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Nolan - Nolan N43E Trilogy Solid Helmets N-Com Nolan - Nolan N43E Trilogy Solid Helmets N-Com Nolan - Nolan N43E Trilogy Solid Helmets N-Com Nolan - Nolan N43E Trilogy Solid Helmets N-Com Nolan - Nolan N43E Trilogy Solid Helmets N-Com Nolan - Nolan N43E Trilogy Solid Helmets N-Com Nolan - Nolan N43E Trilogy Solid Helmets N-Com Nolan - Nolan N43E Trilogy Solid Helmets N-Com Nolan - Nolan N43E Trilogy Solid Helmets N-Com Nolan - Nolan N43E Trilogy Solid Helmets N-Com Nolan - Nolan N43E Trilogy Solid Helmets N-Com Nolan - Nolan N43E Trilogy Solid Helmets N-Com Nolan - Nolan N43E Trilogy Solid Helmets N-Com Nolan - Nolan N43E Trilogy Solid Helmets N-Com
Nolan N43E Trilogy Solid Helmets N-Com
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Video Reviews
Hey what's up guys this is Reuben from Competition Accessories welcome to our review of the Nolan N34e Open Face Helmet now this helmet is a fantastic value at around 185 bucks is what it goes for on our website it comes with a lightweight polycarbonate shell this one here weighs in at about 3.25 lbs and if you take a look at the profile they've incorporated a very nice aerodynamic shell so it's going to flow through the air nice and clean. In addition to that it comes with a very aggressive ventilation system. Obviously as an open face design you're going to get plenty of air through the front of the helmet, but up here on top you'll see that they have a nice large ram air scoop. You can close that by sliding the switch forward if you slide that back it's going to allow a lot of air to come down inside the helmet, and there are actually air channels inside that are going to allow that air to circulate throughout the helmet, and if you look at the back you'll see that behind this rear spoiler there's a very large exhaust vent on either side of the helmet here. So those little fins,as you ride an area of low pressure is created, and they're going to help draw that warm air out of the back of the helmet, which is a really effective way of keeping you cool and comfortable in warmer conditions. For cold weather the N43e is actually a very nice design as well, and that's thanks to the full coverage face shield on this helmet, it extends down nice and low and it has a really nice design feature on the bottom that allows that air to get pushed around the side of the helmet without swirling up underneath the shield and into your face, which can lead to your eyes tearing up, and just keeping you more comfortable at speed. On the inside there is an internal sun visor that you can drop down, and that's going to give you some additional eye protection, and obviously keep you comfortable in bright conditions. You can actually exchange that out for an amber shield or a light blue shield if you want something that's going to work better for dark conditions. That's definitely a very popular option, and it slides with just a simple slider switch on the side, so it's very easy to operate, even with gloves on. Now, I have another helmet up here on the table, and the reason for that is I wanted to show you another option that you have from Nolan. This is the N43e Trilogy Helmet. Now this helmet, is the same as the N43e, but it gives you a whole bunch of other additional options that do not come with the normal N43e. First things first, it gives you a removable chin bar. That's a very nice feature for those of you who are riding in cold and wet conditions, or if you sometimes want that additional protection of a chinbar, this helmet includes it and it is removable, there are two latches on the sides you can pop it right off just like so, so it's essentially the same helmet, but it comes with some additional features. It includes a pinlock shield in the box, and it also includes a visor that you can swap out for the face shield. So you can remove this faceshield, and install just a simple visor peak. We have a full video review on this helmet, so if you're interested in the details of the N43e Trilogy, it goes for around 80 bucks more than the standard N43e but it includes a lot of extra things in the box, so just wanted to show you that that is an option for you. Back to the N43e, most of the other features are going to be the same between the two helmets Includes a Clima-Comfort interior, which is a moisture wicking interior Micro-Lock retention chin strap, so this is a ratcheting style chin strap, there's a red tab that you lift to undo the chin strap. What I like about that design, is you can do it up even with your gloves on. So if you forget that you've got your gloves on, you pull your helmet on, you can still do up your chin strap real quick and easy, and they have tested these to be just as strong as a standard d-ring. Interior as I mentioned is moisture wicking, it has their Clima Comfort lining. The other thing that's great about the N43e is it's designed to work very seamlessly with Nolan's N-Comm Communication System. There are speaker pockets built in, and there's a plate that you can remove right on the side of the helmet. Pop that off like so, install the N-Comm Communication System, and that's going to allow you to communicate with other riders that use N-Comm, and also stream music to your helmet, gps directions, anything like that. It includes all of the accessories, and ports that you can use to install boom mic, speakers, and everything like that, so it's going to integrate really well with the helmet. Lastly you'll see that they give you a nice neck roll around the base of the helmet here that's going to help prevent wind noise from generating around the base of your ears and they give you a nice bit of reflective material at the back of the helmet as well just to increase your night time visibility. So hopefully you enjoyed the review here of the N43e,it's a great option from us here at Competition Accessories, very popular for a lot of people. Jump on our website and read the reviews. If you've used the N43e or any other helmet, jump on our website and write a review for it, it helps other customers out and we love to hear what our customers think. Don't forget, here at Competition Accessories we have great free shipping options and you can earn up to 5% back towards your future orders with our Comp-A Cash program. Thanks for watching, we'll see you next time.
Information and Details about the Nolan N43E Trilogy Solid Helmets N-Com
made by Nolan
Nolan N43E Trilogy Helmets are the refitted version of the N43. With upgrades and improvements, Nolan N43E Trilogy Helmets are N-Com ready and have a built in port to accept the N-Com device of your choice. Nolan N43E Trilogy Helmets N-Com are available in 6 solid colors and are fully modular. Able to be configured in several layouts, Nolan N43E Trilogy Helmets N-Com can go from full face to open face, with several options in between.

Looking for a size or Color that is not available here? We the lowest prices and a great selection of the New Nolan N44 Helmets or if you are looking for a solid color, check out the Solid Color Nolan N44 Motorcycle Helmets here. You can add a Bluetooth headset from N-com to the helmet and really have a great bluetooth communications package.

If you are looking for a helmet that is both Bluetooth and has an internal shield, the New Nolan N43E Helmets N-Com Trilogy Solids are right for you. These helmets replace the old N43 and have the port on the side for the N-com units. Give the Nolan N43E Helmets N-Com Trilogy Solids a try..

  • NEW: Chinbar is extended for extra room and now can accept included chin curtain
  • NEW: Face shield now had intermediate open position, before it was either opened or closed
  • NEW: Locking pivot kit
  • VPS® (Vision Protection System) - short dark shield mounted on the inside of the helmet and moving independently from the face shield. It provides real eye protection and is also available in amber, light blue, and light smoke. It is easily operated by a large rubber coated slider on the left side of the helmet
  • Quick-change Pinlock shield is optically correct, UV400 and fitted in an exceptionally large eye port
  • Ready for N-Com communication system
  • Lightweight aerodynamic polycarbonate shell with built-in spoiler for improved stability (3.25 lbs)
  • Fully removable and washable Clima-Comfort® liner is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and wicking
  • Super-efficient JSW® top vent with exhaust grid in the rear spoiler works in conjunction with the air channels along the crown. It is operated by a glove-friendly rubber slider
  • Microlock® (adjustable quick-release) retention system
  • Velour chin strap padding
  • DOT approved
  • Includes VPS® removal tool
  • Weight of 3.6lbs with all accessories

  • Nolan N43E Trilogy Solid Helmets N-Com Product Reviews
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    Nolan N43E - Rick Hammer   IA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: fit and comfort and protection
    Cons: none

    My wife and I are now on our 3rd set of Nolan Helmets as we replace the 34 ones every 5 years or so. We did have to purchase a new one once, after a deer collision, because the old one took a bounce down the highway with my wife's head in it. We both suffered lots of road rash but nothing broken or smashed, but the Nolan helmet. We have done a lot of trying on and looking at helmets Before we bought our latest ones for a while it became an obsession to find the perfect helmets but we keep going back to the Nolan Brand - Fits great, lite weight, great features such as the N-com that we hooked up our Ultra to this time. We ride in all kinds of weather and this lets us change our helmet style as the weather dictates ......... Great product and we know it does the job it's suppose to.

    My favorite helmet - Nuke   GA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Light weight, coverts quickly, visibility greatly improved
    Cons: None so far

    Comfort was no. 1 on my list as I searched for a new helmet with reasonable price and this Nolan was both Compacc shipped fast and I loved the helmet so much I bought another for my wife. Fit was exactly as described and color was perfect. I have purchased many items from compacc and have been pleased with them all.

    GWTA Mororcycle Safety - Joseph   WA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Fit, Features
    Cons: May not work For Claustraphobes

    Trid and true tested Nolan helmets made another good one with all of the good features. I Love the choice of or full face.

    Nolan N43E Trilogy Solid Helmets N-Com - DoubleT1134   NY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Excellent design, light weight, easy conversion and fit.
    Cons: [None]

    I was looking for a year round helmet that could easily convert from winter to summer use and I found it in the Nolan. The design of this helmet allows for use in all elements and seasons. The ease of which to make the transition from full face to open face is simple and quick. The helmet has nice fitment and keeps unwanted noise out. I use another brand of communications and was able to adapt it's placement very easily as well. I recommend this helmet it won't disappoint.

    The one to buy if yoiu plan to use the B1 unit - JeanPhi   PR Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good construction and features
    Cons: Hard to get all the colors available

    This is my 6th. Nolan helmet I owe and my second N43E. In this case, I bought this helmet because I wanted to use the Nolan B1 Bluetooth unit. The other one I have is fitted with cable connectors for riding a Honda GW 1800. If you have big clam ears, this helmet may be too tight for you or your ears. I love the Jet fighter type built-in sun shield. Quick release system is the best of all helmets I have used. Trilogy system is the best of both worlds 34 and full face helmet.

    Nolan helmet N43 - Big sexy   NJ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Almost everything about this helmet is on point
    Cons: Shield needs econometric lower.

    The best lightest and durable helmet to date that I have worn on my cruiser.

    Great Helmet - Nolan N43E Trilogy   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: quiet, light, excellent design
    Cons: runs small in sizing

    I ordered my normal size of Large and had to send it right back, re-ordered an XL and the fit is good... perhaps a little tight in the cheeks, but I've gotten use to it already. other than that I love this helmet.. It keeps outside noise down and there is almost no buffeting at all... I've ordered a metallic silver shield to replace the clear one, looking forward to that. Shield removal is super easy and quick. I've no need for the N-com set-up but may someday... nice to have that option... this helmet at the close-out price is a super bargain.. don't pass it up

    Great deal - jgirata   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Workmanship, fit, pinlock shield, drop-down sunglasses
    Cons: Hard to put on with chin bar on

    Excellent worksmanship, fit is spot on - I wear a large and it fit perfectly, hard to find a pinlock shield, drop down sunglasses and a combo open-face and full-face helmet in one, especially at CA's price

    Cali Central Coast - Sandy   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Comfortable, light weight
    Cons: [None]

    Comfortable immediately, no break in time. Love the longer face shield, protects your face from wind and sun without having to wear a heavy full faced helmet.

    Love It - toot   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Fit, Ease of Use, Quality, So many Riding Options
    Cons: Nolan is very Expensive Little noisy

    I really have wanted a Trilogy since I first saw one on YouTube... I waited and patience paid off. They were out of my budget until I found them on sale here... Nolan Helmets fit like no other and the locking strap is wonderful. Adjust the strap, pick what option you want and off you go They are quality made and perfect for ALL of my scooter riding, or motorcycle for that matters , needs. I wear and Small helmet and a Small is the exact fit.

    N43E Trilogy - passageeast   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: excellent quality, excellent price
    Cons: none really

    it's all about fit and Comp Acc was extremely helpful with their returnexchange policy.

    Nolan n43E Trilogy - Jim H.   MD Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: A great helmet with lots of options on how you can wear it.
    Cons: [None]

    I bought my wife and I both a Trilogy, we are planning a trip to ride the Alps in June and wanted a good helmet that offered us options on how we wear it and it affords good protection in wet weather

    Not a CHICOM helmet - HoosierGuzzi   IN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: doesn't fund Red Army, quality and features are great.
    Cons: None worth noting

    I have two of the N43E trilogy helmets amongst other Nolan helmets. I haven't tried an N44 out yet but, I don't like the appearance of the N44 as compared to the N43. Regardless, I bought one of these at full price and the second on clearance. I'm very tempted to go ahead and buy at least one more if I can get it in the sizecolor I want.I much prefer the removable chin guard over the modular style helmet. My primary reason for using this helmet is it's all weatherseasontemperature range usability. I do a lot of longer range commuting and it can go from colddamp rainy 40's in the morning to brightsunny humid 90's in the afternoon...on the same day. Full face helmet in the morning and open face helmet in the afternoon..Not trying to be overly political but, since it's extremely close to impossible to buy an American made helmet anymore All I've been able to find is Seer...and only half helmets...the full face one they sell is Chinese...think CHiPs, I prefer to buy from as close to free nations as possible...especially when they produce quality products.Until an American brand decides to make helmets here again, I'll stick with Nolan

    Versatile Helmet - Paul C   OH Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Open, good air flow, extremely versatile
    Cons: Somewhat noisy without the chin bar

    I bought a Nolan N104 helmet last fall and I love that helmet but when it started to get warm this summer, I needed to get more air inside the helmet to stay cool. I bought the N43E Trilogy and this helmet provides a lot more air through its larger venting system and under the face shield when you don't use the chin bar. The nice feature of this helmet is that you can open it up slightly to an intermediate notch and get even more air under the shield while still keeping your face protected. The only drawback is that it allows more wind noise inside. Without the chin bar in place, you will probably want to use some ear blocks to deal with the wind noise on a long ride. I love this helmet for warm to hot rides in the summer. If you put the chin bar on you can use it to remain comfortable in cooler weather and reduce the wind noise too. The visibilty is so good that I find myself checking to see if the shield is down. I put a strip of black electrical tape at the top of the shield to block the early morning and late evening rays of the sun. Works great.

    Nolan N43E Trilogy Solid Helmet - Disabled Rider   OK Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: detachable chin guard, antifog face shield, easy to use drop down sun visor
    Cons: difficult to put on with the chin guard attached to the helmet

    The trilogy met all of needs in just one helmet. Light weight, comfortable and can easily be configured to uit my needs. I was even able to install my scala rider which allows mt to interact with my wife was we ride. The anti-fog inner shild has been put to the test and as it says, does not fog up. The optional chin guard is my least favorite feature, but does work well. Nolans new chin strap release is one of the nices features of the helmet, allowing you easily adjustremove the chin witrh just the flick of a finger. Over all a great helmet, right out of the box.

    NOLAN N43E - THUNDER217   DC Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: This is the most versitle helmet on the market to date. This helmet can be an open face, full face, with or without the visor.
    Cons: You may want to go up a size when ordering. The helmet does run a little small.

    This is a great helmet. It changes into many different styles which make it great. The different styles are accomplished easily and quickly.

    Perfect multi-use helmet - Malcomhawk   CO Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Comfortable fit, many wear options, field of vision, quality of materials, convenience of chin latch, anti-fog pinlock visor
    Cons: None that I can find

    I bought a pair of these for my wife and I because we both wear the same size. I started with one and we tried it on, swapped the modular options around, re-tried it, made more changes and continued to retry it until we were comfortable with all the ways it can be worn. Colorado has varying weather patterns over really short differences and we needed a helmet that could do multiple jobs touring, off-road, hot weather, cold weather, etc. This one does it all in great comfort. As long as you are comfortable with the helmet shape a little round, I don't think there is a better deal out there. My wife settled on a fit without the chin bar I like the chin bar with the mesh underneath to cut the wind noise.

    GREAT visibility - Eva in Tucson   AZ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: GREAT visibility could save your life
    Cons: a bit noisy sun shield a little shoddy

    I returned the N44 which unfortunately did not fit my round head shape and got the N43, which did. I've only ridden with it a few times, but the visibility is superb -- I almost feel like I can see behind me it has such good peripheral visibility. It is a bit noisier than my old trusted Shoei RF-1000, but not bad. It seems to flow a lot of air. I'm not sure I would wear it without the chin bar, but some might like that.Generally if you have a round head, your helmet choices are limited. This is a good helmet at a great price and you might want to grab one before they are gone.

    N43E Trilogy - Igor   PA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Comfort, good configurations
    Cons: Visor mechnism wind noise

    Good unit. Overall what I expected. I tried the XL model before I ordered online and the L version fits me much better. Love the configurations. Chin comes with an optional diffuser to keep buffeting down. Much more quiet than my current helmet, but if I was riding sports bikes I would not be looking at a convertible helmet at all. For a cruiser with a windshield it makes total sense. The visor is a fantastic feature but the lever that activates it makes a bit of wind noise. Nothing terrible but noticeable on an otherwise quiet unit. Would not pay full price on it but for around 200 it is definitely good value. After all you can not buy three decent helmets for 200.

    Nolan N43E - Kelly   MN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: nice style, great sightlines, huge visor shield
    Cons: Chin bar too close, sun shield doesn't go down far enough

    Great helmet, and very comfortable if it fits your head. It fit me great, but not my husband. Although we really like these helmets, the chin bar rubbed on my husband's chin. We also thought the sunglasses visor did not go down low enough . It seemed like we were looking through the bottom edge of it.

    Nolan trilogy - Mark   PA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: comfortable, light, versatile
    Cons: slight rattle on left side

    Very comfortable, but size runs small. Optical quality of visor exceptional. Very versatile, blocks cold and wind with chin bar and deflector. Cool with chin bar removed.

    Nolan N43E review - K1200LT guy   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Lightweight, excellent visibility, built in N-Com system
    Cons: Flip down visor, helmet is fairly noisy

    Comfortable helmet, visibility is exceptional, and the lightweight construction are great. The helmet is a bit noisy, wind noise is evident, but not to the point where I'd not recommend the helmet. I also bought the optional N-Com system, and it is the best I've tried so far. Far exceeding both the Sena and Scala top of the line offerings that I've had previously, not to mention that it is completely within the helmet, so you don't have a giant tumor sticking on the side of your helmet. Having the ability to detach the chin guard is a welcome option as well. Sizing runs a bit on the small side, but not too bad. The flip down tinted visor would be great if they'd have made it larger. As it is, unless you pull the helmet down to about your eyebrows, the visor essentially ends in the middle of your eyes, which is frustrating. Luckily, sunglasses slide in easily and are comfortable for long rides, although not as handy as a better thought out drop down tinted visor. Not sure who approved such a short visor, but it was a major misstep on Nolan's part.Overall, it's a great helmet, ventilation seems on par or better than most, and it is comfortable for long hours on the bike. We recently took a 600 mile trip over the weekend, and were perfectly comfortable the entire time.

    Wonderful - richymx   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Wider vision area & Vesatility
    Cons: Noisy, visor easily scratched

    This helmet has been the second higher quality helmet I purchase, Nolan keeps up to its name providing with a helmet that fits comfortably, has a good finish quality and breaks wind perfectly.However, the best is the wider vision area it allows while at the same time giving you the option to make it a 34 helmet if you plan on riding in town only which is an awesome idea the helmet looks neat in any of its configurations.I noticed the visor can get scratched as easily as by brushing against clothing, that's a really bad downside in my opinion, the other one is the noise, however, considering the type of versatile helmet this is it seems acceptable.

    Great helmet - TriMGHD   IL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good fit, quality finish
    Cons: Chin guard rather close

    Great helmet but I do miss the visor of my Shoei 34 helmet. First full face helmet so I can't really comment about noise level. My chin almost touches the chin guard even though they extended the chin guard over the first version Non E My helmet came with the Pinlock shield insert and I think it is indispensable.

    VERY NICE HELMEt - Don   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Can be configured 6 ways
    Cons: Not as quiet as I had hoped

    This is a very nice helmet and the best I have owned thus far. I got such a deal on it I could not refuse and am glad I didn't. Helmet can be configured 6 different ways and everything is included including the pin lock shield. When I first learned about pin locks I didn't think much of it and thought it was just another gimmick but I can now say it is real and it works perfectly. No more fogged face shields.Pretty comfortable but there is virtually no air flow through the helmet vent. I don't understand why since it is so large but nope, no air comes through into helmet. Other than that I am well pleased with this helmet and when wearing it with chin bar and closed face shield there is little to no wind leakage and no head buffeting ever.Great helmet for the money. I would but another one if I needed to

    Nolan N43 Trilogy Helmet - John   WA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Lens is clear, love the release strap
    Cons: Sizing a a bit small. My 24 head required a 2XL.

    The helmet feels cramped if your use the chin guard. It is too close to your chin. Lens fogs up when you're not moving. Be prepared to lift the lens to the intermediate notch,although I haven't tried the fog lens accessory yet. I do like this helmet overall as open face configuration.

    Great multi use helmet - LEM, CA   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Looks good and is very functional.
    Cons: Noisy at highway speeds.

    This helmet was recommended to me by friends who wear them. I ordered my wife and I matching helmets. Compacc shipped them very promptly. I ordered my wife's helmet based on her head measurement. It fit perfectly. I tried a large on at a local motorcycle shop, and it fit good. I ordered a large, and when I received it, it felt too big. I measured my head size and ordered a medium based on the sizing chart. It fit perfectly. When I returned the large helmet, Compacc refunded me within two days, without any hassle. The only con I have found is the N43e to be noisy at highway speed. I would definitely recommend wearing hearing protection for long rides. The multi-position face shield is great when traveling at slow speeds in warm weather or when stopped at stop lights. I'm very pleased with the helmet and have recommended it to other friends.

    Great open face helmet - VinnyF   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: much quieter and more options than previous N42
    Cons: only 2 shield postions - closed and full open

    I've never quite come to terms with a full face helmet - always a little claustrophobic for me. I've tried a number of open face helmets, most recently the N42, precursor to this unit. Nice, comfortable helmet, but VERY noisy - for me, unusable without some sort of ear protection. The N43 helmet maintains the style and build of the previous unit, but the chin protection seals the lower edge to greatly reduce the wind noise, and moving the tinted eye shade from exterior to behind the shield eliminates most of the assorted whistles of the N42. Long distance riders should still opt for hearing protection, but for local use many riders might find the noise level acceptable sans ear plugs.The strap on these helmets is notable for eschewing the usual D ring fastening, opting instead for a fastener similar to a seat belt - much easier to fasten and unfasten when the weather gets seriously cold. One minor disadvantage of this system is it makes locking the helmet to a bike difficult, since there is no D ring.The shape of these helmets is a little rounder than the usual Shoei - the chin protector on an XL Nolan almost touches my chin, whereas the Shoei in the same size provides significantly more chin room - my guess is Jay Leno wouldn't find this helmet comfortable.A number of reviews faulted the earlier N42 sunshade for not allowing the pilot to look thru the tinted shield - Nolan has significantly enlarged the tinted shield on these helmets. This is a mixed blessing, IMO it certainly LOOKS cool, but I believe their original concept of just providing shade rather than a layer of tint to actually look thru was better. Peering thru multiple layers of plastic significantly blurs the view compared to a single layer. Of course, you can adjust the tinted shade so as not to look THRU it, but UNDER it. However, this is a little distracting as the current shade has a contoured lower edge providing an interesting view if half-lowered.One change that made no sense whatsoever to me was the elimination of intermediate stops for the face shield - the older helmet had several positions that the face shield would stay in, providing a little defogging when stuck in traffic. The N43 provides only 2 positions - fully open or fully closed. No matter how good the ventilation when moving - and this helmet has a pretty good vent system - after a few seconds stopped for traffic in cold weather the shield develops a fairly attractive but totally useless fog. In a move that probably voids every safety certification and warranty, I found that about 15 minutes work with a rotary tool and minimal skill will allow one to add an additional stop to the face shield spring, giving an additional fixed position of about 1 open, minimizing fogging under some conditions. Note that neither I, nor Compacc, nor Nolan, nor my heirs, relatives, friends friend, neighbors etc., recommend modification of the helmet, and any modifications may well cause injury, death, dandruff or worse.Overall, I've found the Nolan N43E helmets to be well made, well finished and comfortable. They are a great buy. IMO, of course...

    Nolan N43E - Chief   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Keeps the rain off my face
    Cons: Windturbulence noise seems to be outside the helmet

    I recently purchased a Nolan N43E wN-Com from you. I posted my review on several Goldwing forums and I thought it only fair that you got my review as well. I am well satisfied with the service I received from your company. Thanks for your help. David JackmanCanyon Lake, Texas---Quote Originally by seabeechief---OK, I finally pulled the trigger on Nolan N43E with N-Com. Likes 1 it is not as heavy as I thought it would be.2 the peripheral vision is very good. 3 the face shield is clear and the optics suffer no distortion that I can detect so far. 4 the face shield definitely keeps the rain off my face. 5 the face shield has several stops that keeps the shield in the position you want, especially at stop lightssigns. I have not installed the pinlock thingy yet, so there was some little fogging until I raised the shield a notch.6 the N-Com system is excellent. The mikes are located near my ears, which is the reason I was looking for a new helmet in the first place. The sound quality is good at least for me and I don't have to turn the radioIpod up to max to hear it. At least after I raised my windshield.Dislikes1 the wind noise is awful And wind noise may not be the correct term. It's not wind noise like wind inside the helmet. It is more like wind turbulence outside the helmet. It was awful. Then I raised my windshield up as far as it would go, and MOST of the turbulence subsided. The wind noise is still there, but not nearly as much as before. Now I just have learn how to ride with the top of the windshield exactly in the middle of my eyes. 2 Before the windshield was raised, my darling bride said there was more wind turbulence or buffeting or something that was not there before the new helmet. I don't understand the dynamics or engineering, but I believe her. She said it was a lot better after I raised the windshield.3 It is difficult to get the helmet on if I put my glasses on first. It is impossible to put my glasses on AFTER I put the helmet on. The problem is the curved earpieces that wrap around the ear. No way to get those on after the helmet is on. And getting the helmet off with the glasses on is really exciting. The answer I guess is straight earpieces. I will search for the AO Original pilots glasses with straight earpieces. I found a website to get them with my prescription, but I can' find it again right now. That's my 2 cents worth. I hope it helps y'all in your quest for the right helmet.Chief

    disappointed - Alfred S   IL Recommended by Reviewer: No
    Pros: None
    Cons: Noisy and squeaky

    I bought this helmet for the features but was sadly disappointed, the shield is hard to remove or change, the drop down sun-shield is cheaply constructed and comes down past it's stop and is to close to your nose, but the worst is that the helmet liner Styrofoam is not secured or glued to the helmet and squeaks all the time, I wore the helmet on a recent trip of 1,500 miles and hated it the whole time and upon returning home through the helmet in the trash, it was just a waste of 219.00 but I learned a valuable lesson that is to never buy a Nolan helmet ever again. I hope that by reading this review that others can get some insight on this helmet and not make the same mistake as I did.

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    X-Small, Black NO-43NS-XS-BK $42.00 Currently Not Available for Order
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    Small, Outlaw Black NO-NOUT-S-BK $174.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Small, Black NO-43NS-S-BK $83.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Small, Platinum Silver NO-43NS-S-PLAT $83.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Small, Metallic White NO-43NS-S-WH $83.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Small, Lava Grey NO-43NS-S-LAV $83.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Medium, Platinum Silver NO-43NS-M-PLAT $83.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Large, Black NO-43NS-L-BK $83.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Large, Platinum Silver NO-43NS-L-PLAT $83.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Large, Metallic White NO-43NS-L-WH $83.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Large, Lava Grey NO-43NS-L-LAV $83.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Large, Outlaw Flat Black NO-NOUT-L-FBK $174.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    X-Large, Black NO-43NS-XL-BK $83.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    X-Large, Metallic White NO-43NS-XL-WH $83.99 Currently Not Available for Order
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