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Pirelli - Pirelli Angel GT Motorcycle Tire - Rear  
Pirelli Angel GT Motorcycle Tire - Rear


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Pirelli Angel GT  - Pirelli Angel GT Motorcycle Tire - Rear
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Information and Details about the Pirelli Angel GT Motorcycle Tire - Rear
made by Pirelli
Pirelli debuted the new Angel GT Tires on Basque soil in Bilbao, Spain accompanying the newest edition of the Multistrada 1200 S Granturismo. The new Angel GT Sport Touring tire will be standard equipment on the latest version of the Borgo Panigale model.

The Angel GT boasts 15 percent more mileage than the Pirelli Angel ST without sacrificing performance. Pirelli has labeled this as “Performance Mileage." The primary design was to provide regular wear and excellent water drainage guaranteed by both the front tires and by the new groove design on the rear. Pirelli is using a dual blend compound that allows for high mileage in the center with a higher percentage of silica on the sides offering maximum performance, even in wet conditions.

In the end, the Pirelli Angel GT is a great option for long distance riders with a fully loaded bike, or for those who are looking to optimize performance on their short daily getaways. From sport bikes to touring and everything in between the Angel GT will not disappoint.

  • (W)-rated for speeds of 168+ mph
  • Ideal for sport riders looking for increased mileage without sacrificing grip and traction
  • Extended Mileage Sport (EMS) tires provide best-in-class for mileage and grip
  • Rear tires feature new Bi-compound formula improves cornering traction
  • Improved wet grip
  • Tubeless

    Note 1: Tires marked with an * are A Spec rear tires featuring a reinforced, 2-ply carcass

    Note 2: Tires marked with a ** are D Spec rear tires

  • Pirelli Angel GT Motorcycle Tire - Rear Product Reviews
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    H-D XR1200 - WRS   KY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Light precise handling.
    Cons: Non found yet.

    Put these on a Harley Davidson XR1200. Hope they last longer than the stock Dunlop tires 3500 on the fronts, 2000 on the rears. Handling is great as is the traction. Haven't had them on long and not in the rain yet so can not comment on rain grip but other reviewers say good in that respect. Even if they last only as long as the stock tires they are a better buy. Have already road them from edge to edge and the traction is great on the road as is feel and front end feedback.

    Great tire - rccr61   AL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: soft ride
    Cons: [None]

    Bought the Pirelli's after a bad experience with another well known brand. So far I love them

    Great tires - kawajazz   MI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great handling, smooth ride
    Cons: none yet

    This is the first tire change on my Kawasaki Concours 14 from the OEMs. I changed both front & rear the handling is fantastic, have a smoother ride than the OEMs. Have only ridden in wet conditions once, but they held very nicely on the wet roads to me there was not much different feel than on dry pavement. I changed the OEMs at around 9000 miles, will take about a year for me to assess the wear on these. So far, I really like these tires. CompAcc shipped quickly at the best price available at the time.

    Pirelli Angel GT - jack   NJ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great traction and handling
    Cons: none

    After 2300 miles I can say these tires are everything I expected. Unfortunately most of my miles so far have been on superslabs because of the crosscountry riding I needed to do. Tire wear has been exceptional. 132 wear on the middle and 164 wear on the edges on the rear, and 164 wear on the front. At this rate I should expect 13,000 miles on these tires. Traction has been excellent and ride quality acceptable. Have not had an opportunity to ride in the rain, but do not expect anything unusual as most every tire I have ever used has performed very well in the wet. I ride a Ninja 1000 and ride fast and hard. Hope this has been helpful.

    good tires - desert rider   NM Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: sticky, decent life, smooth ride
    Cons: not outstanding on wet

    I'm buying this set to replace the same tires I installed last winter. The bike is heavy BMW K1600GTL and the weight is hard on tires. I like Pirelli Angel GT tires enough to keep buying them. I find them to have excellent dry weather traction, even as they wear. When new, tar snakes are invisible to them. They do dance on tar snakes a bit as they get older though but I think they are better than most. Handling on any road surface is stellar. They are very smooth and predictable. They stay predictable even as they get older. I went through two rear tires so far and find them to be consistent. These tires are not probably the best on wet roads but I find them to be adequate enough. I have ridden several hundred miles of wet asphalt including standing water. They can be skittish. I'm not afraid to ride on wet roads but do find I have to be cautious on road markings like crosswalks. Just careful, not paranoid. I think I would choose a different tire though if rain was a constant. For dry conditions, and for long haul travel, I'm going to stick with these for now and find the roughly 5k mile service life to be pretty good considering the excellent traction and very smooth handling.

    Sport Touring Tires - SteveZ   WI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good compromise between grip and longevity
    Cons: none

    Finding a tire that offers good grip in all conditions with a reasonably long life is a challenge for a touring bike like the BMW K1600GTL. I switched to the Pirelli Angel GT's from the OEM Bridgestones, and have been very pleased with the improvement on both counts. I currently have about 5,000 miles on the rear, and 3,000 on the front, with plenty of life left in both. I definitely plan to continue using these tires in the future.

    Angel GT - Jerry   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great tire
    Cons: None

    K1600GTL, tire handles well and mileage is roughly 6k

    they're tires - distancerider   NM Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: they're round
    Cons: kind of rough

    What can I say. They're tires. One doesn't really know about them until they wear out. These are the GT version for heavy bikes BMW K1600GTL.. The first thing I noticed was they rode a little rougher than the tires they replaced which were Bridgestones and lasted just over 7k miles but felt a little loose in hard corners. I like the feel of the Pirellis. They have excellent grip and stability in hard corners and zero slip on painted lines. They are blind to raingrooves, cracks in asphalt and tar snakes too. Big bonus. I also spent 6 hours in rain on them yesterday so can say they rock in water although I wasn't pushing them in turns. On the other hand, this was a torrential desert downpour and there was easily two inches of water on the highway in spots. Visualize 45mph and hazard lights flashing, lightning everywhere and very poor visibility I didn't get nervous from any sign of tire slippage or hydroplane even if the lightning had me pretty nervous. No bridges to hide under unfortunately. So, aside from knowing how long they're going to last, and the slight loss of ride smoothness, they work very well for keeping the motorcycle right side up in a variety of conditions from long haul interstate to spirited cornering to small lakes. If they last 5k miles or more, I won't bother looking for a different set when these wear out.

    So far, so good - sv61   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good wear, grip compromise
    Cons: Slightly quick turn in

    Thus far, overall, a great tire. It seems to strike a balance of turn in between the quicker, almost falling over Michelin PR3, and the more methodically steering Dunlop Roadsmarts. Grip has been great thus far. And, having almost 2000 miles on them, wear appears to be minimal. A good problem in Texas, where a well kept Sport Touring tire might fetch 5000 miles. If wear is better than 5000 miles, will change star rating to 5.

    great tire - ducatiguy   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: great grip, wear, overall performance is really good
    Cons: non I'm aware of

    I switch to the Angel GT from Diablo Rosso II. I often ride 421 snake & mountain of NE TN. The tire handles really well. I have only rode when raining once, and the tire did well.

    Part Number Status for Pirelli Angel GT Motorcycle Tire - Rear
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    150/70Z R17 (69W) 871-2210 $121.76 Currently Not Available for Order
    160/60Z R17 (69W) 871-2211 $125.67 Currently Not Available for Order
    170/60Z R17 (72W) 871-2212 $125.61 Currently Not Available for Order
    180/55Z R17 (73W) 871-2213 $130.76 Currently Not Available for Order
    *180/55Z R17 (73W) A Spec 871-2214 $140.64 Currently Not Available for Order
    190/50Z R17 (73W) 871-2215 $139.65 Currently Not Available for Order
    *190/50Z R17 (73W) A Spec 871-2217 $142.44 Currently Not Available for Order
    190/55Z R17 (75W) 871-2216 $142.76 Currently Not Available for Order
    *190/55Z R17 (75W) A Spec 871-2219 $148.41 Currently Not Available for Order
    **190/55Z R17 (75W) D Spec 871-2209 $148.41 Currently Not Available for Order
    160/60Z R18 (70W) 871-2218 $115.35 Currently Not Available for Order

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