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Sidi Tour Gore-Tex Boots


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Black - Sidi Tour Gore-Tex Boots
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Information and Details about the Sidi Tour Gore-Tex Boots
made by Sidi
Sidi Tour Gore-Tex Boots are waterproof riding boots geared toward riders who spend a lot of time on the road. With quality construction and premium materials, Sidi Tour Gore-Tex Boots are made to last. Sidi Tour Gore-Tex Boots will keep your feet warm and dry on the road, and be ready to hit the trail again whenever you are ready to go. Sidi Tour Gore-Tex Boots won't let you down, no matter where the road takes you.

  • Equipped with the world famous Gore Tex highly breathable and waterproof membrane to add a waterproof yet highly breathable barrier between the elements and the rider’s feet
  • The Gore Tex membrane breathes more than any other membrane thus the rider’s feet will stay cooler in warm weather with a Gore Tex equipped boot
  • Top grain leather construction
  • Velcro and zipper entry/closure system
  • Full length inner gaiter
  • Rigid nylon innersole
  • Removable arch support
  • Internal heel protection
  • Internal ankle protection
  • Internal toe protection
  • Leather toe shift-brake pads
  • Internally padded Nylon shin plate
  • Double stitched in all high stress areas
  • Reflective panel above the heel and on the front of the boot
  • Internal toe shift pad with traction points
  • Bonded non-slip Sidi touring sole

  • Sidi Tour Gore-Tex Boots Product Reviews
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    Below are more Sidi Reviews from our online customers.
    Hopefully they can help you find the right item and make the best buying decision.

    This review is for Sidi Tour Rain Boots
    Great boot - Slapshot 98   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Waterproof, durable and break in nicely.
    Cons: Tend to be hot and not breathe well..until used very thin and light socks

    I've had these boots for over 4 years and they show few signs of wear. I've ridden in cold rain, blazing heat and everything in between. They over a good feel, protection from falls, and the no slip sole is still no slip. As noted in the cons, it took me a while to figure out that the lorica is not quite as breathable as gore tex, so lighter socks really changed the boot. They are noticeably better with light dickey socks than crew socks. Plus I can walk all over the place and feel comfortable. Just have to look into some new insoles for the next 4 years.

    This review is for Sidi Canyon Gore-Tex Boots
    GREAT ALL AROUND BOOT - HAMMA   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: comfortable, adjustable, warm
    Cons: a bit clunky for shifting on some bikes

    these boots are a few years old now. so far they have been used in the heat of the summer and the coldest riding conditions that i can endure...20 degrees or so...they have also kept my feet warm and dry in the heaviest of rains....400 mile day....more than i can say for the rain suit i sometimes use... these were my go-to boots this year, on a best of europe edelweiss tour. they were more than comfortable for the entire day..including castle tours and frequent walks through several towns visited. remarkably, these boots have retained good looks, with little wear showing on the uppers and soleheel areas. probably suits an adventure bike rider better than a busa rider. they lack some feel for shifting and braking, that a canyon carver may require.

    This review is for Sidi Discovery Rain Boots
    Great Boots - Oklahoma KLR   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Waterproof and breathable
    Cons: none

    Thanks to Compacc my boots arrived quickly. They were comfortable right out of the box and look great. The boots are waterproof, but breath really well. I have found them to work well in almost all conditions. I ride a KLR650 and after many miles these boots have helped to reduce fatigue on my feet and ankles. I would highly recommend these boots to anyone looking for a 5050 boot for dual sport, adventure, trials, or touring. I suggest you use Compaccs size chart to find the best fit.

    This review is for Sidi Fusion Air Boots
    Great Boots - wannaride   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Protective, looks great, flows air well, fits great, easy on and off
    Cons: Not terribly comfortable to walk around for extended periods in

    I've had these boots now for 6 months and just keep liking them more. I live in South Florida and these boots flow air remarkably well especially on a Road King where they are in the breeze. I haven't tried out the protective features but I think they would do a pretty good job protecting your feet. They have a stiff sole which is great on the Harley for getting into sometimes elusive neutral but when I get back on a sport bike there is a period of adaptation before I can shift well in part because of that stiffness. I've gotten them slightly wet a couple of times and the boots just shook the water off and surprisingly little water made it inside the boot. I think they look great even if Harley folk look at me strangely. Between the full face helmet, the ever present air jacket and these boots I don't fit the part but I'd bet I'm the most comfortable rider out there. There is a period of break in and the longer I wear them they more comfortable they are walking around in. At this price point they are hard to beat.

    This review is for Sidi Crossfire TA Boots
    Exceptional Quality. - Earth Raper   NV Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: quick break in, easy to walk in, great protection.
    Cons: made in Romania, expected Italy

    Pleased with the fit, feel and finish. Offers great protection and support. Once broken in, these boots are easy to walk in. Lubricate the hinges with a pure silicone spray and you're free of squeaks.

    This review is for Sidi On Road Gore-Tex Boots
    great boot - great boot   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great fit and feel
    Cons: none

    I got these for winters to keep my feet warm and they fit the bill. Love these boots.

    This review is for Sidi Tour Rain Boots
    Sidi tour raingreat boots - atxbandit   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: good fit, comfortable
    Cons: none

    I am very happy with my purchase so far. The boots are stiff but in a good way. I dropped my KLR650 after stopping on an incline on a gravel road and my foot was stuck underneath the bike. No damage at all to my foot and only a minor scuff on the boot. For me they didn't require any break-in. The insole that comes with the boot has no cushioning so I replaced it with a memory foam insole, very comfortable now. I'm still not sure about waterproof ability. I have only been in the rain one time so far. My feet stayed dry for a while till the rain got really hard and came through my mesh pants and ran down my leg.I was afraid that the boots would be really hot for central Texas with our upper 90's low 100's temps but they aren't bad. I have been wearing some lightweight wool blend socks and my feet have been comfortable. Only problem is that now my girlfriend wants me to get her a pair of the Livia rain boots.

    This review is for Sidi DOHA Boots
    Great boots - Kickin Wing   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Well made&good support
    Cons: None

    Boots fit perfectly, look great. Perfect for Florida summer riding. I know why you don't get many of these back. You won't get mine back and the help with the sizing couldn't be better. Thank you for such great products.

    This review is for Sidi Cobra Air Boots
    ooogaboy - ooogaboy   NJ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great air flow, Comfortable, Well Made
    Cons: [None]

    This is my first pair of riding boots and I've had them for about a month now. These boots are very comfortable, the air ventilation is excellent, and they are actually not too bad for walking in.I do not think these boots would be good in colder weather, but who buys vented boots to wear in the cold, so this is not a con. I usually wear a size 11.5 - 12 sneaker, the 11.5 boot fit perfect.

    This review is for Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS Boots
    Can't Beat the Crossfire 2 boots - Josh   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Comfortable, Sturdy, Well Built, Good Flex on Bike
    Cons: [None]

    These boots fit amazing Just buckle them up and yer ready to ride. I ran through some pretty deep water and I was amazed at how my feet stayed dry. Way better up grade then my other motocross boots Totally worth the money

    This review is for Sidi Fusion Lei Womens Boots
    Sidi Fusion Lei Women's Boots - M Johnson   LA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Very comfortable with no break-in problems
    Cons: They were on backorder

    My husband ordered these boots for me, I was amazed that I did not have to break them in before I wore them. I would highly recommend these boots to any women riders they appear to be of great quality, wonderful support around the foot and ankle area, the zipper is located on the inside with velcro at the top of the boot for added closure. They are so easy to put on and take off. My existing pair of boots were very difficult since I had to struggle every time by unlacing most of the boot to take them off then had to unlace more to get my foot in them. I had to wait a few weeks for them but I am glad I did they are definitely worth the wait.

    This review is for Sidi Fusion Boots
    Sidi Fusion Boots - David Neumann   WI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great style and fit great. They look fantastic on or off the bike.
    Cons: There are none.

    These boots are very comfortable. I think they are great looking and have great protection. The boots feel good, and with the flat black and gloss look, they go well with any leathers. I'm glad the boots are in my closet of riding gear. I can't say enough about these boots.

    This review is for Sidi Tour Rain Boots
    Sidi tour rain boots are a good deal - radier1973   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: good fit, waterproof, comfortable
    Cons: [None]

    So far the boots feel great, I have had Sidi motocross boots in the past and currently wear Sidi cycling shoes so choosing these boots was a no brainer for me. They have the typical Sidi fit. So, I bought the Sidi Tour Rain 42 and it was a perfect fit. They have really kept me dry on a number of occasions. Looking forward to many miles and years wearing them.

    This review is for Sidi Canyon Gore-Tex Boots
    Sidi Canyon are Awesome boots - Daryl Davis   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: [None]
    Cons: [None]

    These adventure style boots fit very true to size and look great. I am very pleased with the quality and the way the buckles operate. Initially they felt a bit clunky when shifting but I have adapted to the feel.I have ridden 2000 miles in them on my Ducati Multistrada and I am very pleased with how they have performed.I have not really tested in heavy rain as I have only ridden in mild rain this fall. They are comfortable off the bike walking around.

    This review is for Sidi Canyon Gore-Tex Boots
    Sidi Canyon Goretex are Great Motorcycle Boots - Mike in CA   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: waterproof and warm in cold weather
    Cons: [None]

    I've been wearing these boots every day for over 3 months. The boots broke in very quickly and are like bedroom slippers.I am getting ready to take a trip around the US. In preparing I have ridden in cold, rainy weather almost every day and my feet have been dry and warm the entire time.Worth every penny

    This review is for Sidi Vertigo Boots
    Ryan Longly  
    Once you start walking around in them, you instantly notice the amount of protection they offer versus regular work boots. Plus, having a full length side zipper makes putting them on very quick and easy. Glad I purchased these boots, and I wear them every time I get on the bike. Boots look very sharp, and the new Tecno VR system works well. If you are planning on wearing them under pants, they may be a bit loose in the calf area, as they are designed to be worn over leathers.

    This review is for Sidi Vertigo Boots
    The boots look great, they feel great, and they dry real fast after getting soaked like a bucket in the rain. The vent on the boot works great, and the fit is a bit bigger than alpinestars. So if your going from A-star to Sidi, size a bit smaller, because I ordered a size too big and now I have to wear double socks.

    This review is for Sidi Vertigo Boots
    Alan S  
    These Sidi Vertigo Boots are Great and I thanks for the great service. They Shipped right away and I had them in just 2 days. The sizing info was very helpful... I will be back for my Arai.. Thanks

    This review is for Sidi Streetburner Boots
    Anthony R  
    Love these boots. Very comfortable and sturdy..

    This review is for Sidi Fusion Boots
    Michael Dean  
    Love these boots.. I have had my pair for 6 months and have nothing by good things to say about them. Get a pair if you need a non-waterproof. Otherwise I would suggest the Rain Version or the Air version depending on your climate. Here in TN, the standard is just perfect for me. Sizing was true, break in was very fast.. Plus, they look good

    This review is for Sidi Cobra Air Boots
    Great boots!!! And great service from COMPACC!!!
    Boots are soft, fresh, comfortable, good protection. Not for the real track, not to walk long, just a good compromise between protection and comfort for touring.
    I bought a 45 11 US and they were slightly tight. If you have a wide foot order half a size more.
    COMPACC guys were expedite to exchange them for a 46 11 1/2.. Congratulations!

    This review is for Sidi DOHA Boots
    Excellent boot / shoe for day to day use. I've had my current pair for nearly 3 years, riding 9-10 months per year in the northeast. With the sneaker like look, there's no need to change shoes when you get to work your are commuting on that bike aren't you. Definitely not waterproof with the open laced tongue but they dry out pretty quickly if they do get wet. Sizing is right on for my relatively narrow foot. The lace keeper is a nice touch and you can't beat that racing stripe down the sole!

    This review is for Sidi Traffic Air Boots
    traffic air - JR   MA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: great fit, good quality, good looks
    Cons: not waterproof,but i knew that

    nice boot, easy on & off with decent protection

    This review is for Sidi Adventure Rain Boots
    Sidi Adv Rain - Adventurer   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Sturdy, buckles are great, light weight, comfortable
    Cons: Bulky toe box, they don't breathe well

    I've recently put a few hundred miles on these and,so far, am very pleased. The adjustment for snugness is great. Everyone seems to love the buckles and I can see why. They simply work great. I do find the toe box a little taller than needed. Not only does my foot seems to have too much up and down room, it also takes a while to get used to maneuvering around the shifter because of the unneeded bulk. I was a bit concerned that the waffle soles would get caught on the pegs but they slide forward and aft easily across the pegs. The comfort is great and required very little break in. Don't try to sneak up on anyone while wearing these because they will hear you squeaking from 10 yards away. After a hundred mile ride, my feet are generally damp as these don't breathe. Maybe the Gore Tex version addresses this better.

    This review is for Sidi Crossfire TA Boots
    Solid boot, good protection - Marc   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: replaceable parts, sensitive sole allows better brake feel
    Cons: Velco

    I've had the Crossfire TA for about a year now. To give an idea of the use, I ride off-road singletrack and race the odd hare scramble, no MX track. So far, they have held up very well. They only took a short time to break in and felt great the whole time. The buckles are solid and well made, but also fully replaceable. One feature that all boots should have and you'll find on these is the replaceable inner arch pad. It saves the boots from being ripped open on your footpeg when you slip off the kickstarter. The sole is firm yet flexible and gives great feel of the rear brake, MX riders may want the SRS sole for the extra support off jumps. For single track riders though, these are great and so far with my stock KTM footpegs, they are holding up well.Fit is always a problem for me in any boot because of having a wide foot but these were pretty close to being wide enough. I did take them to a ski boot hockey skate shop to have them heated and pushed out in the toe box. The only negative to these boots is the velco. It's not needed and only makes it more difficult to put the boots on or take them off.I would recommend the TA to any singletrack rider.

    This review is for Sidi On Road Gore-Tex Boots
    This is a very well made pair of boots. The size European was perfect! My break-in period was not an issue. But, the height of the boot, near my toes, made it harder to shift gears there is now less room between the foot pegs and shifter. I'm sure I'll eventually get used to the change.

    This review is for Sidi SDS Gas Riding Shoes
    Sidi Gas Shoes - CAL   NY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: They are shoes.
    Cons: They are overpriced shoes.

    Although I've always been a fan of Sidi's for both mcycle and bicycle and these are my fifth current pair, they are disappointing. Really not much more than a high-top sneaker. Nowhere near as good as the Sidi streetburner. I bought these looking for a well ventilated summer shoe and they aren't that well ventilated. They have a small shifter pad but it's only about an inch wide and doesn't hit the shifter with my footbike combination. Fit wise, they are true to length but a bit narrow, although they do break-in after a few rides. Overall, I would not recommend these.

    This review is for Sidi Blade Boots
    blade boots - greg   Recommended by Reviewer: No
    Pros: well made, light weight,
    Cons: very stiff in the toe area

    I bought this because my previous Sidi boots that were similar in style finally wore out after 14 years They were great. So i went back to the same BUTT when shifting i noticed it hurt my toes. And after 2 days of riding ALL my toes were rubbed RAW on both feet. I guess they don't make em like they use to I'd pass on these

    Sizing Chart & Specs for the Sidi Tour Gore-Tex Boots

    Finding your foot measurements:
    Trace around the foot, while standing with the feet flat on the floor.
    Do this for both feet, as you will use the largest of the two measurements to find your size.
    Mark the outer edges, and the top and bottom points of your tracing.
    Measure from the top to the bottom to get your size measurement, and from side to side to get the width.

    Sidi Boots
    3 - 3 1/2"364 1/2 - 5"
    4 - 4 1/2"375 1/2 - 6"
    5 - 5 1/2"386 1/2 - 7"
    5 1/2 - 6"397 - 7 1/2"
    6 1/2 - 7"408 - 8 1/2"
    7 - 7 1/2"418 1/2 - 9"
    8 - 8 1/2"429 1/2 - 10"
    9 - 9 1/2"4310 1/2 - 11"
    9 1/2 - 10"4411 - 11 1/2"
    10 1/2 - 11"4512 - 12 1/2"
    11 - 11 1/2"4612 1/2 - 13"
    12 - 12 1/2"47-
    13 - 13 1/2"48-

    The sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit. However, we are happy to assist you with any needed exchanges.
    Part Number Status for Sidi Tour Gore-Tex Boots
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    size 9.5/43 SI-TOG-9.5 $340.00 Currently Not Available for Order
    size 10/44 SI-TOG-10 $340.00 Currently Not Available for Order
    size 11/45 SI-TOG-11 $340.00 Currently Not Available for Order
    size 11.5/46 SI-TOG-11.5 $340.00 Currently Not Available for Order
    size 12.5/47 SI-TOG-12.5 $340.00 Currently Not Available for Order
    size 13/48 SI-TOG-13 $340.00 Currently Not Available for Order

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