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Mobile Warming - Mobile Warming Battery Heated Softshell Jackets - Classic Mens Mobile Warming - Mobile Warming Battery Heated Softshell Jackets - Classic Mens Mobile Warming - Mobile Warming Battery Heated Softshell Jackets - Classic Mens
Mobile Warming Battery Heated Softshell Jackets - Classic Mens
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Video Reviews
hey guys this is jamie from competition accessories im here to talk to you about the mobile warming heated jacket this is a heated liner that goes inside really any jacket you have you can put it inside a non motorcycle jacket or in my case a winter jacket if you're in a moderate climate like we are here in South Carolina whats unique about this product is it comes with a battery to heat it this is a lithium ion battery and built it on the front is a gauge to show you how much charge it has also what level heating its onso right now if i press it down shows you it has fifty percent power now ive had this jacket as my personal winter jacket for over a year now and this has not been on the charger this year and its still got fifty percent power so it shows that you know even in storage your not going to have to worry about you know charging it up going somewhere and then not having it charged a day or two later now as far as the battery theres a 2.2 which is a standard battery that comes in the jacket and the gloves this one is good for about ten hours on twenty five percent or if you run it on a hundred percent your good for about three hours but i really don't think your going to be able to run this at a hundred percent i mean it gets really hot really quickly i think your going to probably use it around the 25 percent to 50 percent range so you can expect anywhere from 10 hours to maybe 7 hours at 50 percent with the 2.2 amp now theres 4 amp version which will almost double that time the four amp is optional and you would need to buy that separately so you know if you are traveling you'll have both at that point so that should give you plenty of battery life this battery pack literally just goes in the pocket here and theres a little cord that you plug it into. Plug it in and press the button comes on at the highest setting which is really hot and you probably wont need this unless your in really cold weather and then everytime you click it, it moves down i've been using this jacket a lot i actually went to a football game in the fall last year believe it or not and i used this under my winter coat it was forty degrees and raining and i would just pop this thing onto fifty percent for probably about a half an hour an warm myself up then turn it off because it started to get to hot well basically what you do is you just plug it in like that and tun it on if you forget to turn it off you'll obviously get hot but if you unplug it you don't even need to do anything and it will turn right off now i don't know if your going to be able to see or not but inside the pocket theres actually a little storage pouch so you can stick the battery inside that so its out of theway of your hands so you don't snag your hands on it or anything and that's basically where i stick mine also this comes with a simple plug you can just plug it into any wall outlet and charge it up in just a couple hours so if your on a trip you can just charge it up overnight in your hotel room or you could actually probably just plug this into a cigarette lighter if you have a converter but overall it has been a great jacket what is unique about this jacket to is that its made out of a stretch material i've taken this out in the winter and played golf in it you can really use it for just about anything it does not bind up on you and you can really move around in it the inside of the jacket is lined with a mesh material and then you have three heating elements you have one on this side one on this side at your chest and then one in the center of the back the reason they placed them here is so that when your riding the air is pressing against you and it's holding the element against your body which is how its retains your heat and then it keeps your core warm and then typically you don't have to worry about your arms if you have them inside your jacket another nat feature is it does have this little sleeve that you can put your thumb through so that when you go to put your jacket on or your gloves on you know its not going to get caught up in the sleeve overall Ireally like this jacket ive had it for over a year now i wear it all the time its held up really well amd i think your really going to like itwe sell these online and in the store here so feel free to check them out and we'll see ya next time.
Hey this is Reuben with Competition Accessories and I wanted to talk to you today about Mobile Warming Heated Apparel. Its fall, its time to get the heated gear out, insulated gear, starting to cool off and it wont be long before its really cold and youre gonna wish you had something that actually heated up to keep you warm when your on your rides. Now Mobile Warming Apparel is a little different from other types of heated apparel that we have seen, instead of being powered by your bikes electrical system and having to wire in a power lead to your bikes battery, the Mobile Warming Gear is actually battery powered so your actually going to get a small battery. Its a lithium-ion battery. Its only 7.4 volts 2.2 amp hours but this little tiny battery is actually going to power one of these jackets for up to 10 hours on a low power setting. Obviously on a high power setting its going to draw a little more current, so its not going to last as long but it will still give you hours of use and it comes with a wall charger so you can charge it up. So for commuting and rides when its just cold out this is definitely a great option. One thing that I love about mobile warming is its extremely versatile, in other words, its not just a motorcycle jacket. You can use one of these when you are out at football games anytime your out and its cold. You can wear one of these and you basically just have one of these batteries in you pocket. The battery has two functions, obviously its the battery but its also the controller. So basically the way it works you can actually hit this once and see what kind of charge you have in the battery. This battery is at 50 percent and the way the battery plugs in you will see there is just a small power lead that comes out and they have actually built in a little Velcro pocket or pouch inside the pocket. So to turn it on Im going to hold this on and it will beep. And now its at 100 percent and you can cycle down through several levels: 25, 50, 75, and 100 percent. That stashes in right there and you will hardly even notice its there, it stays right out of the way. Basically all these different vest and jackets have three heating elements. There are two in the chest and one right in the center of the back. So its not as fully heated as some other motorcycle apparel where you have heating elements running all the way down your arms but for the rider who wants something to just warm your core which is obviously the most important thing to keep warm, the mobile warming selection of gear is definitely definitely a good one to look at. You can check these out at our website at There is a variety of different fabrics and materials, some of them are very thin base layers that you would wear underneath a jacket and then other ones like this soft shell jacket actually have like a wind breaking material that is going to be functional off the bike and just around town as well. So there is vest, jackets, and as I said earlier there are also gloves available. We have a separate video going over the gloves as well, so make sure you check all those out on our website at Also click on this link that will take you to our YOUTUBE channel. Make sure you subscribe to us to stay up to date with all our latest product reviews and videos. Thanks for watching and we will see you next time.
Information and Details about the Mobile Warming Battery Heated Softshell Jackets - Classic Mens
made by Mobile Warming
Mobile Warming Men's Battery Heated Softshell Jackets are a super option for outdoor activities when the weather is starting to turn colder. With an on board heating system, the Mobile Warming Heated Jacket gives you about a 10 hour charge of heat when set at the 25% setting. The Mobile Warming Heated Men's Jacket is a breathable waterproof jacket, so an additional windbreak may be needed on windy days. The Mobile Warming Heater Men's Softshell Jacket is an exceptional buy and will keep you warm when there is a chill in the air.

A single full charge of the 2.2 ( smaller stock battery unit ) will last about 10 hours on 25%. ( 7.5 on 50% ) ( about 5 on 75% ) and about 3 hours on 100%. We have tested this in 30-40 degree weather with this and at most have used it a 25-50% most of the time. Keep in mind this is breathable, so if it gets cold put it under another jacket to break the wind. ( the larger options battery will last about 2 times as long as the 2.2 standard battery )

  • The Carboflex® 4-way stretch high breathable, waterproof fabric provides additional flexibility needed in active outdoor sports or cool motorcycle rides
  • Designed to be used for layering or worn on its own
  • Includes one 7.4v 2.2Ah rechargeable lithium-ion battery and charger
  • Battery features built-in 4-level thermo-regulating controls
  • Provides up to 10 hours of comfortable warmth while enjoying favorite outdoor activities
  • Reaches a max. surface temperature of 135°F at full power

  • Mobile Warming Battery Heated Softshell Jackets - Classic Mens Product Reviews
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    Very nice multi-purpose jacket - r1fast   WA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Versatile, comfortable and effective
    Cons: None

    Jacket arrived very quickly. Medium size is on par with a North Face Apex soft shell perhaps just slightly tighter around the torso, but necessary for the heating elements to be effective. Used it on a couple of 1 hour rides at about 40 degrees as a base layer underneath armored leather, and was completely comfortable on the jacket's maximum heat setting. I anticipate it will be effective into the mid-thirties. Have also used the jacket while spectating at outdoor events, both with and without a vest over the top. Seems to be more effective when standing than sitting in a chair due to how posture affects body contact with the heated panels in the jacket.

    great work ride jacket - Chief   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good snug fit. has style
    Cons: none yet

    Bought this jacket for double duty. While riding HD this fall stayed warm all day. Working security for football games was great. Did not get cold or wet.

    Mobile Warming Battery Heated Jacket - Mobile Warming Battery Heated Jacket   KS Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Does a fast job of warming up.
    Cons: Battery life could be longer

    I should have order this years ago. Great for riding. I also coach. Great for the cold bus rides.

    Mobile Warming jacket - Airwuf   AZ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Simple controls, well constructed, comfortable, thumb hole for putting on with outerwear
    Cons: Battery power needs to be monitored

    A very well constructed system that you can walk around without being plugged in. Primary use will be on the motorcycle but jacket will lend itself to multiple uses such as skiing, hunting, ATV riding, the list goes on. I would highly recommend this product to anybody that needs PORTABLE warming garments without abundant layering.

    Great Jacket - John   OR Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Excellent jacket, warm, battery lasts, fits great and you can move in it
    Cons: None

    So far I've worn this jacket with temperatures in the low 40's. It's been great. No chills at all, turning it all the way up actually gets too hot. I'm looking forward to trying it in the 20's and 30's to see how it does. It's very comfortable and well made, good stitching and seams. It also stretches so it doesn't hinder your movement at all. I wear it under my regular jacket that is re-enforced with body armor. I just took the winter liner out of it and wear this jacket underneath.While riding in the 40 degree temperatures I set the jacket on 25 and it lasts all week with one charge. The commute is about 20 minutes. The sizing and fit were perfect. This was a great bargain and I recommend it to all those who want to take the edge off the cold and don't want to do any electrical modifications to their bike.I can't think of any negatives at all.

    moble warming heated jacket - titman   MI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: fits great and comfortable
    Cons: none at this time

    It's still snowing in april in Michigan I haven't used the jacket on my motor cycle yet but I used the jacket working on comercial roofs to help keep me warmer when the wind blows. It last all day on a low setting you can use it for everyday use great jacket

    Heated jacket for motorcycle - Lwgeorgei   PA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good quality light jacket.
    Cons: Size runs a little small. I ordered one size bigger and it fit good.

    Only used it once on my Harley. On high it is very hot. If I turn it half way seemed just right.

    We received our jackets and of course, the first thing we did was try them on. We had ordered our normal sizes and they fit snugly but comfortably. I charged the batteries and then took off on a short trip on the motorcycle this morning when the temperature was about 45 degrees. I am wearing the jacket under a Tourmaster jacket with only the windbreaker liner inside with the thermal liner, it would have been too hot!.

    I had the temp set on the 2nd setting and I was actually perspiring under it...had to turn it down to the lowest setting. The jacket would be great for skiing, walking in cold weather and, of course, wonderful on the motorcycle. And it beats having to plug another cord in to the bike when we get on/off of it.

    This is a great product. I actually have been wearing the jacket to all the time, instead of my normal fall/winter jacket. The fabric really does stretch too. About 3 weeks ago on a cold morning I actually played 9 holes in it. I could not have done that in a normal jacket, as it would have restricted the swing. You can easily move in it.

    It really puts off heat too. I usually just turn it on for 10 minutes at 100, then turn it to either 25 of off till I get cold again. It works great on bikes, playing sports, walks and in a car on a cold morning.

    Waterproof fabric: I personally have spilled on the coat and also been in a light rain. the jacket repels the water and the cup of water I dumped on it just pooled on the sleeve before running off to the floor.

    The battery / controller unit is about the size of a credit card and it about 1.5 inches thick. It goes in a 2nd pocket inside the left hand warmer pocket, so it does not get in the way. In fact you do not even notice it is there, unless you run you hand over the pocket.

    The charger options are either a single to charge one unit at a time or a double for 2 units at once. The chargers can be used on either the 2.2Ah unit or the upgraded 4.0Ah unit purchased separately..

    If you buy the 4.0, please keep in mind it is for the jacket or the vest. It is too much for the gloves, since they have one controller for each glove.

    Overall.. Great jacket. I would recommend this it anyone and everyone.

    Mobile heat - Centex Rider   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good value, much lower price than other options
    Cons: I wonder about long term battery life

    This jacket provides excellent heating capabilities at a decent price. Other reviews stated that the sizes ran a little large, so I opted for the L instead of my normal Med. That means I lose some heat transfer, but it still does fine for my moderate winter riding.Overall the jacket seems to be quality construction, works nice as a liner under my riding suit with or without heat. My only concern is the long term life of the custom rechargeable battery, as it also serves as the temperature controller.Overall, worth buying in my opinion - considering it is half the price of a Gerbing, etc.

    MOBILE CLASSIC SS MENS JACKET - IKE   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Cons: MORE COILS


    Heated jacket works well - Bill Cheal   TN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Heats quickly, last for hours, no wires to your bike, fits well
    Cons: Needs a lower back heated panel

    Worked well on a 37 degree ride but my low back got cold because there is only one heated back panel. Charging the battery was very easy and the unit lasted 4 hours when I used the high setting.

    Nice product - Steve M   PA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: No wires to get in the way,good fit
    Cons: none

    Wore this jacket liner on a 45 degree day with a light jacket over top on the medium setting and I felt no chill whatsoever. Wore it again on a 35 degree day with a leather jacket over it and had the same results. I wear a 2X and the liner was true to size,snug fit but it needs to be to work properly.Very happy with this purchase and would recommend it to others.

    Warm and Fussy - Klaus DerReiter   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Keeps me warm
    Cons: Loose fit and heat level adjustment

    First the goodThe price is about 20 less than a Gerbings battery powered available from Cabella's. The shipping was free. Dealing with Competition Acc. was easy I had to send the medium back in exchange for a large . It kept me warm on a 36 degree ride into town. I like the sleeve gauntlets that keep the jacket in place for donning and doffing.The badThe generic size fits a little loose for me, the medium was too tight around the chest and back. My chest is 39 and shoulders are 44. The large is a little loose, but I would rather be free to move than feel restricted by a jacket. The control level does not give great warmth at the 25 setting as it did for the Competition Acc's video reviewer. I have to have it at least at 50 which will make the battery charging more frequent than the reviewers claims as well.Other than that, it works.

    Part Number Status for Mobile Warming Battery Heated Softshell Jackets - Classic Mens
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    Small, Black MW-MCJ-S-BK $134.99 Currently Not Available for Order
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    Medium, Gun Metal MW-MCJ-M-GUN $134.99 Currently Not Available for Order
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    X-Large, Black MW-MCJ-XL-BK $134.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    X-Large, Gun Metal MW-MCJ-XL-GUN $134.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    2X-Large, Gun Metal MW-MCJ-2X-GUN $134.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    2X-Large, Black MW-MCJ-2X-BK $134.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    3X-Large, Black MW-MCJ-3X-BK $134.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    3X-Large, Gun Metal MW-MCJ-3X-GUN $134.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    4X-Large, Gun Metal MW-MCJ-4X-GUN $134.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    4X-Large, Black MW-MCJ-4X-BK $134.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    5X-Large, Black MW-MCJ-5X-BK $134.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    5X-Large, Gun Metal MW-MCJ-5X-GUN $134.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Large-Tall, Black MW-TBK-LGT $134.99 Currently Not Available for Order
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    2X-Large-Tall, Black MW-TBK-2LT $134.99 Currently Not Available for Order

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