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Michelin - Michelin Pilot Power Motorcycle Tires - Z-Rated - Front  
Michelin Pilot Power Motorcycle Tires - Z-Rated - Front


Lowest Price Guarantee on Michelin Pilot Power Motorcycle Tires - Z-Rated - Front

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Michelin Pilot Power - Michelin Pilot Power Motorcycle Tires - Z-Rated - Front
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Video Reviews
Hey this is Reuben with Competition Accessories and today we are looking at the Michelin Pilot Power probably one of the most venerable sport bike tires that we sell here at Competition Accessories. It has been out for a long time now don't get this confused with the Michelin Pilot Power 2CT's. They are very similar in the way that they look the big difference with the 2CT is you are getting a dual compound tire which has softer rubber on the shoulders and a firmer rubber in the center. Where as the standard Pilot Power from Michelin is a single compound on the front and the rear. You are going to consider this tire if you arent going to do a ton of highway or commuting miles on your sport bike, maybe you are doing some more aggressive riding on the weekend hitting the twisty in the canyons and/or taking these to the track. The main difference there is the 2CT is going to help maintain the profile of the tire just a little bit longer because it has that firmer rubber in the center so it is going to prevent flat spotting as quickly. Now I will say that a dual compound tire by any means guarantee that you wont flat spot your tire. If your running straight on the roads all the time then that is what is going to happen its going to wear out the center of the tire faster. Guys doing the track days all the time are going to be the opposite they are going to wear out the sides faster than they will the center. It all depends on how your riding. You can save a little bit of money when comparing the Pilot Power to the Pilot Power 2CT's so if budget is a concern and you still want a good set of tires obviously the Michelin Pilot Power is one to check out. Couple of things to know they have really taken their Moto-GP tire technology and even though this tire has been out for a while now it is really respectable when it comes to the technology they use a synthetic rubber blend in the compound when they make this tire another thing that Michelin is known for very well their tire profile. If you talk to any guys that run the Michelin Pilot Power 2CT's they will tell you that they turn in and they feel very different when your on the bike. If you take a look at the crown of this tire it has a very aggressive peak to it, it comes up to a point and then it drops off fairly quickly then it is kind of flatter on the sides so what that allows it to do is get really nice flickable feeling in the corners turn in really fast and then you have a real nice large contact point on the shoulders here. Another thing that is very noticeable on the 2CT' and the Pilot Power is the Lance C ratio they have less than 12% of tire tread on the grooves and the rest is solid rubber so it is going to do a good job of evacuating water but it is not a rain tire by any chance. It is going to be fine for street use and if you compare it to tires like the Pilot Road 3s which is Michelin's Sport touring tire that tire has much more aggressive siping and tread pattern on it to to help evacuate water and debris for really wet weather conditions. This tire performs very respectably in wet and dry conditions but it is definitely constructed and designed with high performance in mind when it comes to road grip and everything. Taking a look at the front you have a little bit more in terms of rain grooving on this one because it is paving the way for the rear tire. It has a nice low profile on this one as well and again that real nice rubber compound that Michelin is known for. Nice things about the Michelin Pilot Power series is that it gets up to temperature real nice and fast. I will say that I have heard and found that they are a little bit more tire pressure sensitive. So your definitely going to want to make sure what tire pressures works best for you on you motorcycle and the conditions that you are riding in. So if you have any questions about the Michelin Pilot Power we would love to answer your questions or if you have any comments or feedback on them you can leave us a comment on our YouTube channel you can give us a call if you have any questions or if you have actually ridden in these write a review on our website. Don't forget you can subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking the link in the upper right hand corner you can also earn up to 5% comp a cash back to use towards future purchases here with us we have great free shipping deals no restocking fees and an easy exchange program. Thanks for watching and we will see you next time.
Information and Details about the Michelin Pilot Power Motorcycle Tires - Z-Rated - Front
made by Michelin
With track day just around the corner, who do you trust to give you cornering grip and superior handling? You don't have to be world champion to get your hands on Michelin racing tire technology. With the Michelin Pilot Power motorcycle tires, the rubber mix originally developed for MotoGP racing is used along with a tread pattern that covers less than 12% of the tire's surface. The result is a maximum lean angle of 50.6 degrees on dry pavement and 41.9 degrees in the wet, achieved with a stock sportbike.

Michelin Pilot Power Tires are Z-Rated and designed for high-performance sportbikes. These tires are suitable for street or track. The tread pattern gives it the ultimate cornering grip. Put your trust in the Michelin Pilot Power and rip some quality lap times. Take a peek at the customer reviews and you will see why Pilot Power Tires are so popular among performance sport bike owners. People speak highly of the Michelin Pilot Power, and for good reason.

  • Designed for high-performance sportbikes
  • Suitable for street or track use
  • MotoGP-derived rubber mix formulated to maintain consistent performance even at advanced stages of tire wear
  • Rubber compound reaches operating temperature quickly
  • Incredible cornering grip
  • Impressive durability for a high-performance tire
  • Tread pattern covers less than 12% of the tire surface, for phenomenal cornering adhesion
  • 50.6° maximum lean angle in the dry, as measured at the Michelin test track

    "These are the best street tires I've ever ridden in my life." - Roadracing World

  • Michelin Pilot Power Motorcycle Tires - Z-Rated - Front Product Reviews
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    Good grip 14k f800st Bmw Still tread left on front

    Awesome grip...but it will not last more than 4500 miles.

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