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Sidi - Boots - Sidi DOHA Boots Sidi - Boots - Sidi DOHA Boots
Sidi DOHA Boots
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Black - Sidi DOHA Boots
Sidi DOHA Boots Sole - Sidi DOHA Boots
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Information and Details about the Sidi DOHA Boots
made by Sidi
Sidi DOHA Boots are one of our most popular Short Motorcycle Boots. Partly because of the classic shoe design and partly because of the Sidi Boot quality and name. Every year we sell hundreds of these boots to Motorcycle Enthusiast and almost never get them back. The Doha boots combine the comfort or a hi-top shoe with the safety of a motorcycle boot. Give them a try, I am sure you will like them.
Sidi Doha Boot features:
  • Low cut stunter design
  • Composite inner sole
  • Removable arch support
  • Non-slip sole
  • Reinforced internal heel cup
  • Reinforced internal toe
  • Double stitched in all high stress areas
  • Lace and Velcro closure
  • Leather/Cordura upper construction
  • Ankle ball protection panel
  • Heel reflective stripe
  • Leather toe shift pad

    The Sidi DOHA Boots use a Non-Bootie Design. Sidi boots do not incorporate inner booties into their design, and for good reason. Booties make the design larger and cumbersome; add to the boot’s thickness, which interferes with shifting, plus the inner booties retain body heat affecting the rider’s performance and comfort
    The Sidi DOHA Boot is lined with lightweight perforated Teflon treated fabric in order to allow moisture to “breath” out to the Lorica outer and dry quickly with no mold build up in the long term. Additionally the Sidi DOHA Boot inner ankle areas are fully lined with Sidi’s own formula of perforated closed thousand-air cell memory foam. A totally breathable lining system
    Composite Insole Sidi Boots is the only manufacture to use a composite insole that is anatomically shaped to the rider. A cushioned liner is provided that can be removed if the rider desires a more roomy fit. Sidi does not use steel shanks riveted to its insole like most manufactures, details such as this enable Sidi DOHA Boots to enjoy a multi year service life versus the competitors multi month lifespan as over time, a steel shank can deteriorate, rust and fracture exposing the rider to injury

  • Sidi DOHA Boots Product Reviews
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    Great boots - Kickin Wing   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Well made&good support
    Cons: None

    Boots fit perfectly, look great. Perfect for Florida summer riding. I know why you don't get many of these back. You won't get mine back and the help with the sizing couldn't be better. Thank you for such great products.

    Excellent boot / shoe for day to day use. I've had my current pair for nearly 3 years, riding 9-10 months per year in the northeast. With the sneaker like look, there's no need to change shoes when you get to work your are commuting on that bike aren't you. Definitely not waterproof with the open laced tongue but they dry out pretty quickly if they do get wet. Sizing is right on for my relatively narrow foot. The lace keeper is a nice touch and you can't beat that racing stripe down the sole!

    Sizing Chart & Specs for the Sidi DOHA Boots

    Finding your foot measurements:
    Trace around the foot, while standing with the feet flat on the floor.
    Do this for both feet, as you will use the largest of the two measurements to find your size.
    Mark the outer edges, and the top and bottom points of your tracing.
    Measure from the top to the bottom to get your size measurement, and from side to side to get the width.

    Sidi Boots
    3 - 3 1/2"364 1/2 - 5"
    4 - 4 1/2"375 1/2 - 6"
    5 - 5 1/2"386 1/2 - 7"
    5 1/2 - 6"397 - 7 1/2"
    6 1/2 - 7"408 - 8 1/2"
    7 - 7 1/2"418 1/2 - 9"
    8 - 8 1/2"429 1/2 - 10"
    9 - 9 1/2"4310 1/2 - 11"
    9 1/2 - 10"4411 - 11 1/2"
    10 1/2 - 11"4512 - 12 1/2"
    11 - 11 1/2"4612 1/2 - 13"
    12 - 12 1/2"47-
    13 - 13 1/2"48-

    The sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit. However, we are happy to assist you with any needed exchanges.
    Part Number Status for Sidi DOHA Boots
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    36/4.5 SI-DOHA-36 $160.00 Currently Not Available for Order
    37/5 SI-DOHA-37 $160.00 Currently Not Available for Order
    38/5.5 SI-DOHA-38 $160.00 IN STOCK - Ships in 24 hours
    39/6 SI-DOHA-39 $160.00 Usually Ships in 4-5 Business Days
    40/7 SI-DOHA-40 $160.00 Usually Ships in 4-5 Business Days
    41/8 SI-DOHA-41 $160.00 Usually Ships in 4-5 Business Days
    42/8.5 SI-DOHA-42 $160.00 Usually Ships in 4-5 Business Days
    43/9.5 SI-DOHA-43 $160.00 Usually Ships in 4-5 Business Days
    44/10 SI-DOHA-44 $160.00 IN STOCK - Ships in 24 hours
    45/11 SI-DOHA-45 $160.00 Usually Ships in 4-5 Business Days
    46/11.5 SI-DOHA-46 $160.00 Usually Ships in 4-5 Business Days
    47/12.5 SI-DOHA-47 $160.00 Usually Ships in 4-5 Business Days
    48/13 SI-DOHA-48 $160.00 Usually Ships in 4-5 Business Days

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    Sidi DOHA Boots - Black
    Sidi DOHA Boots - Sidi DOHA Boots Sole
    Sidi DOHA Boots Sole