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Nolan - Nolan N44 Crossover Como Helmet  
Nolan N44 Crossover Como Helmet


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Video Reviews
Hey guys this is Ruben with competition accessories welcome to our review of the Nolan N44 helmet. This helmet is replacing the N43E trilogy from Nolan,and that helmet was actually available in two different versions you had the trilogy which was very similar to this helmet and then you had a standard N43E which was just a 3/4 open face helmet that had a faceshield but no chin bar or anything. Now the N44 your getting all the accessories theres no trilogyversion for say they just gave you the full package in the N44. The price has gone up a little your looking at spending a little over 300 bucks for solids and a little bit more than that for graphics, jump on our website to see what the current pricing is. But when you take a look at this helmet your goingto see that there are alot of different configurations that you can run it in. Which makes it a very versatile helmet no matter what kind of bike yourriding. Wether your doing long distance touring or your an urban commuter or even dual sport guys i could see really liking this helmet depending on whatsetup you wont to run it with, so its kind of a good do it all helmet. Especially for the guy who loves the open face feel but maybe wonts a little moreprotection than an open face helmet offers. This helmet could be run as an open face it certainly gives you the visibilty out of the helmet of an openface. They have actually expanded the eye port even a little bit more than the N43E was so your getting a very large unobstructive view out of the helmet,which gives you that really emersive motorcycling experience but you have that chin bar on the helmet that allows you to just get a little more protectionfor both the elements and in the event of crashing. So were going to throw it up on the scale first things first this is with the chin bar installed and thefaceshield obviously, and it comes in at 3.7 pounds. So thats the weight that your looking at and this is a size large. This helmet is manufactured in two different shell sizes and its a polycarbonite shell. And lets see we will open up the facesheild here and youll see the first posistion it gives you a niceopening to just get a little more air flow underneath, and again there are no ratchets between that posistion and all the way up. You do have two posistions in the up posistion, they do go all the way up out of the way though with no ratchets between. The other thing youll notice while were on the faceshield hereis they have actually givin you an air intake vent built into the faceshield itself that you can open with this switch right here so you can open that up.Its going to direct air up on to the faceshield to help calm back fog, and thats one thing i will say with this faceshield being so large you know a goodportion of it is down in front of your mouth and fogging can tend to be a little bit more of an issue with a faceshield this size. However in the box isincluded a pin lock insert it might look alittle bit yellow but thats just because it has a protective film on it still. Esentially what that does is itinstalls on the inside of the shield in between these posts that you see here on the faceshield, and you can see the size of it is nice and large and its goingto go on the inside of the helmet and its going to cover just about the entire field of vision out of the helmet. What it does is it creates a dual paine effectso you have the inner shield and an outer faceshield with a thin bead of air to insulate the inside from the outside and it really does a great job at combattingfog and keeping your vision really clear. It is great as well for cold and wet weather riding conditions. Speaking of ventilation you also have a very unique looking new ventilation system up on the top of the N44. The N43 we do have a comparison video of the two that you can take a look at as well if your familiarwith the N43 you may wont to see a little head to head you can check that video out as well. It had an intake vent up at the top but it was certainly smallerthan this and the way this is configured it is actually fairly innovative. You have a center portion that is an air intake scoop thats going to be just likea ram air scoop pushes air down inside the helmet and opens up out the back for exhaust vents. But then these side vents that you open you might think thoseare intake vents as well but they're actually not, if you look at the top you can actually see there is some translucent material with air channels and passagesthat run through the top of the shell here. So these side vents actually dont funnel air down into the helmet, what they do is they force air through thesechannels creating more of an air flow through the back and over the back vents which helps to pull more air out the back of the helmet. So as your riding anarea of low pressure is created behind your head and that really helps to draw warm air out of the helmet and in turn draws more warm air through the front.So thats just a really effective way of keeping your head nice an cool and comfortable during colder weather rides. Now like we mentioned theres a few different configurations that you have for this helmet. The interior it features a climate comfort interior which is moisture wicking and very comfortable in all weatherconditions, it is also fully removable and washable. You do have a micro ratchet chip strap here which you can even operate with gloves on which is why i reallylike them they have tested these to be just as functional or just as strong as D-Rings you just kind of adjust the strap to where its comfortable for you andthen you have a ratcheting mechanism that is nice and secure. To remove it your just going to pull up on the red tab. But speaking of cold weather comfort you see where the neck roll comes in nice and tight which is going to help do a couple things. Its going to keep wind noises down cause it gives you a better sealaround your neck and around your cheeks, But also prevents unwanted wind and water from swirling up under the helmet and inside in front of your face. You alsohave a chin curtain installed permanatley on the chin bar itself, with these little deflectors here which again are pushing air away from this opening which is keeping the helmet even more quite. Now i mentioned you can run this helmet in two different configurations so lets take a look here, you have a button on eitherside the chin bar here. You press that and you can remove the chin bar very quick and easily, you can see the mechanism that holds it on right here on the sideis a simple hook and it does have a rubberized finish on the inside of the chin bar. Now you know this is deffinatly going to give you more protection than justan open face helmet would, it certainly will not have as much protection as a traditional full face helmet but it is obviously running with nothing on the frontof your face. Now you could run the helmet in this configuration no problem if you wonted to, just leave it kind of as a 3/4 helmet with a nice large faceshield or you could actually fully remove the outer shield all together and thats another thing they have really improved from the N43. The old version had a actualpanel that you had to remove and then a little piece that you had to take off and keep track of that came off. This you just have a trigger on the side and youcan see it just comes right off very quick and easy. And you have a couple options here, you can install these covers right here on the side of the helmet, youwanna put those on there just to try and clean up the look of the side of the helmet. You can run it in that configuration as a pure 3/4 open face helmet, andthen you can also remove these you just have to rotate it up out of the way and you can install this visor peak. Now to reinstall the shield or the visor peakyou can see i do have to move that trigger and get it pressed on and then once its on it will click into place. The visor peak is going to have two differentposistions. Now the previous version had a very short stubby visor, this one sticks out a little bit further and has a little bit more aggresive look with theseopenings here and its not only going to look nice but its also going to prevent wind from catching the front of this. Obviously in this configuration you caneasily run goggles or deploy the vision protection system which is one of the most popular features of this helmet. You have an internal sunvisor and they havemoved the mechanism from the side of the shell down to the bottom here. Its now spring loaded and you have two posistions you can slide it down to the first clickand its going to push pressurely to deploy it further if you need a little bit more coverage. And then like i said its spring loaded so push that button it retractsup out of the way. So thats going to make it very very versatile for any kind of weather conditions or lighting conditions, if your rides are taking you fromday time to night time you dont have to bring an extra shield with you, you can just deploy that when you need it, raise it up out of the way when you dont.You also are enabled for the N-Com system right here on the side ready to go so you can purchase the N-Com system seperatley and install it if you would like to.It does have speaker pockets and everything else already in the helmet here so you can install that communication system very easily. And then you notice theresalso these little openings here on the sides from where the chin bar goes in. If your going to keep the helmet in this configuration they give you these littlecovers that you can install there and thatll help keep down on wind noise as well so its not swirling wind up inside the shell of the helmet. So thats the firstlook at the Nolan N44. If you have any questions about this helmet you can check it out on our website at It is a great looking helmetand wether your running it as an open face or a full face helmet lots of different options this helmet actually has 6 different configurations you can run it in,makes it very versatile obviously in this hi-vis color its going to keep you nice and visible as well. Theres obviously lots of other color choices and even somegraphics you can take a look at on our website at Dont forget you can earn up to 5% competition accessories comp-a-cash back when youshop with us. We have great free shipping deals, easy exchange program and no restocking fees thanks for watching and we'll see ya next time.
hey guys this is Reuben with competition accessories and welcome to our head to comparison of the Nolan n43e trilogy and the new Nolan n44 that replaces it. now looking at the helmets side by side you might notice there is a significant difference in changes they've made. just in the external appearance of the helmet obviously the ventilation system has be remapped on the n44. so those of you that were familiar with the n43 maybe you already had one or have been riding with it for a while and your thinking its time for an upgrade then the n44 is going to be a good choice for you. we are going to kind of walk through the different features now as far as fit and comfort goes i have to say they are very similar. they both use that climate comfort interior both have the micro ratchet chin strap. so as far as fit and feel goes they are very similar but the n44 has really done quite a bit of upgrades to the design. they've added a lot more features to it. it is a lot more aggressive in terms of the ventilation as well. now having said the only drawback to the n44 is the added weight. we will go ahead and get that out of the way because they have added to the n44 it does eigh a little bit more. this is the size large n43e and it comes in at 3.45 ibs, so your just under 3.5 ibs. which is a reasonably light weight helmet. you know thats a good weight for a helmet with the chin bar and the face shield installed. now same helmet with the chin bar and the face shield installed in the n44 and your looking at 3.7 lbs. so its gained a little bit of weight, but when i take a look at the different ventilation features and the other things that it is offering now and i can see where that weight came from. i can give it some forgiveness because of that. it does give you something in return with the extra weight. now the first thing you probably notice is the ventilation system on the top. let me spend this around so you can see how this works. not only do you have an intake scoop at the front of the n44 which is what you had on the n43 and the n43e trilogy. they also have incorporated these air channels that run along the top of the helmet and underneath and when you open these it directs air into the helmet and throughout the shell and out the back which it creates an additional vacuum and this helps draw warm out the back of the helmet increasing the amount of air flow going through the helmet. this is an innovative design on how their getting air into and out of the helmet. its definitely going to be more effective ventilation system than what you had on the n43e. you also have the ability to close the vent on the face shield. on the old n43e you just had an opening in the face shield and it was always open. the problem with that is sometimes its really cold and you dont want extra wind and water coming up inside the helmet without having a way to close it. it also causes a little bit more wind noise. so now you have the ability to open and close that with this 2 position switch on the front. the down side there is it will show you can kind of see it in your vision, when you have the helmet cracked like this. however let me go ahead and say that even though it is in your vision its low enough so that it is not distracting at all. if your used to wearing a full face helmet at all you typically have a breathe deflector thats right up above your nose and this is still below what that would be. its not dangerously in your vision but it is there. you have a smooth ratcheting mechanism or a no ratcheting mechanism, just a smooth operating system all the way to the detentes at the top of the helmet. which is going to be the same with what you ha din the previous version. they have given you a second detente at the top. it really doesnt do much for you since the shied is already raised all the way up. but it does give you that option of opening it a little bit further and then they both have that internal sun visor which is one of the most popular features for any helmet these days. that just allows you to have comfort in all kinds of lighting conditions you dont have to swap out the internal face shield but they have upgraded the mechanism. the n43e you just had a slider on the side here that was fully manual. now you have a slider on the base of the shell on the n44 that has 2 positions, so you have a first click and a second click to deploy it a little bit further if you want to and then you have a button spring loaded retraction which retracts it back up into the shell. this is a little bit more refined feeling. this is definitely a little bit smoother operation than on the side of the helmet. you dont have to use as much force to get it down and no force at all to get it up out of the way. little easier to find when your wearing the helmet its right here on the side and we mentioned swapping out face shields and thatch another thing they have really improved with the Nolan n44 and it uses a sliding switch on the side. you can see how that operates when i slide this forward the 3 arms retract and you do have to push it forward to get the shield back on. but its much more simple and much easier then what you had on the n43. the n43 you actually needed a tool to pop this plate off and then you had to rotate this side plate 90 degrees and it came off like so. now you have two little pieces you have to keep track of. obviously you can still swap it out so its not impossible to do. it just requires a little bit more fiddling around. also you have the pieces to lose and you dont want to lose those. you also had a visor peak you could swap out instead having a face shield you could have a visor peak. the visor peak that came with the n43e was fairly a short visor that honestly didnt do a whole lot and just gave you a little bit and also it was for looks on the helmet. you know if the sun happened to be coming in right at the specific angle it would help block the sun but you can tell its a fairly short visor. it is not going to be super effective at blocking sun light. the n44 gives you a little bit more aggressive looking visor sun peak with some openings in it. just a couple of things its a little longer which is a little bit better at blocking sunlight, its still not a full offload visor but this helmet is intended mainly for street use. they have given you some openings so air doesnt get caught underneath the visor. when you install it a opening is available so air can flow right through the visor and not be pulling on your head and causing unnecessary wind turbulence on the helmet itself. chin bar is still fully removable on both helmets. the n43e you have to pull up on these 2 levers and then you can pull the chin bar off . the n44 they have moved the mechanism on the chin bar itself so you push down on those buttons and you can remove the chin bar. the chin curtain on the n44 is now built in and it is not removable. that makes since because if you are going to be running the chin bar you are riding in more colder weather and it will protect you from the elements. and then this one you have an optional chin bar or a chin curtain you could install on the chin bar itself. so those are the main differences between the two as far as the insides go. very similar in terms of the fit and finish and comfort. the only other major change is the n-com system, they have changed out the base plate mechanism for that system on the side of the n43e so you wont be able to port your same system over to the new helmet. this uses the smaller n-com system. the n44 uses a different system than the n43e. you can check out the n44 on our website at also while they last we do have some n43e available on closeout they wont be around forever so if you like the looks of this helmet its definitely a fantastic helmet and value for the price its at right now. also dont forget you can earn up to 5% comp a cash back when you shop with us. we have great free shipping deals, easy exchange program, and no restocking fees. thanks for watching we will see you next time.
Information and Details about the Nolan N44 Crossover Como Helmet
made by Nolan
The Nolan N44 is the latest evolution of the hugely popular N43E, and is updated in both function and design. The Nolan N44 is a fully modular helmet, ideally responding to the needs of expert motorcyclists and suitable for both summer and winter use. Designed for urban riding, the Nolan N44 is equally at home on a long journey or weekend getaway, and has a unique style that is at home on any bike. The N44 has six possible configurations which you can personalize through the addition or removal of the chin bar, faceshield and peak all of which are included.

With the chin bar and faceshield installed, the rider can expect the same benefits of a full face helmet. With just the peak and chin bar installed, the helmet flows a great amount of air while still providing the same protection of a full face helmet. With the chin bar, faceshield and peak removed it becomes a true three quarter open face helmet. This gives the rider a great range of flexibility.

  • New Ultrawide Pinlock ready faceshield gives the rider a greater field of vision
  • 2 position inner sun shield(VPS)
  • 2 Shell Sizes
  • Protective Chin Guard
  • Central Ventilation System
  • Airbooster Airflow System
  • Microlock2 (patent pending) double lever retention system
  • Polycarbonate Outer Shell
  • Inner Comfort Padding
  • Visor Air Intake
  • D.O.T. and ECE certified

    Looking for a Bright Color for better visibility on the Road? We have the lowest prices and a great selection of the New Nolan N44 Hi-Visibility Yellow Helmets and Nolan N44 Hi-Visibility Orange available and ready to ship. You can see all the Nolan N44 Motorcycle Helmets here. Don't forget You can add a Bluetooth headset from N-com to the helmet and really have a great communications package to work with your phone, GPS, other riders and a passenger.

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    Part Number Status for Nolan N44 Crossover Como Helmet
    Options SKU Our Price Availability
    X-Small, Metal White NO-44CM-XS-MWH $328.56 Currently Not Available for Order
    X-Small, Flat Black NO-44CM-XS-FBK $328.56 Currently Not Available for Order
    X-Small, Red NO-44CM-XS-RD $328.56 Currently Not Available for Order
    Small, Metal White NO-44CM-S-MWH $328.56 Currently Not Available for Order
    Small, Flat Black NO-44CM-S-FBK $328.56 Currently Not Available for Order
    Small, Red NO-44CM-S-RD $328.56 Currently Not Available for Order
    Medium, Metal White NO-44CM-M-MWH $328.56 Currently Not Available for Order
    Medium, Flat Black NO-44CM-M-FBK $328.56 Currently Not Available for Order
    Medium, Red NO-44CM-M-RD $328.56 Currently Not Available for Order
    Large, Metal White NO-44CM-L-MWH $328.56 Currently Not Available for Order
    Large, Flat Black NO-44CM-L-FBK $328.56 Currently Not Available for Order
    Large, Red NO-44CM-L-RD $328.56 Currently Not Available for Order
    X-Large, Metal White NO-44CM-XL-MWH $328.56 Currently Not Available for Order
    X-Large, Flat Black NO-44CM-XL-FBK $377.96 Currently Not Available for Order
    X-Large, Red NO-44CM-XL-RD $328.56 Currently Not Available for Order
    2X-Large, Metal White NO-44CM-2X-MWH $328.56 Currently Not Available for Order
    2X-Large, Flat Black NO-44CM-2X-FBK $328.56 Currently Not Available for Order
    2X-Large, Red NO-44CM-2X-RD $328.56 Currently Not Available for Order

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