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TCX Boots - TCX X-Street Womens Waterproof Shoes  
TCX X-Street Womens Waterproof Shoes
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Video Reviews
Hey everybody thanks for joining me today this is Kerry with Competition Accessories and I have a couple of pair of riding shoes/boot here that I'm going to take a look at with you. These are the TCX X street ladies boot. Now the only difference in these two is the dark grey is water proof version and the light grey is not , other then that they are identical shoes but were going to go through them and take a look and see if you like them, and what i like about these shoes is they are definitely made in tennis shoe style but they have all in root reinforcements of a good riding boot . I like the dark grey with the the little bit of the pink detailing on here it gives it a little bit of an extra finished edge and also it has that vintage look to them. Not only do you get the vintage look in the suede like material on the front you get a little bit of scuff marks on the laces and also around the sole too you'll see that it has that kind of scuffed up kind of look kind of like a lived in look. I really like that look about these and of coarse the lived in look seems to be really popular these days but I do like these with the vintage style to them. Now the TCX line for women has been made more specifically for a woman then a man, this boot does come in a men's version but with the women's they've shaped it more for a women's foot. It has a little bit lower toe box it has a little bit more of a narrow heal and also has a higher arch in it. So it is made to fit a women's foot because we usually have a more narrow foot then a man does. Now as far as reinforcements in this you are going to have protection in the ankle , you have some ankle guards built in. You have a reinforced toe that's nice and solid, and also the heel counter is nice and solid and that's going to protect you happen to go down and slide across the pavement or you dump your bike and your foot gets stuck underneath the bike which does happen some times unfortunately. Also on these your going to want to notice that it does have the lace up system on the front and on the inside its got , its hard to see here, but its got nice soft mesh material that's going to give you a really good comfortable ride on the inside and also has a moisture wicking liner in them in the insole so that's going to keep your feet nice and dry. Were going to flip around to the bottom here your going to see that the sole has a really good tread pattern on it and its a nice hard rubber sole and again that's going to give you that vintage look to the sole there. So again this is the Women's TCX X street boot (or shoe), and this version in the dark grey is waterproof version which is great to have while out riding or if you know your going to get caught in the rain and then the light grey is a non waterproof so you just want to keep that in mind these run the European sizes but it ranges from a size 4 to 9 1/2 and i did try them on i normally would wear between a 6 and 7 , this is a 6 and a half here and it was a little big on me i would probably go down a half of a size you might want to keep that in mind when ordering.
Information and Details about the TCX X-Street Womens Waterproof Shoes
made by TCX Boots
Get your street style on with the new TCX X-Street Womens Waterproof Shoes. Vintage sneaker construction with soft, breathable, full-grain leather and a distressed-look rubber sole, they look as cool and as they are comfortable. Equipped with signature TCX protective features including ankle guards and reinforced toe and heel counter, plus a waterproof liner, you'll stay protected as well as dry in the TCX X-Street Womens Waterproof Shoes.

Featuring TCX's unique Woman Fitting Concept means the shape of the TCX® Ladies Line has been designed to perfectly fit the anatomy of the female foot, which is structurally different from the male foot, especially in the metatarsal area, where it is thinner with a more accentuated instep area and a generally smaller heel.

  • UPPER: vintage leather
  • LINING: waterproof
  • REINFORCEMENTS: ankle, toe and heel reinforcements
  • CLOSURE: lacing system
  • FOOTBED: anatomic and replaceable
  • SOLE: high wear-resistant rubber sole, vintage look

    Sizes are also available for Men's TCX X-Street Waterproof Shoes in black or blue leather.

  • TCX X-Street Womens Waterproof Shoes Product Reviews
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    trendy boots - sfshimano   IL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: These look much better than traditional motorcycle boots - can wear them around town after getting off the bike. My feet didn't get too hot even though it was very hot outside.
    Cons: The front is pretty stiff and it hit my shin at an odd spot so it was uncomfortable to walk in until that was broken in a bit.

    After I broke them in a bit they were much more comfortable. There isn't great arch support so when i had to walk far in them it wasn't ideal but i was able to wear these around town after going for a long ride and didn't feel out of place at some of the nicer cafes. Nobody could tell they were motorcylce boots at all which i think is a plus some other riders in my group even scolded me for not having proper attire.

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