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Shoei - Shoei RF-1100 Solids Helmets Shoei - Shoei RF-1100 Solids Helmets Shoei - Shoei RF-1100 Solids Helmets Shoei - Shoei RF-1100 Solids Helmets Shoei - Shoei RF-1100 Solids Helmets Shoei - Shoei RF-1100 Solids Helmets Shoei - Shoei RF-1100 Solids Helmets Shoei - Shoei RF-1100 Solids Helmets Shoei - Shoei RF-1100 Solids Helmets Shoei - Shoei RF-1100 Solids Helmets
Shoei RF-1100 Solids Helmets
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Video Reviews
Hey this is Reuben with Competition Accessories today were taking a look at the Shoei RF1100 this is the replacement for the RF1000. Ive got the RF1000 up here to show you the differences between the two this is the old __ Graphic and I have RF 1100's up here i have matte black this is called the enigma this is the conquer obviously there's other colors and options as well . First of all i wanted to show you the differences between the two helmets between the old RF1000 which is one of Shoeis best selling helmets and the new RF1100. The RF1000 has been a great helmet for a lot of riders for a lot of years and with the RF1100 it takes it one step further. You have a whole other level of ventilation and other features as well if you take a look at them side by side you can take a look and see how much bigger the eye port is its the new shield its the CW1 shield its the same shield they use on the X12 so that's their high end racing helmet . You've got a lot wider of an eye port a lot better peripheral vision and you also have more top to bottom space you'll be able to see better when your down in that tucked position if your riding on the track or really spirited riding your gonna have a lot more vision out of the helmet . The venting is also a lot more aggressive on the RF1100. You have a larger chin bar vent you have very similar vents on the top here, and if you look at the back you have four close able vents and then there is two hidden exhaust vents right behind the neck at the base of the helmet where as the RF1000 only had the exhaust vents under the spoiler as well as the under vents here as well. The shell shape is also significantly improved if you look at the 1000 compared to the 1100 , the 1000 has a sort of round shape helmet with a bolt on plastic spoiler into the actual shell of the helmet and this helmet has Shoeis AIM plus shell which is their advanced integrated matrix plus multi fiber shell material which is basically a composite of carbon fiber, Kevlar and fiber glass and its SNELL 2010 approved obviously as well . So I'm going to move the RF 1000 out of the way I'm going to kind of break it down in the RF1100 take a look at all the features in detail here. So looking at the vents in detail here on the RF1100 they are just a lot more aggressive in their function and their position the chin bar vent is like i said a little bit bigger then the RF1000 its going to direct air up onto the face shield to help reduce fogging. Up at the top you have two vents that are going to draw air down in around the rail and actually channel through the EPS , when we get into the interior of this helmet were going to kind of show you where the air goes and on the back of this helmet you've got four exhaust vents and you can open and close these in any combination you want really customize the helmet air flow your getting through your helmet . The exterior vents here are going to as air rolls over the back of the helmet , the front vents are going to have cool air pushed in and the warm air inside of the helmet is going to come right out the back its going to be drawn out by the vacuum created behind your head there's also two hidden vents at the base of the neck roll here you can feel them with your fingers. Basically its the same type of effect warm air is going to be drawn out from underneath the bottom of the helmet as well . Like i said earlier this is the same face shield used on the X12 its the CW1 its a wider eye port its also got several different detentes you could crack it open and it has a ratcheting mechanism all the way up and down. On the side here you have a locking mechanism if you tilt that lever back that shield is locked down so if your on the track and you do head checks it will lock down so it doesn't come open thats there for you, and if you push it forward slightly and it cracks the shield slightly so you can get just a little bit of air flow to come in from the bottom if you need the shield from defogging there . To remove the shield you actually open it all the way and its got the quick release self adjusting base plate before i take it off if you look at the ratcheting mechanism here when i close the shield all the way this spring actually pulls the shield back against the helmet and it will have a nice tight seal all the way around that gasket , its going to result in a quieter helmet and its also going to provide you with a better seal against the elements if your riding in the rain. Ill show you a feature here when i take the shield off , you just push that trigger forward the shield comes off its very easy to use. Another thing i don't know if you'll be able to see it on here on the camera here, but there's a lip around the top of the CW-1 shield and what that does is it seals around the top of this gasket . So if you've ever had a helmet where if your riding in the rain you've got water dripping down on the inside of your shield very frustrating , you've got a lip now which is going to give you a really nice seal around the top of the helmet to prevent that from happening . This shield is also available with the pin lock insert so you can get one with pin lock posts you can buy pin lock inserts basically what that does is gives you a duel layered shield you can install the insert and that's going to prevent any fogging from happening they work really really well so if your in an area that has high humidity that's a really great option as well . To reinstall the shield just line up these pins give it a little push there and it snaps right back into place just like so. So now were going to go ahead and move to the inside of this helmet and show you those features. On the interior of this helmet one thing that has significantly improved over the RF1000 now the interior is fully removable that's not something you had with the RF1000 that's a very welcomed feature especially if your running in a hot environment or you do a lot of track days of your sweating a lot you can actually take the entire liner out and replace it you can wash it so that's definitely a welcomed feature. I'm going go ahead and pull one of the cheek pads out here which is basically three snaps and this plastic piece inserts between the shell and the liner , these cheek pads are layered its actually multiple layers of foam you have a nice contour against your skin. Its a nice soft fabric as well . If you take a close look here there's actually recesses here as well for speakers if you use a communication system or if you install speakers for music or GPS or anything like that , you've got a space already cut out of the shell so that you have a spot to put those. Go ahead and remove the rest of the interior here the cheek pads come right out this is a brand new one that we just pulled out of the box . The center pad of this helmet is actually what they call their 3D center pad which is again going to contour the shape of your head its also has raised portions and opening so that ventilation that's coming up through the top of the helmet you can actually see there's holes here and its going to channel the air and it can get to your skin. If i flip the helmet up here you can actually see on the inside of this helmet these channels these groves are designed not only to prevent your head from being hurt in an impact which is what the actual liner does but holes here and these are really going to channel all that air all over your head so your not going to have just one or two spots where you have good ventilation your going to have good ventilation all throughout your head with this helmet. The Shoei RF1100 starts $377 for solids and goes up to $472 for graphics it weighs in at 3 and a half pounds which is actually slightly lighter then the X12 which is their high end race helmet . One thing that's really neat about Shoei helmets is that they do have a 5 year warranty from the date of purchase and they also give you 7 years from the date of manufacture and they also have a Shoei inspection program which is free of charge, so if you drop your helmet and are not sure if its damaged or usable you can just send it off to Shoei they will inspect it for free and they will let you know if its good to go or not. The RF1000 was a great helmet for years from Shoei the 1100 just takes it one step further its a great helmet. If you any questions just give us a call or check them out online at competition accessories .com.
Hey guys this is Reuben with Competition Accessories welcome to our head to head comparison of Shoei RF1100 vs all new Shoei RF1200. Now if your familiar with the RF line of helmets going back the RF1000 was one of the more popular full face helmets ever to be produced certainly one of the most successful models for Shoei and they fall in right under their X line of helmets which is their flagged ship race helmets . Right now its the X12 and the X11 before that. Their very high end race helmets as well but they are very aggressively vented which they a little bit more noisy as far as the wind noise goes , and on top of that they are more expensive. For the every day rider who occasionally does that track day or is more of a commuter , long distance tourer or just attacking the twisties on the weekend when you can . The RF line of helmets is definitely a lot more affordable , but it also give you some advantages for the street like a quieter ride. Now looking at the two a lot of you are probably familiar with the RF1100 , I actually got a chance to ride in both of these earlier . They are both size medium which is the size i normally wear . First thing your going to notice when looking at these things side by side, is the RF1200 is actually physically a smaller helmet on the outside. They brought the shell dimensions in quite a bit to give you a more compact feel which is a fantastic thing. You can also see the RF1100 they integrated that rear spoiler into the shell itself which brought the shell out a little bit further and now they have gone with an add on integrated rear spoiler much like the RF1000. The other big advantage of actually shrinking the shell itself is the weight savings you have. You have 3.6 pounds for the RF1100 and then we throw RF1200 on the scale and your looking at 3.45 pounds , Under 3 and a half pounds. And that's going to translate into less neck fatigue and a more comfortable ride as you experience the open road for hours and hours on end. First thing i noticed when i pulled this helmet on my head is the opening is quite a bit smaller quite a bit more snug on the RF 1200 they actually brought the neck roll in quite a bit closer to the face which again translates into a quieter ride . This one is a little bit easier to get off and it is also a little bit more open at the bottom of the helmet . You'll also notice that the RF1100 has a lot of fabric along the base of the helmet, The best thing in my opinion is they have given you a kind of rubberized finish all along the bottom of the helmet which is not only going to keep the helmet cleaner when you set it down its also going to keep nicer for a longer period of time . So if you set your helmet down on the sidewalk or at a rest stop, you can expect the helmet to last a bit longer. Speaking of the cheek pads it brought over the emergency quick release cheek pad system, you can see these red tabs here simply grab a hold of that and pull down and you'll be removing the cheek pads just like that . There's quite a bit of engineering that went into that these little snaps work they actually have ramps built into them to actually release them as you pull down in that direction . The purpose of them though is not just so you can simply and quickly release and pull your cheek pads out , it actually has a notice to emergency personnel here on the side so if they suspect neck injury's or maybe your unconscious after an accident they can remove the cheek pads very easily while your still wearing the helmet and that opens the base of the opening quite a bit more so they can easily slide the helmet off of your head without causing further neck injury's , this is definitely a very very welcome innovation that they have brought over from their race helmets. Also new for this helmet is the new ventilation system. You have a chin bar vent which is very similar to what the RF1100 did, but the new one is much more flush on the front of the helmet again reducing wind noise . The big difference is they have added a third vent at the top of the helmet which is a brow vent that's actually directing air into the air channels in the EPS liner .You still have two intake vents here at the top . If you take a look at the set up on the RF1100 you have 4 separate exhaust vents that you have to physically close individually, so that means while your riding you are reaching up on the top of your head and closing or opening all four vents separately. Its great for customizing air flow but takes a little bit more time to open and close , so if you get caught in the rain these are exposed and open on the top so water could find its way down onto your head. Now you still have 4 exhaust vents but they are hidden under this integrated spoiler and they are all operated with a single switch. Its a lot faster to open and close it . And I don't know about you guys but i typically have all my vents open or all my vents closed depending on the weather and how cold it is. I much prefer a simple system that just opens them all up , if its hot enough to have one vent open in my opinion its just about warm enough to have them all open. Maybe with the exception of the chin bar vent, which you can use to combat fog to give you air to put up onto the face shield. Speaking of a face shield you do have a pin lock ready shield included now and the pin lock insert comes in the box as well . So the RF1200 is definitely giving you a good system right in the box to combat fog . Another thing you will notice about the face shield that is all new is the reinforcements that they have added on the bottom and top , now the CWR 1 shield. They have done a couple of other things not only is it reinforced for a better seal but you have an extra layer of gasket material at the bottom and the top of the helmet as well again to give you a better seal against the elements and preventing wind noise and whistling you have an all new base plate system that is adjustable you can see there's a little adjustment screw right here it has several positions you turn them its actually like a ___ and its going to pull the base plate just slightly forward or backward so that you can customize how tight of a seal your getting against that gasket system on the shell itself . And that's going to give you a very good seal for unwanted wind noise and water from coming in on the inside. As for the finish of it i really like what they have done here a little attention to detail there , its got a nice kind of carbon fiber look to it to the plastic its not just a kind of generic black plastic . Removing the shield is as easy as ever , its a simple trigger and it goes right back on here quickly so swapping face shields is quick. Now speaking of the face shield they are supposed to be coming out with a transition face shield for this helmet which will be absolutely fantastic . It wont be cheap but it is supposed to darken when its exposed to UV , so its going to be one shield that you leave on the helmet all the time . Clear at night and darkens depending on the conditions during the day .
Information and Details about the Shoei RF-1100 Solids Helmets
made by Shoei
Shoei RF-1100 Solid Helmets are one of the BEST motorcycle helmets you will find. The Shoei RF 1100 Solid helmets combine a very low weight, low noise, removable liner and Snell 2010 safety ratings. But one thing we really like is the massive improvement to the ventilation system. by adding 2 new vents to the rear and make them all adjustable, you can really tailor the ventilation to your specific need/weather.

Checkout all the Closeout Shoei Helmets here! If you do not see your size or color, call us and we will make you a killer deal on a new Shoei RF-1200 Motorcycle Helmets or Shop our full selection of Motorcycle Helmets here. We want your business!

Unrivaled in every feature category, there’s not another helmet on the market that truly embodies motorcycling quite like the RF-1100. Building helmets isn’t just a means to an end for us here at SHOEI, it’s a passion that we fulfill daily, which is why we stopped at no end while evolving the RF-1100 into our best seller. Combining customer and dealer requests with state-of-the-art technology and everything learned over 50 years of premium helmet development has yielded the finest sport-touring full-face that money can buy. The groundbreaking RF-1100—where aggressive styling meets SHOEI’s unrivaled attention to detail. The Evolution of Perfection never ends...

AIM+ Shell Construction:
Aerodynamic properties are maximized through extensive wind tunnel and professional riders’ feedback
High performance fiber materials are combined with extremely elastic organic fibers to create shell structure that is ultra lightweight, rigid and resilient
5 Shell Sizes and six EPS liner configurations present increased fit options that comfortably fit most head sizes
A third generation Tail Fin, integrated into the bottom rear beading in combination with the Shell-Integrated Spoiler, allows smooth airflow that reduces drag and lift

CW-1 Face Shield
The CW-1, three-dimensionally curved shield is both wider and taller than the CX-1V it replaces
Q.R.S.A. (Quick Release Self-Adjusting) Base Plate System
Q.R.S.A. base plate allows for tool-less face shield removal and installation.
Every time the shield is lowered, the spring-loaded base plate (U.S. patent pending 11/799935) pulls the shield back to contact the window beading evenly, ensuring a wind and waterproof seal between shield and helmet

Variable Ventilation System
Upper Air Intake Vent is positioned to maximize air volume into the helmet interior
Top outlet vent is separate from the Shell-
Integrated Spoiler, allowing it to be positioned for optimum flow-through ventilation
Four rear outlet vents allow for adjustment of airflow based on riding position
Enlarged lower air intake/defroster vent reduces shield fogging and increases ventilation
The rear/neck outlets allow for effective air exhaust
Breath guard and chin curtain included

Interior System
The entire interior lining (cheek pads, crown liner and chin strap covers) is easily removed to allow cleaning
Each component of the inner liner is ergonomically designed to offer the ultimate in safety, fit and comfort
Eyeglass compatible

Tech Specs
5 shell sizes
Weight: 3.54 Pounds / 1604grams (based on size medium / solid color)
DOT and Snell M2010 approved

And if you Need help with sizing? Read our Shoei Size Chart for more help. And don't forget our Gear Pros are always available to help you out if you need advice.

Note: Due to manufacturer restrictions, Shoei products can only be shipped to addresses within the United States

Shoei RF-1100 Solids Helmets Product Reviews
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GREAT HELMET - TODD   PA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Quiet, great ventilation, easy shield change, good speaker pockets
Cons: none

Great helmet, see pro's above

Shoei helmet - Scott Rodby   MN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Seems safe, good ventilation
Cons: Tight fit.

Nice helmet. I have a large head, 2xl fits tight. I have adjusted the foam pads, now seems fine.

Shoei RF-1100 - SDinTX   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Great fit, light, ventilation perfect. Looks super.
Cons: None

Love this helmet. Great price. Shoei customer for life.

Shoei RF-1100 Helmet - Mike   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Excellent quality and price, perfect fit, great ventilation, improved vision
Cons: Face shield closes by itself when in windy conditions on first click open

Previously owned Shoei RF-1000. The RF-1100 is a very good upgrade. Much better ventilation and increased vision with larger face shield, and an all round improvement in features. XL size fits perfect just like the RF-1000 did.

D.Steele - D.Steele   NJ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Comfortable-Great ventilation-Easy to use strap and shield.
Cons: The old Rf1100 replacement shields dont fit on the newer Rf's.

I love Shoei helmets-always the greatest protection for your buck You cant put a price on your head so to speak. I love the new design-has great ventilation and easy to use removable shield. Im constantly change my shield for conditions. Yellow for night and rain-smoke for sunny days and clear on overcast days. The Padding inside is very comfortable and replaceable. Have owned Rf models for last 12-13 years and have never been disappointed or had a problem. I would buy another and recommend it to a friend.

Awesome - Saskwatch707   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Comfortable, reputable brand, sleek, a big fyes.
Cons: Price - But it was on sale for cheapest around

Can't invest enough into protection. This was well worth the investment.

Shoie RF1100 - VT1300 in NC   NC Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Everything about this helmet
Cons: A little tight in the cheeks

Absolutely love this helmut. Compared to my HJC, It's MUCH quieter, weighs half as much, half the wind resistance... I just love this helmet

Shoei RF-1100 - Rather-ride   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Great Fit, Great Comfort, Great Quality, Great Value
Cons: None

3rd Shoei RF I have owned. Never been disappointed.

Helmet size - Superzigg   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: great helmet
Cons: I had to buy a large becuase medium is really snug.

Great Helmet but size runs small.I had to get a large and i normally wear a medium.

Can't go wrong with the RF1100 - nocman2   GA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Widely used model that only gets compliments
Cons: Pin lock shield is not included.

The RF1100 fits very well. I have not used it in the summer yet, but I can tell you I had the vents open on a very cool day and could actually feel the air flow within the helmet. I'm positive it's going to keep me cooler in the summer The helmet has a wide field of vision as well.

Great Helmet and Price - RF-1100 Shoei Helmet   TN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Fit, Breathability, Field of view, Price
Cons: Snug at first

First Shoei helmet I bought on clearance for 250. Field of vision is amazing, as is ventilation. always wore HJC, but this is a whole new level of funcitonality and protection. Fits comparable to HJC helmets.

The best I've ever had. - Jeff   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Great fit, multiple shield positions
Cons: there aren't more color options for my 3X sized head

I've tried other brands and have found myself comparing them to the Shoei that I had previously purchased. The first day with this new helmet I was reminded about the features and quality that I have been missing.

Tour bike Rider - Richard T. from RI   RI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Excellent Construction. Full protection.
Cons: Cheek protection is very tight if your face is full.

Large helmet comes with #35 cheek pads. #33 and #31 are available. I ordered #33 and the difference is minimal and still uncomfortable. I'm debating on returning for #31..

Shhoei RF 1100 - REX rider   MI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Great fit, good air flow
Cons: None

What else can I say It's a Shoei. They just keep getting better. The new vent system really lets the air flow and the new features on the shield are really slick

Great helmet, fits perfect - Super quality helmet   NM Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Great finish and well constructed Shoei helmet
Cons: [None]

I'm always skeptical ordering something on line that has to fit perfectly. In this case, the sizing chart is true to size and ordering from the company was smooth. Shipping was also quick considering it was right before Christmas.

Great helmet - Dave S   IL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Fits right, high quality, plenty of vents
Cons: Hard to put J&M speakers in, but can be done.

Great helmet, this is my third Shoei helmet.

RF-1100 - Mike H   IL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Great fit. Quiet. Great price form Comp Acc
Cons: None for me

It all starts with the fit. No one wants to wear a helmet that does not fit. Different helmets fit better that others depending on the wearers head. The Shoei line of helmets fit me perfectly. Comfortable and secure. Plenty of peripheral vision and quiet too. Noise fatigue is something to consider when on an extended ride. This helmet also has very little lift when worn riding a bike with no fairing. I got the dark smoke shield too. The shield has no distortion and changing them is quick and easy. I buy the optical white and the finish is flawless. Shoei delivers a top of the line product at a reasonable price. You could spend a lot more money for a DOT Snell rated helmet. My wife and I have Nolan's we wear when riding together for Bluetooth communication feature. When I ride alone, I always reach for the Shoei.

Shoei RF-1100 Excellent - James from Las Vegas   NV Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Excellent build quality and love the new face shield that pulls itself tighter to the shell - it actually works
Cons: They aren't free

Really excellent helmet. I buy Shoei and Arai because I love riding and want to give myself the best protection possible. I know there are other good name brand helmets out there but for the last 25 years its been Shoei and Arai for me. I admit to holding on to them longer than you're supposed to but I also treat them like Faberge eggs. This new Shoei face shield really works as advertised to make the helmet noticeably quieter than my old Shoei and Arai. I ride both faired and unfaired bikes and it works on both. I highly recommend this helmet.

I am so happy that I went with competition accessories to get my fiances RF-1100 matte black helmet! They had awesome customer service super fast shipping and the item arrived in great brand new never been touched condition! I am very impressed and I will definitely be buying more items from them in the near future!

Top notch quality... best helmet that I have owned... better than my Arai Corsair, Arai out, Shoei in!!!!!!!

Last Disciples MC  
My first Shoei full face. The RF-1100 is awesome. Quiet and a great fit. Love it. Also, service was fast and easy.

I ve worn shoei helmets since the RF 700, buying each new generation: with the new multitec thrown in for flip up convenience. The new RF 1100 is by far the best I ve owned so far. The removable interior and size adjustable cheek pads make custom fitting this helmet a snap. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to upgrade from an older shoei or switching to the shoei brand.

By far the best helmet I've owned in the last 10 years. Coolest ventilation system yet. Very comfortable even in South Texas heat and humidity.

I debated between the RF-1100 and the new Arai RX-Q, but could not justify the huge price difference for the Arai, even though I liked the interior better. This Shoei is excellent in every respect: The comfort is great, venting is great, the removable lining is great, the peripheral vision is great, and I like that the aerodynamic shape is molded into the contours of the shell. There is no fragile plastic wing glued onto the ouside of the helmet. I was at the high end of the Shoei posted size chart "Medium" range, but had to size up the the large. Definately try on the helmet before buying. I selected the pearl grey color sight unseen, and I was delighted. The shiny metal-flake paint was flawless and the color is absolutely gorgeous. Perfect with a silver, grey or black bike--or . I am extremely pleased with my purchase and am glad that I did not spend the extra 250 for the Arai RX-Q

Quieter than my X-11 YES, but the quietest I've tested no, R2S2 still gots Shoei beat, but this maybe a cam issue with the locking mechanism so I've heard. Very comfortable and for the winter time if you don't want air rushing in this thing blocks it! Did a test run, yes in 20F weather, for all vents at 80mph and in-town, avg 45mph, and this helmet sucks in air big time. I am very impressed by the new Shoei RF-1100 so much so I may just retire my X-11.

old IP in AL  
Best helmet I've owned in my 60 years. Great peripheral vision and pretty quiet. Washable and replaceable lining, too!! Whatever will they think of next

Shoei RF-1100 - Reggie   MA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Lots of venting options. Good fit. Low noise.
Cons: Fit is more snug than previously owned Shoei's

Previously, I wore a size M helmet Shoei. Now, the M is too small. Other than that, the helmet has a great fit and good low-noise design so hearing isn't impaired. The many venting options means less fogging and more comfort.

Solid B Helmet - jaydoubleu   MD Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Quiet and Comfortable, did I mention Quiet and Comfortable
Cons: Pension for Fogging, Fitment, Crushing In

The Shoei RF1100 is the quietest helmet I've ever worn, period. I just spent 24 hours over 3 days wearing it, and it's also considerably comfortable. The venting in the helmet means you'll never be without fresh air. The complaints I have about the RF1100 are few, as it was rainy during my tour, the helmet did fog rather easily, the built in shield lift button helped a little with that. The issues with the fitment have been a matter of breaking in the new pads on a properly fitting helmet. Now that the pads are mostly broken in, I am getting a bit of an air gap feeling in the helmet at highway speeds, which I'm hoping is just the sensation of air rushing through the helmet, and not an indicator that the helmet pads are overly worn in I wore a headsock for a big part of my ride.

Great buy - Nehpets   PA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Great price, great look, good ventilation,Snell and DOT appropoved
Cons: Cheek pads to tight

Love everything about this helmet. I wish I had my choice of cheek pads though. My problem though. I have puffy cheeks. I understand I can buy bigger ones as an option but at 40.00 buying on line and paying shipping for something that may or may not work is not woth it.

My Head Thanks Me - John Brooks   IA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Fit
Cons: None yet

I am glad I paid extra for a premium helmet. I have been wearing HJC's for years somewhat comfortably. I did not know what I was missing out on in comfort until I slipped on the Shoei RF-1100. WOW What a difference. Fits my noggin like a glove, very comfortable. It is mid February in Iowa and I have as of yet to get any road time with the RF-1100, so I can only comment on the fit. I will be back later to review how it performs in the wild.

great helmet - Pat   ID Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: light, good ventilation
Cons: high retail price, shield steams up too easily in cool weather

a great helmet. I've always liked Shoei and this one is a big step up from my old RF model.

Great helmet - Frank   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Quiet, Comfortable, Great Value
Cons: Chin Strap is a little bulky, Rear vent difficult to open while riding

Overall this helmet is excellent. The big check pads keep down wind noise very well. I wear glasses and this helmet fits pretty well with my frames. The chin strap is a little bulky and does rub some what on my Aerostich. Not enough to prevent me from turning my head, but here and there I do feel a slight tug on the strap.

My first ride with this was amazing. The field of vision is HUGE and wind and engine noise was dramatically less than my mid-range HJC lid. Airflow is great. Fit and finish are top notch. If this helmet doesn't work great for you, it is your freakishly shaped melon, not this lid.

The only issue was that the face shield was a little loose which caused a whistle at 40 mph. Take the shield off, loosen the two plate screws, pull the plate all the back, and tighten. Problem solved.

And the Competition Accessories price for this is SICK! Brick and mortar this helmet goes for 460. Other online stores it goes for 399. At 309, I was tempted to buy two and throw one in the back of the closet as a back-up.

Shoei RF-1100 - 614gixxer   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Great fit, easily removable washable liner
Cons: noise, cost

I had higher expectations, since this is a premier helmet with a price to match. The choices of sizes and fit is excellent as well as the finish. But it is noisy and the vents, when open, catch on things.

Review - JoshPotts   IL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Nice fit and finish
Cons: Head shack at high speeds

Good quality but a little over priced

Shoei RF-1100 - Brandon   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Good fit, easy removeablewashable interior
Cons: vents whistle, noisy

This is my first premium helmet. It is nicer than some of the bargain brands I have owned before...but buy it on sale, because I don't think it's 2 or 3 times better. The interior is easily removed and re-installed for washing. the visor is distortion-free. But it's noisy and the vent whistle. I expected more, but it's still a solid choice.

Bought to make my primary helmet with a chatterbox set up, but because of let downs in this product. Were to start,
The wind shield is flimsy, no biggy except that the seal on the helmet, especially the top side, doesn't seal all that great so there is wind whistle from that area. Even with the front intake open there is still fogging issues. And no my breath is not on dragon status, don't have issue with other helmet anti fog wind shields
Air flow on top side is pretty good. Padding is comfortable but lacks some guess for the the design it was made for and that is for intercom set up and ventilation. Comes with a free wide mess chin guard. Has a wind shield lock that I think should have been a positive wind shield sealing lock. Great Price from CompAcc

I can't call it, this will be my spare helmet which sucks because I had high hope for it since it is Shoei.

noisey - bmw rider   Recommended by Reviewer: No
Pros: nice looking, good air flow but noisy
Cons: noisy flimsy leaky sheild way overpriced

I Don't get it I heard all the rave so I tried the rf1100. Spent over 400 plus shields, on it and I really don't get all the hype. I have been riding for 40 years and have owned to many helmets to count. This one is very noisy and the shield system is flimsy and overpriced. I bought 3 different shields 2 shoei and 1 aftermarket and all leak and blow air in my eyes no matter how the vents are set. The helmet is so noisy that on my last long ride I ended up stopping for earplugs. Forget listening to music at highway speed. Very disappointed 0

Part Number Status for Shoei RF-1100 Solids Helmets
Options SKU Our Price Availability
SH-RF11-S-MBK $324.99 Currently Not Available for Order
SH-RF11-M-MBK $324.99 Currently Not Available for Order
SH-RF11-M-WH $324.99 Currently Not Available for Order
SH-RF11-M-BK $324.99 Currently Not Available for Order
Medium Light Silver SH-RF11-M-LSV $324.99 Currently Not Available for Order
SH-RF11-M-ANTH $324.99 Currently Not Available for Order
SH-RF11-M-PGY $278.99 Currently Not Available for Order
SH-RF11-L-PGY $278.99 Currently Not Available for Order
SH-RF11-L-ANTH $278.99 Currently Not Available for Order
SH-RF11-L-LSV $324.99 Currently Not Available for Order
SH-RF11-L-BK $324.99 Currently Not Available for Order
SH-RF11-L-WH $324.99 Currently Not Available for Order
SH-RF11-L-MBK $278.99 Currently Not Available for Order
SH-RF11-XL-MBK $324.99 Currently Not Available for Order
SH-RF11-XL-WH $319.99 Currently Not Available for Order
SH-RF11-XL-BK $324.99 Currently Not Available for Order
SH-RF11-XL-LSV $324.99 Currently Not Available for Order
SH-RF11-XL-ANTH $278.99 Currently Not Available for Order
SH-RF11-XL-PGY $278.99 Currently Not Available for Order
SH-RF11-2X-PGY $278.99 Currently Not Available for Order
SH-RF11-2X-ANTH $324.99 Currently Not Available for Order
SH-RF11-2X-LSV $324.99 Currently Not Available for Order
2X-Large Black SH-RF11-2X-BK $324.99 Currently Not Available for Order
SH-RF11-2X-WH $278.99 Currently Not Available for Order
SH-RF11-2X-MBK $324.99 Currently Not Available for Order
SH-RF11-3X-BK $278.99 Currently Not Available for Order
SH-RF11-3X-WH $278.99 Currently Not Available for Order
SH-RF11-3X-LSV $278.99 Currently Not Available for Order
SH-RF11-3X-ANTH $324.99 Currently Not Available for Order
SH-RF11-3X-MBK $278.99 Currently Not Available for Order

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Shoei RF-1100 Solids Helmets - Black
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