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Shoei - Neotec Helmet - Shoei CNS-1 Pinlock Helmet Shields Shoei - Neotec Helmet - Shoei CNS-1 Pinlock Helmet Shields Shoei - Neotec Helmet - Shoei CNS-1 Pinlock Helmet Shields Shoei - Neotec Helmet - Shoei CNS-1 Pinlock Helmet Shields
Shoei CNS-1 Pinlock Helmet Shields
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Video Reviews
Hey guys this is reuben with competition accessories welcome to our first look at the all new shoei neotec which a new modular helmet from shoei a very popular helmet manufacture that makes some quality products theyve had the multitec in their lineup for several years and it has been a very popular choice for long distance touring riders commuters and those who just simply prefer the convenience of a flip up modular helmet but with the shoei neotec shoei has taken what was very popular with the multitec and they added a ton of upgraded features to it to make it just the ultimate long distance touring helmet/commuting helmet and its going to be I think a homerun now one thing I did want to stress the neotec is not a replacement for the multitec and were actually going to do a separate video with an in depth comparison between the neotec and the multitec so well have a link to that in this video if you want to see a comparison between the neotec and multitec for now were just going to take a in depth look at the neotec and what makes it really a fantastic helmet first things first the shell of the neotec is using shoeis aim shell which is called their advanced integrated matrix its basically a blend of fiberglass and other composite materials resulting in a very strong shell since modular helmets dont have a seamless chin bar its important in a modular for the shell itself to be extra stiff and strong and with the multitec you have that nice strong aim shell that you dont get in less expensive helmets that might be above poly carbon at variety for example now the chin bar of the multitec is poly carbon and thats to keep the weight down especially when your riding with the chin bar in the raised position or if your just wearing the helmet with the chin bar raised having lighter weight in the chin bar is going to definitely really help in that regard so your carrying a bunch of weight on the top of your head the neotec comes with an all new shield which is called the cns 1 shield its both taller and wider than the shield that came with the multitec but probably the biggest claim to fame for the neotec is the new internal drop down visor system now we have seen this on many other helmet manufactures and helmet models but what shoei has done is something a little different you get first of all its a dark smoke internal sun shield which is anti fog coated and if youll notice the shell here theyve actually built a recess into the shell itself so rather than compromising the thickness of the eps liner which is the foam inside the helmet where most manufactures basically shave some of that away to fit that little face shield up inside when its in the race position what shoeis done you can actually see theyve raised the front portion of the shell slightly so you would have room to raise that internal sun visor without compromising the integrity of the eps liner so that if you do have an impact on your forehead area your still going to have maximum foam there so its going to do a good job absorbing the impact we talked about the internal shield being anti fog coated the external face shield while its new wider taller eye port it also comes with a pinlock insert I do have the pinlock here it did come with the helmet you can see on this little illustration here it provides plenty of coverage and basically what the pinlcok is its a small flexible pane which you install between these posts and basically when you take the shield off you can install the pinlock system its going to lay on the inside of the shield right between these and it has a small gasket thats going to create a shield or seal excuse me around the edge of the shield itself and what that does is gives you a dual layered shield which is going to do a good job at reducing fog and so if you ride in colder conditions and you want to install that thts going to come with the helmet another thing that shoei has really improved versus the multitec is the all new ventilation system you have a chin bar vent which is going to direct air up onto the face shield which is also going to help with fogging and then you have a 3 position top air scoop its going to work just like a ram air effect its got a fully closed position and then a partially opened position and then fully opened as you ride you can see it is nice and tall up on the top of the helmet so its designed for the more upright riding position but basically air is going to be forced into the helmet and then it will be channeled throughout the helmet keeping you comfortable and then this is something that we did not see all in the multitec but its a rear exhaust vent which is also closable so you have a small slider switch here which will allow warm air to escape as you ride the new chin bar is going to give you 8 more millimeters of chin room inside the helmet thats fantastic for a couple of things number 1 if your going to install a communication systems and you want to have a microphone inside the helmet having that little bit of extra room is going to be nice and then also if you find that your just kinda cramped in some other helmets especially modulars where you might feel like the chin bar is just a little close to your face then the new neotec is going to give you a little bit more room in that area to raise the chin bar theres basically just a simple release mechanism in the front here you just squeeze down on that which is going to release the pins and it raises completely up one thing I did want to point out is the shield and the chin bar pivet on the same point as you can see there is a little torse bolt there and thats basically the pivot point for both the shield and the chin bar which is going to give you a nice fluid motion as you open either one so well go ahead and raise the internal sun shield there and another thing I wanted you to see is all the hardware for the latching mechanism is made of stainless steal so both the latches that are built into the chin bar itself and the posts that it latches to are going to be stainless steal you do get a chin curtain that is included with the neotec which is removable so if you want to have a little bit more air flow or you can just get that out of the way you can remove that another aspect that shoei has paid attention to is the way that this helmet flow through the air now ive already taken this helmet out on the road I hit the freeway doing about 70 mph it has really good wind manners its stable at speeds its also surprisingly fairly quiet for a modular helmet a lot of times modulars are little bit more noisey because you have those extra gaps and spaces throughout the helmet that you dont get in a typical full face helmet nut one thing I wanted you to see is shoei has incorporated on the edge of the chin bar they call it their vortex generator lip basically its just a little lip to the edge of the chin bar which is going to push air away from the gap between the chin bar and the shell so thats going to just reduce wind noise as air flows over this gap its basically directed up over the gap and then its going to cleanly flow back around the back of the shell there so thats just another little attention to detail that shoei has put into the engineering of this helmet now take a look at the inside of this helmet shoei has finally given you a fully removable interior on the modular helmet so you have fully removable cheek pads and a fully removable crown liner another thing I wanted to point out here is shoei has also given you a little ear pad that sits right in the part where your ear will sit and that is another piece of engineering thats basically going to help absorb sound so its going to keep that helmet nice and quiet going to give you a nice quiet ride so those are removable so if you want to run a communication system you can pull these little ear pads out of the helmet and then you have plenty of space in there for a little communication speaker if you wanted to install that as well but I thought that was a pretty neat little feature have little sound absorbing ear pads there and then the cheek pads themselves can be removed with a few snaps and around the edge the whole cheek pad is going to come right out and you can obviously switch those out for different sizes if you need to kinda customize the fit of the helmet oh another thing I wanted to point out right above the cheek pad here theres a small notch and this is a feature found in all shoei helmets but that notch is there to accommodate eye glasses so huge selling point for those that wear eye glasses a modular helmet makes it that much more convenient to get your glasses on and off you dont have to fiddle with getting them through the face shield you can just open the chin bar to get your glasses on umm depending on your glasses you may be able to pull your helmet on without taking your glasses off but there is a notch built right into the cheek pad there so that your fram of your eye glasses arent going to bother you while your wearing the helmet the interior is also a dry max material which is going to be a moisture wicking fabric basically in warmer weather if you sweat in the helmet its going to manage moisture well and help absorb your sweat and it will evaporate to keep you comfortable you can remove the crown liner as we mentioned its just a couple of snaps around the back and front and youll see that they use a 3d liner with several openings throughout the helmet liner so that the ventilation system can actually reach your skin another thing that your going to really notice is that if you take a look at the inside of this helmet is the ventilation features now we mentioned already that this is a major upgrade from the multitec your going to get a lot of ventilation with this helmet but you can just see the engineering that goes into the interior of this helmet there is many air channels as air is pushed into these different vents its going to flow through this helmet reaching different parts of your head and then you have the exhaust vent at the back of the shell and then there is also air channels that are going to flow the air all the way through to the base of the helmet shell here another thing to notice is this center top portion that goes around the crown is actually a separate eps liner so they use a dual eps liner in this helmet that allows them to do two things one it allows them to build in additional air channels behind the eps so that the vent is really maximized and effective but another thing that it allows shoei to do is use multiple densities of foam so certain parts of the helmet are going to use more dense foam other parts are going to use a softer foam and thats all to absorb as much impact as possible and to progressively absorb impact so upon impact that softer foam is going to initially absorb some of the impact and it is going to progressively get into the firmer foam and hopefully manage those forces as good as possible so that is the review of the shoei neotec helmet this helmet comes with shoeis five year warranty another real neat thing that shoei does is there free drop inspection program so if you actually drop the helmet off of your bike or otherwise think that there might be a problem with the internal aspects of the helmet in case youve maybe had a fall and your not really sure how hard you hit your head or if you hit it you ccan actually send the helmet into shoei and they will do a free inspection for you and let you know if its till good to go or not so thats definitely a good thing to take advantage of as well the shoei neotec is manufactured in 3 different shell sizes so x-small through medium are going to be in one shell and then large is going to be in a shell of its own xlarge and 2x large are going to be in that third shell size which allows them to build a shell that is optimized for your head size check out the neotec on our website at competition accessories also in the corner of this video is a link to our youtube channel you can click on that to subscribe to us there also if you click on the multitec that will take you to our comparison video that really breaks down the differences between the neotec and multitec so thanks for watching our review of the neotec all new modular helmet from shoei well see you next time
Hey guys this is Reuben with Competition Accessories Welcome to our premium modular helmets guide this video is going to encompass these four helmets that i have in front of me that range from around 450$ all the way up to 700$ plus so again premium modular motorcycle helmets here that were going to talk about and hopefully we can narrow it down for you if your in the market for a new modular. There's some key differences between these all of them are fantastic helmets very well made and premium features if your not familiar with modular helmets basically that means it just has a flip up chin bar , your going to be able to raise that up out of the way if you wear eye glasses that's a huge advantage you can easily get your glasses on and off . All of these helmets accommodate glasses very well they also work very well if you need to talk to somebody at a light or a gas station you can easily raise that up and have a face to face conversation with somebody if your a smoker if you want to take a drink with your helmet on you can do all of those things with a modular helmet so convenience factor is really high with a helmet that is in this price range obviously you paying for a lot of comfort features and premium features that your just not getting with less expensive modular helmets the fit and finish of each of these is very very good and i just want to stress that each one of these helmets is good each in its own right and were going to kind of run though these from my left to my right from least expensive to most expensive and kind of break down the differences between the four that i have in front of me. So first here on my left , to your right , is the Nolan N104 now this is the only helmet that doesn't have a composite shell it has a polycarbonate lexane shell its manufactured in two shell sizes these were made in Italy again its a nice fit and finish . One of my favorite things about the Nolan is it keeps the chin bar very very tight and low when you look at how the shield mechanism and the chin bar mechanism opens and functions in fact if i close this down and open it again if you focus on this pivot right here you'll see when you open it up it actually starts to raise and then it slides back into place and then it has a nice secure detente at the raised position its called an elliptical pivot instead of being on a single access raising up like most other modular helmets this one actually keeps it nice and low and then there's actually a chin bar lock on the side so if i click that in that actually going to prevent the chin bar from coming down at all . So if you like to ride with the chin bar in the raised position at all and i know all motorcyclists if you wear modular around town or if its hot out a lot of the time you'll keep the chin bar raised. A lot of manufactures actually don't recommend that just for safety reasons obviously you don't want that chin bar to accidentally fall down but well talk real world here i know a lot of you guys going to be wearing modulars are going to ride with the chin bar open. This one is going to prevent it from accidentally coming down on you, even with this unlocked it still has a very nice locked detente if you want to close it you will have to apply some pressure to move down and your going to have to click down into place. All the helmets up here are going to have metal to metal latches obviously as a safety feature you don't want the chin bar to open on accidentally open all the chin bars up here have very secure latching systems I'm not going to elaborate on that on every single helmet here . We do have a full helmet brake downs of each of these helmets so if you do actually want to see how the latches work and hear more about the features of each of these helmets you'll have a chance to watch those videos at the end of this one. To talk some more about the chin bar mechanism on the Nolan though its a little different in that there's a two stage operation there's a tab on the base that you can pull forward its just going to get that other one to come out squeeze those together that's what actually releases the latch.So its a two stage procedure to get that released and that's just an extra safety feature that's going to help keep the chin bar down and secure in case of an accident . You have a European style ratcheting strap on the Nolan these are nice and handy because you can get them on and off with gloves on and that's infinitely a nice feature just going to adjust the strap to where its comfortable to you and then it will just ratchet into place and some Americans are a little leary of these but they are incredibly strong or at least as strong as the D ring system that's found on other helmets that were used to here in the US but its actually very common over in Europe. Fully removable interior on the Nolan talk about the Ncom system briefly they have a Ncom communication system you can remove this base plate here pop that off and install the Ncom system and you'll easily be able to integrate their communication system with the helmet here though its going to integrate very cleanly. It has nice openings for a speaker pockets and plenty of room in the chin bar for a mic. So Definitely a great option for those of you running a communication system , and last but not least internal sun visor there's a slider on this slide that forward its going to deploy the internal sun shield it does have an anti fog coating on it and its spring loaded so you click that red tab and its just going to raise that up nice and smoothly out of the way. Pin lock lens is included with the Nolan so for the external face shield anti fog is accomplished with the anti fog insert. In fact while were talking about pin lock all of these helmets up here include a pin lock ready shield with the pin lock insert included in the box . So you are paying more for these types of helmets but you do get all those types of features included . Ventilation system last but not least on the Nolan is pretty ingenuitive the way that they have designed it they have a single slider up here on the top , and the first position is meant to crack this upper air scoop , fully released all the way to the back it is not only going to open this air scoop here but it also opens the brow vent at the front of the helmet . You'll see that they integrate a spoiler into the shell itself and then there is an exhaust port out the back to help warm air escape out the back of this Nolan . Again the Nolan N104 is going to retail for 449$ you'll have to jump on our website to see our current pricing is we are able to discount the Nolan with a pretty healthy discount but you can jump on there and see what those go for currently on our site. So for retail price ten dollars more 459$ for the HJC which is the next one to the left here. This is the RPHA Max which is brand new this one just came out it was just released and we are really impressed with it it has their premium integrated matrix shell its actually manufactured in three different shell sizes these ones are made in Korea but you see a lot of design influence over from the RPHA 10 which is their premium road race helmet or the RPS 10 which you might be familiar with so really top of the line features coming out in this helmet very aerodynamic design HJC uses extensive wind tunnel testing and development of both the aerodynamics of the shell and the ventilation system for the RPHA max very very nicely done helmet. Ill place this helmet on the scale here you can see its very light weight 3.6 pounds that's almost as light in fact that lighter then a lot of full faced helmets and its almost as light as its full faced brother the RPHA10 . So definitely a very well constructed helmet . Chin bar opens with a simple pull of the tab on the bottom that rotates up on a single access but it does stick up a bit further then the Nolan which all of the other helmets up here are going to be in that boat. You have what they call their cool forever interior fabric its moisture wicking fully removable customizable you can change out different sized cheek pads you have pockets for speakers on the sides here that should accommodate just about any kind of communication system standard D ring and chin strap for the closure . This does have an internal sun visor much like the rest of these helmets here this one is deployed with a slider on the top . This is just going to slide forward and lock into place and you can see it lowers down there it does have an anti fog coating on it , and then there's a button on the top here you press that and its going to retract that up . You might have noticed like the Nolan this one is also damped so its not a jarring sudden spring loaded motion its more of a smooth nice retraction. This helmet includes a max vision pin lock shield. You can see the blue outline on the face shield here its nice and large that's how the outline of this pin lock is going to sit on the shield so your going to get unrestricted vision out of the helmet here . And the pin lock insert if your not familiar with it creates a duel pane effect you have an interior shield a small bead of air and your actual external face shield when you install the pin lock insert and that gives you some insulation between the outside air and the inside . It really does a fantastic job at reducing fog , and again all of these helmets include the pin lock insert . Moving on to the right here you have the Neotec . The Neotec is made by Shoei and if your familiar with motorcycle helmets you've probably heard of Shoei they have been around for quite a while they are made in Japan they have an advanced integrated matrix 5 ply shell its manufactured in three different shell sizes fit and finish again very nice what you would expect from a Shoei . You finally get fully removable interior our previous modular helmets did not offer , internal sun visor is deployed on this helmet with a simple slider found on the left side of the shell here. Slide that up here to deploy it no springs or buttons on this guy its just a simple slider very easy and intuitive to use and if you know where that slider is you can get that up and down very easily . That is anti fog coated you have a multi density liner which is the actual foam inside of this helmet which is going to progressively absorb impact and its also allows them built to let in air channels though out the EPS liner so that this top vent can actually function as a ram air scoop to slide it back and that's actually going to draw air down inside the helmet and then you have an exhaust vent on the back here. This Shoei retails for 648$- 662$ so right around that 650 dollar range . There are graphics available that run for a little bit more then that but the solids are right around that 650 dollar range and we actually are able to provide a little bit of a discount on the Shoei as well. Last but not least we have the Schuberth C3 up here on the right . The Schuberth is made in Germany retails for 699$ and there are no discounts available on these guys, they charge a premium on them but it is worth every penny according to those who buy the Schuberth C3. First thing to point out its an extremely clean shell design, if you look at the back here there's no extra spoilers no extra vents on the back its just a very clean shell design which means its going to be the quietest helmet of the bunch here and that's really what Schuberth really prides themselves on its been wind tunnel tested and actually proven to be extremely quiet at freeway speeds so if noise is something that bothers you if your on a longer ride it gives you kind of a fatigue if you want to use a communication system so having a quieter helmet will help you enjoy that a little bit better the Schuberth with a lot of little design features just to get a very quiet ride . In fact if you look at the top of the face shield here you may notice these little triangle shapes here that is what they call tribulaters. Rather then having just a simple face shield that is just smooth and flat that would create a lot of turbulence around the seal here . These tribulaters actually create a bit of a swirl as it comes over the shell of the helmet , so instead of creating extra wind noise around that seal its actually going to promote wind to go up and over the shell of the helmet so it keeps the noise nice and low . Intake vent is a single vent at the top here and then you have a chin bar vent and again no exit vents on the back of the shell but it does create an area for the air to flush out at the base of the neck , so probably not as aggressively vented as for some of the helmets up here but again your getting a very quiet ride with very tight tolerances how the chin bar integrates with the rest of the helmet its a very nice tight and secure fit. Another thing that's unique to the Schuberth if you get it open here they have their anti roll off system which is an additional chin strap so you have your standard chin strap that has a ratchet enclosure much like the Nolan , and this is a German helmet your seeing that European influence in this one , but rather then just coming up and connecting inside the helmet like most do , it also has an additional strap that runs inside around the base of the helmet and you may have noticed there are a couple of rivets on the back here . That is what they call their anti roll off system, So if you were to go down and hit this helmet is not going to be able to roll forward off of your head or out of place. As this chin bar tightens against your neck this rear strap is going to pull tight keep the helmet in place its an additional safety design that Schuberth has used in their design. They also have a very rounded chin bar, so that if you were to go down and hit your chin on your chest its a very round shape so its not going to create an additional point of injury in that area . Ill show you how the internal sun visor works on the Schuberth , so again a very similar design to the Shoei just a simple slider that's here on the side, slide that back to release the shield down and into your vision and then slide it back to get it up and out of the way. Again that's also anti fog coated, it includes the pin lock insert so your getting all the features that your getting with the other helmets plus your also getting additional safety features. Last but not least on the Schuberth there's a couple of things , first of all the interior out of all of these as you would expect for a 700 dollar helmet is the most plush and the softest and just looking at it on camera you will be able to tell its a very premium fabric very comfortable its what they call Techskin design to keep you comfortable in cool weather and warm weather its cool max so its moisture wicking , its anti bacterial its very comfortable fully removable and then another thing you can do on the Schuberth that is really neat. You can remove the neck roll and replace it with the Schuberth communication system it actually integrates the communication system into the neck roll of the helmet. So your going to get buttons on the neck roll you don't have to attach anything externally to add bulk or weight or wind noise its just integrated right into the neck roll it works really really well and again if price is no object for you this is the top of the line helmet for you that your looking at right here. Definitely a very nice helmet again it retails at 699$ and there is no discounts available on the Schuberth line but that's what your going to get for 699 dollars there are some other graphics available with the Schuberth that will give you a little bit more as far as solids for price is 699. Now real quick i didn't have a chance to weigh all of these and while i do that I'm going to talk about the fit. First of all the Schuberth is going to be the lightest one up here talking about this being a 699 dollar helmet it is 3.55 pounds . If weight is something that is of concern to you weather you have neck issues that cause issues for you or if you just want to have a helmet that isn't going to cause fatigue when your on the bike for extended amounts of time the Schuberth is the lightest one up here. As far as fit goes i would say between the Nolan and the Schuberth these are going to be the most round oval shape that we have up here on the table, and then when you look at the Shoei and the RPHA max these are going to be the more intermediate oval or a slightly longer oval shape between the three of these. As for sizing goes these are all a size large I've tried all of them on they all fit true to size i wouldn't need to go up or down a size in any of them although i will say the opening for the Nolan is the tightest out of them pull the helmet on and off over your ears the Nolan is a little bit tighter but again that's going to give you a better seal on the base of your neck to prevent wind noise. The Schuberth weighed 3.55 pounds , by contrast the Shoei is going to be heaviest on the table is 4.05 pounds now and that's a half pound difference try and keep that in mind. And then the RPHA Max again very light weight almost on the same weight as the Schuberth 3.6 pounds so very impressive design on the part of the HJC. And then the Nolan up here 3.8 pounds it kind of splits the difference between the others . Hopefully that helps you narrow it down a bit between these top four modular helmets that we offer at Competition Accessories , they are all fantastic options just pick one that strikes your fancy as far as looks which ever one that fits your budget the best and bare in mind that comfort is something that can be bought that is something that is appreciated on a longer ride i know how a lot of you guys ride year round long commutes long tours you know year long around the world trips your going to want something that is extremely comfortable that you can endure wearing for days and days on end and be very comfortable and not have something that's a distracting or uncomfortable for you.
Hey guys this is Reuben with Competition Accessories. Live from the dealer expo. Just giving you a unique, inside look at the Shoei Neotec. Now this is one of the only cutaways available from Shoei and wanted to grab it real quick so you guys can get a unique, inside peak into this helmet. And obviously the stand out feature of the Neotec is its the first Shoei helmet that we have seen with an internal drop down sun visor. And what Shoei has done is they have actually created a space inside the shell and this is there advanced integrated matrix shell. It is a high tech multi-fiber shell. What they have done, is they have actually built up a recess in the front of the helmet here so that there is space for this internal visor and the advantage for that is your not compromising the thickness of the EPA liner so this foam liner is what actually manages energy in an impact and what other helmet manufacturers have to do to accommodate a visor is actually take away some of the thickness so that they can fit that visor inside. And what Shoei has done is they have built the shell up just a little bit higher so that internal visor can actually have somewhere to go without compromising on safety. While we are up here at the top of the shell you can also see all the different air channels that are built into the liner itself and this is something you cannot just see with a complete helmet obviously. So with this flow through ventilation, your going to open this top it functions as a ram air scoop this top vent, and its going to have air channels that flow all the way across the top of your head. Exit vent at the back thats going to draw warm air out of the helmet and you just get really, really good full coverage ventilation with this helmet. One thing that is unique about this helmet is you take a look at it their 360-degree latching mechanism. Basically its a metal-to-metal latch for the chin bar and if you take a look at the pin right here, its actually completely encompassed with the latch, so hit this chin bar in any direction and its not going to pop free. Its not just a simple hook holding it down, if I pull the mechanism you can actually see that the hook releases. So that hooks going to let go and you can actually see how it fully encircles that pin so its going to really do a good job holding that chin bar down in place in the unfortunate event in an accident. The other thing you can take a look at while we are taking a look at a cutaway here is their contour cheek pad system and that just shows you how Shoei, a premium helmet like Shoei, your not just getting foam block in the cheek pad your getting something that is sculpted something thats going to fit your face. They use multiple densities of foam in the cheek pad thats going to give you no pressure points, full coverage, and lots of comfort. With the modular helmet its also important to have a good seal all the way around the bottom of the helmet that really helps reduce wind noise so for you longer distance touring riders its really going to eliminate that loud wind noise that you get with some other helmets which is going to obviously prevent you from being fatigued after a long day on the road. So thats kind of a unique inside look at some of the features that are built into the Neotec. We are going to put a link in this video to our full depth Neotec review so if you want to find out more about the Neotec helmet we have already done a full in depth review of this helmet you can click on the link in the upper right hand corner of the video. Also dont forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can see more neat products like this one. Thanks for watching and well see you next time.
Hey guys this is Reuben at competition accessories and welcome to our comparison video for the all new shoei Neotec versus the Multitec now both of these are fantastic modular helmets from shoei who is a premium helmet manufacturer the Multitec has been in their line up for several years the Neotec just came out it was just released so we wanted to take a look at the two helmets to see what makes them different and what makes the Neotec about 170 dollars more when you look at the retail prices now at the first glance one thing you might notice by looking at the front of the helmet is the Multitec is a little bit wider down around the chin bar area and the Neotec is a little bit longer front to back if i actually bring both helmets up you can probably see that the Neotec is significantly longer in shape the Neotec has taken several steps to make it more aerodynamic one thing i did want to point out is at the edge of the chin bar you have a small lip that shoeis incorporated thats what their calling their vortex generator vent basically that is going to direct wind up and away from gap between the chin bar and the rest of the helmet as well away from the slider switch for the internal visor the internal visor is another major upgrade its the first time we have seen an internal sun visor on a shoei helmet it comes with a dark smoke internal sun visor which is anti fog coated obviously the Multitec does not have that and one thing you might see if you look at the shell is there is actually a raised portion of the shell here this is using shoeis aim shell which is advanced intergrated matrix but what theyve done instead of shaving away the interior eps liner to accommodate space for that sun shield they actually built that shell up to have space for the shield without compromising on the thickness of the internal eps foam now when you compare these helmets side to side you might notice that the chin bar comes out a little bit further on the Neotec you do get 8mm more room in the Neotec which is going to allow you to have more breathing room and it also gives you more space for something like a microphone if your installing a communication system both helmets open basically in the same fashion there is a latch here that you squeeze down on and its going to raise the chin bar up but on the Neotec one thing you will notice si the chin bar and face shield pivet on the same plain so the same access they are rotating around as the Multitec here as you raise the chin bar up the shield is a little bit further forward which brings it up a little further back if you look at the back of the helmets when they raise it up you can see that the Neotec actually keeps the shield down nice and low as the Multitec it is sticking up in the wind just a little bit further while were looking at the back of the hlmets here another major difference between the Neotec and the Multitec is the Neotec gives you a closeable rear exhaust vent which you dont have on the Multitec so your going to have just a little bit more air flow but definitely a more aggressive ventilation system on the Neotec you get a rear exhaust vent where as on the Multitec you do not have one and then taking a look at the front vents top ram air on the Neotec is going to force a lot more air in and they are both 3 position sliders but the vent configuration on the Neotec is definitely going to force more air down on into the helmet where as the Multitec just basically has 2 intake ports sitting up on the top and then the chin bar vent on the Multitec looks a little larger but shoei is saying that the chin bar vent on the Neotec is actually going to be a little bit more effective both of those are going to direct air up onto the face shield now another thing that the Neotec has as an advantage over the Multitec is that it does come with a pinlock insert so this is going to come with the Neotec basically its going to install between the posts inside the face shield and that is going to give you a complete anti fog system while we are talking about the face shield it is going to be taller and wider then what you had on the Multitec and there is also a new double lip seal around the gasket so you actually have a 2 lip seal but on the Multitec its actually just going to touch on the single lip and then the Neotec has 2 lips which are going to just give it a more secure seal which is again going to help keep natural elements out a little bit better and its going to reduce wind noise keeping the ride a little bit quieter you can check both of these helmets out on our website there both current shoei modular helmets both of them are available on our site at competition also in the top right hand corner of this video is a link to our youtube channel be sure to subscribe to us there so you can stay up to date with all our latest product reviews and videos one more thing i almost forgot fully removable interior on the Neotec so you can remove the cheek pads and crown liner completely where as the Multitec you can only remove the cheek pads so i almost forgot but thats another major improvement with the Neotec and that is a dry max lining which is going to be moisture management system so again check this out on our website thanks again for watching our comparison of the Multitec and the Neotec well see you next time
Information and Details about the Shoei CNS-1 Pinlock Helmet Shields
made by Shoei
The New Shoei CNS-1 Faceshield is the newest replacement visor from Shoei. It fits the Shoei Neotec Modular Helmets and the Shoei GT Air Motorcycle Helmets.

The Face shield Features include:
  • Mist retardant pin lock system
  • Easily Replaceable
  • Don't forget to order the Shoei Pinlock Lens Insert to fit your Pinlock shield.

  • Shoei CNS-1 Pinlock Helmet Shields Product Reviews
    Review this Product  for a chance to win a $100 gift card.

    Works great - Joe   MD Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Doesn't fog, easy to install, wide angle vision
    Cons: None to speak of.

    This was a replacement for my Shoei Neotec helmet, which fell off my sear a couple of months ago, scuffing the shield. It works EXACTLY as promised, anti-fogs and provides a wide angle of vision. It is also very easy to remove and install. Highly recommended.

    Clear as chrystal - Insight   WA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Defect free.
    Cons: [None]

    I'm a clumsy helmet dropper, so I can tell you right off the bat that these shields aren't scratch proof on gravel. C.A. did a good job with shipping and their pricing is pretty good.

    Works perfectly - Bob   AZ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Fits nicely.....easy to install
    Cons: Pricey

    As advertised. Easily installs and fits. Will help prolong the life of an excellent but costly helmet.

    Below are more Shoei Reviews from our online customers.
    Hopefully they can help you find the right item and make the best buying decision.

    This review is for Shoei Neotec Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmets
    Shoei Neotec - Harleypap57   NC Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Lightweight, great field of vision, great fit, inner shield
    Cons: Chin vent, lack of other shields

    I bought a Matte Black to replace my 'Old' Shoei 700. The helmet fits great right out of the box. Have about 1,500 mile riding with it including one day when we rode 543 miles, Feels great and not heavy after all that time. I love the dark inner shield and don't have to worry about switching my glasses all the time. Two things I would like to see, first the chin vent opens backwards for those riding big touring bikes and I don't get much air thru there. Second, greater selection of shields like a dark outer shield, clear and bright high vis yellow inner shield

    This review is for Shoei Neotec Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmets
    Great helmet - Dan Gruzd   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Fit and finish are excellent .
    Cons: Cheek pad are a little Snug to begin with but loosen up.

    I bought this helmet to replace my well worn Schuberth. The fit and finish of the Shoei is a tad better but is a little heavier than the Schuberth. For the money you can not go wrong with the Neotec, it's comfortable, quiet and well made.

    This review is for Shoei Neotec Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmets
    NeoTec - erdoc48   NJ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Comfortable, love the drop down visor, excellent ventilation
    Cons: Just a bit noisy

    I bought this as I had been using an open face helmet for years, then went with a shorter shield on my ST1100- that shield wasn't great for an open face helmet- I chose the Neotec based on other owners' positive reviews. I really like the helmet and I guess have a 'Shoei shaped head', as I find the helmet quite comfortable and the ventilation is excellent. The drop down tinted visor eliminates need for sunglasses, a very nice plus. The only minor criticism is that the helemt with all the vents open can get just a bit noisy, but I ride with earplugs anyway.

    This review is for Shoei Neotec Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmets
    modular helmet - henry f   TN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: openface and fullface option
    Cons: none

    my second shoe helmet and happy with both. first modular helmet and first with a built in sun shield. like this helmet a lot. if i had to i would buy another one to replace it.

    This review is for Shoei Neotec Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmets
    Good value - RichardInPlano   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Integrated sun visor, well constructed, replaceable liner
    Cons: Widerheavier than traditional closed-face helmet

    Not the cheapest helmet but well worth the money if you are in need of a flip-face helmet. I find myself using the flip feature to stay cool when stuck in traffic in the Texas summers and to stay hydrated while on the road.

    This review is for Shoei Neotec Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmets
    Simply awesome - Paul Jones   TN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Pinlock, air flow, warm when it's cold, cool when it's hot.
    Cons: Can't find any

    Best helmet I've ever worn. The pinlock shield DOES NOT FOG The air flow is better than wearing my shortly style helmet with the full face advantage. I ride all year and the past month has been a test for sure. Single digits, no FOG on the shield, warm and toasty. Riding to work every night with a clear shield so the deer and other wild animals can be spotted is a big advantage for keeping the shiny side up. I have been a licensed motorcycle rider for 27 years and I ride almost everyday. I've been through many helmets and the Shoei Neotech is by far the best I've had for any weather conditions. The sun visor is also perfect. Not too close to my face and dark enough for most days. I you want the best, here is

    This review is for Shoei Neotec Borealis Modular Helmets
    Very expensive well made helmet - Crash   GA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Quiet, Comfortable, inner shade is there when you need it, well ventalated
    Cons: Just on the expensive side but well worth it

    I really don't like riding with a Helmet, that being said I never ride a Sport bike without one. This helmet takes out the wind noise, allows you to see, which is always a good thing, I even think it would protect your head if the bad happens.It is also way too cool and nice, I find myself always stowing it in the Cover to protect it from scratches.

    This review is for Shoei Neotec Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmets
    Neotec - GDTest45   KS Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Quiet, good fit.
    Cons: [None]

    Worth the money, very quiet, well built modular helmet

    This review is for Shoei Neotec Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmets
    On par with C3 - Doug   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Quiet, comfortable, and ergonomic
    Cons: Would have been enter without D-ring fastener

    I have both a Schuberth C3 and now this Shoei modular. Schuberth was previously my fav helmet, but I now prefer the new Neotec due to it's slightly superior comfort level, ergonomics and noise isolation. However, the differences are subtle, and the two are truly neck and neck. If you are considering both these helmet, you cannot go wrong with either go with whichever gives you the best fit. You with love either.

    This review is for Shoei Neotec Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmets
    Worth it - Neotec   IL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Versatile comfortable
    Cons: Optional cheek pads on BO

    After considering several helmets, I was reluctant to spend this much after my investment in my bike.Now after hundreds of miles of use, I realize it was well worth it. The Shoei Neotec is comfortable, secure on my head, and ventilated really well. It comes with the built in flip down sunshield. I don't know what I would have done without this feature as swapping between eyeglasses is otherwise impossible on a bike. Well worth the money. CON the cheek pads are a little tight and may require the optional changeout.

    This review is for Shoei Neotec Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmets
    Excellent modular helmet - Fastalk   MI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great fit, very quiet, the top air vent works great
    Cons: I wish Shoie would use a micro lock instead a D ring

    Right out of the box it fit me very well. My previous helmet was a Nolan 103 The 103 fit tight as I have a head that is more oval than round and I had to modify the crown in the Nolan. Once underway the Shoei Neotec helmet is very quiet with very good visibility and zero fogging. The top vent works so well I could only open it to the first notch 64 degrees as it started to over chill my folliclly challenged head. Even the chin vent sent plenty of air on my face behind my FJRs windshield. Very happy with this helmet Thanks Shoei

    This review is for Shoei Neotec Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmets
    Excellent Helmet - Hogryd   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Fit, Very little wind noise, Ventilation and Sun shade
    Cons: Price

    The Neotec is an excellent helmet, it is light with great ventilation and it is a solid fit. The sun shade works great and it is top quality. I also have a Multitec that has served me well over the past 4 years, the Neotec is an upgrade purchase I am glad I made even though the price is on the high side.

    This review is for Shoei Neotec Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmets
    Crash Review - Shawn Pearsall   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Very Comfortable, Great Air Flow, User Friendly
    Cons: Slightly more Nnise than a Full Face Helmet

    First the Cons. if you know anything about helmet design, you know that the more they work to make air flow better inside, the noisier it gets. A modular design l also be noisier. That said I wear earplugs whenever I ride, so it's not an issue.Just suffered a low side crash at about 20MPH. Bike slammed to the ground on the right side and my NeoTech took a solid impact on the right temple right where the face shield hinge is located. Force of the impact detached the face shield on the right side and wore down the area around the hinge assembly by about 18. No helmet integrity issues, so if you're nervous about the hinge mechanism in the event of a crash, be less so now. I'm extremely happy with how this helmet protected me. With out a helmet, I'm sure I'd be dead or severely injured at this point.The helmet is extremely useful. For things most riders don't think about until after they get a full face lid. Spitting yeah I admit it, taking a drink, filling up with gas, talking to other riders are all things you can do with ease using this helmet. The airflow inside is the best of any helmet I have ever worn in nearly 23 years. It actually moves my hair around when I'm at speed. Everything works flawlessly as it was designed.I'm getting a replacement without even looking at anything else. Nice job Shoei I have work the Arai Profile sized helmet as well and this Shoei fits just as well as the all day without your head itching helmet

    This review is for Shoei Neotec Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmets
    Neotec Shoei's best yet - Solomookie   PA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Comfort, production quality, excellent features
    Cons: Pricey

    The Neotec feels lighter than the HJC SyMax that it is replacing, and it is more comfortable on the head. It is quieter than the HJC, although it isn't like being inside the cone of silence. The cool day was perfect for checking out the ventilation features because the rush of cool air into the helmet upon opening the vents was obvious and awe inspiring. What a great ventilation system easily the best I have ever felt. The face shield works well, and the retractable sun shield both works flawlessly and has much better optics than the HJC. It also has a better position not as close to the nose.I use a Sena HC-10 intercom system and the Neotect is very compatible for installation. It has a fully removable interior lining, and easily removable cheek pads. I removed the cheek pads and loosened the liner and was able to easily run the wires for the speakers. Very clean appearance once everything was back in place. The quiet Neotec makes conversation or bluetooth music much easier to hear.I also installed the pin lock shield. In case you are not familiar with a pin lock, it is basically a second, slightly smaller shield that attaches to the inside of the main helmet shield. It is an anti-fog device. The dual layer shields work like a two pane window for your house and prevents fogging. The Neotec's works excellently. I put the helmet on with the face shield down, and walked around outside in 40 temperatures with NO fogging whatsoever. The only downside to the pin lock is that having two shields does reduce the visual clarity a little. I will only have it installed when fogging is a probable issue.Bottom line... at almost 600, the Neotec is pricey, but is so comfortable and so well made that it is definitely worth the cost. I would highly recommend it.

    This review is for Shoei Neotec Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmets
    Love the Neotec - Adventure Rider   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: quality, style, sena smh10R works great on it.
    Cons: none

    This Helmet is a Modern Motorcycle Must have I have always worn Shoei helments, Learned a long time ago IF ya got a 5cent head get a 5cent helmet. If you value your noodle, Protect it This newest version of the modular helment is packed full of features that enable your time on the bike to be much more comfortableAs a footnote, I've installed a Sena SMH10R bluethooth headset on this helmet and it could not have been simpler. Mounting and wire routing were without issue.It starts out a bit on the snug side. This is preferred, as in short order it will feel nearly custom fit when the foam relaxes and gives a bit. It's very comfortable and cushy with no undo squeezing or gaps. Anything that moves on this helmet moves very well and very positively. The latch mechanism, shield, and tinted shield each operate as you wish they would with feedback and tactility.The tinted visor offers excellent coverage with no mid-placed gap or funky nose-area geometry.The main latch is secure and leaves you with the feeling that the designers found that ideal sweet spot incorporating both form and function.The shield movement and adjustments are solid, well spaced, and leave little doubt that it'll stay put at each station. Although I haven't removed the shield yet, it appears to be ridiculously simple. When it's time to put in the included Pinlock it should be a breeze. Given the season and my locale I've had very limited time with this on the road thus far. In that short period I experienced very good ventilation.If you've got a Shoei head and you're looking for a modular, I can't imagine not being impressed and pleased with the Neotec.

    This review is for Shoei Neotec Borealis Modular Helmets
    Shoei - Fred   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Flip up and down sun visor
    Cons: None

    This helmet is every thing it is cracked up to be. Flip down sun visor works great.helmet inerds are very easy to take in and out. Main shield is easy to control up and down . Helmet is extremely comfortable. I score this helmet a 10, I am very satisfied, u pay for what u get

    This review is for Shoei Neotec Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmets
    Great Helmet - Njspeedmaster   NJ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Sunshade, Light weight, ventilation
    Cons: Price

    Bought this as I have owned several Shoei helmets over the years and have always liked the fit, finish and comfort. The Neotec did not disappoint. The sunshade and venting work great and make this my new favorite helmet. Noise level is a bit higher than my previous full face helmet, but is not too loud like my previous Nolan X-Lite modular.

    This review is for Shoei Neotec Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmets
    Shoei Neotec Competition Acc - kpax   NC Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good fit, reasonably quiet, simple.
    Cons: You pay for what you get. it's expensive. But worth it

    Bought my Neotec in May and have 18000miles wearing it October. I'm very please with it, but wish Shoei would use a non-fogging sheild instead of pin lock. Very comfortable. When the shield shuts it's solid. It's excellent, overall. Had a problem w the cheek pads coming loose. Took it to CA and talked to Chris. He called Rene Shoei and they solved the problem, immediately. Great work. Both are great companies to do business with. CA really takes care of customers, imho. I like doing business here.

    This review is for Shoei Neotec Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmets
    Nice but - N I N   NJ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great, snug fit, nice features, built-in sunscreen works great, quiet
    Cons: Expensive

    Purchased about 2 weeks ago. Been using it almost daily. Very tight, fit snug - almost too much at first, but the pads break in nice. Very well made & great feature - looks good too and quiet. The airflow in this helmet is AWESOME - sometime too much but can regulate with the vent closures. Scala G9 is a bit of a pain to install but works out well once it's in. Overall great helmet - will be buying an extra set of pads.

    This review is for Shoei Neotec Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmets
    Shoei neotec - Bill W.   GA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great fit, quiet, easy to use, light weight
    Cons: price

    I have owned many helmets from most of the manufacturers and this is the best one yet.

    This review is for Shoei Neotec Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmets
    Shoei Neotec - Big Slim   TN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Excellent ventilation, great internal sun visor, quiet for a modular helmet
    Cons: Price

    I bought an XXL and it felt tight in the cheek areas for the first 2 weeks. Now the fit is perfect.

    This review is for Shoei Neotec Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmets
    Schweet - DaCrazyRN   CO Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Tight and comfortable fit. Very clear optics, including WITH flip down engaged. removable and washable interior, metal latching mechanisms. Scalarider Q2-sure the rest would also integrates with no problem
    Cons: Top vent openincreases noise 10 fold.

    Been running this a little over a month now. Thought the M was going to be a problem with tightness on cheekupper jaw area at first. But it has since broken in very nicely. Good thing that the fabric is nice and soft. Great helmet and the best one I have ever had.Biggest cons...Can feel cold air across top of head when all vents closed. Does feel a bit stuffy with the Fog Curtain in. Fog and Chin Curtain come out without a problem though.

    This review is for Shoei Neotec Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmets
    Love this helmet despite the price - Craig from San Marcos   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Light, good fit, good wide angle visibility, solidly built, good ventilation, flip-down sun shade
    Cons: Expensive, top of front opening pretty low on my eyebrows

    I've owned a Shoei helmet before, but it was full face, not modular. I had planned to buy a Multitek but am glad I waited for the Neotec and spent the extra dollars. Comp. Acc. had the best price, but it was still twice what I had ever paid for a helmet in the past. My first long ride with it was from So. Cal to the Laughlin River Run in April. It was cool on Thursday when we left following a rain storm. The rest of the weekned it was over 90 degrees in Nevada, so it was a good test in varied temperatures. The ventilation when hot is about 1000 times better than my old Harley Davidson KBC modular, and the fit, though tight, was good even with glasses. The flipdown sun shade worked better than I expected, making sunglasses unnecessary--nice. I like the traditional D-ring chin strap and the lockdown button is easy to find with gloves on. My last helmet was five years old, so time for a new one. The many features of this new helmet were worth waiting for. The bottom line is, I wear a helmet not because the state tells me I have to, but to protect my head. I wear it even in non-helmet-law states, so the bottom line is safety. I've never had to test a helmet the hard way in over 50 years of riding, but I feel this one gives me about as good a chance as I can give myself to preserve my skull while still getting the maximum in comfort and features.

    This review is for Shoei Neotec Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmets
    Two reviews here. One for the helmet and one for Competition Accessories.

    First the NeoTec helmet. Yes, 600 is a lot for a helmet and I thought long and hard about it before buying it. On the other hand I spent 300 on my HJC modular and I have never been happy with it so if the extra money would get me a better helmet I figured it would be worth it. Took it for its first ride yesterday and I am totally pleased. With all the padding it was a snug fit going on but once there it fit perfectly. Comfortable but my ears are not pressed in and it does not feel hefty or bulky on my head. I wear glasses and putting them on was easy with those channels they built into the foam. Vision was great and when I closed the visor it was much quieter than my HJC!
    Easy to raise and lower the visor or the entire front. The ventilation is the best I have ever had in a helmet and I have had many of them. The only unknown at this point is how it will feel once I take out the ear pads and put in my speakers. I'll report back.

    Now as to Comp Accessories customer service. At first I was a little annoyed with them. I ordered the helmet on a Sundat. It said it usually ships in 12 to 48 hours. When by Wednesday I had not received a shipping confirmation I called them. They said they were having some problem with my credit card, that the address was not matching the address the bank had. First of all, I know that is not the case. Secondly, I wondered why they had not called me about the problem. When we hung up Wednesday all was resolved but I figured I would not have the helmet for the weekend. Well, it showed up Friday! Even if there had not been a problem I couldn't have expected it any sooner. So I am a totally satisfied customer once again.

    This review is for Shoei Neotec Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmets
    I just got my Shoei Neotec 2/24. For comparison the only other modular helmet I've owned is the Nolan N102 for the last 3 years. Great first ride today, probably 50 miles city/highway. The Neotec is a lot lighter than the N102. Wind noise is also greatly reduced, this helmet is quiet. Medium fit my head like a glove. The US version will come with the D-ring, which is what I got. I'm indifferent as to the buckle or D-ring. I did get used to the micro lock on the N102. One word for ventilation on the Neotec... Awesome, no comparison to the N102. Finish for both helmets is excellent. Price is expensive but you get what you pay for. I would have tried the Nolan N104 before the Neotec except Nolan put the internal visor switch on the bottom of the helmet were I would put my scala rider G4, mic wont reach. Neotec was about 200 more. Well worth the money in my opinion. 5 stars in my opinion for my first Shoei, would buy again

    This review is for Shoei Neotec Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmets
    Neotec vs Multitec - motostudly   GA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Fit, quality, removable liner
    Cons: no tinted visor available, first detent for visor leaves it open to far

    Just bought this to replace my old Multitec which I considered to be the best helmet I've owned. The lining was beginning to disintegrate and since they're not removable or replaceable I decided it was time to buy new. The fit of the new one is just as good as the old for my head so no complaints there. I'm not a huge fan of the slide down sun visor which is not as dark as the tinted visor on my multitec. I rarely ride at night so this feature isn't that important to me. A full tinted visor would be my preference but unfortunately they are not available. The only other complaint is the airflow from the top vent. Could be just my particular helmet but I don't feel near the air I did in my old helmet. The helmet does seem to be a little quieter than the old. Could be due to much thicker padding around the neck and the bottom of the cheeks blocking out more noise.Still a great fitting and well made helmet. I still like my old one better mainly because of the option of a full tinted visor. If it had a removablereplaceable liner I'd probably still be wearing it.

    This review is for Shoei Neotec Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmets
    Neotec - Mike R.   NC Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good interior airflow
    Cons: a bit heavier than other modulars

    I had a multitec for several years that never really fit right. Unfortunately, I decided to support my then local MC dealer BMWDucati of Charlotte and bought the helmet there instead of CompAcc. I was unable to return my ill fitting helmet so I suffered with the helmet way to long. Comp Acc located a Neotec for me and even completed a size exchange no problem. I am between sizes and ended up with the smaller Med as being the best fit. The neotec is a much better fit for my long oval shaped head. Where the multitec chin bar would touch my chin, the neotec has more room in this area and provides much better ventilation. I like the fully removable liner which is comfortable and wicks well. I did have to purchase the optional cheek pads in a thinner size. The mid-sized cheek pads that came with the helmet put a great deal of pressure on my face fish lips. This wasn't the case with the multi. I've worn Shoei's for years and enjoy the high quality. The Neo is no exception.

    This review is for Shoei Neotec Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmets
    Good Product - LaCrosse   MT Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Modular, Design,
    Cons: Stock Cheek Inserts, cost

    Not so much concerned about the Pros, Shoei reputation can speak to that. For the price it should come with the cheek inserts, I can tell you now to order them to save shipping costs but you won't just like I did not.Love the Helmet even if I had to bring it down a peg or two.

    This review is for Shoei Neotec Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmets
    Shoei Neotec - Mark S   AZ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Lightweight, quiet, fit well, comfortable
    Cons: Price

    I purchased this helmet to replace a HJC that had broken in a fall. Although the helmet was very costly it fit well, was comfortable to wear all day long, and relatively quiet for a modular helmet. I am happy with this purchase and would recommend the helmet.

    This review is for Shoei Neotec Replacement and Optional Cheek Pads sets
    Shoei Cheek Pads - Leroy   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Go fit for me
    Cons: Should have been an option when I spent over 600 for the helmet. Pricey

    4 stars as a person spending this much for a helmet should be given an option of cheek pads when buying the Shoei Neotec. I love the helmet. I have a round fat face so I would have ordered the thinner size pads. I had to use thiner ones on my last helmet. It is much quieter with more ventilation than my HJC Symax II which was a good helmet for the price.

    This review is for Shoei Neotec Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmets
    I had owned a HJC Symax 1, the original. It was 10 years old and time for a new one. I ordered a medium Symax 3 from this site. I wore it watching TV for about an hour. I discovered the fit changed or my noggin changed in 10 years between the two models. I had pressure points across the brow and the back of the head. I tried to talk myself into the helmet fitting.
    I went to a local shop and tried on a medium Neotec. It fit great. So I returned the HJC and bought the Neotec.
    Wind noise was the same between the old HJC and the new Neotec except that it is a different type of noise. The Neotec is a rush of air as you would expect. The old Symax had a whistle through the joints of the helmet.
    I took the helmet for the first ride today, 3-10-2012, smooth air flow, no wind buffeting. The integral sun-visor is a must-have. I just had Lasik so I don't need glasses, but if i did, I would expect they would easily fit in the liner.
    I'm a cheap guy so it was quite a decision to spring for the money on this item. I have a wise wife who would not let me keep the ill fitting HJC and strongly suggested I go with the budget busting Neotec.
    In the long run, this helmet is the best choice.
    I gave it a 4 rating because I think there is always room for improvement.

    My advice to anyone purchasing a helmet is try on a few manufacturers. we all have different shaped heads.
    The next point is don't look at the price tag. It's your head for cryin' out loud. It's the one thing in the casket besides your hands that people will be looking at, keep it in nice shape.

    Sizing Chart & Specs for the Shoei CNS-1 Pinlock Helmet Shields
    Shoei Helmet Sizing Chart
    SizeCentimeterHat SizeInches
    2X-Small51 - 526 3/8 - 6 1/220 1/8 - 20 1/2
    X-Small53 - 546 5/8 - 6 3/420 7/8 - 21 1/4
    Small55 - 566 7/8 - 721 5/8 - 22
    Medium57 - 587 1/8 - 7 1/422 1/2 - 22 7/8
    Large59 - 607 3/8 - 7 1/223 1/4 - 23 5/8
    X-Large61 - 627 5/8 - 7 3/424 - 24 3/8
    2X-Large63 - 647 7/8 - 824 3/4 - 25 1/2
    3X-Large65 - 668 1/8 - 8 1/425 5/8 - 26

    The sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit. However, we are happy to assist you with any needed exchanges.
    Part Number Status for Shoei CNS-1 Pinlock Helmet Shields
    Options SKU Retail Price Our Price Availability
    Clear Shield 0217-9100-00 $52.99 $47.69 Usually Ships in 1-3 Business Days

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