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Mobile Warming - Mobile Warming Heated Glasgow Jackets - Mens  
Mobile Warming Heated Glasgow Jackets - Mens
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Video Reviews
Hey this is Reuben with Competition Accessories and I wanted to talk to you today about Mobile Warming Heated Apparel. Its fall, its time to get the heated gear out, insulated gear, starting to cool off and it wont be long before its really cold and youre gonna wish you had something that actually heated up to keep you warm when your on your rides. Now Mobile Warming Apparel is a little different from other types of heated apparel that we have seen, instead of being powered by your bikes electrical system and having to wire in a power lead to your bikes battery, the Mobile Warming Gear is actually battery powered so your actually going to get a small battery. Its a lithium-ion battery. Its only 7.4 volts 2.2 amp hours but this little tiny battery is actually going to power one of these jackets for up to 10 hours on a low power setting. Obviously on a high power setting its going to draw a little more current, so its not going to last as long but it will still give you hours of use and it comes with a wall charger so you can charge it up. So for commuting and rides when its just cold out this is definitely a great option. One thing that I love about mobile warming is its extremely versatile, in other words, its not just a motorcycle jacket. You can use one of these when you are out at football games anytime your out and its cold. You can wear one of these and you basically just have one of these batteries in you pocket. The battery has two functions, obviously its the battery but its also the controller. So basically the way it works you can actually hit this once and see what kind of charge you have in the battery. This battery is at 50 percent and the way the battery plugs in you will see there is just a small power lead that comes out and they have actually built in a little Velcro pocket or pouch inside the pocket. So to turn it on Im going to hold this on and it will beep. And now its at 100 percent and you can cycle down through several levels: 25, 50, 75, and 100 percent. That stashes in right there and you will hardly even notice its there, it stays right out of the way. Basically all these different vest and jackets have three heating elements. There are two in the chest and one right in the center of the back. So its not as fully heated as some other motorcycle apparel where you have heating elements running all the way down your arms but for the rider who wants something to just warm your core which is obviously the most important thing to keep warm, the mobile warming selection of gear is definitely definitely a good one to look at. You can check these out at our website at There is a variety of different fabrics and materials, some of them are very thin base layers that you would wear underneath a jacket and then other ones like this soft shell jacket actually have like a wind breaking material that is going to be functional off the bike and just around town as well. So there is vest, jackets, and as I said earlier there are also gloves available. We have a separate video going over the gloves as well, so make sure you check all those out on our website at Also click on this link that will take you to our YOUTUBE channel. Make sure you subscribe to us to stay up to date with all our latest product reviews and videos. Thanks for watching and we will see you next time.
Information and Details about the Mobile Warming Heated Glasgow Jackets - Mens
made by Mobile Warming
Mobile Warming Heated Glasgow Jackets offer constant heat over your core while riding. Mobile Warming Heated Glasgow Jackets have a higher collar and are constructed of Windshark material for breathability. Mobile Warming Heated Glasgow Mens Jackets have a 10 hour battery, and a magnet circuit breaker in case the heat element becomes overheated due to damage.

A single full charge of the 2.2 ( smaller stock battery unit ) will last about 10 hours on 25%. ( 7.5 on 50% ) ( about 5 on 75% ) and about 3 hours on 100%. We have tested this in 30-40 degree weather with this and at most have used it a 25-50% most of the time. Keep in mind this is breathable, so if it gets cold put it under another jacket to break the wind. ( the larger options battery will last about 2 times as long as the 2.2 standard battery )

  • Windshark® soft shell
  • Adjustable waist
  • Three heating panels lined with steel alloy fiber elements, two on chest and one on upper back
  • Includes one 7.4V 2.2Ah rechargeable lithium-ion battery and charger
  • Provides up to ten hours of comfortable warmth
  • Magnet circuit breaker on lower front

  • Mobile Warming Heated Glasgow Jackets - Mens Product Reviews
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    NOT Just a Motorcycle Jacket... - GAThunder300   GA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Looks Great and WORKS Great
    Cons: get an extra, upgrade battery

    This is not Explore Alaska wear, but works GREAT for a VARIETY of events...NOT just for riding your bike Going to the Super Bowl GET this Jacket and an extra upgraded battery or 2I LOVE being battery powered, rather than attached to the bike. Run in to pay for gas, or a snack, or a 'pit stop', without having to unplug. Walk around and stretch your legs without losing your heat source. Going hunting, or to any outdoor event, in cold weather.. Grab this jacketLeaving for a ride in the cold, early hours, but hitting warm afternoon temps...GET THIS JACKET Adjust your temp without taking layers on and off, or having to tie sweat shirts and hoodies on the back of your bike...

    Excellent quality-cut a bit small - mudman   VA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Very well made, heating pads really work, great pockets
    Cons: got size XL and it's more like a large

    Watched the prices on these jackets for about a year. When the color I wanted got down to about 45 off I got one. I have a couple full sets of totally electric clothing by that well known guy from Minnesota, but they plug into the bike. Wanted something I could wear anywhere, This jacket fits the bill. So far the batteries work well-I got a double capacity 7.4 in addition to the small stock battery. The pads heat right up and do a good job--especially if worn under another layer. Jacket is very well made with many pockets. My only caveat is that it's cut rather small for an XL size. However this is a boon when worn under another garment. All in all a great buy for a little over 100.

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