and get a 11, which depending on the name brand of shoe I usually wear a 10-11. The 10 was snug with a thin sock, so I got a 11 so I can wear a thicker sock in the winter. The heel did slip some which I knew would cause premature wear in that area so I bought some full length sole inserts. Now feels like I am walking on new padded carpet with no slip. I rode with them in a rain storm last week for several hours and had no wetness inside. I am leaving at the end of Aug to go from Louisiana to California, up to Washington State, Yellowstone, Rushmore, Colorado and back home, about 6500 miles so that will be the true test. I will find out then how they feel in 95-100 degree weather. I'm sure they will be warm but I will find out then just how hot. I will get back on here after the trip to let you know how well they did. Would I buy more if I needed them YES Even showed them to several of my friends.

    Awesome boots - Roadking Rider   KY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Inexpensive, high quality, waterproof and tennis shoe like feel
    Cons: The zipper will get caught in the gusset more than I would like

    This boot is better than other more expensive boots that I have Had. Don't let the low price fool you.

    Great boots - rsbrett   PA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great value, waterproof, comfortable
    Cons: Warm on hot days

    You can't beat these boots for the money. Definetely waterproof, and comfortable enough to walk around in. I usually wear a 9 12 wide, but bought the size 10 wide and they fit perfect. Only complaint is they're a little warm on hot days, but it seems you get that with any waterproof leather boot.

    Do you know how hard it is to find size 15 - Kansas City Chris   KS Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: The only company that makes a size 15 to fit me. Easy to walk in these new boots.
    Cons: I wish Tour Master made a low cut boot in size 15. I wish all the boot makes would make size 15. I can't be the only out there with big feet.

    Thank you for selling a boot at a decent price that the average person can afford. These boots are well worth the money.

    Great boots - Brian   KY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Safety features, Comfort, Value priced
    Cons: None

    Great boot for the price which can't be beat Offer all the features of my former Sidi StradaTemporas which cost over twice as much.

    After looking at a lot of motorcycle boots, I decided on the Tourmaster Solution 2.0 boots. I ordered them on Thursday, and they arrived at my door the following Tuesday morning.
    I opened the box and closely inspected the boots, as I am VERY skeptical about ordering "clothing" items on line. The boots looked fine, with all the stitching looking very well done, the soles attached very securely, the zippers and velcro covers looking like quality items. I wear a 10 1/2 shoe, normally, so I ordered the size 11 boots. They slipped on easily, and the zippers and velcro covers worked perfectly. I decided to wear them around my carpeted house for a day, just to make sure they felt "right". I am totally impressed so far, as they are very comfortable right out of the box, and fit great. I have decided to keep them, and will post a follow up after I ride my Harley Night Train with them for a while.

    The price was the lowest I could find, the ordering was very easy, and the shipping was very fast....very good experience so far.

    PT Instructor  
    I have had these boots since 2004. We ride about 20,000 miles a year, so the boots take a beating. The boots are still waterproof and in great shape. They feel like bedroom slippers. I bought a pair of expensive dual sport boots last year 300. They lasted 1 year. Had to replace the sole. The Tourmasters are worn in the sole, but still have at least another year in them. That makes 7 years of great use.... for around 100. The only downside is getting them on if you have a high instep. But it is worth it once you have them on. Great boot... fantastic price. Best boots I ever had... and I have been riding for 50 years!

    I received these boots the day before I left for a 1,400 mile trip into British Columbia. I didn't have any time to break them in first which was a bit of a chance, but that wasn't a problem. They were very comfy from the first mile. I am very happy with them. I walked around in them for a couple hours one day sight-seeing and then rode for most of a day in the rain. Dry and happy feet the entire time. I am VERY impressed at how good of grip these boots have on all sorts of pavements, even the polished concrete on my garage floor.

    At last, a boot maker that offers half sizes. I had the original, but a half size larger than my size, so the fit was sloppy. These fit perfectly and are as comfortable as slippers. Tourmaster does it again. For the price, these are a best buy.

    KAT TOY  
    I've worn these boots for a few months now without any issue. they are waterproof. they hold all the water that ran down my leg.{not a fault of the boots}. they are comfortable to walk in off the bike.

    Ray T.  
    Great fit and price. I had the first Solution boots, and have retired them after 4 years for these ones.

    Matt R  
    Love these boots. I had on back order for a while and they finally came in.

    comfortable, snug boots - Tourmaster Solution boots   IA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: comfortable, waterproof
    Cons: a little snug

    It does take a little effort to get these on, at least for my size 13s. There is a loop at the heel to assist one in donning these. Comfortable to wear and walk in for extended times. Haven't been able to test the waterproofness much, but I have no doubt they will work as advertised. One of the zippers shows a little resistance, so I hope it stands up to extended use.

    decent boot - phil   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Inexpensive, decent fit, comfortable, comes in wide widths
    Cons: ok for walking but not the best. started leaking after 10 months

    These boots have been functioning great for almost a year but just yesterday the right boot stated leaking around the sole. First time after many heavy rain day rides that it has leaked. I am satisfied with the performance of this boot up to this leak. Not the most comfortable for walking, which happens while touring, but tolerable. Sole is a little slick on the footpegs when wet even after taking the rubber inserts out of the footpegs. The leak seems to be sole failure but it's not obvious, but the foot area of the sock was all that was wet. For the money this is a good boot.

    Good Boots -- Highly recommend - RVA Rider   VA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Warm, Comfortable, Good price point,
    Cons: Velcro

    Boots are as advertised. Light weight, waterproof, very warm, very comfortable no break-in for me. Size is true, I normally wear a 10D in most shoes and these 10D's fit perfectly, just a touch of extra room if I want to wear thick socks, which I have not needed to do. Rode 90 miles down interstate at 80mph in 45 degrees and feet were warm all the way. Velcro is a bit annoying... I don't believe it is needed but can live with it only reason for 4 stars. Look isn't fantastic, but for the price can't beat them. I highly recommend these boots, no regrets.

    Good for the price - 12 Goldwinger   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: comfortable, easy on and off
    Cons: A little warm in the south, soles a little thin

    To the guy that wore a hole in the bottom with less than 1000 miles - quit dragging your feet. We have all seen that guy that slides to a stop or is afraid to pick em up when he leaves the light. The only time my foot left foot touches the ground is to keep me from falling over when stopped.They were true to size I wear a size 10D boot ordered the size 10 regular and they fit great. I've got about 3 - 4 thousand miles on them both in town and cross country and those days I rode to work I wore them all day and I have tender feet. That being said the soles a little on the thin side but comfortable. I live in Texas. Bought them in the early spring and now that it is warming up they do get a little hot. Believe I will buy the summer ones and try them out. I did not give it a full 5 stars because of the soles but otherwise I have no complaints. I'm very pleased at the price I paid.

    Pro - Wickliffe   GA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: For the price
    Cons: None

    For the price a great boot. The aeromoto boot sold for the same price is horrible soles on both boots came apart after seven moths.

    Tourmaster Solution 2.0 Boots - JohnS   TN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: So very comfortabe to wear, easy to put on and take off, true size
    Cons: Sole a little slippery when wet.

    Overall very happy with the boots. Look and feel great. Can wear for hours and still comfortable. First time I had them on it rained and they were a little slick, hopefully will get better with wear.

    Comfortable boots, but... - Motorcycle instructor, Chicago   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Very comfortable for walking in
    Cons: Soles wear through quickly

    I have owned three pairs of these boots in the past ten years, and they are my go-to footwear for teaching motorcycle classes. The flex panels front and rear make these boots very comfortable for walking when off the bike, yet they offer a good level of protection when riding. The only drawback is that the soles wear through quickly - typically in just two or three seasons, in my experience. Since the design uses many hollow cells under the sole rubber, the boots begin to leak in wet weather as soon as any one of the cells wears through. A sole design without hollow cells would be better.

    PA - Rory   PA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good fit, good comfort, good value.
    Cons: None

    Started riding again after many years. I previouisly bought Sliders jacket, pants, gloves and was impressed with both excellent quality and service. This is my first pair of cycle boots. Very easy on and off. Side zipper with velcro secured flap cover is much easier than lacing up work boots. Comfortable flexible fit and nice finish. Normally take a 9 12 size. The boot is a 10w but seems to fit well. After some more break-in will probably be able to use a slightly thicker sock. Recently did a trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The boots were comfortable in early morning chill and in the afternoon when temps rose. Some light rain but feet stayed dry.

    Boots - Fireman   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Really comfortable boots.
    Cons: None

    Finally a pair of waterproof boots that I can wear all day. I don't have to bring a second pair of kicks to wear when I'm not riding anymore. Can't beat the price.

    All Day Comfort - MarkQ   MA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Very comfortable
    Cons: sizes run small

    I wear a size 11 in every piece of footwear I own. My first pair of Solution 2.0, size 11 were so tight I tore the loop off the back the first time I tried to put them on. Competition Accessories was great about sending me a replacement pair of size 12s. The 12's are a little roomy but my heels don't pick up and I find I'm wearing them all day at work office job rather than changing into shoes. I haven't had a chance to find out how waterproof they are yet.

    Nice boots - Tourmaster Solution 2.0 Boots Mens   KS Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great value for the buck, Comfort and value
    Cons: Not sure of any yet

    Since I don't get to ride as often as I like it was difficult to plunk down 300 to 500 bucks for riding boots. I wanted protection and function and these boot provide that. I can not speak to the durability of these boots but they seem to be just what i was looking for. They fit, provide protection and the quality seems to be better than what you expect for the price. As always shipment was fast and service great . I don't think you can go wrong if your on a budget and need nice boots.

    Nice boot - K Bueno   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: good so far
    Cons: none yet

    With just a few rides so far, it is too early to assess how these boots will hold up in the long term, but my initial impressions are good. The sizing is in line with other boots I own, and the overall fit is good. The side zipper makes for easy onoff, they are comfortable to walk in, but don't scream motorcycle bootIf these hold up for the long term and the weatherproof qualities are confirmed, my rating will move up to five stars.

    Overall sturdy boots - cacy   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good leather, decent length, shift pad protector thingy
    Cons: a bit wide around ankle

    These boots are my first riding boots and I wanted some that protected my ankles and fit well. I got them in and while they fit length wise, they are quite wide. Granted, I have very narrow feet, but I'm not the only one that had this issue. Overall good boots.

    Nice boots - Jim H   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Extremely comfortable on and off the bike.
    Cons: Just a tad warmer than tennis shoes.

    I bought these for adventure and trail riding. Very comfortable but the trail is beginning to tear them up. The sole is coming apart where I stand on the metal serrated edge off road pegs, so I am going to limit useing them to rides with rubber foot pegs andor limit them to milder off road use ie stay seated when with metal serrated pegs.A great road and adventure boot. Not so great for enduro or motocross use which is not what they are designed for anyway.

    Good boots - Willbel   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good fit, comfortable to walk in
    Cons: Would like them slightly taller, not heel protection

    Tour Master can pretty much be relied on to give you good value for the money. I wear a size 13 mediummarked 48 European and they fit fine, so seem true to size. Comfortable to walk in out-of-the-box, and look pretty good too. Soles are grippy enough. They are about 3 quarters of an inch shorter than my Alpinestars, but is a minor shortcoming. My only true reservation is that there is no heel protection so minus one star ofr that. There is toe protection and shin protection.

    Sturdy, lightweight boots - JEO   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great value, solid design.
    Cons: Little adjustablility in velcro closures.

    These boots are worth twice the price. They are comfortable out of the box, and stay that way for hours and hours, on and off the bike. Substantial enough to take a beating, but light enough to maneuver easily. No moisture issues in my pair. Only wish the shin shield could be cinched a little tighter.

    Great boots - Lash   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Comfortable, flexible
    Cons: Probably be hot in the summer

    This is a nice boot for the price. I'm a 8 12 wide and they don't come in widths, so they're a little on the tight side but otherwise fit perfectly. Didn't really require much of a break-in. Easy to walk around in. Haven't been in the rain yet so can't comment on that aspect. Pretty good protection for touring. I'd buy them again, absolutely.

    Thank you Tourmaster for making a Wide boot - Willy   NC Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Feel great on my foot right out of the box. They look cool too great value for what you pay
    Cons: Took a quick spin on bike and they are a little stiff in the ankle. Had to really put effort into shifting but I'm sure they'll break in fine

    I read alot of fantastic reviews about this boot so I decided to buy it. I think the best selling point for for me was that Tourmaster offered the boot in a wide size. I have a wide foot and big calves so that was huge. I've tried on several other boots from big brands and they were all too tight for my foot. Not to mention more expensive. All that being said the extremely positive reviews from guys who ride a hell of alot more than I do made me realize that this is the boot for me. I ordered the boot over the phone at 307pm on April 25th and I recieved the boot at 420pm on April 26th. Granted the store is in South Carolina and I live in North Carolina but oh well. I just wanted a comfortable all weather boot mainly for commuting 60 miles to work and back so I figured for 107.99 what the hec. Out of the box the boot felt great. They weren't tight at all. I decided to go for a quick spin just to see how they felt on the bike and the only issue I had was that the boot was very stiff trying to shift. I know ..I know.... they need to be broken in. Just wanted to point that out because I hadn't heard that in any other review. Like I said earlier, I saw reviews from experienced riders who love this boot so I'm sure they'll break in fine. I'm excited to get some miles on these boots. Will be shopping from Competition Accessories in the future.

    I found these to fit narrow. I bought a 10 which usually fits me well, but my toes are too cramped. Will probably have to switch to a 10 wide, or be patient and wait for them to brake in. Haven't tested them in water yet. They are very wide at the top for my skinny calves. Worried they'll fly off in a wreck.

    Dave S  
    Just received boots after ordering AM yesterday.That's fast delivery. I usually wear a 9.5 and have trouble with a 10, but these fit perfect. I bought them for a cross-country trip next month.I'll update on my return.

    Them boots - El Danno   MS Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Well made, very comfortable
    Cons: A little to narrow for my size 14 foot

    Initially I found these boots so tight that they were unwearable. I decided to return them. But the boots kept saying, don't send us back please So, I put on three pairs of socks jammed my foot inside them and went outside and raked leaves in them. After about three days of raking leaves,they finally stretched out and we're feeling wide enough to use for riding. They are really warm in the cold winter conditions that are now upon us. So, the boot will give a little more width in the toe area once you start to break them in. I would have to say these are excellent riding boots which are too narrow out of the box. Give them a little time for a break in and you will be happy with this choice of a riding boot.

    OK for the Price - T   IL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Low Price, Comfortable off the bike
    Cons: Wet

    Out of the box these boots are comfortable and are made well compared to other boots at this price. Unfortunately mine soaked my feet. I wore them for around 2k miles and 3 months before testing them in serious rain and they held up well in light rain and the only trouble was a little seam that intruded on my toe in the left boot. But for the price I wasn't complaining...until the hard rain that left them soaked. I've had other waterproof boots in similar conditions that were truly waterproof I've had and been more than satisfied with a lot of Tourmaster gear so I was surprised by the lack of performance. I' ll still buy their products ...but maybe these boots should say mostly waterproof

    Boots after one year - moto77   Recommended by Reviewer: No
    Pros: sizing good for wide feet
    Cons: Hot and fast wearing soles.

    I purchased the Tourmaster Solution WP 2.0 boots last may and have worn them on about 5000 miles of riding. The wide size is the best thing. I wore my old German made boots for several years before wearing out the soles, but the Tourmaster boots now are worn through on both soles. The rubber appears to be rather soft and prone to fast wear. Also these boots feel extremely hot. They do not breathe and my socks are very damp after a few hours of ridding. Knowing what I do now, I would spend more and get a higher quality and hopefully better wearing boot.

    tourmaster solu.2 boots - dave   VA Recommended by Reviewer: No
    Pros: comfort & looks
    Cons: poor sticthing

    Purchased these boots 3 weeks ago and only worn for a 3 short rides. already the stitching on the front is coming apart. they fit well and are very comfortable. . I hope the other Tourmaster products that I have recently purchased hold up better.

    Hot, itchcy, NOT waterproof WP - Pac NW Rider   Recommended by Reviewer: No
    Pros: Comfortable fit.
    Cons: Hot causes sweating, mine leaked badly in first rain.

    Very comfortable fit. Unfortunately, the material is not even close to a leather and does not breathe at all causing extreme heat and perspiration. First rain they leaked badly within 10 minutes. Black cut edges of outer material not leather turned white in first rain ride. Poor choice for rain boots.

    Hot Wet - Daily Driver   Recommended by Reviewer: No
    Pros: Very comfortable.
    Cons: Very hot, mine leaked badly riding in rain.

    Very comfortable out of the box. Material does not breath well and promotes sweating. Feet became wet in the toes in first 15 minutes of first ride in rain.

    Disappointing - Jim   Recommended by Reviewer: No
    Pros: Price
    Cons: Overall fit and quality

    Are they waterproof, yes. Do they break in fast, yes, but it's because they break down fast and end up uncomfortable and un-supportive on or off the bike. These are the first pair of motorcycle boots I've owned in 20 years where my arches hurt after an hour on the pegs, you would think I had on sandals. The soles wear very quickly, mine wore through evenly after roughly 9,000 miles of riding and walking around over 1-12 riding seasons. I have track boots with thin soles I also wear on the street part of the time which are 3 years old and not worn through, but they're from a better manufacturer. I'm not sure what I expected for 108.00,but I wish I would have spent the extra money to buy a waterproof boot from Alpinestars or TCX. As it is, I will be spending that money, just a lot sooner than I expected.

    A poor replacement for the original Solution boot. - Henry   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: None.
    Cons: Poor quality.

    Don't bother with these boots. Both feet were wet in the first small storm. Sole is separating from the toe area. Cracking and flaking occurring around the toe area of the boot. I expected a lot better product from Tourmaster.

    Not for hot weather, poor choice of materials - Frank   CA Recommended by Reviewer: No
    Pros: Comfortable
    Cons: Hot, poor choice of materilas

    I got these boots to replace a pair of Sidi On Road boots I've had for over 10 years. At first I thought the Solution 2 boots were a good product at 13 the cost of the Sidi On Road boots. However, the imitation leather on the toe area of both Solution 2 boots has already started to crack. I probably have ridden about 2,000 miles on the Solution 2 boots and they are already starting to come apart. Poor quality materials were used to make the Solution 2 boots. Also, I live San Francisco where we have a relatively cool climate. My feet get hot wearing these boots even on cool days and my feet get very uncomfortable on warm days. Personally, I don't think the boots breath as advertised and that's why my feet get so hot. Next time I'll pay the extra money and get another pair of Sidi On Road boots. After more than 10 years and more than 100,000 miles, the Sidi On Roads boots still have not cracked and never make my feet hot. You get what you pay for. I do not recommend the Solution 2.0 boots.

    brick bike  
    Long back order wait for my size. Left boot has no issues other than the shift pad stitching is already freyed after 350 miles of in/out of town riding. The right boot is not the same quality of the left. Zipper has a kink in it and I don't expect it will work too manjy more times before it fails. Plastic heel cup is not seated properly and chafes a little. Pull tab pulled free from boot third time it was used. I would have sent these back except I didn't want to wait for another pair. Well I really just don't ever want another pair of these. Now for the good. The left boot is very comfortable, right out of the box. Sole gives very good traction on any surface. Boots run true to size. If the right boot had been the same quality as the left these would be a good value for the money. To sum it up, I expect the bad boot will fail at any time,if they make it a 1,000 miles I'll be surprised. Save your money and buy a pair of SIDI boots is my suggestion.

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