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Sliders - Sliders Optional CE Approved Knee Armor  
Sliders Optional CE Approved Knee Armor
Enhance the Protection


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CE Knee Armor  - Sliders Optional CE Approved Knee Armor
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Information and Details about the Sliders Optional CE Approved Knee Armor
made by Sliders
Gain added protection with optional C.E. Armor for Sliders 4.0 Jeans, Khakis, and Cargo Pants. Also fits ripstop X Tactical Cargos, Ace Boot Cut and Women's Bella Jeans.

Fits inside height adjustable pockets providing just the right fit depending on rider height.

Sliders Optional CE Approved Knee Armor Product Reviews
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sliders knee armor - dave   WI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: fit perfect ..not expensive
Cons: [None]

These fit perfectly in my sliders jeans and over my knees .

Knee Armor - GLCSD   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Fits most pants knee armor pockets
Cons: None

I bought these to replace the foam knee armor inserts that came with a pair of motorcycle pants I had purchased. They fit right into the pockets. The armor has a nice pocket that your knee fits into which engenders a feeling of security when they are worn. CE rated at a great price point. If you don't have CE armor in your motorcycle pants buy these and use them.

Protect Your Knees - Great add-on   NC Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Awesome knee & shin protection.
Cons: Fit takes a bit to get used to.

I bought these guys as inserts to my Sliders jeans. I had a spill on my bike and thankfully had my knee armor inserted in the jeans. If I hadn't been wearing them, I am certain my left knee would have been scraped up, dislocated or broken.They are pretty easy to install, only weigh a few ounces and are worth every pennyLance O

Wish I could use them. - Peg   GA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Cons: Would be better is they fit inside the too tight legs of Women's slider jeans

Great armor, wish I could use it.

Just a Little More Security - Revster   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Light weight, tough.
Cons: Might be a narrow fit for thicker knees. Positioning is good but a little tricky to get it just right.

I don't ever want to find out if these really work. I don't ever want to find out if any of my protective gear really works. Having said that, I just feel safer, more secure and freer knowing that I've done everything I can to protect myself if I go down. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. FWIW, I'm no newbie I've been riding for more than 40 years and now more than ever I appreciate the need for a little armor, especially with so many cagers being oblivious or distracted.

Don't leave home without them. - FB1335   AZ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Nice thick protection. Good price.
Cons: None.

Fits well in Sliders Kevlar pants and stays relatively centered over the knees.

Knee armor - MrBill   NM Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Nice and thick
Cons: Umm...

The optional knee armor is worth it. You really don't know they are there most of the time, they don't bind at all. Very comfortable.

Knee Armor - Randalw   WI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: [None]
Cons: [None]

Was what I anticipated they would be. Shipped as promised. I am pleased with the purchase.

Knee Protection - Rick   IL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Excelent protection
Cons: none

Nice armour

a no-brainer for armored jeans - jaydee   TN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: sturdy, large
Cons: iffy placement

These look like they will do the job--if they are in the right place at impact. They fit in jeans, which are somewhat loose at the knees. It's probably not possible to have normal-cut jeans and precisely located armor. So, I'm satisfied with the compromise.

Knee armor review - FT   NE Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: CE approved and great price
Cons: Does not work with the wonky Sliders pants

This knee armor would do a good job if they are fitted in the right garment. The slider pants are not that garment.They were listed as items also purchased with the Sliders cargo pants I ordered and they don't work in that application, probably because the pants armor pockets are more suited to a knock kneed kangaroo.I will use them in other MC pants.

great knee pads - Patrick from Chicago   IL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: great fit inside sliders pants. sturdy construction, can't tell they are there when standing. easy to install
Cons: [None]

I bought these pads to go into my sliders cargo pants. easy to install, covers the whole knee area, but thin enough they are not seen while standing. worth buying. Consider getting 2 pairs so you don't have to change them out for different pants

Sliders Knee Armor - Chuck Bricking   KY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: [None]
Cons: [None]

When I ordered my Sliders 4.0 Riding Jeans, I ordered the optional knee armor as well. They are soft and pliable, yet provide your knees with additional protection. They fit inside an internal pocket inside the jeans and are held in place with Velcro tabs above and below the armor which allow them to be adjusted up and down at various heights depending on wear your kneecaps are located in the jeans after saddling the bike. They are reasonably priced and well worth the extra money. It is a little awkward to walk around with the armor added to the jeans, but that is not what they are designed for... rather they are designed to provide your knees with additional protection if you go down. If I ride somewhere and know that I will have to do any serious walking upon my arrival, I just pack a regular pair of jeans to change into and then change back into my Sliders before heading home. A minor inconvenience, but no biggie A small price to pay for the added protection as I see it Of course, another option would be to take the armor out of the jeans, but I find it easier to just change clothes. The only suggestion I would offer is that it would be nice if the jeans had adjustable Velcro along the sides of the armor in addition to above and below as they occasionally slip left or right of your kneecap throughout the day. A Velcro strip along each side of the pocket would prevent this from happening All in all I found the knee armor to be a great product and would recommend them to anyone that buys a pair of Sliders.

Fit perfectly - Roger   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Cups the knee properly. Not too stiff a material.
Cons: None

I used these to replace the knee armor in a pair of Street n Steel kevlar lined jeans. They provided a more protected fit which was a great deal more comfortable.

a prudent addition - pigshitski   IN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: just in case protection, adjustable in the pocket
Cons: none

they are comfortable and I did say adjustable

Sliders Knee Armor - Street Bob   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Well made, comfortable
Cons: Takes some time to insert them into jeans

Takes some time and effort to insert them into the jeans. Watching the video helped. I found them comfortable while riding and walking.

Sliders Knee Armor - Guzzi   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Easy to insert and nice that there are adjustable closures already in the jeans.
Cons: non

I got these to use with my women's Bella Slider Riding Jeans. Very easy to insert and adjust to the height that works best. They are made of a very durable and non- bulky material which is also nice and flexible so no uncomfortable stiffness when seated on the bike.

Sliders Knee Armor - WillS   MD Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Black and Fits Knees Well
Cons: None

Ok they fit good but hopefully I won't need to test them.

Great product - sierrann   NV Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Fits comfortably
Cons: Takes a little practise getting them in

Really like these knee pads feel good,lots of padding in them. Very happy

AS ADVERTISED - CJCTUCSON   AZ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: price, shape, solid
Cons: none

I have not inserted these in my Slider 4.0 Cargos yet, but from what I can tell, they are a solid product. I assume the CE rating means something good and the price was certainly good. They appear well made and come in a nice storage bag

Good Stuff - Enrique R.   GA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Fits well, easy to use
Cons: None

I bought these to with my Sliders motorcycle jeans. They are very easy to put in the pockets of the pants. Adjustment is simple as well. I find when properly placed they sit just a touch low when standing and move into perfect position when seated on the motorcycle. Worth the few dollars extra.

Ric - Ric   IN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: just what the add said they where
Cons: [None]

fits into Slider jeans or cargo pant perfectly no problem

Save the knees - D'Mc'B   MS Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Piece of mind.
Cons: quite noticeably when wearing them.

I am not looking forward to have to use these for their intended purposes, it is a piece of mind knowing if it comes to that I do have a plan in mind beforehand.

CE knee armor - GLCSD   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Fit into the Sliders keen pockets
Cons: None

I bought these specifically to slide into the knee pockets of my motorcycle pants for the maximum knee protection. They fit well into the pockets although it is always a bit confusing locating them in the correct position. They fit well and provide that little better feeling of protection. Being CE rated is a plus.

My Fault - JeffST1100   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Look like good quality
Cons: I have not used them yet

They look real nice but are still in the nice storage bag they came in.I will get them in the knees on my next ride.Thanks CA

Sliders Optional Knee Armor - Sue   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Comfortable, light, inexpensive
Cons: [None]

I purchased the optional knee armor along with Sliders Bella Jeans. They are quite comfortable, easy to insert in the provided pocket, don't get in the way either on or off the bike and are available at a great price.

Slider Knee Armor - Sandy E.   NY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: yes
Cons: [None]

Liked the extra protection of Sliders CE Approved Knee Armor. Armor fits nicely into netted pockets inside jeans and held in place by valcro. Jean fit is not affected by the addition of CE armor, or the outer appearance of the kevlar jeans. Very comfortable and would reccommend to male or female motorcyclists.Felt the money was well worth the additional protection. I would suggest hip armor be offered for Slider jeans, too.

Safety First - Tall Lady Rider   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: size and shape covers knees well
Cons: none

Bought these for the Slider jeans and they fit great, with sufficient protection.

Knee armor worth the bucks - gourmetdds   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: good fit, light, cheap
Cons: none

bought to enhance the safety using Sliders. they fit in the pockets provided just fine. Good value, good fit and position. Cannot beat the combo of Sliders and this CE approved knee armor.

Slider Knee Armor - G2G113   VA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Price, Easy installation
Cons: [None]

Fits the slider jeans, great price

Sliders knee armor - Ghostrider   IL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Appear well-made and significant improvement for knee safety
Cons: A tad bulky but not obtrusive

A light-weight functional safety improvement

Knee Armor - alex   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: fit well
Cons: none

I went with these along with the Sliders 4.0 Pants. They fit well and are comfortable once you get the positioning worked out.I do have to figit a bit with them back into position after getting off, then back on the bike.

Sliders 4.0 armor - David   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Good protection for knees
Cons: [None]

Standard CE armor. Location on jeans is adjustable to fit all sizes. Once in place, easy to forget they are there,

Knee Pads - Mike Z   NY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Good Fit, Solid Construction
Cons: [None]

The knee pads are built pretty solid and conform to your shape knee pretty well. I thought they would be a little a small for me since I'm 6'3, but had no problem at all

Knee Armor - Frosty   MN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: light wait, seem like they will do the job
Cons: None

went well with Slider pants. I had them sewed In the pants. they wash well. These fit great I will buy with pants again

It's Armor - Bill B.   MD Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Extra Protection
Cons: None

There's not much to say except I bought these pads to go into my new Slider Jeans. They fit in the pockets with no problems and they are very light. If I go down, I'm hopeful that since they carry the CE rating, I won't bust up my knees. Here's a tip - my neighbor is a plumber and on his knees a lot. He won't wear regular knee pads because they are too tight and his knees kill him due to the wear and tear. I've tried to talk him into buying a pair of slider jeans with this armor. So far, he won't part with the money to buy the jeans, but I'm going to keep working on him. I'm sure these pads would do the trick.

Where's the Hip Armor - KenStone   ID Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Conform well to knee
Cons: Should be included with pants, not sold seperately

See ProsCons for review

Exactly what they say they are - Rando   MA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Great additional protection
Cons: none

Just slipped them into my slider jeans pockets and positioned them properly when sitting on my bike. No issues, flexible, not uncomfortable even when walking around. Good added protection if that's what you are looking for.

DN - DN   MS Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Good protection at a good price
Cons: none

Added protection at a great price.

Saved my knee in a crash - Soldier   CO Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: simple and inexpensive
Cons: none

Saved my knee in a mild high side crash on a turn 30 mph. I received a contusion on the knee. Imagine what it would have been without knee pads I'm a Soldier and these knee pads slide into the Velcro pocket built into the knees of the ACU pants. Too easy - slide them in and forget about it. You never know when you're going to need them. It saved me.

worth it - crash   ID Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: The side split style is much more comfortable than the solid type, and doesn't feel as bulky.
Cons: The side slits catch knee pockets when installing, so more care is necessary.

I have a solid set and a split side set, and prefer the split set despite the installation quirks. I found it easier to flex at the knees and more comfortable to wear for long periods.

Sliders CE Approved Knee Armor - Anthony M.   MI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Fit is great.
Cons: None

The knee armor fits great in the Sliders 4.0 Kevlar jeans. The knee armor is easy to put into the jeans and it stays in place. I feel protected and would recommend this product.

Value in Knee Armor - John E. Lincoln   UT Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Low cost, ease of installation
Cons: Bulky

I have purchased two sets of these in the last year to go with the two pairs of Kevlar-reinforced pants I also purchased, one denim and one khaki. They were easy to install the pants are designed to hold them. Very reasonable, and EU CE Approved.

Sliders Optional CE Approved Knee Armor - G. Adams -- Michigan   MI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Flexible, cushioned material
Cons: [None]

Great armor for my Harley leather jacket at a great price. I bought a set of these to put into my Sliders 4.0 Kevlar jeans and decided to see how they fit in my new heavy leather Harley riding jacket and they fit great They slipped right into the shoulder and elbow armor pockets inside the Harley jacket. They were hardly noticeable while wearing the jacket. They don't inhibit my movement. Bought another 2 pair to slip into the jacket Caveat My Harley jacket is worn a little on the loose side. If you wear a tight riding jacket, these may intrude on your movement a bit and make you look like a football player wearing shoulder pads, but they look fine don't stick out inside the jacket.

Slider knee armour FTW - Ninja1000   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Well constructed, correct size and shape.
Cons: [None]

I am very pleased. I feel confident they will do their job if I experience a get off.

does the job - ncsurfer   NC Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: [None]
Cons: [None]

These fit well in the slider jeans. The velcro in the jeans make it fussy to fit in the pockets at first but once I got it sorted out they are comfortable and not terribly obvious for the limited walking I've done at my destinations. I haven't washed the jeans yet so can't comment on whether the pockets will hold up to the tumbling or if sizing changes. I'll remove the armor before I wash the jeans, which will be infrequent so I can avoid the fussy installation as much as possible.

Knee Armor - Legs   NJ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: A must purchase
Cons: none

For max protection these are a must purchase for your slider jeans. Easy to install.

Satisfied Costomer - M W Floyd   SC Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Feel good
Cons: None yet

Good fit and you hardly know they are in place

Wonderful - TK   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Fit well
Cons: Warm

As the other reviewers say order 2 sizes down to get a true fit. I'm 5'7 150lbs and I ordered the 8 tall. The color is great, average denim color. I like they are cut higher in the back to provide coverage while on a sport bike. They are a bit thick and warm - I ride in Tampa, FL a pro in Oct-March, a con April-Sept. Great price for the item.

Slider's Must Have - CarlsbadFabian   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Fit Very Well,
Cons: None

First of all Your Slider Pants, They are a must and work GREATI just wore a pair up in to Canada, not on my bike and so Comfortable and warm until it hit -27Cool on the bike, even in the warm So. Cal. days.Go with the smaller sizing.Thank youI will be ordering another pair or two.

Love these - mamalama70   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Great coverage, easy to install, feel protected.
Cons: None

I'm so glad I ordered these with my Sliders jeans. They're super easy to install, stay in place, and make me feel like I'd have great protection if were to go down. I wear them every time I ride.

Great Gift - B. Lewis   PA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: comfort while bendingriding
Cons: A bit bulky to walk around with them on.

Got these for my son who rides a sports bike for added protection to go with the Slider pant I got him for his birthday. While he liked them, he thought they were like an athletic cup on his knees when walking around. Only drawback.

Sliders CE Knee Armor - virgil   OH Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Great
Cons: Take some getting used too

They will protect your knees for sure glad to have them

very happy with purchase - chuck   TN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: just totallly happy with purchase
Cons: none

I think these have as much protection as possible without making them to heavy. Plenty of Kevlar in the right places. I ordered the knee armor with these and it took a little adjusting but now they fit perfect. Just feel a little more protected with the armor. Length is pretty close but I ordered a size smaller waist and they fit perfect. I am a 32X30 and I ordered a 30X30. Can still wear them over a regular pair a jeans with just a little tightness. I wear them to work and take them off after arriving. Done a lot of researching and I'm sure I made the right choice. If I had to have another pair I wouldn't do any research. I would just order another pair.

knee armor - ed   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: qulaity knee armor
Cons: none


A must purchase - Richard   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: lightweight, strong, easy to install
Cons: none

For max protection these are a must purchase for your slider pants

comfortable way to improve protection - Paula   MA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: comfortable, light, good coverage
Cons: [None]

I bought these to add some pro to my Sliders riding jeans. Love them. It does take a few minutes to put them in the fabric pockets, but once they're positioned, they stay put and are very comfortable.

Great product - Ted   NC Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: contoured to knees , lightwieght
Cons: None

These work great with my Sliders pants , can't even tell they are there when walking but fit right to my knees when on the bike .

added protection - SKAJS   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Fit perfect in slider jeans, very comfortable, very satisfied
Cons: None

These babies are made ti fit perfectly inside the slider jeans. They are very comfortable and th4e added protection is certainly worth the couple of buck extra. I bought a second pair of jeans and also bought a second pair of knee armor so I would not have to remove the armor when changing pants.Monry well spent for the added protection

Good Armor - Rick in Yucaipa, CA   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Appears like it will provide protection
Cons: Can move in the pocket of the jeans and the jeans are loose so who knows

This armor is similar to that in my Cortex riding jeans. The armor looks like it will provide some impact absorbtion if you land on the armor. But as with the other similar riding jeans I have, the jeans are loose and that allows the armor to move around so whether it will be in place when you need it will apparently involve some luck. But that's just an issue that appears to be inherent to jeans compared to some other riding pants so I certainly don't fault the armor.

Protection added to sliders jeans - Knee protection   TN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: I thionk these are great when you learn how to install them at proper position for your knees
Cons: none

A great product

Great option - MTNLVNMelis   VA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Lightweight, not cumbersome
Cons: [None]

I went ahead and ordered the optional Knee Armor with my Sliders Jeans. These are very easy to insert into the sliders and provide just another added level of saftey. I hardly notice they are present, they're very comfy.

Super Product - HarleyDog   LA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Quality, large size, prefect shape
Cons: None

I bought these to use as elbow armor on a new jacket that did not come with any armor. They fit and feel great. I'm ordering more to use as shoulder armor. At 12 a set it's a steal.

knee armor - pdsurgn   KS Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: easy to install
Cons: none

They fit well with the Sliders jeans and are easy to install.

Good Design - RSFazer   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Well made
Cons: None

I got these pads to wear with SlderJeans. Not much to say about them, they are cushioned knee pads that look like they would protect your knees well in a crash. They are thicker than a set of similar pads I got with a different brand of Kevlar Jeans, but not so thick that they are uncomfortable to walk around wearing. I doubt most people would even notice that you are wearing knee armor when wearing these off the bike.

Knee armor for khaki sliders - Son of the Hounds   WA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: I like the idea of knee armor and you forget they are there when riding
Cons: Might have to adjust the pocket several times

Pockets on some sliders seem wider and might allow the knee armor to rotate slightly. I had to fiddle with it several times. Might be that the knee pocket is too wide, but I think I have solve the issue now. Note is that it might take several minor adjustments to get knee armor to the right place and secure before you can forget they are there.

CE armor in Sliders - Son of the Hounds   WA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: When installed at the right height, seem to disappear
Cons: Installion not intuitive

Armor is armor. Once installed they fit and you basically forget they are there. Installation in Sliders for me was easier from the bottom. I rolled the lower leg up, found the mesh pocket bottom, opened up all three velcro tabs, reached in with my hand and opened two of the upper velcro tabs, pushed in the armor and closed the three velcro tabs on the bottom. This placed the CE armor high enough to me comfortable while standing and in a perfect location when riding.

ooogaboy - ooogaboy   NJ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Fit the slider jeans well
Cons: [None]

The knee pads fit in the slider jeans very well. They seem like they will give good protection, hopefully I won't have to find out.

Hopefully, won't have review on how they hold up - CWG   RI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Inexpensive knee protection
Cons: Couldn't figure how to install them initially

Seem like a decent add on to the Sliders pants. Seemed like cheap money to help protect knees. Couldn't for the life of me figure out how to install them, but Competition Accessories set up a video to show me how. I'd read it wasn't the only one. Once I saw the video, it made perfect sense and they went in very easily. Great service

EXCELLENT - Pete - Las Vegas   NV Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Easy to install and ADJUSTABLE
Cons: None

I really like this feature - this was one of the reasons I went with the SLIDER Riding jeans over the competition.

Slider CE Approved Knee Armor - Dave M   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Fits great, easy to install
Cons: none

Fit real good and very comfortable. I haven't experienced any twisting problem as some have experienced. I have them placed in my jeans for riding, not standing. Maybe that is the difference.

Good fit - Lynn   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Good fit & flexible
Cons: None

I bought these to go into my Bella Slider jeans for ladies. They are very flexible and comfortable on and off the bike. They don't make you look like a robot like other armored pants I own.

Good design - JMagna   NC Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Fit well over knee, offer sturdy protection from impacts
Cons: See review

This knee armor is designed for use with the Sliders riding pants, and although I haven't truly tested them out yet thankfully, I have done low impact things with them like simply kneeling on the ground and it feels like my knee is resting on the softest pillow you've ever felt...or something, but I can tell the armor is good quality and would prevent my knees from getting busted in a fall.The only down side about these, which is more about the pants really, is that they don't stand still when you move around which I guess is kind of obvious, but I just want to point that out.I would definitely recommend trying them for the price.

Extra padding never hurts - Slider knee armor   NV Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Is what it says it is. Add a safety margin
Cons: [None]

My knee armor came with the two pair of slider pants I ordered. I like the whole set up. I have expensive riding pants but wanted to wear denim occasionally without sacrificing safety. Theses fit the bill...and me, though they run a little large. I confess I'm not good at puzzles and couldn't figure out how to insert the pads into the pants. I emailed service and got help but still had problems figuring out how the pads fit into the attached nylon pocket. I was about to give up when my wife said give me those and in sixty seconds had the pads installed correctly.

Knee guards - Racquetman2009   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Flood protection
Cons: [None]

Fit perfect in the pants great protection

Hope to never need them - MotoJerry   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: It's knee armor
Cons: a little bulkier than I thought

While I hope to never need these, I got them anyway with the Sliders Kevlar jeans. A bit bulkier than I thought they would be but they fit well into the pockets in the jeans. Seem comfortable after a couple of short rides, but can't comment on longer rides. Also, no comment yet and hopefully never on how well they actually work.

Great value... - Birdman   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Great value for the protection.
Cons: None

Bought with Slider Cargo 4.0 pants. I have been very pleased with the product use over the last few months.Armor fit well around my knee and I had to check numerous times to see if I still had them while I was riding.Excellent bang for the buck

Knee Armor - Zo   MD Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Basic CE 3 knee armor, that should do well in a slide
Cons: None

Full fitting knee armor. Well made. Should hold up well if needed.

Good Customer Service,Couldn't use them tho - Geezer Rider   MD Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Seem to be suitable, did not use them tho
Cons: NA

As I never used the pants I got with these, it is hard to say much other than they looked to be suitable and the price was quite affordable. I think they would be better if the outward facing surface would have a hard shell bonded to them. Aerostitch makes pads designed that way but of course they cost more.

Knee armor - mattoleriver   OR Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Inexpensive, simple to use, very apt to be used
Cons: [None]

I bought these to go with a pair of Slider Boot Cut Jeans and it is difficult to write about the armor without writing about the jeans. I really wasn't expecting much but figured the armor is inexpensive enough to at least give it a try. Upon using it I found it to be easy to install, it stayed in place, it offered some degree of protection untested by me and it is something that I will continue to use. The very best armor won't help you at all if it's too complicated or uncomfortable to use every time you ride. I'm happy with these and will buy more for other Slider pants.

Sliders - Danielle   VA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: [None]
Cons: [None]

They are somewhat easy to install but they do not sit properly on my knee I have to adjust them. they are somewhat easy to install but the Velcro does get in the way when I am trying to seat them just right. Hopefully I will NOT have to test them out. Ride safe everyone

I am satisfied - Bede   NM Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: flexible, comfortable
Cons: None so far

I have not yet tested how well they protect and hope I never do. These are flexible when bending the knee on the bike so they don't become uncomfortable while in use. They do not stand out and look like your knees are deformed, they are not obvious when standing or sitting. They were difficult putting into the slider jeans which is not a fault of the pads. I can't give 5 stars until they are tested for accident protection.

Sliders Knee Armor - George E. T.   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Good idea
Cons: PITA to install

I got these for Sliders 4.0 pants. It was a major struggle to first figure out how to install them by undoing all the lower velcro tabs, than undoing the top velcro tabs. Once a pocket is open than you slide the pads in while the velcro snags the liner and makes it a struggle. One side of the pants pocket was off and I could not close the bottom tab, I had to trim the pad a bit. Once in and adjusted they stay in till the pants need washing, than let the struggle begin again. Good idea but installation should be easier.

Sliders 4.0 - George E.T.   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Soft fabric, offers side of leg protection and lots of Kevlar everywhere.
Cons: adding hip pads like Boot Cut Jeans would be nice, bit too baggy.

My old Two Brothers Racing Jeans are NLA and have become worn out and shrunk. I also never liked the button fly. So I looked for replacement I read reviews and comments, the Sliders 4.0 are the only jeans to offer side of leg protection top to below calf. Having been down, it was the side of leg that slid on pavement, so I wanted side protection. I liked the soft right out of the box fabric, which is currently 12.5 oz, the jeans also had mash front lining with inserts for knee protection. They had some of the improvements of the Boot Cut Jeans , but no removable side Kevlar pads. The Boot cuts were not available in my size and looked a bit low on the waist like hiphuggers. The website needs some updating as it does not show the front lining for the 4.0.I wear 33 so I got a 34 it was a bit loose but 32 would be too tight after a few washes. The jeans were well made the 30' length was good, they are a bit baggy cut more like the old stovepipe cut. However after a few washes they will fit fine. I ride my motorcycle and do not want my pants too tight, I also found for long distance riding a pair of bicycle shorts underneath improves comfort and keeps jeans from bunching up in the crutch. As per them being a bit baggy , I spend more time riding than parading so no big deal.Figuring out how to insert knee pads was a puzzle, till I just kept on pulling on the lower Velcro strap till I could get the next two and have the knee pad pocked open. Kind of a PITA if you have to do this often.

Seems good - Jack   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Does what it's supposed to
Cons: [None]

Didn't get the chance to use these much as they came with a pair of boot cut slider jeans that had horrible pockets for the knee guards. However, on inspection and testing out by dropping on my knees on concrete they feel like they should work great. Light, comfortable, but a little bulky. Otherwise awesome.

Sliders - Greg NJ   NJ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Cheap
Cons: Slider down

I own sliders jeans and cargos. Pads slide down on the cargos, so I guess it is more the pants than pads. Feel good once in place don't feel them when I am on the bike.

knees - mooney   KS Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: fit good
Cons: none

fit the pants fine no issues put in a pair of sliders cargo

Great product - Nancy   UT Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Good protection, easy to insert into knee pocket on pants
Cons: One size does not fit all

I wore these in my slider pants and they work well but as the one con they did not fit my knee properly. I was able to trim the top edge so it fit my knee better I think this was a good buy.

Ok Armor - John   IN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Price, CE Rated
Cons: Stiff

Decent universal armor for my Slider jeans. Would have preferred a more specific protector with better flexibility. Good value, but still looking for an more flexible knee armor.

not crash tested, but ... - Ronbo   MO Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: right shape
Cons: none i can think of...they shift in the jeans, but that is probably better in the jeans review...sliders cargo 4.0

who knows they seem like proper ce armor to me. Keeping them in place is a challenge i solved with two velcro cinch straps from Menards.

Worry less about your hide and more about dodging the cagers - Buell V-twin rider   GA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Stylish, durable
Cons: Mesh seems a bit wonky several times I've had a knee-pad fall-out spontaneously. Almost needs to be stitched in place

I took a spill at speed on wet road because of a brake-happy cager. A nickel-sized friction burn was the worst of it, and even that came from the armor. ATGATT, even in steamy 90-degree weather is part of why I'm unhurt. Wearing armor provides some assurance to the downed rider allowing them to focus more on avoiding being hit a vehicle than on avoiding road rash.

Fair knee protection - Lightning Rider   GA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Fair protection, adjustable by trimming
Cons: [None]

Out the box, these pads barely fit the mesh pockets in the Sliders pants. Trimming them would help with a better fit.

Owner - Thanks, John   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Additional Protection
Cons: [None]

It took a couple of wears to break in the pads and get them to sit in the right spot in the pants but now seem to be working fine and provide extra protection.

Fits sliders - Knee armor   MA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Fits sliders well
Cons: [None]

They are more flexible than the armor in my mesh pants making them more comfortable with knees bent on the bike.

Knee Armor - C.Hess   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Soft, flexible, does what it is supposed to do.
Cons: none found.

These knee pads are great for the price. I haven't had any problems at all.

Like them - Sherry   LA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Fit well
Cons: [None]

They fit well into my jeans and seem to cover my knees. Luckily I can't do a review on how they hold up hitting the ground

Sliders Optional CE Approved Knee Armor - GA   MI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Thick Pads, Great Protection, Fair Price
Cons: Don't fit very well in the Sliders 4.0 Kevlar Pants Armor Pockets, Cooling holes have excessive mold flash obstructing the holes

Bought these knee pads for my Sliders 4.0 Kevlar Riding Jeans, however, they slide and rotate around in the armor pockets in the pants due to them essentially being oval shaped and the Sliders pants having rectangular-shaped armor piockets. I ended up trying out the fit in the shoulder and elbow armor pockets of my Harley riding jacket leather and they fit VERY well I kept them in my Harley riding jacket and left them out of my sliders pants. Will try and find rectangular-shaped armor for my sliders pants or obtain some abrasion-resistent material that I can cut-to-fit and slide into the Sliders pants armor pockets.

a little kneedy - bahoofama   WA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Light weight, yet strong.
Cons: A less than perfect fit in Slider 4.0 jeans.

Articulates nicely. Seems like will offer good protection.

Order if you get pants - Greg NJ   NJ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Added protection
Cons: [None]

Order the knee pads if you buy jean. Not a problem when walking and they are inexpensive.

CE knee armor pads - Tom T   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: as expected
Cons: pockets in jeans don't allow a lot of flexibility in locating knee armor

As expected. Hard to locate precisely, however, given how roomy the jeans are cut.

Sliders knee armor - Thelos78   MA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: comfortable, affordable
Cons: [None]

Feel great in the sliders jeans i purchased

inexpensive protection - bueller   VA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: high protection level, value
Cons: armor attached to clothes moves with clothes

bought these to put in my slider jeans. this is my first purchase of any knee armor. this armor offers lots of protection and the price cant be beat. my problem isnt so much with the armor itself but with the way it shifts around my knee. the armor fits well into the pocket in the slider jeans and there is adjustment to get it in the right spot for you up and down. sitting on the bike the legs of my jeans rolls inward slightly which moves the armor inward also, exposing the outer part of my knee. not only is that uncomfortable but leaves me wondering where itl be in a get off. seems its just the nature of armor attached clothing. i will be looking into armor that straps to me.

Knee Armor - Rick   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Soft and flexible, yet firm.
Cons: The installation instructions were not clear.

I installed the knee armor in my Sliders Cargo Pants after finally figuring out how no directions included. They stay where you put them using the velcro pockets in the pants, but I had to figure out how to open the pockets and how to keep them in place on my own

OK - Blackhawkxx   PA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Cheap
Cons: Soft

They seem OK. They are the soft type, not like the hard shoulder pads in my jacket.

Great value - John E. Lincoln   UT Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Low price, CE-approved, easy instal
Cons: NA -- not tested, and hope to not have to.

I purchased these to go with my previously purchased Slider's jeans. They were reasonably priced, came CE-approved EU, and were easy to install. How they are installed is key to correct positioning, and the jeans made that easy with several velcro options. They are light weight, but slightly bulky expected. I have not tested them, and really hope to avoid having to do so. So far I'm pleased and would recommend them. CA's service and shipping was great.

Great protection for the price - mamalama70   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Fit well, offers good protection
Cons: slid to the side a bit while riding.

I ordered these to wear with my Bella Sliders jeans. They were easy to install and it didn't take too much effort to get them adjusted into the correct position. I wear the every time I ride, and they are always very comfortable. The only small issue I had was that they tended to slip to the outside of my knee, very slightly. It wasn't enough to affect the protection they offered, just a tiny bit annoying. I got used to it quickly though, and after a few times, I don't even notice anymore.I highly recommend these. You can't have too much protection when riding.

Good - Z   MT Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Quality. Good price.
Cons: None

Haven't used them in an accident yet, but I'm betting my knees on them.

Value pads - SCrider   SC Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Decent quality at a value price
Cons: [None]

These are pretty basic CE pads...nothing special but the price is extremely fair for what you get.

Riding with knees - Steve   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: They are there for the job if they are ever needed
Cons: None really..they are protecting your body parts

The pads an the riding jeans are top quality for the price. I wish they have a standard look of every day jeans such as some tapering in the thigh an then from the knee are Dow once the pocket areas are planned for to insert the pads

armor - swfly   PA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: soft an moveable
Cons: [None]

i advise watching the flick on how to install them, much easier. other then that i think there worth theextra 10 but the pant for whatever reason allow the to move around way too much. they actually turn sideways inside while riding an afterwards start to get annoying

Cheap effective knee replacement armor - SqeeG   CT Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Cheap and effective
Cons: none

Cheap effective knee replacement armor

Armor itself is good - Len   IL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Armor is CE rated
Cons: Moves around too much in Slider pants

The armor is good quality and does its job. They seem to move around a lot in the Slider pants which prohibits them from doing their job as effectively as they could as they can only provide protection when they are properly fitted.

Knee Armor - Prescott   VA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Right sized fit into Pants location
Cons: potential for tears at knee split point

Haven't had a chance to test these yet in a fall and hope that won't happen. Fit well into pants I bought and after looking at the instructions easy to place. I have been taking them out when I wash the pants but have 2 pairs of Knee Armor and may see or try a load with them in place to save time in placement after every drive.

seem good - prrrrple   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: pretty comfortable
Cons: can feel the connecting joints

These seem pretty decent for casual knee protection when riding. Fit well inside the bella jeans. The only downside is that you need to play around the the positioning of them to keep the flexible joint section from rubbing against your kneecap and causing discomfort. I also wear stretchy leggings under the jeans to help with any rubbing. Overall I'm pleased with them. Just needed to get the positioning right.

They Work But Could Be Better -   NV Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Better Than No Armor
Cons: Needs Better Method To Stay On The Knee

I use the Sliders 4.0 pants and I use the Knee Armor in all of them. The knee armor tends to flip off the knee or fall out of the pants, but if you Silicone glue the Velcro retainers so they stay closed the knee armor can't fall out of the pants when walking or riding. I would rather they offer an option to buy knee armor that is impact viscoelastic. That armor is soft but hardens when impacted. But wearing these lower quality knee protectors is way better than nothing and can still prevent serious and painful knee injury from impact or sliding. Do buy these when you buy your Sliders pants.

Better than I thought - Pete G   NY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Soft and somewhat form fitting. Inexpensive. Easy to install and remove
Cons: None so far

I don't know how these will fair after hitting the road... And I hopeto never find out, but they're a great bargain and offer somepiece of mind

Added protection - Mike   IL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Light weight, flexable
Cons: non

These feel good and seem like they would help alot in a wreck. I had a bad wreck last year 5 days in ICU 5 days on a floor and 3 months to recover so I am a big fan of armor. I put these in a pair of sliders and you can hardly see they are there. They give me an added feeling of security when riding and are not intrusive. I always ride with an armored jacket, pants, helmet and gloves since There is no doubt I would be dead now without them instead of riding again. Well worth the money.

Good product - Stan   VA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: good shape
Cons: none so far

these are great pads,I hope never find out if they work properlyThe only problem I have when using them is actually because of the Kevlar jeans- they don't stay at the proper position once you put the jeans on.Too much free movement of the pads around.But again,this is a issue caused from the jeans.

Knee Pads - Champion   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Fit into Kevlar pants
Cons: Small

I ordered the knee pads for my Kevlar jeans. Worth a little more to save my knees if needed.Pads are a little small but fit nicely into pants. A little loose but covers the knee caps.

upnorthguy - cardiff   WI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: tough, well made
Cons: takes getting used to

nice product, i should be wearing these

Sliders knee armor - cjmoto   WA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Good solid padding thickness
Cons: Not wide enough to fill the pocket

When you get off the bike at any serious speed, one of the first things to hit the pavement is your knees. Upon contact with the pavement, there is an impact and then a slide with abrasion. Since the jeans aren't slippery, the first thing that happens is the friction tries to move the jeans and padding off of your knee. For that reason, it is imperative that the padding fill the pocket and the pocket be constructed so that it cannot move off of you knee under impact. These pads appear to be sufficiently thick to absorb the impact, but since they do not fill the pocket, they will immediately slide off your kneecap and allow it to hit the pavement.

CE Sliders - Garey in San Diego   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: CE rated, light weight, reasonable profile
Cons: Pockets provided in trousers not easy to use. No firm way to affix knee armor in place

Returning to riding these were one of my early purchases. I respected the CE rating and thought that this endorsement meant the manufacturer took the responsibility to provide protective equipment seriously. They are low enough profile thickness that they can fit into boot cut rider jeans with the pocket and not feel or look bulky once in place. They are also not heavy and I've not seemed to sweat a lot under them in our warm climate out here in SoCal.The problem is fixing them in place as the pocket provided for them in the jeans quite often is open ended and cut large enough that the armors can roam around your knee and even out the bottom of the pant leg on occasion. For this reason I've rated them a 3 out of 5 stars although upon reflection this is probably more a pant problem than the armor problem. It'd be nice to either find a way to temporarily affix them to a location or I suppose to sew them into place although that would complicate washing and drying the pants..........I feel better and more protected wearing them, but wish there was some better way to hold them in place.

Battle-mode - AngelC   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Does the job well... I'm guessing.
Cons: Bulky.

I bought these with the Sliders 4.0 riding jeans. They fit in the pockets though it isn't easy getting them in there. If you ride taking calculated risks you should get these - CE rated so it must do the job well. Once you get them on they make their presence known. With the Sliders, they are very noticeable. Again, if you're about function over form this is not an issue.

they work ok - Ed   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: knee protection
Cons: make the jeans bulky and even hotter

It's a bit of a hassle getting these to sit correctly in the jeans. They also make the jeans tough to walk in, and will trap heat on hot days and impede airflow. Other than that they're a good alternative to puffy clown looking moto pants....

Knee Pads for Sliders 4.0 Jeans - Liam G   AUCKLAND Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Easy to fit into the knee pocket
Cons: Don't always stay in place, sometimes slides around when riding.

Good product overall.

OK - Clint   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Flexible
Cons: Awkward fit

They appear to be well made, but I don't like the way they fit in the jeans. Seems like they fall below the kneecap too far, and I'm constantly adjusting them. There are several places in the jeans where you can adjust the fit, but I can't seem to find that sweet spot. I'm not overly impressed.

11 option - PJC   MA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Cup the knee correctly
Cons: Visibly noticeable knees get sweaty

Bought this 11 option with the Sliders brand kevlar jeans. From a pure safety perspective I don't know why you wouldn't get them. They have the CE stamp of approval, they flex correctly, cup the knee in the right position and are thick enough to offer the protection you wantneed should you go down.Downside is they are noticeable and, personally, make my knees sweat. Nothing like walking around with sweat dripping into your boots after a nice ride. They are not something that is easy to take on or off, which I suppose is a good thing protection-wise. But you can't just pop them out after your ride, throw them in your bags and pop them back on when you're ready to ride again. I give the jeans high marks in function, fit and style. I'm not completely sold on the armor for my own personal preference although I do believe they are practical. For the extra money, make your own decision.

NO POCKETS IN JEANS FOR ARMOR - JOE   PA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes


Not bad - TexasSoloRider   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Good concept
Cons: too short inflexible

Nice addition for protection with the Slider jeans. While the slide jeans haven't been properly designed to hold the armor, the armor needs to be a bit longer and more flexible.When you are seated with the cup over your knee cap, the lower tip of the armor wants to stick almost straight out., rather than folding down ward. If they were longer or more articulated that would solve the problem.

Not so good - Dave B   IA Recommended by Reviewer: No
Pros: Better than nothing
Cons: Hard to install into Slider jeans, float around so not sure they would be there in a fall.

If you don't wear any other kneeshin guards then these would be better than just Kevlar on the knees but they are kind of difficult to get in and out for washing the jeans and they tend to float around because jeans are loose. I wear strap on kneeshin guards strapped over Sliders but I'm kind of a safety zealot ATGATT.

Knee armor - Jimmym   PA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: some protection
Cons: [None]

Fit reasonably well in jeans. A little tricky getting in at first. Not bad addition and reasonably priced.

So,So - LKLD   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: [None]
Cons: [None]

These are very basic knee pads, that would be better than nothing I would guess. They fit ok in the Sliders Cargo pants I have, but nothing really makes them special.....but the price.

Good but not Great - Ty   WA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Good protection
Cons: Not made great, move around

I purchased a pair of these knee pads with the Sliders 4.0 about two years ago. They offer good protection and, if you do it right, will sit right over the knee. If you don't put them in just right, they will move side to side, and sometimes will slip down.Warning Take them out carefully The very first time I removed them I ripped one of the pads in half at a bending point rubber cement fixed it decently. For long rides these work very well. They are more likely to slip and move if you stop a lot and get off and on the bike which I do.I gave the knee pads 3 stars because they ripped apart so easily and because they move around so much.

On the move - Yamabob   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Affordable, seem very durable.
Cons: Move around inside the jeans.

I ordered the sliders 4.0 blue jeans and figured a little extra protection couldn't hurt. I have only ridden a few times with them in the jeans and notice they don't stay put. They wind up on the inside or outside of my knee and I constantly have to adjust them. The jeans have 3 different levels you can put the armor in, I have tried all 3 and for me the lowest level works best. Just wish there was some kind of strap system to keep them in place.

slider knee armor - cana   NY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: nice size
Cons: flop arround

Mild protection. They don't stay over my knee

pass on these - bish   CA Recommended by Reviewer: No
Pros: The are't uncomfortable...
Cons: Moved around in the jeans.

I could never get these to sit on my knees where I wanted them. Moreover, they tended to slide around a lot so I am not sure they wouldn't slide right off the knee in the event you go down. Foam is comfy, though, for whatever that is worth.Giving them a couple stars for comfort and price. I tossed mine in the trash, though...

Got narrow kneecaps - Kirsch   NM Recommended by Reviewer: No
Pros: Fit into pants nicely but....
Cons: Nobody has this narrow a kneecap

Sliders makes great products, but whichever sub-contractor made these must have used an 8 year old skinny little girl for a model Waaay to narrow to be of any use. Good think Comp Acc has good return policy

so so armor - firedog   MI Recommended by Reviewer: No
Pros: cheap
Cons: heavy, stiff

Bought these for the sliders jeans and dont use them. Tried to purchase the Knox armor as I have used them before and they were out of stock. These may be OK in a different application, felt the material used was too heavy for use in the pants, and didnt stay in place with the Sliders jeans set-up. Price is right and they are certified so may be the ticket for elbow protection where they could be more securely placed.

Don't stay in place - Will   AZ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: [None]
Cons: Won't stay in place

They are small and would probably not stay in place if you go down. I would instead recommend icon Stryker knee protectors. They would easily fit under the slider jeans.

Pants great. Knee padding not so great - MVJake   NY Recommended by Reviewer: No
Pros: A substantial piece of padding that would afford great protection if designed better re insertion into pants.
Cons: Difficulty inserting the CE knee padding into the matching Kevlar sliders pants. Difficult to adjust. Would move too much in the event of a fall.

The knee padding is substantial but they are difficult to insert into the mesh holders inside the pants. And once in, they are very difficult to adjust. Also, they were not very comfortable on my knees once my knees were bent in the riding position. Also, the knee padding did not feel secure within the pants meaning if you ever needed the protection on a fall, it felt like the knee pads would move out of place easily. However, the Kevlar 4.0 Sliders jeans were an excellent buy very comfortable you have a greater sense of protection than regular denim but the front pockets should be a little deeper. I recommend the pants but the CE knee padding wasn't the best design.

CE knee armor - PG   NJ Recommended by Reviewer: No
Pros: The size fits
Cons: over priced

For what essentially is foam rubber this is way overpriced. For 20.00 you can buy knee shinguards down to the top of your ankle.These Do fit in the pants but should really come with them. They are worth about 4.00

Sliders Armor - Jim   TX Recommended by Reviewer: No
Pros: Good quality
Cons: Really hard to take in and out.

The jean legs are so baggyloose fitting that you would need to strap the armor in or they would probably shift off your knees in a crashslide. It is really hard to put the armor in and take out.Also it feels awkward walking around with the armor in. It doesn't with my mesh tex pants. Maybe it would be better to have the pouch to take them off and on on the outside of the jeans. I don't think I will ever use the armor as I use the mesh tex on trips. The jeans are just for local jaunts. The armor upgraded me to free shipping so really didn't cost much.

You can't fit a round peg into a square hole. - Chuck S.   PA Recommended by Reviewer: No
Pros: CE Approved
Cons: Nearly impossible to position correctly in the mesh pocket.

See my rating of the pants for a detailed review, but in brief the knee armor is nearly impossible to position correctly in the flimsy poorly designed rectangular mesh pocket. I recommend the jeans highly, but would not recommend the knee pads.

Protection - Alan   Recommended by Reviewer: No
Pros: Excellent at protecting my knees from the gas tank
Cons: No protection from impact with the pavement

In a standing position they hang in front but when I sit they migrate to the inside. If the time ever comes, as long as I hit the pavement face down with my legs straight out my knees will be protected. If I hit the ground on my side, as is more likely, my knees are toast. But most highway accidents are from doing stoppies at 80 mph, right

Sliders knee armour - Vanguard   MI Recommended by Reviewer: No
Pros: should provide some protection
Cons: poor fitting in Sliders jeans

Poor fitting in the Slider jeans. Move around left, right, up and down too easily. The Velcro system could be better. Definitely needs improvement.

Save your money - CharlieDog   TN Recommended by Reviewer: No
Pros: None that I see, but it's not their fault. See below.
Cons: A waste of money

If you're considering this armor to fit inside Sliders jeans, save your money. The jeans are so baggy, there is no way the armor will stay in position in the event of a crash. Spend the money on some motocross shin guards, or something similar. There's plenty of room inside the legs of the jeans.

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