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Shoei - Shoei RF-1100 Seilon XL Black Helmets Shoei - Shoei RF-1100 Seilon XL Black Helmets Shoei - Shoei RF-1100 Seilon XL Black Helmets Shoei - Shoei RF-1100 Seilon XL Black Helmets Shoei - Shoei RF-1100 Seilon XL Black Helmets Shoei - Shoei RF-1100 Seilon XL Black Helmets Shoei - Shoei RF-1100 Seilon XL Black Helmets Shoei - Shoei RF-1100 Seilon XL Black Helmets Shoei - Shoei RF-1100 Seilon XL Black Helmets Shoei - Shoei RF-1100 Seilon XL Black Helmets
Shoei RF-1100 Seilon XL Black Helmets
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Video Reviews
Hey this is Reuben with Competition Accessories today were taking a look at the Shoei RF1100 this is the replacement for the RF1000. Ive got the RF1000 up here to show you the differences between the two this is the old __ Graphic and I have RF 1100's up here i have matte black this is called the enigma this is the conquer obviously there's other colors and options as well . First of all i wanted to show you the differences between the two helmets between the old RF1000 which is one of Shoeis best selling helmets and the new RF1100. The RF1000 has been a great helmet for a lot of riders for a lot of years and with the RF1100 it takes it one step further. You have a whole other level of ventilation and other features as well if you take a look at them side by side you can take a look and see how much bigger the eye port is its the new shield its the CW1 shield its the same shield they use on the X12 so that's their high end racing helmet . You've got a lot wider of an eye port a lot better peripheral vision and you also have more top to bottom space you'll be able to see better when your down in that tucked position if your riding on the track or really spirited riding your gonna have a lot more vision out of the helmet . The venting is also a lot more aggressive on the RF1100. You have a larger chin bar vent you have very similar vents on the top here, and if you look at the back you have four close able vents and then there is two hidden exhaust vents right behind the neck at the base of the helmet where as the RF1000 only had the exhaust vents under the spoiler as well as the under vents here as well. The shell shape is also significantly improved if you look at the 1000 compared to the 1100 , the 1000 has a sort of round shape helmet with a bolt on plastic spoiler into the actual shell of the helmet and this helmet has Shoeis AIM plus shell which is their advanced integrated matrix plus multi fiber shell material which is basically a composite of carbon fiber, Kevlar and fiber glass and its SNELL 2010 approved obviously as well . So I'm going to move the RF 1000 out of the way I'm going to kind of break it down in the RF1100 take a look at all the features in detail here. So looking at the vents in detail here on the RF1100 they are just a lot more aggressive in their function and their position the chin bar vent is like i said a little bit bigger then the RF1000 its going to direct air up onto the face shield to help reduce fogging. Up at the top you have two vents that are going to draw air down in around the rail and actually channel through the EPS , when we get into the interior of this helmet were going to kind of show you where the air goes and on the back of this helmet you've got four exhaust vents and you can open and close these in any combination you want really customize the helmet air flow your getting through your helmet . The exterior vents here are going to as air rolls over the back of the helmet , the front vents are going to have cool air pushed in and the warm air inside of the helmet is going to come right out the back its going to be drawn out by the vacuum created behind your head there's also two hidden vents at the base of the neck roll here you can feel them with your fingers. Basically its the same type of effect warm air is going to be drawn out from underneath the bottom of the helmet as well . Like i said earlier this is the same face shield used on the X12 its the CW1 its a wider eye port its also got several different detentes you could crack it open and it has a ratcheting mechanism all the way up and down. On the side here you have a locking mechanism if you tilt that lever back that shield is locked down so if your on the track and you do head checks it will lock down so it doesn't come open thats there for you, and if you push it forward slightly and it cracks the shield slightly so you can get just a little bit of air flow to come in from the bottom if you need the shield from defogging there . To remove the shield you actually open it all the way and its got the quick release self adjusting base plate before i take it off if you look at the ratcheting mechanism here when i close the shield all the way this spring actually pulls the shield back against the helmet and it will have a nice tight seal all the way around that gasket , its going to result in a quieter helmet and its also going to provide you with a better seal against the elements if your riding in the rain. Ill show you a feature here when i take the shield off , you just push that trigger forward the shield comes off its very easy to use. Another thing i don't know if you'll be able to see it on here on the camera here, but there's a lip around the top of the CW-1 shield and what that does is it seals around the top of this gasket . So if you've ever had a helmet where if your riding in the rain you've got water dripping down on the inside of your shield very frustrating , you've got a lip now which is going to give you a really nice seal around the top of the helmet to prevent that from happening . This shield is also available with the pin lock insert so you can get one with pin lock posts you can buy pin lock inserts basically what that does is gives you a duel layered shield you can install the insert and that's going to prevent any fogging from happening they work really really well so if your in an area that has high humidity that's a really great option as well . To reinstall the shield just line up these pins give it a little push there and it snaps right back into place just like so. So now were going to go ahead and move to the inside of this helmet and show you those features. On the interior of this helmet one thing that has significantly improved over the RF1000 now the interior is fully removable that's not something you had with the RF1000 that's a very welcomed feature especially if your running in a hot environment or you do a lot of track days of your sweating a lot you can actually take the entire liner out and replace it you can wash it so that's definitely a welcomed feature. I'm going go ahead and pull one of the cheek pads out here which is basically three snaps and this plastic piece inserts between the shell and the liner , these cheek pads are layered its actually multiple layers of foam you have a nice contour against your skin. Its a nice soft fabric as well . If you take a close look here there's actually recesses here as well for speakers if you use a communication system or if you install speakers for music or GPS or anything like that , you've got a space already cut out of the shell so that you have a spot to put those. Go ahead and remove the rest of the interior here the cheek pads come right out this is a brand new one that we just pulled out of the box . The center pad of this helmet is actually what they call their 3D center pad which is again going to contour the shape of your head its also has raised portions and opening so that ventilation that's coming up through the top of the helmet you can actually see there's holes here and its going to channel the air and it can get to your skin. If i flip the helmet up here you can actually see on the inside of this helmet these channels these groves are designed not only to prevent your head from being hurt in an impact which is what the actual liner does but holes here and these are really going to channel all that air all over your head so your not going to have just one or two spots where you have good ventilation your going to have good ventilation all throughout your head with this helmet. The Shoei RF1100 starts $377 for solids and goes up to $472 for graphics it weighs in at 3 and a half pounds which is actually slightly lighter then the X12 which is their high end race helmet . One thing that's really neat about Shoei helmets is that they do have a 5 year warranty from the date of purchase and they also give you 7 years from the date of manufacture and they also have a Shoei inspection program which is free of charge, so if you drop your helmet and are not sure if its damaged or usable you can just send it off to Shoei they will inspect it for free and they will let you know if its good to go or not. The RF1000 was a great helmet for years from Shoei the 1100 just takes it one step further its a great helmet. If you any questions just give us a call or check them out online at competition accessories .com.
Hey guys this is Reuben with Competition Accessories welcome to our head to head comparison of Shoei RF1100 vs all new Shoei RF1200. Now if your familiar with the RF line of helmets going back the RF1000 was one of the more popular full face helmets ever to be produced certainly one of the most successful models for Shoei and they fall in right under their X line of helmets which is their flagged ship race helmets . Right now its the X12 and the X11 before that. Their very high end race helmets as well but they are very aggressively vented which they a little bit more noisy as far as the wind noise goes , and on top of that they are more expensive. For the every day rider who occasionally does that track day or is more of a commuter , long distance tourer or just attacking the twisties on the weekend when you can . The RF line of helmets is definitely a lot more affordable , but it also give you some advantages for the street like a quieter ride. Now looking at the two a lot of you are probably familiar with the RF1100 , I actually got a chance to ride in both of these earlier . They are both size medium which is the size i normally wear . First thing your going to notice when looking at these things side by side, is the RF1200 is actually physically a smaller helmet on the outside. They brought the shell dimensions in quite a bit to give you a more compact feel which is a fantastic thing. You can also see the RF1100 they integrated that rear spoiler into the shell itself which brought the shell out a little bit further and now they have gone with an add on integrated rear spoiler much like the RF1000. The other big advantage of actually shrinking the shell itself is the weight savings you have. You have 3.6 pounds for the RF1100 and then we throw RF1200 on the scale and your looking at 3.45 pounds , Under 3 and a half pounds. And that's going to translate into less neck fatigue and a more comfortable ride as you experience the open road for hours and hours on end. First thing i noticed when i pulled this helmet on my head is the opening is quite a bit smaller quite a bit more snug on the RF 1200 they actually brought the neck roll in quite a bit closer to the face which again translates into a quieter ride . This one is a little bit easier to get off and it is also a little bit more open at the bottom of the helmet . You'll also notice that the RF1100 has a lot of fabric along the base of the helmet, The best thing in my opinion is they have given you a kind of rubberized finish all along the bottom of the helmet which is not only going to keep the helmet cleaner when you set it down its also going to keep nicer for a longer period of time . So if you set your helmet down on the sidewalk or at a rest stop, you can expect the helmet to last a bit longer. Speaking of the cheek pads it brought over the emergency quick release cheek pad system, you can see these red tabs here simply grab a hold of that and pull down and you'll be removing the cheek pads just like that . There's quite a bit of engineering that went into that these little snaps work they actually have ramps built into them to actually release them as you pull down in that direction . The purpose of them though is not just so you can simply and quickly release and pull your cheek pads out , it actually has a notice to emergency personnel here on the side so if they suspect neck injury's or maybe your unconscious after an accident they can remove the cheek pads very easily while your still wearing the helmet and that opens the base of the opening quite a bit more so they can easily slide the helmet off of your head without causing further neck injury's , this is definitely a very very welcome innovation that they have brought over from their race helmets. Also new for this helmet is the new ventilation system. You have a chin bar vent which is very similar to what the RF1100 did, but the new one is much more flush on the front of the helmet again reducing wind noise . The big difference is they have added a third vent at the top of the helmet which is a brow vent that's actually directing air into the air channels in the EPS liner .You still have two intake vents here at the top . If you take a look at the set up on the RF1100 you have 4 separate exhaust vents that you have to physically close individually, so that means while your riding you are reaching up on the top of your head and closing or opening all four vents separately. Its great for customizing air flow but takes a little bit more time to open and close , so if you get caught in the rain these are exposed and open on the top so water could find its way down onto your head. Now you still have 4 exhaust vents but they are hidden under this integrated spoiler and they are all operated with a single switch. Its a lot faster to open and close it . And I don't know about you guys but i typically have all my vents open or all my vents closed depending on the weather and how cold it is. I much prefer a simple system that just opens them all up , if its hot enough to have one vent open in my opinion its just about warm enough to have them all open. Maybe with the exception of the chin bar vent, which you can use to combat fog to give you air to put up onto the face shield. Speaking of a face shield you do have a pin lock ready shield included now and the pin lock insert comes in the box as well . So the RF1200 is definitely giving you a good system right in the box to combat fog . Another thing you will notice about the face shield that is all new is the reinforcements that they have added on the bottom and top , now the CWR 1 shield. They have done a couple of other things not only is it reinforced for a better seal but you have an extra layer of gasket material at the bottom and the top of the helmet as well again to give you a better seal against the elements and preventing wind noise and whistling you have an all new base plate system that is adjustable you can see there's a little adjustment screw right here it has several positions you turn them its actually like a ___ and its going to pull the base plate just slightly forward or backward so that you can customize how tight of a seal your getting against that gasket system on the shell itself . And that's going to give you a very good seal for unwanted wind noise and water from coming in on the inside. As for the finish of it i really like what they have done here a little attention to detail there , its got a nice kind of carbon fiber look to it to the plastic its not just a kind of generic black plastic . Removing the shield is as easy as ever , its a simple trigger and it goes right back on here quickly so swapping face shields is quick. Now speaking of the face shield they are supposed to be coming out with a transition face shield for this helmet which will be absolutely fantastic . It wont be cheap but it is supposed to darken when its exposed to UV , so its going to be one shield that you leave on the helmet all the time . Clear at night and darkens depending on the conditions during the day .
Information and Details about the Shoei RF-1100 Seilon XL Black Helmets
made by Shoei
Buy Introducing the Shoei RF1100, including the Seilon RF-1100, Shoei helmets has improved on the RF-1000 helmet by adding a host of improvements to increase rider comfort and overall performance. This is the new Premium Sport and Sports touring helmet on the market.
For years the RF1000 has been the bench mark for high end sport/touring helmets. But the design is now dated and needs some updates. For 2010 Shoei has remodeled the helmet with the new RF-1100 helmet. They have apparently been listening to the consumer and have added a removable liner and increased the number of shell sizes to 5 total.

RF1100 Helmet Product Details
  • Highly Advanced Aerodynamic Design
  • Shell integrated spoiler and vents
  • Revolutionary new shape with advanced dual liner
  • High performance ventilation system
  • The industries most effective ventilation channels
  • New Larger High performance QRSA shield CW-1 system
  • Ability to add the Fog Free pinlock system
  • New fully removable interior with optional cheek pads
  • New enlarged space around the mouth
  • Enlarged chin vent
  • 4 Adjustable rear vents
  • Snell 2010 and DOT safety rating

    Our Thoughts
    Checkout all the Closeout Shoei Helmets here! If you do not see your size or color, call us and we will make you a killer deal on a new Shoei RF-1200 Motorcycle Helmets or Shop our full selection of Motorcycle Helmets here. We want your business!

  • Shoei RF-1100 Seilon XL Black Helmets Product Reviews
    Review this Product  for a chance to win a $100 gift card.

    Another Excellent Shoei Helmet - D. Baker   WA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Shoei Quality.
    Cons: More vents than I need.

    When it comes to helmets, I buy Shoei. I learned a long time ago I have a Shoei head, and I know when I buy a XL it will fit me perfectly. This is my fifth Shoei and each has been a little better than the last. They are comfortable with no hot spots after a few hours of wear. Wind noise is minimal. As advertised, I did notice on the RF-1100 there is more visability than I have with my RF-1000. Graphics are sharp, and the finish is excellent. Back when I lived in Texas I probably would have appreciated the multitude of vents on the '1100, but now that I'm in a cooler climate I could do with a few less. That's not a complaint, just an observation. The surplus of vents do not detract from the helmet in any way, and would certainly be a plus for some riders. For those who find the fit around the jaw line too tight or too loose, Comp Acc sells pads in a variety of thicknesses that will allow a custom fit. Speaking of which, as usual Comp Acc was great to work with. Great pricing, fast shipping. It gets no better.

    Great Helmet - mike   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Air Flow
    Cons: None

    Very quiet and flows a lot of air is GREAT

    RF-1100 - Steve   WI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Solid feel, quality product, comfortable
    Cons: A little pricy, couldn't find one in blue

    After trying on several helmets and different brands the Shoei fit the best. The padding is extremely comfortable and the air vents make this helmet breath extremely well. The visor dies not have a. Heap feel like some of the other brands and overall the Shoei feels like a better quality.

    Shoei RF1100 - Mike   MI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Excellent fit and finish.
    Cons: Slightly noisier than I had hoped.

    This is my 3rd Shoei helmet, and as with my previous 2, this is an excellent helmet. I bought a closeout and got a great deal. Shipping was quick, and no problems at all with my items I ordered. Happy with the service I have recieved over the years from CompAcc over the years...keep up the good work.

    Shoei RF-1100 Seilon Helmet - Skeeter   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great fit, super peripheral view and fairly quiet.
    Cons: Seems to attract bug hits.

    I upgraded from an RF-1000 to this helmet. I believe the view from the RF-1100 is slightly better and the face shield fits tighter than it does on the former helmet. The venting is also excellent. This is one excellent helmet

    Another Great Helmet from Shoei - rc5695   SC Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Quiet, Tight Fit, Comfortable, Well Vented
    Cons: [None]

    I put over 100k miles on my RF-1000 over the last 7-8 years, so it was time for a new helmet. I loved my Shoei, so the RF-1100 was the natural first choice. After trying on a couple of other helmets and reading a few other reviews, it was the only choice. Fit is slightly more snug, esp. in the nose area, but it is extremely close to the same as the RF-1000. The vents adjust as much as you'd ever want to, and bring lots of air through. It is VERY quiet, with no whistles, except at certain head angles with ONLY the chin vent 12 open. Quiet as could be with the chin vent fully open or closed. I'm sure I'll get used to it, but the visor exchange was easier on the 1000. This is a better set-up on the 1100 as far as the whole mechanism is concerned, but swapping is slightly more cumbersome. Extremely happy with my purchase

    Shoei Me The Way To Go Home - Slewfoot   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great fit quality build useful features
    Cons: Heavier than I thought it would be

    Great helmet at a fair price that keeps me safe. Good service from Comp A made it a successful purchase.

    rf-1100 - vivo   NJ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: vents well, removable interior and cheek pads.
    Cons: none

    Quality construction and finish and replacing the cheek pads altered the fit for me. The standard pads were too tight for me. I changed them out for the next size smaller which are snug but much better for me.Coming from the rf-1000, this model has been improved and I like the changes in ventilation much better.

    I love Shoei - MaGiK   AL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great fit and visibility
    Cons: [None]

    I've been wearing Shoei helmets since I've been riding. They've never let me down. The are comfortable, durable and they fit great. I recommend this helmet to anyone. Plus I got it at a great price

    Excellent Helmet - novicerider   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: comfortable, fits head like a glove, lightweight
    Cons: whistles a bit at high speeds, just have to mess with the vents to get it right

    This is my first helmet, and I can say that my next will be the same one This is a great helmet at a price you can't beat anywhere

    Great choice - Brad B   IN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Excellent fit and Superior venting
    Cons: Cheek pads too tight

    This is an excellent helmet. After trying on many different helmets at dealers to determine what fit my head best I spent many hours researching the various brands and styles online. I ride a Harley Roadking so I initially was going to get the Qwest since it is designed for cruisers but I really like the fully removable liner in the RF1100 and the better venting even if it is slightly louder. The chinpads were too tight so I ordered smaller ones to fit my face better, it is still a little tight but I believe it will break in nicely. This helmet is very comfortable and much quieter than most and the visor is easy to remove and change out. One of the best things about this helmet is that the vents really work well, when you open the vents you can really feel the air moving especially since it is winter and the wind is chilly. I can't wait till warmer weather to see how they keep my head cool.

    Only the best will do - MrMaGiK   AL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great styling, comfortable, great options for fit and wind shields
    Cons: none

    These are some of the best helmets money can buy.I have only owned Shoei helmets since i started riding and wont wear anything else. If safety is what you want, this is the helmet to buy. You wont be dissapointed

    Shoei RF 1100 Seilon - Connie 1400   MN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great Quality and value
    Cons: Chin bar vent whistles when open.

    Nice helmet Feels much lighter than my HJC CL15, also much more aerodynamic and noticeably less wind resistance and buffeting. Built in spoiler and aero shape works great Great fit and comfort. Only con is that I get a whistle sound above approx 40mph with the chin bar vent open. This happens at most normal headhelmet angles when riding my Kawasali Concours 1400. Whistle goes away when vent is closed or windshield is raised as the connie has an electric adjst windshield. Graphics are better looking than I anticipated, very cool

    Helmet - Oliver   WA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Nice looking helmet with lots of venting.
    Cons: Little loud with the vents open.

    I really like the style of the helmet. Looks good and stays cool. But with the vents open it can whistle a little.

    RF-1100 xxl - Bruce in L.A.   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: quality construction and finish
    Cons: still does not fit my big head well, xl to small in jaw, xxl too large everywhere else

    I bought an xl and an xxl, the xl was too tight in the jaw area, but O.K. around the top of my head.the xxl is ok in my jaw area, too loose everywhere else, but just O.K. behind the large windscreen of my K1200LT, just not comfortable on my naked bikes.Quality helmet, just not a great fit for my large head

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    Wireframe View
    Shoei RF-1100 Seilon XL Black Helmets - AIM Shell Construction
    AIM Shell Construction
    Shoei RF-1100 Seilon XL Black Helmets - Airflow View
    Airflow View