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Shoei - Shoei C-49 Hornet DS Replacement Shields Shoei - Shoei C-49 Hornet DS Replacement Shields Shoei - Shoei C-49 Hornet DS Replacement Shields
Shoei C-49 Hornet DS Replacement Shields


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Video Reviews
Hey guys this is Reuben with Competition Accessories welcome to our review of the Shoei Hornet DS , this is Shoei's Duel sport offering and its been around for a while now hopefully well see a refresh or an update helmet at some point but i wanted to do a review of it because it has been around and it is really a solid helmet its still a very good choice for taking a helmet that can be used on the street or on the trails and that's exactly what a duel sport helmet is intended for you can either run it as is or you can even remove the visor peak to make it even more aerodynamic if you have a long way to go down the highway. So its essentially like a duel sport like a dirt kind of helmet with an actual face shield, and one of the best things about this face shield is it is a very huge eye port you have very very good visibility out of the helmet and its large enough where you can run a goggle strap underneath and around so if you want to wear goggles under if there's really dusty conditions and you are following somebody you can put some goggles on under neath this eye port is wide enough where obviously most street helmets there's no way you could through goggles on underneath. You see you have a visor peak on this helmet its designed specifically for duel sport style of riding where you have a nice opening in between the helmet shell itself and the visor peak that way the wind doesn't just come in and get caught so you can still run 75 mph comfortably with this helmet. You will feel a little bit more wind drag obviously this visor is here and the beak of the helmet kinda the chin bar where it sticks out a little bit further so when your doing your head checks you can feel it pull a little bit more then you would on a normal full faced street helmet but its definitely not anything that is unmanageable its definitely a very comfortable helmet. Another thing that the Duel sport helmet is going to give you verses a pure off road helmet is closeable vents, so on those rides where its a little bit cooler out side and your not working as hard or just you know taking a trip you want the ability to close your vents which normally typically off road helmets all the vents are open all the time. Not to mention that makes a lot of noise but it also makes you cold if its cold out and your not actually riding off road and working hard. So you can close several vents by sliding these switches forward that's going to close the vent up front at the top which is kinda funneled in like a ram scoop at the top of the peak here and then you have two vents here at the top of the forehead you can see they operate on those sliders there and then switching around to the back here you can see these two vents on the top which are going to help draw warm air out the back of the helmet. This is a size large and if we through it up here on the scale you'll see that it weighs in right at 3 1/2 pounds which is definitely a nice number that's a nice manageable weight not incredibly light but not heavy by any stretch at all , so keeping the weight down is going to reduce your fatigue help your neck not get to sore when your out there on the trails working hard and that's mainly a thanks to the construction of the shell they use Shoeis AIM plus shell which is an advanced integrated matrix they use a combination of fiber glass and or organic fibers and they sandwich them all together their hand laid shell so yes it is a little bit more expensive then some of the other duel sport helmets from poly carbonate style helmets you might see out there but your getting a hand made Shoei helmet that was crafted by Shoei' s own factory in Japan that's why your getting what you pay for. One other vent that we didn't talk about is the one right here on the front and thats probably the most obvious vent , it sits right in front of the chin bar and its going to direct air two places, number one you get air to your mouth and then two here you can see that it works almost like the defroster in your car so your going to have cool air coming from the front of the helmet that is going to direct air on to the face shield. Shoei recognized that obviously when your going a little bit slower off road especially in cooler conditions fogging tends to be an issue so having this nice large air scoop in the front of the chin bar is going to help push cool air up onto the face shield helps to keep your vision clear. As far as the interior goes you have fully removable interior obviously riding duel sport it might get a little sweaty working a little bit harder it might get a little dirty or dusty you can pull out the full interior of this helmet wash it up or replace it if needed this helmet has actually been well loved and well used and this is our customer services managers helmet and he rides in it quite often so definitely a fantastic helmet you can check out the Shoei full line of helmets online at Competition Accessories .com. Don't forget Shoei helmets come with a 5 year warranty with their crash inspection program, so if you drop the helmet or you have a crash you can actually send this into Shoei they will do a free inspection and check it out and make sure that its still good to go or let you know if it has been compromised in some way because obviously the EPS liner that you cant see that's underneath the shell is what gets damaged in an accident so you cant see that damage from the outside so you want to make sure that helmet is still good to go that's just a free service that Shoei offers when you buy one of their helmets.
Information and Details about the Shoei C-49 Hornet DS Replacement Shields
made by Shoei
  • Replacement Faceshield for Shoei Hornet DS

    Our Thoughts
    Shoei Shields with or without pinlock can easily be replaced especially if it is scratched or you just want a new color. You can never have to many shields readily available.

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    Light Smoke SH-S-HDS-SMK $66.99 Currently Not Available for Order

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    Shoei C-49 Hornet DS Replacement Shields - Available Colors
    Available Colors
    Shoei C-49 Hornet DS Replacement Shields - Clear
    Shoei C-49 Hornet DS Replacement Shields - Light Smoke
    Light Smoke