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Shoei - Replacement Parts - Shoei GT Air Helmet Replacement CNS-1 Base Plate Set  
Shoei GT Air Helmet Replacement CNS-1 Base Plate Set


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Base Plate Set - Shoei GT Air Helmet Replacement CNS-1 Base Plate Set
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Video Reviews
Hey guys this is Reuben with Competition Accessories welcome to our review of the all new Shoei GT Air Motorcycle helmet. This is a brand new helmet for 2013 from Shoei. It is actually the first full face shoei helmet that we've seen with an integrated internal sun-visor. So if your familiar with the Shoei Neotec that was released last year that is a modular helmet its gone over extremely well very popular modular helmet they brought over that same sun-shield design into a full faced helmet. So you guys who have been waiting for a high end full faced helmet from shoei helmets that has an internal sun-visor this is your motorcycle helmet. Now a couple of things to talk about with this internal sun-visor while were here , this is the only sun-visor that im aware of that is installed in a motorcycle helmet that actually meets the American National Standards Institutes rating for non prescription eye-wear. So that A.N.S.I standard that you might have seen on safety glasses and things like that , that actually guarantees that this is optically correct shield and its also guaranteed to be shatter proof and it has an anti scratch and anti fog coating on it .Its actually going to function very well as eye protection as well as being optically correct and not creating any kind of distortion or anything. I've actually been able to put about 20 miles on this helmet earlier today. This internal sun-shield is very clear , and its also very very convenient if you've never had a helmet with this type of system inside it it just makes it very convenient. So if your commuting or riding where the light conditions may change if you might go into a tunnel or under some tree coverage and you need to adjust for the light conditions . Its a simple slider switch on the side of this helmet, so the Gt-air helmet has this slider you just slide that forward or back to raise it up or down. Its very straight forward and easy to use and that tinting is just the right amount for bright sunny conditions and like i said for darker conditions you can raise it up out of the way and you have your clear face shield. Now if your familiar with the Shoei Neotec the modular helmet that is what introduced this system for Shoei last year, it went really well very very popular helmet.One thing Shoei helmets did very differently with the Neotec and they brought it over to this model there the GT Air helmet is rather then compromising on the thickness of the EPS liner(which is the foam on the inside of the helmet that is what actually absorbs impact) instead of taking away some of that thickness for that internal shield to retract what they've actually done is they built up the forehead area of this helmet shell and they have raised it up to allow for that a little bit of area a little bit of room inside that is needed for that internal visor to raise up out of the way without compromising the thickness of the EPS liner. So its not going to compromise on the safety of the motorcycle helmet. You have the same integral shell design here the EPS liner is not compromised on thickness. If i actually turn the helmet sideways you can actually see where that ridge is , the raised portion that that internal visor can move up and out of the way without compromising on the safety of the helmet. Were talking about face shields here. This is actually a new shield as well its called CNS1 shared with the Shoei Neotec. Its actually a taller and wider eye port then the Shoei RF-1100 so you have a little bit more vision out of the GT-Air helmet and they actually include the pin-lock insert and the pin-lock ready shield with it. So you might notice there's some little plastic posts on either side of this shield and that is actually for instillation of the pin-lock system. If your not familiar with that we actually have a full detailed review how to install it how these systems work at preventing fog but its essentially a little anti-fog insert. Its a poly carbonate insert that goes inside the shield and installs right between these two posts. It gives you a nice little sealed edge and it creates a bead of air between the inner shield and the outer shield which insulates the out side from the inside which does a really good job at preventing fog especially in colder weather. Ive had one on my helmet all winter long and they are indispensable for cold weather riding, they really help to prevent fogging. The helmet shield is removed with a simple lever system on the side here its a little trigger that you pull and then if you pop away the sides you just have to give it a little pull there its going to pull away. And while we have the shoei shield half way taken off here i wanted to point out the way you use the gaskets on the Shoei GT Air, there's actually a duel bead gasket. You can actually see that there is two layers of material that go all the way across the brow at the top and all the way across the sides and all the way across the bottom . What that does is it actually gives you two layers of protection from the elements like if its raining or if its really cold out or if you want a really good seal or preventing wind noise this helmet actually seals up really really well to prevent any wind or water from entering the helmet. So we have a duel bead system that goes all the way around, and it actually extends pretty far along the sides here and then the top of the shield. Let me go ahead and install this so you can see this because i really like the way that they designed this, to re-install just like up the upper tab here and give it a press and it will click back down if it will line up right. When you close the shield if you look here you can see they actually have a little bit of molded plastic that is part of the base plate, and the shield kind of takes up the rest of the space and then from there that rubber gasket takes over. They have done a really good job sealing up an area that a lot of helmets get a lot of wind noise. A lot of older Shoei helmets have a lot of problems with whistling wind noise for base plates that weren't adjusted right. These base plates are actually self adjusting they will pull the shield tight up against the helmet give you a really positive seal all the way around that gasket. The other thing that i wanted to talk about before we get to the inside of the helmet is the shell construction. Now we've already talked about the shell how its raised up to provide an area for that internal sun-visor to have some where to go and not compromise on the thickness of the EPS liner , so you can actually see that ridge where the front part of the helmet where it is raised up. This is Shoei motorcycle helmets AIM shell its their advanced ingratiated matrix which is a blend of carbon fiber , Kevlar and fiber glass. You'll notice that the shape of this helmet is a very unique shape as well. You have some different details throughout the helmet for aerodynamics, we have a large arrow spoiler in the back and that's just for stability its helps reduce lift or buffeting at all speed like i said i put about 20 miles on this helmet so far and im impressed by how it flows threw the air its also a very quite helmet. Were actually going to do a actual real world review at a later time when Ive actually had a chance to put some real miles on this helmet, and ill give you my actual opinions on how well it actually functions. For my quick little ride it flows really nicely threw the air , i know Shoei has a full size wind tunnel that holds a motorcycle with a rider and helmet and they do extensive testing for both wind noise , lift, aerodynamics ventilation they really test these things very very thoroughly . Taking a look at the ventilation system you have a chin bar vent and i can tell you from my short ride today it is a very effective chin bar vent, a lot of helmets that i have tried if you open and close the chin bar vent you honestly cant tell a whole lot of a difference , well this one actually moves quite a bit of air. You can actually feel it come up threw the helmet, and it actually directs the air right here up onto the face shield which is going to help combat fog it also helps give you some fresh air into the helmet. I did want to point out that this breath deflector is included in the box with the helmet , its not installed on the helmet when you get it out of the box but it does come with it but its a simply pushes in and its held in like a rubber piece and that just helps deflect your breath away from the shield again helping to combat fog. The upper vent is a two position slider and its kind of a ram air scoop. So its stuck up on the top of the helmet which is going to be a great place for those of you who have larger touring bikes or bikes with windscreens that give you a lot air protection. This is actually up at the highest point off the top of your head so its actually going to be in the great place for wind to come down inside the helmet. And it works really well its got two positions half way open and fully open. Slide the whole top piece back and forth . Obviously easy to use with gloves on. When i open this , granted today's only 65 degrees, but when i opened it i really felt it on the top of my head. On the back you have a rear exhaust vent, again just slide,this one is just open or closed. An area of low pressure is created behind the helmet as you ride which is going to help bring that warm air out the back of the helmet. It comes out here and actually at the base of the helmet neck roll there is some more areas for that warm air to come out the back. Now before we pull the whole helmet apart, I do want to throw it on the scale here to see how much it weighs , and every time you add things like internal sun visors and other features it typically adds a bit of weight to the helmet but this ones coming in at 3.7 pounds and this is a size large and that is definitely a respectable number. Here is a size large RF1100 and you can see that is 3.65 pounds . So some how Shoei has managed to make the GT Air with out adding a ton of weight when compared to the RF 1100. Now like i said i did have this one on earlier and compared to the RF-1100 im going to say its the same type of head shape which is typically an intermediate oval for Shoei's , they happen to fit me very very well. In this particular helmet it was a smidgen tighter then the RF1100 is. So keep that in mind i'm not going to say that it is anywhere close to needing to go up or down a size but in my opinion trying these on back to back this one did feel slightly tighter. So if your familiar with Shoei helmets and you know which size fits you best you are going to be reassured that this will fit you pretty well also. Now lets take a look at the inside of the GT Air because they have done some pretty neat things on the interior. First of all on the neck roll here and that's this part that goes all the way around the base of your neck. They've actually created it so that it encompasses the base of your neck and your jaw line and it really raps around the nicely around the back of your head that really works wonders at not only preventing unwanted air from swirling up inside the helmet but keeping the helmet quite. So that's very dependent on your bike by the way no matter what helmet your in , if your bike has a wind shield or a faring that directs a lot of air right at the base of your helmet no matter what helmet you have on its going to be noisy . Where as if your on a completely naked bike or a bike with a substantial windshield where you would have a lot of wind protection where you'll have a lot quieter of a ride. You have a really good chin curtain that is built into the helmet as well and this piece right here comes in right under your chin, provides a lot of coverage prevents a lot of unwanted air from swirling up ,and then the cheek pads have a lot of good jaw line support and then all the way around the back of the helmet which is very comfortable as well. You may notice these red tabs here there's actually a little sticker they include on the side of the helmet for emergency personnel. This is actually their emergency quick release system that they have used on their race helmets like the Shoei X-12 or the off road helmet call the Shoei VFXW and its for emergency personnel to know that if they grab this little red tab and they give it a pull they can actually remove the cheek pads right out of the helmet. What that does it allows them , if you were to go down and have a really nasty accident and your unconscious or they suspect you might have a neck injury , they can actually pull these out while keeping your head stabilized and that has enlarged the opening at the base of the helmet that much further. You can see how much easier it would be for them to now remove the helmet minimizing any movement to your neck to not create any further injury, if they suspect a neck injury. The chin curtain is also removable so if you decide you want to ride without it it warm or hot weather or something like that and you just want some more air flow up underneath you can pull that out. And then the crown liner is also fully removable, so you can pull that out with a few snaps around the front a couple snaps at the back and the crown liner comes right out. Now Shoei does an exceptional job a lot of people question what the extra expense is for and they do a very good job at making sure the liner is going to work with conjunction with the EPS liner( the foam liner that's in the helmet itself). This is their 3d max dry liner its moisture __ its antibacterial and you'll see that they actually use two different types of foam on different parts of the GT-Air helmet. So the top they use a much denser foam in fact if you zoom in there you can see there are different layers of foam that they use and that's to give you that really custom fit where the helmet is really hugging your entire head and staying really comfortable and without creating any unwanted pressure points . Foam that comes around the forehead area a lot of helmets tend to put a lot of pressure some times too much pressure this is a softer foam. So its going to be a lot more comfortable in that area. They've done the same type of thing with the cheek pads they are contoured to hug your face not to make you bite your cheeks or anything like that you can see its a very nice sculpted cheek pad with a nice large piece to go over the ears to keep the GT-Air helmet quiet. Now while were talking about the ears this helmet has something else that i think Shoei has done really well we have these little speaker pockets that is built into the shell itself and they are actually removable so if you grab this here you can actually pull this out and its just a little bit of foam padding with a little plastic ring and that's actually going to help deaden sound what we have actually found is that when you create a cavity by your ear for speakers if you don't have the speakers there to take up that room it tends to make the motorcycle helmet a bit noisier , so what they did was they included a piece of foam and a little bit of padding there to take up that extra room sound dampening material and it really helps keep the helmet nice and quiet . Of coarse you can take that out and you have a nice large area for a speaker if you run a communication system you can easily have a place for your speaker and its going to be right where it needs to be right next to your ear you can hear it nice and loud whether your listening to music or communication or anything like that. Finally looking at the inside of the helmet itself you can see that's the EPS foam liner that black material there that's expanded polystyrene and all those air channels you see is what directs all the air throughout the helmet so you'll see those large intake holes in the top i want you to get a good look at those very large intake holes . That is where that top vent directs air down to the top and like i said with that open i could really feel a lot of air coming down inside the shoei helmet and then those air channels are directing air out the back of the helmet here's those air channels i was talking about earlier they direct air all the way down and out the base of the neck roll and there's also exhaust ports out the top there for a rear exhaust vent. Very well designed ventilation system in this helmet . Whether your a touring rider a sport bike rider or on a cruiser if your looking for a full face helmet that has that drop down internal visor the Shoei GT Air is definitely not one to skip over its a very very well made helmet it does not disappoint. I cant wait to put some miles on this thing to give you my real world opinions on how it preforms but the short little ride that i did earlier i was very very impressed with it i was very happy with it. I'm going to put some miles on it and give you my real opinions on it in the up an coming weeks .
Information and Details about the Shoei GT Air Helmet Replacement CNS-1 Base Plate Set
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  • Replacement Base Plate Set

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    shoei chrome shield - Dan Dapkus   IL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: shoe factory shield, quality American made, snug fit
    Cons: none

    chrome replacement shield,very nice look, not too dark but probably not for night riding.

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    Helmet like new - Shoei x11 liners   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
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    Cons: Somewhat pricey, but better than 600 for new helmet

    Really love my x11. But original liners disintegrated and helmet loosened up after 20 minutes, cheek pads had no support. Strap covers looked disgusting. Anyway with new pads and liner I figure I got a few more years out my favorite discontinued helmet.

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    X-12 Helmet & Shields - Pakleo   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Helmet Fit and quality. Lenses Easily exchanged. Virtually no distortion. Quality construction.
    Cons: Helmet Difficult, if not impossible, to fit comm set. Lenses None.

    I have the Shoei X-12 Glory 2 Size XL with clear and Spectra Silver lenses. I recommend this helmet as the very best for all applications, except when you need a comm set. I went to a communications specialist store and they were unable, even with on-the-phone support from Shoei, to fit a comm set that I could comfortably wear without cutting some liner foam, which of course they advised against. In all other aspects this helmet exceeds my very high expectations. Is it expensive Yes. My thought, If you have a 10 head you should wear a 10 helmet. The lenses will meet all your expectations. However, they are not adverised to be fog proff and they are not. And all the cheap fog sprays and wipes will not make them so. Solution I just ordered the fog proof shield and inserts from my favorite supplier, Competition Accessories. Shoei. You meet the most intelligent people wearing the brand.

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    Replacement pads - Len Haney   WV Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Fit and quality as good as the original
    Cons: None

    These pads are terrific They are very well made and fit as well as the original pads.These replacement pads allow you to achieve a customFit. This greatly improves your comfort and safety.

    This review is for Shoei Pinlock Anti-Fog Shields for X-11, RF-1000, TZ-R, Multi-tec and more
    I am astounded by how fog proof these Pinlocks are. I live in Massachusetts and ride right into mid December every year. I used to spend all kinds of time with Fog-X and all that nonsense trying to keep the shield clear.

    The Pinlock has since solved all my problems. The only drawback is it does cut in on peripheral vision a tiny amount. Doesn't bother me personally, but it's there.

    This review is for Shoei Helmet Face Shields - X-12 - X-Twelve - RF-1100 - Qwest - CW-1
    mark johnston  
    Dark smoke is a perfect fit on RF-1100. Perfect for sunny days here in LA. Traffic here still sucks.

    This review is for Shoei Helmet Face Shields - X-12 - X-Twelve - RF-1100 - Qwest - CW-1
    Ordered a Mirrored Spectra Chrome for a new RF1100. The fit was perfect and optics clear, no distortion.

    This review is for Shoei Pinlock Anti-Fog Shields for X-11, RF-1000, TZ-R, Multi-tec and more
    My Nolan N102 came with a Pinlock lense included, but the shield is so difficult to take off that I didn't bother with it. When I had trouble with fogging in cold weather, I decided tp give it a try. It workd so good I ordered one for my Shoei RF1000. I would like to be able to get a high definition shield with pins as it would look better than amber lens on clear.

    This review is for Shoei Pinlock Anti-Fog Shields for X-11, RF-1000, TZ-R, Multi-tec and more
    Simply Amazing!  
    What a great product. I thought the RF-1000 was great with very little fogging, but as the weather got colder I noticed more fogging and when I added a face mask I had lots of fogging problems. The pinlock antifog set-up is truly no-fog. My only complaint is the shield only comes in clear....I think a smoke shield I could put a clear lens in would look a lot better than buying a smoke lens as pictured.

    This review is for Shoei CX-1V Replacement Shields and Visors
    Shoei CX-1V shield for Multitec - Goatboy   NY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good fit, and easy to fit and remove.
    Cons: Expensive. Need to specify Pinlock pins

    I ordered a spare face shield for my new Multitec, so that I'd have a clear one for night and a smoked one for sunny days.When ordering, make sure you order the correct type I missed that if you want to use Pinlock anti-fog inserts, you must specify a Pinlock-compatible shield. Neither the OEM shield nor the spare had the pins, so I can't use Pinlock inserts with these shields.

    Sizing Chart & Specs for the Shoei GT Air Helmet Replacement CNS-1 Base Plate Set
    Shoei Helmet Sizing Chart
    SizeCentimeterHat SizeInches
    2X-Small51 - 526 3/8 - 6 1/220 1/8 - 20 1/2
    X-Small53 - 546 5/8 - 6 3/420 7/8 - 21 1/4
    Small55 - 566 7/8 - 721 5/8 - 22
    Medium57 - 587 1/8 - 7 1/422 1/2 - 22 7/8
    Large59 - 607 3/8 - 7 1/223 1/4 - 23 5/8
    X-Large61 - 627 5/8 - 7 3/424 - 24 3/8
    2X-Large63 - 647 7/8 - 824 3/4 - 25 1/2
    3X-Large65 - 668 1/8 - 8 1/425 5/8 - 26

    The sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit. However, we are happy to assist you with any needed exchanges.
    Part Number Status for Shoei GT Air Helmet Replacement CNS-1 Base Plate Set
    Options SKU Our Price Availability
    Base Plate Set 0218-0605-00 $23.85 Currently Not Available for Order

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