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Renthal - Renthal Twinwall Handlebars  
Renthal Twinwall Handlebars


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Black - Renthal Twinwall Handlebars
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Information and Details about the Renthal Twinwall Handlebars
made by Renthal
Large diameter, 1-1/8" (28.6mm), double-tubed handlebar that combines great strength, excellent resilience and a virtual guarantee against fatigue failure.

  • Twinwall construction - Consists of two aluminum alloy tubes, one within the other
  • Outer tube is 7010 T73, which has extreme resistance to mechanical damage and is anodized to prevent corrosion
  • Inner tube is ultra high strength 7010 T6 Aluminum and is hard anodized to resist wear from twist grip and controls
  • Rubber seals cover the join to keep out water and cleaning fluids
  • Etched positioning grid
  • Renthal's pioneered bonded lightweight single bolt clamping system for the cross-brace, greatly increases strength while still allowing flex
  • Knurling - Grip end only - increases bonding between bar and grip
  • No knurling in clamp area, this could cause a stress riser and lead to fatigue failure
  • Comes fitted with bar pad
  • Must use adapter when switching to oversized bars

    CR High: 795mm W 95mm H 70mm Rise 115mm Base 62mm Sweep 192mm Ctrl
    RC High: 802mm W 119mm H 80mm R 115mm B 54mm Swp 187mm Ctrl
    KTM High: 808mm W 95mm H 70mm R 110mm B 38mm Swp 195mm Ctrl
    McGrath/Short: 805mm W 83mm H 40mm R 125mm B 55mm Swp 200mm Ctrl
    RC/O.E.M. Honda/Kawasaki: 802mm W 99mm H 65mm R 110mm B 54mm Swp 200mm Ctrl
    Villapoto/Stewart: 805mm W 93mm H 50mm R 110mm B 55mm Swp 200mm Ctrl
    Reed/Windham: 803mm W 92mm H 56mm R 110mm B 57 mm Swp 190mm Ctrl
    Yamaha YZ/YZF: 811mm W 85mm H 47mm R 95mm B 36mm Swp 180mm Ctrl

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    Part Number Status for Renthal Twinwall Handlebars
    Options SKU Our Price Availability
    CR High 25-9181 $107.96 Currently Not Available for Order
    RC High 25-9221BK $107.96 Currently Not Available for Order
    KTM High 25-9941BK $110.66 Currently Not Available for Order
    McGrath/Short 25-9991BK $107.96 Currently Not Available for Order
    RC/O.E.M. Honda/Kawasaki 25-9971BK $107.96 Currently Not Available for Order
    Villopoto/Stewart 25-9961BK $107.96 Currently Not Available for Order
    Reed/Windham 25-9981BK $107.96 Currently Not Available for Order
    Yamaha YZ/YZF 25-9211BK $107.96 Currently Not Available for Order

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    Renthal Twinwall Handlebars - Black