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Shoei - Shoei CJ-2 Pinlock Shield Inserts  
Shoei CJ-2 Pinlock Shield Inserts


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Clear - Shoei CJ-2 Pinlock Shield Inserts
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Video Reviews
Hey this is Reuben with Competition Accessories welcome to our review of the all new Shoei J-Cruise helmet. This is the first open face helmet from Shoei that we've seen that incorporates an internal drop down sun visor. Now they've brought this feature over from their Shoei Neotec which is the modular helmet it got released last year very popular helmet and it has definitely impressed a lot of people with its comfort and all the features and I'm sure the J-Cruise will be no exception to that . So if your looking for an open faced helmet that just gives you a little bit more of an open feel this is definitely a great option. With Shoei you know your going to get a very top notch well built helmet , and the first thing i will mention is this internal sun-visor. I believe that Shoei is the only manufacture that has an ANSI Certification for their internal visor , and that's the American National Standards Institute and they rate things like safety glasses and non prescription eye wear. They actually have their non prescription rating for this internal visor and that means its guaranteed to be shudder proof , its anti scratch anti fog and its optically correct . A lot of the less expensive helmets a lot of times you drop down that visor and there's a little bit of distortion and it might just give you a head ache over a long period of time and Shoei is not this is not the case with Shoei. Its a very clear internal visor that does have anti fog coating on it . The other thing that's really unique about the way that Shoei has designed their internal visor system is rather on compromising on the thickness of the internal liner which is the EPS foam that actually protects your head in a crash obviously that has to have somewhere to go to retract up into the helmet . So a lot of other brands you know wonder what their doing on the inside making space for that shield to go. What Shoei does is they actually build the front of the shield up further and if i turn the helmet sideways you can actually see that ridge there they actually raised this up to allow for space for that internal visor to have somewhere to go without compromising on the thickness of the liner . While were talking about the shell this does have a nice design to it rather then the typical ball shape that you see with a lot of open faced helmets it actually has a bit of an aerodynamic property a very subtle rear spoiler system to it and its Shoeis AIM shell which stands for Advanced Integrated Matrix its a combination of Kevlar, fiber glass and carbon fiber very very rigid which is especially important for an open faced helmet because you don't have that jaw piece that goes across the front to kind of help hold everything kind of rigid . This helmet if you squeeze on the sides its actually very rigid material which helps disperse impact . This shells design is if you go down its actually going to disperse impact over the largest area possible so that internal foam can have an easier time managing that impact over a broader area. Talking about the ventilation system real quick they do have an intake scoop at the top you can operate that with gloves on very easily , just slide this back it has two positions half way open and fully open. Its up at the top of the helmet to harvest as much air as possible , now your heads up nice and high if you have a wind screen on your bike that's going to be the best place to put a vent to pull air down inside the helmet and then at the back you have two exhaust vents and if you slide those back and as you ride a lot of people don't realize an area of low pressure is created right behind the helmet and that's actually going to help pull the warm air right out the back vents and actually also at the base of the helmet here around the neck roll air can escape here as well. And that's a really effective way of keeping your head cool as you ride. The face shield on this helmet is also something else i wanted to talk about, There are a couple of things that are really neat about it.Well first of all its pin lock ready shield, if you ever had an issue with fogging there's an optional insert you can buy, we actually have a separate video on the pin lock system if your interested on how that works. But essentially its a internal shield that you install on the inside of your outer face shield and it creates a duel pane effect where there's a little bead of air in between the outer shield and the inner shield basically insulating your breath from the outside air which really does a great job at preventing fog especially in cold weather when it can be a real problem. They've made this eye port really nice and wide face shield is also a little bit taller . When you get a good look at the base of the shield here you'll see there's a little lip on the bottom of it . And what Shoei has done is designed that in their wind tunnel to push the air away from your chest and let it go around your head rather then swirling up and creating a lot of turbulence in front of your face creating your eyes to water things like that . Another person pointed out when riding with this shield that it worked really well in the rain prevented the wind and water from whipping up under the shield and getting water on the inside, it helps to direct air around and the water around the side . Talking about the face shield i did want to talk about the latch that holds this shield down tight is here on the left side , so if you get this helmet your going to want to make sure you close and open this shield with your left hand and you can kind of pull the shield away from the shell itself and it makes it easy to lift up if you do it with this hand you'll see its stuck pretty tightly it holds on pretty good. If you use your left hand though it pops open real nice and easy no detentes really throughout the range coming out of a fluid motion like i said it locks down nice and tight you can kind of set it where it needs to be and there is a nice detente at the top at the very top of the opening . Another thing to point out is you have a duel bead lip on the rubber gasket and that goes across the top so you can take a look at that rubber seal. I know a lot of people have a lot of problems with other helmets where water if its raining run down the inside of your shield , unwanted air can cause a lot of noise if its able to get in between the shell of the helmet and the shield itself Shoei does a great job with their duel lip system the gasket there and you'll see that lines up right there with that little ridge on the shield itself and that actually seals up really tight when you close the shield all the way. To remove the shield is very simple you can swap these out for different tints if you want to obviously you don't have to do that often because you have an internal visor which makes it really convenient but if you did want to remove the shield, you just simply move forward and that's going to allow that to pop right off and then to reinstall just line up this tab here and give it a press and its going to click right into place and this is a self adjusting base plate and you may notice there are some springs there and those actually pull the shield down tight against the gasket so that when you close that all the way you'll see those springs push the shield back so that it gets a really good seal around there taking a look at the inside before we pull it apart and we have a scale over here I'm curious on how much this thing weighs 3.45 pounds and this is a size large and that will give you an idea of the weight. Taking a look at the inside they use whats called their 3D max dry liner , now this is a moisture wicking liner anti bacterial and its obviously moisture wicking so its going to manage the moisture really well and it is a fully removable interior . For the cheek pads you can pull those out three snaps and a little plastic tab on the side and you'll see its a nice sculpted contoured cheek pad and that's going to cradle your face and not create any pressure points or causing you to bite your cheeks or anything like that , and the cheek pads are interchangeable to different sizes so if you have a fuller face if if you need a little bit less of a cheek pad if you need a little bit more room in the cheek pad area you could always take these out and purchase some thinner cheek pads to give you some more room conversely if you have a thinner face and need more space taken up you can always go thicker as well. To remove the crown liner its just a few snaps at the back and pull that right out so if you ever need to wash the helmet up or anything like that to freshen it up you can easily pull the inside out. One of the things i want to point out is Shoeis are known to be a little bit more expensive then other brands and that's because of the research they do for comfort and fit and you'll notice they use actually different density's of foam on the top and throughout the front of the helmet where people tend to get pressure points with softer foam , if you take a look here they actually use different layers of foam on the top and on the sides different densities so your not getting any pressure points but your head is being totally cradled and very comfortable , you'll also notice its a 3D opening with mesh lining throughout so so what that does though is it allows all that air flow to come through the front of the helmet and in the top vents and rear vents it allows air to flow completely throughout the top of the helmet. If you take a look at the inside of the helmet they actually have these air channels and you can see the holes there you can see the openings for the liner and that is designed for air to come in and have somewhere to go it goes all the way out the back here or like i said it can go down and out the back of the neck roll there and they use a multi piece EPS liner so this is not actually one single piece of foam they combined multiple pieces of foam they can create air channels within the foam so that the ventilation is actually really really effective. And another thing that is coming up more and more lately is communications systems a lot of people are enjoying the ability to connect to your phone make phone calls listening to music or communicating with a passenger or another rider and that's definitely a great option with the J-Cruise. And they've done something really innovative they have speaker pockets built in so that you have somewhere to install speakers but if your not going to use your communications system what Shoei found is that those speaker pockets can actually amplify noise and it lets just a little bit of air swirl around right next to your ear which obviously adds to the noise factor . What they did is they included a sound dampening foam which goes right over the speaker pocket and if you are going to install a speaker system your just going to remove that and set it to the side and install your speaker in this nice opening here. I thought that was a really innovative way to cut down on wind noise that they've done on the J-Cruise . So as far as fit goes it fits just like all the other Shoeis that I've found that I've tried on its about an intermediate oval head shape very very comfortable to wear it cradles your head very well and if your familiar with your size in Shoei helmets its going to be very spot on and accurate compared to other Shoeis out there we do have a size chart if you need to measure your head if you want to do that, we have a video to show you how to measure your head for a motorcycle helmet so check that out as well and don't forget here at Competition Accessories you can earn up to 5% Comp-A cash back to use toward future purchases.
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  • Replacement Pinlock Shield Insert for Shoei CJ-2 Pinlock Shields

    Our Thoughts
    Shoei Shields with or without pinlock can easily be replaced especially if it is scratched or you just want a new color. You can never have to many shields readily available.

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