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Nolan - Nolan N-Com B1 Bluetooth Communication System for N91 N90 N85 N86 N43E Helmets Nolan - Nolan N-Com B1 Bluetooth Communication System for N91 N90 N85 N86 N43E Helmets Nolan - Nolan N-Com B1 Bluetooth Communication System for N91 N90 N85 N86 N43E Helmets Nolan - Nolan N-Com B1 Bluetooth Communication System for N91 N90 N85 N86 N43E Helmets
Nolan N-Com B1 Bluetooth Communication System for N91 N90 N85 N86 N43E Helmets
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N-Com B1 - Nolan N-Com B1 Bluetooth Communication System for N91 N90 N85 N86 N43E Helmets
N-Com B1 - Nolan N-Com B1 Bluetooth Communication System for N91 N90 N85 N86 N43E Helmets
N-Com B1 Features - Nolan N-Com B1 Bluetooth Communication System for N91 N90 N85 N86 N43E Helmets
N-Com B1 in Helmet - Nolan N-Com B1 Bluetooth Communication System for N91 N90 N85 N86 N43E Helmets
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Video Reviews
Hey guys this is Reuben with Competition Accessories and welcome to our video review of the Nolan N91 helmet. This is a modular helmet with a poly-carbonate shell from Nolan. Modular means that it is a flip-up helmet so you can bring up the chin bar to make it easier to talk to other people, drink, or smoke if you smoke. Few different notes about the chin bar mechanism itself with the Nolan you have a dual release there is a lever underneath the bottom of the chin bar that you have to pull forward and that makes this tab stick out on the front and you squeeze them together to actually get this to open. This is a safety feature so the chin bar wont and cannot open up on your if you don't want it to. They also have a lock on the side of the chin bar here that you can engage and that prevents it from closing and it locks it into place. Also on the side of the helmet here is the lever for the vision protection system which is what Nolan calls their internal drop down sun visor. It is far enough forward so if you do wear glasses it is not going to get in the way of those. Taking a look at the interior it is a clima comfort interior which means it is moisture wicking and it is nice and comfortable fabric. As far as the sizing and the shape of this helmet I typically wear a medium and to me I felt it was narrow towards the sides of the face and jaw. They give you a nice padded neck roll and it creates a good seal to block any unwanted wind noise. A chin curtain is also incorporated with the helmet as well. Nolan uses a ratchet style chin strap which is very popular over in Europe which you can adjust the length of the chin strap to get a customized fit. Lets talk about ventilation on the this helmet and that is something that they have definitely improved in the N91 and this helmet replaces the N90. You have a chin vent that is going to direct air up onto the face shield to prevent fogging in the shield if it is cold outside or may be rainy. You also have an intake vent at the top which is operated by a slider switch. The rear spoiler is interesting because they have incorporated it into the shell and it is open. The vents on this helmet help give it a real nice sporty appearance and it is going to help keep it stable at speeds. Now I mentioned anti-fog and even better Nolan is including a pinlock insert in the box as well so remember the pinlock is an anti-fog solution it creates a dual pane effect between the outside and inside of the face shield. With that internal sun visor you shouldnt have to remove or replace the face shield very often and if you do it is very simple and straight forward there is a button on the side and you just push that down and pull forward and you can see it pops right off. We will go ahead and weigh the helmet on the scale here and it weighs right at 4 pounds, typically with modular helmets they do tend to gain a little weight due to that drop down internal sun visor. Little bit more on the heavy side for the helmet. You can check out the Nolan N91 on our website at Competition Accessories. You can see ll our current prices, colors, or graphics we have available for this helmet. Also don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel so you can stay up to date on our product and video reviews. Don't forget you can earn to 5% comp a cash back on future purchases, we have great free shipping deals, easy exchange program and no restocking fees, thanks for watching and we will see you next time.
Hey guys this is Reuben with competition accessories welcome to our review of the Nolan n86 which as you may figure is the replacement for the n85 this is a full face poly carbonate helmet with an internal drop down sun visor very popular feature these days and it actually includes a pinlock anti fog insert in the box with the helmet which we will talk about in a second first things first lets throw in on the scale to see how much it weighs it weighs 3.65 pounds so over 31/2 pounds not making it an ultra light helmet by any stretch but not overly heavy especially in terms with helmets that have internal drop down sun visor by nature those typically weigh a little bit more you are looking at a helmet that is 100% made in Italy it has that Nolan fit and finish and quality that we have come to expect now speaking of the helmet itself the visor system that you get and the vision is great obviously with having the internal drop down sun shield its super convenient your going to be able to take this helmet you dont need an extra face shield to go with you whether its day time or night time or anywhere in between in any kind of change in lighting conditions and you will be able to adapt to that and you will be able to operate that by a little slider right here on the side of the helmet its a very smooth operating it requires very little pressure on the lever and it should be very easy to find after you have ridden with the helmet for a little while it will become second nature to reach up and use that lever here on the side of the helmet its a very smooth operation and it goes far enough forward to where not going to be hitting your eye glasses or touching your nose or anything obviously it depends on your face and everything it seemed to work really well for me you also have slots specifically for eye glasses so if you are an eye glass wearer this is very comfortable to wear with eye glasses and we talked about the pinlock insert it includes you can see the you can see the unique shape of this pinlock and if your not familiar with the pinlock shield or insert we have a full video on the system basically what it is its a secondary shield you are going to install inside the face shield of your helmet and what it does is create a dual pane effect so you have a small bead of air in between the outer shield and the inner shield which gives it some insulation from the elements which really does a great job at preventing fog this one might look a little bit yellow thats simply because it has their protective film on it but still it will be totally clear once you remove that film it installs between the two posts so its a pinlock ready shield with a pinlock insert already in the box ready to go now if you were going to remove this face shield its a little bit different of a system you have a button here on the side that you have to push once you push it you can remove the shield and then you can replace it by pushing it down until it clicks so pretty straight forward and easy shield changes although you wont have to do that very often maybe just to clean it once in a while or to install that pinlock insert it does have a nice locking mechanism here right in the front in the center and thats where you have to reach to open and close the shield that might take some getting used to if your used to having a tab on the side of the shield this one is right here in the center whats nice about that is its ambidextrous you can use your right or your left hand depending on if your sitting there holding your clutch or your riding with your hand on the throttle you can still operate your shield and you push it down and that little latch is actually going to lock it down the face shield giving you a better seal around the gasket which helps keep the helmet a little bit more quiet and then you just have to push up on the center there to get the shield open you can see it does have detentes throughout the range so it has a nice sitting position just a little crack if you want just a little bit of air coming up the front and then you have detentes pretty much throughout the range of the shield opening you also have some ventilation in the chin bar its going to direct air right up on the face shield again preventing fog kind of like the defrost on your car when you slide this up you can see it tilts back the vent openings there which allows air to come through and in the top you have these chimney vents you can slide these open very low profile switches on the sides the vents themselves do stick up in the wind quite a bit which is going to bring air down into the shell of the helmet but it also might add a little bit more wind noise since there sticking up in the wind some but thats the trade off your getting a lot more air flow for a little bit more wind noise then on the back you have a rear integrated spoiler with an exhaust vent built in as well so your going to get some air flow and get that warm out out of the helmet which will keep you nice and comfortable during the warmer weather taking a look at the interior this has a nice bright red material which is kind of unique and you have some reflective material across of the back of the neck roll which is going to light up nice at night keep you visible you also have a climate comfort material which is going to be anti bacterial and moisture wicking which going to keep you comfortable in any kind of situation and a micro ratchet system it is very common in Europe obviously this is a European type of helmet whats really great is its easy to operate even with your gloves on if you ever do the routine with throwing your gloves on before you put on a helmet and you have to pull your gloves back off you dont have to worry about that with these you still can get them on and off with your gloves on so thats nice you also have a built in chin curtain so you can prevent wind from coming up underneath if you dont want that it is prepped for Nolan n-com communication system you can see that there is a plate for that on the side of the helmet and its integrated really nicely with the helmet they have done a great job of giving you the speaker pockets and places to route the wires inside just pop that plate off and you will be able to install the Nolan n-comm communication system to have some music while you ride or to communicate with a passenger or other riders while your on a bike you can check out the Nolan n86 on our website at competition accessories dont forget to rate comment and subscribe to our YouTube channel we also have great free shipping deals easy exchange policy and you can also earn up to 5% comp a cash when you shop with us so check these out online at thanks for watching and we will see you next time
Hey what's up guys this is Reuben from Competition Accessories welcome to our review of the Nolan N34e Open Face Helmet now this helmet is a fantastic value at around 185 bucks is what it goes for on our website it comes with a lightweight polycarbonate shell this one here weighs in at about 3.25 lbs and if you take a look at the profile they've incorporated a very nice aerodynamic shell so it's going to flow through the air nice and clean. In addition to that it comes with a very aggressive ventilation system. Obviously as an open face design you're going to get plenty of air through the front of the helmet, but up here on top you'll see that they have a nice large ram air scoop. You can close that by sliding the switch forward if you slide that back it's going to allow a lot of air to come down inside the helmet, and there are actually air channels inside that are going to allow that air to circulate throughout the helmet, and if you look at the back you'll see that behind this rear spoiler there's a very large exhaust vent on either side of the helmet here. So those little fins,as you ride an area of low pressure is created, and they're going to help draw that warm air out of the back of the helmet, which is a really effective way of keeping you cool and comfortable in warmer conditions. For cold weather the N43e is actually a very nice design as well, and that's thanks to the full coverage face shield on this helmet, it extends down nice and low and it has a really nice design feature on the bottom that allows that air to get pushed around the side of the helmet without swirling up underneath the shield and into your face, which can lead to your eyes tearing up, and just keeping you more comfortable at speed. On the inside there is an internal sun visor that you can drop down, and that's going to give you some additional eye protection, and obviously keep you comfortable in bright conditions. You can actually exchange that out for an amber shield or a light blue shield if you want something that's going to work better for dark conditions. That's definitely a very popular option, and it slides with just a simple slider switch on the side, so it's very easy to operate, even with gloves on. Now, I have another helmet up here on the table, and the reason for that is I wanted to show you another option that you have from Nolan. This is the N43e Trilogy Helmet. Now this helmet, is the same as the N43e, but it gives you a whole bunch of other additional options that do not come with the normal N43e. First things first, it gives you a removable chin bar. That's a very nice feature for those of you who are riding in cold and wet conditions, or if you sometimes want that additional protection of a chinbar, this helmet includes it and it is removable, there are two latches on the sides you can pop it right off just like so, so it's essentially the same helmet, but it comes with some additional features. It includes a pinlock shield in the box, and it also includes a visor that you can swap out for the face shield. So you can remove this faceshield, and install just a simple visor peak. We have a full video review on this helmet, so if you're interested in the details of the N43e Trilogy, it goes for around 80 bucks more than the standard N43e but it includes a lot of extra things in the box, so just wanted to show you that that is an option for you. Back to the N43e, most of the other features are going to be the same between the two helmets Includes a Clima-Comfort interior, which is a moisture wicking interior Micro-Lock retention chin strap, so this is a ratcheting style chin strap, there's a red tab that you lift to undo the chin strap. What I like about that design, is you can do it up even with your gloves on. So if you forget that you've got your gloves on, you pull your helmet on, you can still do up your chin strap real quick and easy, and they have tested these to be just as strong as a standard d-ring. Interior as I mentioned is moisture wicking, it has their Clima Comfort lining. The other thing that's great about the N43e is it's designed to work very seamlessly with Nolan's N-Comm Communication System. There are speaker pockets built in, and there's a plate that you can remove right on the side of the helmet. Pop that off like so, install the N-Comm Communication System, and that's going to allow you to communicate with other riders that use N-Comm, and also stream music to your helmet, gps directions, anything like that. It includes all of the accessories, and ports that you can use to install boom mic, speakers, and everything like that, so it's going to integrate really well with the helmet. Lastly you'll see that they give you a nice neck roll around the base of the helmet here that's going to help prevent wind noise from generating around the base of your ears and they give you a nice bit of reflective material at the back of the helmet as well just to increase your night time visibility. So hopefully you enjoyed the review here of the N43e,it's a great option from us here at Competition Accessories, very popular for a lot of people. Jump on our website and read the reviews. If you've used the N43e or any other helmet, jump on our website and write a review for it, it helps other customers out and we love to hear what our customers think. Don't forget, here at Competition Accessories we have great free shipping options and you can earn up to 5% back towards your future orders with our Comp-A Cash program. Thanks for watching, we'll see you next time.
Information and Details about the Nolan N-Com B1 Bluetooth Communication System for N91 N90 N85 N86 N43E Helmets
made by Nolan
This system fits the following Nolan N-Com Helmets.
Nolan N91
Nolan N90
Nolan N86
Nolan N85
Nolan N71
Nolan N43E Air/ N43 Air
Nolan N43E/ N43
Nolan N103
The Nolan N-Com B1 Kit is an entry-level Bluetooth communication kit. It includes both the headset and the Bluetooth unit in one easy-to-install system for one (Single Unit) or two helmets (Twin Pack). The N-Com B1 is optimized for one rider or for a couple riding on one motorcycle, as the distance for helmet-to-helmet communication is limited to 150 feet.

Do not miss any incoming calls and do not give up listening to your favorite music while riding your motorcycle: B1 is now available, the N-Com communication system, affordable to all.

B1… Get yourself connected! Connect to your Bluetooth mobile phone to make or receive calls, or to the satellite navigator so that you can stay on track!

B1… Listen! your favourite music in high quality Stereo via Bluetooth or via cable.

B1… Talk! Your journey will be even more pleasant if you share it with your pillion passenger thanks to the Bluetooth wireless intercom.

B1… Go! ..alone or with a friend: B1 is available in single and double version.

  • Management from PC via USB wire (included)
  • Adjustment of audio parameters
  • Firmware updates
  • Telephone via Bluetooth: answering, hanging up, voice commands, re-dialing the last number (for telephones that allow it), intercom/phone automatic management
  • Automatic exclusion of intercom and of the connected audio source during a telephone conversation. Automatic reconnection at the end of the phone call
  • Conference Call function (activated upon request): 3-way telephone call between Rider, Passenger and caller
  • Rider/Passenger intercom via Bluetooth
  • A2DP MP3 Bluetooth player: Play, Pause, Stop, Skip directly from the helmet (AVRCP profile)
  • Satellite navigator via Bluetooth: directions, MP3 music, mobile phone (for models that allow it)
  • GPS Conference function (activated upon request): Rider/Passenger intercom active while the GPS is giving instructions
  • Cable connection to MP3 players (connecting cable sold separately)
  • Compatible via Bluetooth with all Bluetooth communication systems of the N-Com and MULTI lines

    Technical Specifications:
  • Certificates: Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, class 1
  • Type-approvals: FCC, IC, CE, C-tick
  • Bluetooth profiles: Headset, Handsfree, A2DP, AVRCP, Intercom
  • Full duplex intercom
  • High quality audio hi-fi stereo
  • Perfectly integrated in the Nolan N104 & N44 helmets
  • Can be transferred from one Nolan N104 & N44 helmet to another
  • Noise-dampening microphone
  • AUX input for cable connection to audio sources (with 3.5 mm connector)
  • USB connection cable for PC management included in the packaging
  • Weight: 110 grams (version 03) - 100 grams (version 04)
  • Rechargeable and removable lithium battery
  • Battery low indication with acoustic and visual signal
  • Auto-off function
  • Battery charger: 110/240v – 50/60 Hz

  • Nolan N-Com B1 Bluetooth Communication System for N91 N90 N85 N86 N43E Helmets Product Reviews
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    N-Com B1 review - K1200LT guy   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Excellent sound quality at speed, piece of cake to use, unobtrusive on the helmet
    Cons: [None]

    The N-Com is the best I've tried so far. Far exceeding both the Sena and Scala top of the line offerings that I've had previously, not to mention that it is completely within the helmet, so you don't have a giant tumor sticking on the side of your helmet like you do with the others. Communication at speed with another rider is excellent. The volume goes up to a level that is far above the Sena or Scala's, so having a conversation at 80mph is no issue at all.Extremely easy to use, the buttons are perfectly sized even with glove use.Highly recommended

    The best for your Nolan helmet - JeanPhi   PR Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Easy to install use
    Cons: Not cheap One need to get used to the controls. Only works on N series Nolan helmet.

    Nolan's B1 is all you'll need to ride with safety and with comfort. I ride solo, so this is the best model for my ride. You will have all the features you have on your mobile phone iPod with Bluetooth, except to initiate a call well, that's not safe anyway, to be honest. You can pair any of your devices, but only one at once. Ex you can't have your phone and iPod communicating to he B1 at the same time. Normally, you can have music downloaded to your phone while enjoying music, if you receive a phone call, the music will be paused and then by pressing the center button on the B1, you can answer said call. The quality of the sound and how the other party on a phone call hears you is very good. You need to be agile with your hands, in order to install the unit on the helmet the cable routing may be tight but not impossible. At first, you need to get accustomed to the three buttons locations in order to learn witch one is witch. Practice makes perfect. I'm enjoying mine, for sure

    Excellent product - Philbytx   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Easy installation, good sound quality.
    Cons: None really...just have to learn the button beeps

    Took me all of 30 minutes to install in both our Nolan N103's. Before receiving them, I went to the Nolan site and downloaded the N-Com Wizard enables you to fine tune the units and download any Firmware Updates and both the brochure and instructions, so I had a good idea of the job. Only thing I did differently was use some thin velcro to attach the battery holder to the inside of the helmet lining. Turning the unit on and off correctly requires you to, initially, do it with the helmet off. Listen to the beeps from the unit to ensure that it is properly turned off. The instructions say 3 seconds and 4 thing to do is to watch the lights on the unit and listen to the beeps from the speakers. Now have it down.... All in all, very pleased with the N-Com, no problems at speed at all.

    Ok at best - Clay   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Fits nice sound great
    Cons: Cable connects in a bad place likes to unplug. Needs to be voice activated

    I had a scala rider and liked it a lot better it was a lot more hands free. This does fit in the helmet nicer the scala rider and the voice activated is much nicer. If this was voice activated I would say this is a good set. Hope they change that.

    Cali Central Coast - Sandy   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good sound
    Cons: instructions confusing

    Love the ability to listen to music via bluetooth, sound is very good. The instructions are confusing and incomplete. Had to figure out how to use the system by trial and error, hence the 3 stars instead of 5

    armyfamily87 - armyfamily87   Recommended by Reviewer: No
    Pros: Made for the helmet
    Cons: Poorly designed USB connector

    Awesome when it works. Difficult to connect with BMW nav and bike. The USB connectors are poorly designed and will lose the ability to charge. The female end on one of mine completely broke off. Sent it in for warranty work and it took several weeks.

    Part Number Status for Nolan N-Com B1 Bluetooth Communication System for N91 N90 N85 N86 N43E Helmets
    Options SKU Our Price Availability
    B1 Single Unit 39-3442 $193.46 Currently Not Available for Order
    B1 Twin Pack for 2 39-3443 $314.96 Currently Not Available for Order

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    Nolan N-Com B1 Bluetooth Communication System for N91 N90 N85 N86 N43E Helmets - N-Com B1
    N-Com B1
    Nolan N-Com B1 Bluetooth Communication System for N91 N90 N85 N86 N43E Helmets - N-Com B1
    N-Com B1
    Nolan N-Com B1 Bluetooth Communication System for N91 N90 N85 N86 N43E Helmets - N-Com B1 Features
    N-Com B1 Features
    Nolan N-Com B1 Bluetooth Communication System for N91 N90 N85 N86 N43E Helmets - N-Com B1 in Helmet
    N-Com B1 in Helmet