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Nolan - Nolan N43 Pinlock Shield Inserts Nolan - Nolan N43 Pinlock Shield Inserts Nolan - Nolan N43 Pinlock Shield Inserts Nolan - Nolan N43 Pinlock Shield Inserts
Nolan N43 Pinlock Shield Inserts


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All Colors - Nolan N43 Pinlock Shield Inserts
Clear - Nolan N43 Pinlock Shield Inserts
Smoke - Nolan N43 Pinlock Shield Inserts
Yellow - Nolan N43 Pinlock Shield Inserts
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Video Reviews
Hey what's up guys this is Reuben from Competition Accessories welcome to our review of the Nolan N34e Open Face Helmet now this helmet is a fantastic value at around 185 bucks is what it goes for on our website it comes with a lightweight polycarbonate shell this one here weighs in at about 3.25 lbs and if you take a look at the profile they've incorporated a very nice aerodynamic shell so it's going to flow through the air nice and clean. In addition to that it comes with a very aggressive ventilation system. Obviously as an open face design you're going to get plenty of air through the front of the helmet, but up here on top you'll see that they have a nice large ram air scoop. You can close that by sliding the switch forward if you slide that back it's going to allow a lot of air to come down inside the helmet, and there are actually air channels inside that are going to allow that air to circulate throughout the helmet, and if you look at the back you'll see that behind this rear spoiler there's a very large exhaust vent on either side of the helmet here. So those little fins,as you ride an area of low pressure is created, and they're going to help draw that warm air out of the back of the helmet, which is a really effective way of keeping you cool and comfortable in warmer conditions. For cold weather the N43e is actually a very nice design as well, and that's thanks to the full coverage face shield on this helmet, it extends down nice and low and it has a really nice design feature on the bottom that allows that air to get pushed around the side of the helmet without swirling up underneath the shield and into your face, which can lead to your eyes tearing up, and just keeping you more comfortable at speed. On the inside there is an internal sun visor that you can drop down, and that's going to give you some additional eye protection, and obviously keep you comfortable in bright conditions. You can actually exchange that out for an amber shield or a light blue shield if you want something that's going to work better for dark conditions. That's definitely a very popular option, and it slides with just a simple slider switch on the side, so it's very easy to operate, even with gloves on. Now, I have another helmet up here on the table, and the reason for that is I wanted to show you another option that you have from Nolan. This is the N43e Trilogy Helmet. Now this helmet, is the same as the N43e, but it gives you a whole bunch of other additional options that do not come with the normal N43e. First things first, it gives you a removable chin bar. That's a very nice feature for those of you who are riding in cold and wet conditions, or if you sometimes want that additional protection of a chinbar, this helmet includes it and it is removable, there are two latches on the sides you can pop it right off just like so, so it's essentially the same helmet, but it comes with some additional features. It includes a pinlock shield in the box, and it also includes a visor that you can swap out for the face shield. So you can remove this faceshield, and install just a simple visor peak. We have a full video review on this helmet, so if you're interested in the details of the N43e Trilogy, it goes for around 80 bucks more than the standard N43e but it includes a lot of extra things in the box, so just wanted to show you that that is an option for you. Back to the N43e, most of the other features are going to be the same between the two helmets Includes a Clima-Comfort interior, which is a moisture wicking interior Micro-Lock retention chin strap, so this is a ratcheting style chin strap, there's a red tab that you lift to undo the chin strap. What I like about that design, is you can do it up even with your gloves on. So if you forget that you've got your gloves on, you pull your helmet on, you can still do up your chin strap real quick and easy, and they have tested these to be just as strong as a standard d-ring. Interior as I mentioned is moisture wicking, it has their Clima Comfort lining. The other thing that's great about the N43e is it's designed to work very seamlessly with Nolan's N-Comm Communication System. There are speaker pockets built in, and there's a plate that you can remove right on the side of the helmet. Pop that off like so, install the N-Comm Communication System, and that's going to allow you to communicate with other riders that use N-Comm, and also stream music to your helmet, gps directions, anything like that. It includes all of the accessories, and ports that you can use to install boom mic, speakers, and everything like that, so it's going to integrate really well with the helmet. Lastly you'll see that they give you a nice neck roll around the base of the helmet here that's going to help prevent wind noise from generating around the base of your ears and they give you a nice bit of reflective material at the back of the helmet as well just to increase your night time visibility. So hopefully you enjoyed the review here of the N43e,it's a great option from us here at Competition Accessories, very popular for a lot of people. Jump on our website and read the reviews. If you've used the N43e or any other helmet, jump on our website and write a review for it, it helps other customers out and we love to hear what our customers think. Don't forget, here at Competition Accessories we have great free shipping options and you can earn up to 5% back towards your future orders with our Comp-A Cash program. Thanks for watching, we'll see you next time.
Information and Details about the Nolan N43 Pinlock Shield Inserts
made by Nolan
  • The Pinlock Anti-Fog Lens transforms your single shield into a dual shield that will resist any fog build up
  • Specially designed to install on shields with built-in pins
  • Clear, Smoke & Yellow

  • Nolan N43 Pinlock Shield Inserts Product Reviews
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    pinlock shield - pdsurgn   KS Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: works great, easy to install
    Cons: could cover more

    Works great. Would be nice if it covered the whole shield, but it covers the important field of vision.

    Contrary to the associated picture, there is no gasket material. However, the Pinlock insert went right in with very little hassle. I noticed an immediate difference. Everywhere the Pinlock was not was fogged up; where the Pinlock covered was perfectly clear!

    A must have - TriMGHD   IL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Works great
    Cons: [None]

    Installed in a Nolan N43E and the shield insert works really well. The inside of the shield fogs but not where the Pinlock shield insert is located. I wouldn't have a full face without a Pinlock insert.

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    Smoke NP4012 $23.36 Currently Not Available for Order
    Yellow NP4016 $23.36 Currently Not Available for Order

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    Nolan N43 Pinlock Shield Inserts - All Colors
    All Colors
    Nolan N43 Pinlock Shield Inserts - Clear
    Nolan N43 Pinlock Shield Inserts - Smoke
    Nolan N43 Pinlock Shield Inserts - Yellow