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Shoei - X-Twelve helmets - Shoei X-Twelve Montmelo Marquez Helmet Shoei - X-Twelve helmets - Shoei X-Twelve Montmelo Marquez Helmet Shoei - X-Twelve helmets - Shoei X-Twelve Montmelo Marquez Helmet Shoei - X-Twelve helmets - Shoei X-Twelve Montmelo Marquez Helmet Shoei - X-Twelve helmets - Shoei X-Twelve Montmelo Marquez Helmet
Shoei X-Twelve Montmelo Marquez Helmet
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Video Reviews
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Hey guys this is Reuben with Competition Accessories today I'm talking about the Shoei X-twelve this is new for 2010 top of the line flag ship helmet. Shoei said its born from racing bred on the race track this obviously replaces the X11, i have an X11 in anthracite and i have the new X12 just to give you a quick comparison between the two. If i turn them side by side here ,head to head if you will,you will see the shape the over all aggressiveness again built for the race track built for that real aggressive tucked position. The X11 was a fantastic helmet very very popular a lot of the top racers wore it for a long time, now they've moved on to the X12. What they've done with the exterior of the helmet is basically two things they have streamed lined it significantly if you look at the way the spoiler integrates into the back of the X12 verses the X11 you can see its just a cleaner shell shape and what that's going to give you is even better manors at high speeds its going to have less buffeting be smooth and stable . Its also probably going to be quieter as far as there's a little bit less exterior going on the X12 your going to have just cleaner flow of air over the top another thing that they have significantly upgraded from the X11 to X12 is the venting and if you look at the X 12 here there are actually five intake vents and ten exhaust vents a few are hidden behind the arrowhead spoiler and in the base of the neck roll even on the exterior you can see there's a large vent on the rear where the X11 does not have exhaust vents on the sides they've enlarged the other vents that are there so your just going to have a lot more air flow in the X12 vs the X12 which is already really an aggressively vented helmet they've just taken it one step further with the X12. Another thing you'll see when you take a look at these head on is the shield the eye port, has been changed so now you are on the CW1 shield its going to be taller and wider so you have a lot better view of the track ahead , more peripheral vision better top to bottom vision .That really helps when your on a really tight tuck you can still get your eyes up and see above the brow here. Other helmets come down too low for that not built for that aggressive riding position . The X 12 again built for the race track. I'm going to go ahead and move the X11 out of the way here and well get into the features of the X12. First thing i wanna talk about is the shell, this is Shoeis AIM plus shell its called the Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus Multi fiber Shell. Basically its a mix between carbon fiber , Kevlar and fiber glass . They use elastic fibers in there to basically spread and absorb impact as much as possible. So if you have a sharp impact point its going to spread it over the largest area possible. On the interior of the helmet we have the EPS liner and it does its job absorbing all of that energy and preventing it from transferring into your head. The venting on this helmet is extremely aggressive as i said you have a chin bar vent here, open and close that going to direct air up onto the face shield help reduce fogging . You have a brow vent its going to bring air into your forehead and bring it around the sides . You have a top scoop you'll notice a lot of these vents are forward on the helmet that's because when your riding in this thing your going to be in this position and that air is going to be ramming straight on to that vent and giving you plenty of air flow. You have some exhaust vents here and the way these work is as air flows over the top shell its going to create a vacuum behind this little lip here and that's going to draw warm air out of the helmet. Same thing on the back you have a closeable rear vent airs going to be drawn out the back , underneath the spoiler here you'll see the gap , that gap is going to have some holes threw the shell that are going to draw warm air out your going to have some on the sides here mini vents and then again at the base of the neck roll there are some small vents that come out from the inside as well which is going to give you even more ventilation. The arrowed spoiler on this is basically this rear portion and its built into the helmet and what that does like i said earlier reduces buffeting keeps your head very stable . This helmet is very well mannered if you need to do head checks it doesn't do anything weird doesn't pull doesn't shake shimmy i mean this thing again is built for the race track they know what they are talking about when they do high speed runs. When you get into the face shield here its again the CW1 shield its available in a multitude of tints colors being a race helmet its going to be available with tear off posts , it also come pin lock ready if you want to instal a pin-lock system you could purchase a pin lock ready shield which is a separate shield you'd have to purchase and that's going to have some pins inside that you can insert the pin lock system . Basically what that does it gives you a duel layered shield which is going to reduce fogging and it instead of the warm air from your breath hitting the shield directly its that pin lock that is insulated because its two layers , it works really really well Ive ridden with them quite a bit actually . As far as the shield mechanism goes this is what Shoei calls their quick release self adjusting base plate and if you get it nice and tight on this when i open it you can actually see these little springs inside compress and when it closes it pulls the shield back and in and what that does is it gives it a really good and tight seal around the entire gasket all the way around the face shield and that give you just a really nice tight fit. It prevents any outside air or water from getting in the helmet it also give you a little bit quieter of a ride. There is another feature here its the helmet and shield lock so if you tilt this back its actually going to lock the shield down you physically can not open , a lot of guys will run that at the track in the locked position so when your doing 150 plus and your doing a head check your shield doesn't come open on you. You can also push this forward and that's going to very slightly separate that gasket and shield to get a tiny bit more air into the shield which is again going to help with any fogging issues if your running into that or if its just a hot out and you just want a little bit extra air flow you can just crack that forward . Of coarse there's also a detente if you want to open it a little bit further you can open it to the first detente and there's also a ratcheting mechanism all the way up and down. To take this shield off is very simple just basically two triggers on both sides push forward on that and it pops right out very easy to do , it just comes right off. Another thing i want you to see right on the shield is it actually has a built in lip in the top edge, you don't see this very often at all and what that does when you close the shield it is going to create a seal right along the top of that gasket so if you are riding in the rain your not going to have water or other air or anything coming in from the top of the shield so that's a really great feature as well. To reinstall the shield just line up the pins give it a press its going to click right into place so these things are really easy to swap in and out . Next were going into the interior of this helmet which are where the guts are where it does a lot of the protecting. The interior of the X12 is again built for the racer who's on the track pushing it hard and sweating a lot , they use a max dry system which is a moisture locking liner its going to pull sweat away from your face its going to allow a lot of that ventilation that i showed you on the outside of the helmet actually reach your skin and reach your head they call it their 3D liner Ill tell you why when i pull it out here before i do you'll probably notice there are two bright red tabs on either side of the cheek pads . What those are Shoeis emergency quick release system and again this is for the race track it also would really benefit you on the street too if you have an accident basically its for emergency personnel to quickly and easily pull your cheek pads out which is going to allow them to lift your helmet off with minimal impact to your head and neck , so they would be able to slide your helmet off a lot easier with the cheek pads out. Basically what you do is just grab the tab and they would just pull it out and you see it has a little loop hole for your finger and you can just rip the cheek pad right out , do the other side here and you can just see how much bigger that opening is now and you could imagine how much easier they would have they would have a much easier time getting your helmet off of your head with that much extra room . You can remove the rest of the liner its just two snaps at the back and then plastic in the front and this is the 3D max liner , what i want you to see on this liner is all these holes and openings here are going to provide you with a lot of ventilation all that ventilation is coming from the inside of the helmet from the outside in, that cool air is going to come in reach your skin and the warm air is just going to be drawn out the back and its designed to work perfectly in conjunction with all the venting that's on the outside of the helmet .If you look down on the inside of this helmet you can see some of the channeling in the actual EPS liner. What they use is actually a duel layer EPS liner and i actually have one to show you right over here this is actually whats on the inside the guts of whats actually X12 here . Its a duel layer EPS liner there's a lot of research going into one of these basically its designed to absorb as much impact as possible it crushes on impact so that your brain doesn't slam up inside of your skull its going to absorb as much impact as possible. They use different density's of foam throughout the liner to progressively absorb the impact, do if you have a minor hit its going to still have that give that you need , If you have a major hit its going to have that slight give and then you resist more and more as the impact happens. There's also separate pieces Ive kind of taped it together here so you can see what it looks like put together on the inside of the helmet. Before i pull it apart i want you to notice how many holes there are on the outside vents that are reaching threw this liner. Here , at the top , at the top here and the rear , at the back of the sides i mean this thing is built again for very very good ventilation. If i kind of pull it apart here you'll see they have separate pieces for the sides of the helmet this is actually what goes on behind the base plate so where the shield mechanism is . You'll need more protection in that area you'll notice it actually doesn't compromise the thickness of the liner even with this piece in place its plenty thick in that area . The chin guard is actually 2 pieces so you can see the entire chin bar is lined with this EPS foam but a lot of the other helmet manufactures cant say that. Their chin bar has a but of rubberized material but a little bit of foam in the front but this is the full EPS liner that goes all the way across the chin bar you have complete coverage on this helmet , and then on the bottom of the helmet or on the inside rather you can see these channels that run threw the middle I'm going to see if i can get my tape off of here and ill pull out this inside piece and this is what i was telling you about earlier this is the duel layer feature of the liner and basically this is going to you can see there's air channels that run on the inside of the shell and again this is just to allow cool air to come in and all the hot air to escape the very bottom of the interior there's more air holes for the air to come out. The X 12 has Shoeis performance fit and basically its an intermediate oval and it is a little bit tighter if your coming from an RF1100 or a Qwest you'll notice that the helmet is just a little bit more snug not enough to go up a size or anything like that because you actually want the helmet to be snug. Again this helmet is bread from the race track born from racing so the guys you see out there Moto GP and they want their helmets tight as possible because when your pushing those upper triple digit speeds you don't want that helmet moving around at all , and in a crashing scenario you need that foam to be as close to your head as possible so your head doesn't travel to hit the foam the foams already there to absorb the impact in that kind of situation. So that was our in depth look at the X12 from Shoei .
Information and Details about the Shoei X-Twelve Montmelo Marquez Helmet
made by Shoei
The demands that a world-class racer puts on his or her equipment may be second to none, but that hasn’t stopped SHOEI from producing a pure racing helmet that can also meet the needs of today’s performance-driven enthusiasts. Born from racing, the X-Twelve combines integral feedback from professional racers around the globe with SHOEI’s 50 years of helmet building experience, the very latest in technology, and the most advanced materials known to man. Track certified by the fastest riders on the planet, the X-Twelve’s innovative features unite to form the most progressive racing helmet on the market.

X-Twelve Features (x 12):
  • Q.R.S.A. (Quick Release Self-Adjusting) Base Plate System
  • NEW CW-1 Shield
  • AIM Shell Construction (Snell M2010-Approved)
  • 5 Shell Sizes
  • Aero Edge 2 Spoiler
  • Ventilation System
  • Dual-Layer EPS Liner
  • 3D Max Dry Interior System
  • E.Q.R.S. (Emergency Quick Release System)
  • 5-Year Warranty

    X-Twelve Accessories:
  • Breath Guard (Included)
  • Chin Curtain (Included)
  • Maintenance Kit (Included)
  • Nylon Drawstring Helmet Bag (Included)
  • Air Mask (Optional)

  • Shoei X-Twelve Montmelo Marquez Helmet Product Reviews
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    Hopefully they can help you find the right item and make the best buying decision.

    This review is for Shoei Helmet Face Shields - X-12 - X-Twelve - RF-1100 - Qwest - CW-1
    It works perfect - Bob   MI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Fits perfect, no leaks
    Cons: None

    The dark is very effective to manage the sun. The detents seem to be right where I want them.

    This review is for Shoei X-Twelve Vermeulen 5 Helmets, X-12 Vermeulen 5
    Secondary I think not - Monster r1   GA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great fit, great air flow, lightweight, and color scheme
    Cons: Absolutely none

    Ordered this helmet as a secondary to my aria cosair v. At first, I wasn't crazy about the color until it arrived. The color is so sexy. Fit is spot on I own a shoei rf1000 so I went with the same XL size. Air flow is great once I figured out what was open and closed with the air vents. The x-12 is a race helmet but the noise level is acceptable. The x-12 is extremely comfortable for any condition from knee dragging on a Sunday I'm the mountains or your daily compute. I have no gripe on this helmet and at the cost compacc is offering, it's a must buy.

    This review is for Shoei X-Twelve Vermeulen 5 Helmets, X-12 Vermeulen 5
    You need this helmet - ugapug   GA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good airflow, looks great, fast shield replacement, snug fit
    Cons: Fog-o-matic

    Bought this on sale. It fits great, looks awesome, shields are literally a snap to change. It is fairly quiet for a race helmet. Decent airflow once you're moving. My only complaint It fogs up at the drop of a hat. Picking up the pinlock shield for this reason, and honestly for this kind of , it really should come standard. Price Meh, but as the old Bell ads said, buy a 100 helmet if you have a 100 head.

    This review is for Shoei Helmet Face Shields - X-12 - X-Twelve - RF-1100 - Qwest - CW-1
    Shoei Quality - rpalick   MN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Very Clear with Excellent Interchangability
    Cons: None

    If you are like me, the clear face shield may be good at night but in the Texas sun, you definitely are going to need a tinted or smoke colored face shield. The Dark Smoke shield from Shoei was easy to install based upon their easy interchange system. This helmet and system is top notch with minimal noise and gives you a good seal. If your considering an alternate face shield you won't go wrong with this. At 45.00 the price was acceptable as far as I am concerned.

    This review is for Shoei Helmet Face Shields - X-12 - X-Twelve - RF-1100 - Qwest - CW-1
    Dark smoke shield - Ryan   CO Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Everything
    Cons: None

    I bought the dark smoke as an extra shield to the RF1100 that comes with a clear shield. It works great, easy to attachremove, not too dark that you can't see at night but enough that you can ride into the sun and actually see where you're going. I've cleaned bugs off by running it under water and wiping it off with a no-scratch cloth.

    This review is for Shoei Helmet Face Shields - X-12 - X-Twelve - RF-1100 - Qwest - CW-1
    nice quality - Kawasaki owner   OH Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: High quality
    Cons: none

    Ordered a mellow smoke face shield. Works well during the daytime and evenings. I've left this shield on the helmet and didn't need to switch back to the clear screen at all. Works well even during the morning hours.

    This review is for Shoei Helmet Face Shields - X-12 - X-Twelve - RF-1100 - Qwest - CW-1
    Worth the - Stacy G   IL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Perfect tint Easy to Install
    Cons: Price

    This shield works exactly as advertised. It is easy to install and have had no issue openingclosing it. The tint is the perfect amount for a sunny day but not too much for night either. I don't like carrying extra shields with me when I ride so this one works well no matter the time of the day. At night, it can be a little dark on rural roads so I simply angle my helmet up a little bit which allows me to see thru the less tinted area of the shield. Only drawback is the price for this shield. This is the price I expect to pay for a shield with reflective coatings. It works and I would recommend to others. Guess that's all that really matters.

    This review is for Shoei Helmet Face Shields - X-12 - X-Twelve - RF-1100 - Qwest - CW-1
    X-12 Helmet & Shields - Pakleo   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Helmet Fit and quality. Lenses Easily exchanged. Virtually no distortion. Quality construction.
    Cons: Helmet Difficult, if not impossible, to fit comm set. Lenses None.

    I have the Shoei X-12 Glory 2 Size XL with clear and Spectra Silver lenses. I recommend this helmet as the very best for all applications, except when you need a comm set. I went to a communications specialist store and they were unable, even with on-the-phone support from Shoei, to fit a comm set that I could comfortably wear without cutting some liner foam, which of course they advised against. In all other aspects this helmet exceeds my very high expectations. Is it expensive Yes. My thought, If you have a 10 head you should wear a 10 helmet. The lenses will meet all your expectations. However, they are not adverised to be fog proff and they are not. And all the cheap fog sprays and wipes will not make them so. Solution I just ordered the fog proof shield and inserts from my favorite supplier, Competition Accessories. Shoei. You meet the most intelligent people wearing the brand.

    This review is for Shoei Helmet Face Shields - X-12 - X-Twelve - RF-1100 - Qwest - CW-1
    mark johnston  
    Dark smoke is a perfect fit on RF-1100. Perfect for sunny days here in LA. Traffic here still sucks.

    This review is for Shoei Helmet Face Shields - X-12 - X-Twelve - RF-1100 - Qwest - CW-1
    Ordered a Mirrored Spectra Chrome for a new RF1100. The fit was perfect and optics clear, no distortion.

    This review is for Shoei X-Twelve Laseca Helmets, X-12 Laseca
    Cool helmet - Don-M   RI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great fit for oval heads, Great summer helmet, vents good
    Cons: Not great in cold weather. This is a race helmet

    This is my 2nd X -Twelve, first one saved my life, head hit guard rail. If you are looking for a great summer full helmet this is it. As for cold weather not good but not expected to be.I have a Shoei RF1000 & an Arai Signet Q, both are great winter helmets.

    This review is for Shoei X-Twelve Laseca Helmets, X-12 Laseca
    Good Helmet - But Old - IPSCER   FL Recommended by Reviewer: No
    Pros: Helmet fits great with plenty of air flow
    Cons: Date Code on Helmet Very Old - Been setting on Self for Amost 3 years

    The helmet is a great helmet the price was right and the shipping was quick.However, the helmet is already 3 years old The date of manufacturer was 7-11. Although this is not a problem with street riders, many racing clubs and track days events check the date of manufacture, and if the helmet is over 5 years old, won't let you use it. Thus, this is a big thing and should have been noted in the description that the helmet was already 3 years old. I can't recommend this specific helmet because of this issue.

    Sizing Chart & Specs for the Shoei X-Twelve Montmelo Marquez Helmet
    Shoei Helmet Sizing Chart
    SizeCentimeterHat SizeInches
    2X-Small51 - 526 3/8 - 6 1/220 1/8 - 20 1/2
    X-Small53 - 546 5/8 - 6 3/420 7/8 - 21 1/4
    Small55 - 566 7/8 - 721 5/8 - 22
    Medium57 - 587 1/8 - 7 1/422 1/2 - 22 7/8
    Large59 - 607 3/8 - 7 1/223 1/4 - 23 5/8
    X-Large61 - 627 5/8 - 7 3/424 - 24 3/8
    2X-Large63 - 647 7/8 - 824 3/4 - 25 1/2
    3X-Large65 - 668 1/8 - 8 1/425 5/8 - 26

    The sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit. However, we are happy to assist you with any needed exchanges.
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    Large SH-MAQ93-L $839.99 $755.99 IN STOCK Usually Ships within 24 hours
    X-Large SH-MAQ93-XL $839.99 $755.99 IN STOCK Usually Ships within 24 hours

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