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Shoei - Shoei VFX-W Taka Off-Road Helmet Shoei - Shoei VFX-W Taka Off-Road Helmet Shoei - Shoei VFX-W Taka Off-Road Helmet
Shoei VFX-W Taka Off-Road Helmet


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Video Reviews
Hey guys this is Reuben with Competition Accessories welcome to our review of the Shoei VFX-W off road helmet , Now if you follow motocross at all if you look at the line up at any national out door advent your going to see a lot of Shoeis on the line up because its one of the premium top of the line off road helmet that you can get and there are a lot of things that set a Shoei apart from the competition . One being their AIM plus shell , Now AIM stands for Advanced Integrated Matrix plus multi fiber its basically an advanced combination of fiber glass , Kevlar , and carbon composite that makes for a very strong shell that is also incredibly light weight this helmet doesn't weight a lot its going to feel light on your head it also has a nice lower center of gravity. You know as well as i do when your riding off road you need a helmet to be very stable on your head and you don't want it to weight your head down because the amount you have to move around on the bike . So the other thing that's really neat about VFX-W shell is they manufacture it and actually four different shell sizes a lot of less expensive helmets only make maybe one or two shells and then they compensate for size with the interior lining. What they do with Shoei is make four different completely unique shells for the helmet depending on which size you have we have five interior sizes to go along with that you get a very custom fit helmet so if you were a smaller size its not going to be a large shell with a thick interior built in. So its going to be a nice custom fit its not going to look very big on your head. Now right off the bat what you'll probably notice with the VFX-W is it is incredibly aggressive in its shape, it has a lot of aerodynamic features to it that really just set it apart and it just looks mean . The look of it by itself is something that i think makes it worth every penny it looks really aggressive and it comes in some really nice graphics as well as solids as well . You have a nice area for the goggle strap to run around the back of the helmet and you'll see these ridges here and they do a couple of things they add to the aerodynamics of the helmet they also add to the rigidity to the helmet and if you hit here its actually going to create a kind of bridge around the outside of the helmet to really spread that impact over a larger area and then the interior foam does its job and absorbs the impact over a larger area rather then right at the impact point so its going to be able to manage impacts better. We talked about insulation oh I'm sorry aerodynamics ,the visor has a lot to do with the aerodynamics as well in an off road helmet obviously it can create a giant scoop for air and what Shoeis done they have engineered it in a shape that is aerodynamic air is going to flow right over it cleanly and if air does come up underneath it has access to escape around the back of the visor where it attaches to the helmet.There's area for air to flow right threw so that its not catching underneath the visor .Another thing they do with the visor is models that come in white such as this one over here to my left they include an anti glare sticker placed on the under side of the visor so that it doesn't bother you kicking light up in your eyes while you ride , the dark ones obviously don't need that . Ventilation is great on the VFX-W uses Shoeis flow through ventilation system there's quite a few intake vents on here some of them are built on the eye port right here you can see there are some small scoops there. Those are going to draw air right into the helmet the mouth guard is designed to not clog up and pack up with mud you can remove the mouth guard if you want to take it off and clean it there's one single screw in the front here you can pop that off clean the mud out if you need to but that's designed to let a lot of air in so you can sort of ketch a breath plenty of air flowing in the helmet . There's also some vents throughout this helmet that have nice kind of steel mesh behind it which obviously adds to the look of it there's one here and a couple at the top which are going to function as intake vents airs going to get pushed down into these and there's places for warm air to escape out the back here and then actually at the base of the neck right here is where the air channels on the inside of the helmet exit. So as cool air gets pushed in that warm air is going to get forced out the back right at the base of your neck and getting warm air out of the helmet is one of the most effective ways to keep you comfortable in hot weather. Going back to the visor real quick something i really like about Shoeis design is this kind of friction screw that they use at the top of the visor in almost any helmet it is accessible right on top a lot of other manufactures stick it underneath the visors and you've got to reach up underneath and some times its really hard to get to . With Shoei its right on top there's one in the center and there's two one on each side to take the visor off when you clean the helmet and then you can obviously adjust this depending on the conditions you can raise it up or down. I usually like to leave mine a little loose so that if you crash it doesn't break the visor off or be less likely to break the visor off. Moving on to the interior Shoei uses what they call their 3D max dry liner, now its called the 3D liner because it has different layers built into the liner which work in conjunction with the ventilation system to allow that air to flow behind the liner and around and get maximum coverage to your head . To pull out the liner is very very easy this is one thing Shoei is very innovative on , you can see there are red tabs here on the cheek pads and that's for emergency personnel. If you were to crash and be involved in an accident where it required some medical attention the emergency personnel can come up to you and remove those cheek pads simply by pulling on these tabs and you can see the cheek pad came out quickly and easily its a nice contoured cheek pad its going to conform to your face and its very comfortable against the skin it manages moisture really well . And again to get that out real simple pull on the red tab its going to come right out and take a look and see how much larger the opening is at the base of the helmet you can slide the helmet right off your head with minimal impact to your neck if they suspect you have a neck injury or you've hit your head really hard they are able to remove those cheek pads and get them out and slide the helmet off with out hurting you. You can remove the rest of the interior the crown liner a couple of snaps at the back and then a few snaps at the front of the crown and its going to come out and this is where your going to see that 3D feature that i was talking about you'll see it has molded ridges into the liner itself and they also use mesh all the white material you see here is mesh which is breathable the ventilation is going to pass through the openings and through the mesh you'll see along the front here they have openings again just lots of ventilation obviously off road even if its not that hot out you need a lot of ventilation because your working hard and need to stay cool. Take a look at the interior you'll see that the EPS liner which is the foam that manages the impact has air ducts that flows through it bringing all that air that comes in from the outside thats going to direct it around the entire helmet and then that warm air is going to be exhausted out the base of the neck and the rear vents that we showed you earlier in the video i also wanted to show you that the entire chin bar is also lined with energy absorbing material so if you come down face first and do a face plant its still going to be protected in the chin bar which a lot of less expensive helmets you don't see quite as much protection in that area and one of the biggest things that really impresses me with the Shoei that AIM plus shell if you grab the sides of the helmet here and squeeze it its an incredibly incredibly stiff design. So what thats going to do , not only is it a strong helmet, its going to spread impact over a larger area so that the interior can do a good job managing those energy forces in an accident. So thats the Shoei VFX-W offroading helmet if your a guy who rides anything from duel sport to anything aggressive off road trail riding , enduro, motocross, super cross , arena cross . Shoei has made a helmet for all of those arenas is got a really nice eye port really good unrestricted vision great ventilation as well and they just really hit a home run with this helmet I personally know a few people who ride with a VFX-W and they have nothing but good things to say about it.
Information and Details about the Shoei VFX-W Taka Off-Road Helmet
made by Shoei
With so many helmet options available to the motocross and off-road riding and racing communities, SHOEI takes great pride in the fact that more top riders prefer the groundbreaking VFX-W over all others. The absolute pinnacle of off-road helmets, the VFX-W is the result of countless hours of conceptualization, R&D, and testing with the most hard-nosed critics of all, our professional racing team. With top pros like Kevin Windham, Josh Grant, Josh Strang, and Destry Abbott leading the charge, the VFX-W is drenched in state-of-the-art features, and absolutely no stone was left unturned during its development. If you’re looking for a new lid to hit the track or trail, look no further.

  • Lightweight, Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus Shell
  • Flow-Through Ventilation System
  • 3D Max-Dry Removable Liner System
  • Sleek Visor and Sleek Mouthpiece

    Lightweight, Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus Shell:
  • Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus (AIM) construction combines high performance fibers with organic fibers to create a shell structure that is lightweight, rigid and resilient
  • Four shell and five liner sizes present increased fit options that help to comfortably fit most head sizes
  • Aerodynamic properties are maximized through extensive wind tunnel and rider testing

    Flow-Through Ventilation System:
  • Front intake vents combine with rear vents and a neck outlet vent to maximize flow-through ventilation
  • Cool air passes through the front-intake vents, cools the helmet interior and is exhausted through the rear vents by the force of negative air pressure

    3D Max-Dry Removable Liner System:
  • The helmet interior is constructed with a comfortable, Max-Dry material that absorbs and discharges moisture two times faster than traditional nylon
  • The 3D max-Dry removable liner system is thermo-molded to match the liner perfectly to the helmet interior
  • The cheek pads, upper liner, and chinstrap covers are easily removed for cleaning and/or replacement
  • The removable cheek pads are available in optional sizes so that each rider can personalize their fit

    Sleek Visor and Sleek Mouthpiece:
  • Aggressively shaped Sleek Visor provides incredible airflow for reduced drag
  • Sleek visor is easily installed or removed with the use of three external screws for ease of access to center screw and tightening by hand
  • No-clog Sleek Mouthpiece for enhanced flow-through ventilation
  • Removable, washable and replaceable Sleek Mouthpiece filter
  • Matte black anti-reflection for underside of visor is included (white and graphic models only)

    Also Included:
  • Unique chin strap clip keeps strap from flapping in the wind
  • Ergonomically shaped mud guard
  • Helmet sack constructed of soft, velvety fabric with drawstring closure

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    Both Colors
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    Red Orange
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