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Kuryakyn - Kuryakyn Kaiser Pegs Without Adapters (Pair)  
Kuryakyn Kaiser Pegs Without Adapters (Pair)


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 - Kuryakyn Kaiser Pegs Without Adapters (Pair)
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Information and Details about the Kuryakyn Kaiser Pegs Without Adapters (Pair)
made by Kuryakyn
Note: Adapters Are Required and Must Be Purchased Separately Küryakyn makes it possible to replace your functional but unappealing stock footpegs with our comfortable and stylish ISO-Pegs. Küryakyn footpegs are modular in design, making it necessary to order the correct pair of footpeg adapters for your application and a pair of the footpegs that best suits your style. All of our footpegs are beautifully chromed and incorporate long wearing and replaceable neoprene rubber pads. IF YOU ARE PURCHASING THIS PART YOU WILL NEED AN ADAPTER KIT WHICH IS SOLD SEPARATELY. If Kuryakyn does not supply an adapter kit for your bike model, you will not be able to install it.

Kuryakyn Kaiser Pegs Without Adapters (Pair) Product Reviews
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Part Number Status for Kuryakyn Kaiser Pegs Without Adapters (Pair)
Options SKU Our Price Availability
KY-4461 $89.99 Currently Not Available for Order
Kuryakyn Kaiser Pegs Without Adapters (Pair) fits:
Requires Motorcycle Specific Peg Adapters (Sold Separately) See Below For Required Peg Adapters:
Harley Davidson
Harley Davidson Models (KY-8008)
GL1800 '01-'13 Front (KY-7939) (Rear None)
F6B '13 Front (KY-7939) (Rear KY-8806)
VTX1800C/F '02-'08 Front (KY-8803) Rear (KY-8802)
VTX1800R/S/N/T '02-'08 Front (None) Rear (KY-8802)
GL1500 '88-'00 Front (KY-7946) Rear (None)
Valkyrie (all) '97-'04 Front (KY-7946) Rear (KY-8802)
VTX1300R/S/T '03-'09 Front (KY-8802) Rear (KY-8802)
VTX1300C '03-'09 Front (KY-8803) Rear (KY-8802)
VT1300 Sabre/Stateline '10-'13 Front (KY-8803) Rear (KY-8802)
VT1300 Interstate '10-'13 Front (None) Rear (KY-8802)
Fury '09-'13 Front (KY-8803) Rear (KY-8802)
1100 Sabre '00-'07 Front (KY-8803) Rear (KY-8803)
1100 Aero '99-'02 Front (None) Rear (KY-8802)
1100 Ace Tourer '97-'03 Front (KY-7946) Rear (KY-8802)
1100 Spirit '99-'07 Front (KY- 8803) Rear (KY-8803)
1100 Shadow Ace '95-'99 (KY-7946) Rear (KY-8802)
750 Shadow /Ace/Aero/ Spirit/Phantom/RS '00-'13 Front (KY-8803) Rear (KY-8802)
750 Magna '96-'04 Front (KY-8803) Rear (KY-8802)
600 VLX & Deluxe '96-'07 Front (KY-8803) Rear (KY-8802)
Rebel 250 '96-'12 Front (None) Rear (KY-8802)
Vulcan 2000 (All Models) '04-'10 Front (None) Rear (KY-8831)
Vulcan 1700 Classic/LT/Vaquero '09-'13 Front (None) Rear (KY-8831)
Vulcan 1600 Classic '03-'08 Front (None) Rear (KY-8831)
Vulcan 1500 Classic '96-'08 Front (None) Rear (KY-8831)
Vulcan 1500 A/B '87-'99 Front (KY-8830) Rear (KY-8831)
Vulcan 1500 Drifter '99-'05 Front (None) Rear (KY-8831)
Vulcan 1500/1600 Mean Streak '02-'08 Front (KY-8830) Rear (KY-8831)
Vulcan 900 Classic '06-'13 Front (None) Rear (KY-8831)
Vulcan 900 Custom '06-'13 Front (KY-8830) Rear (KY- 8831)
Vulcan 800 Classic '96-'05 Front (KY-8830) Rear (KY-8831)
Vulcan 800 Custom '95-'05 Front (KY-8830) Rear (KY-8831)
Marauder 1600/Boulevard M95 '04-'06 Front (KY-8830) Rear (KY-8831)
Intruder 1500 LC/ Boulevard C90 '98-'09 Front (None) Rear (KY-8821)
Intruder 1400/ Boulevard S83 '95-'08 Front (KY-8820) Rear (KY-8821)
Marauder 800 '97-'04 Front (KY-8820) Rear (KY-8821)
Boulevard C50/T '05-'12 Front (None) Rear (KY-8823)
Boulevard M50 '05-'09 Front (KY-7939) Rear (KY-8823)
Volusia 800 '01-'04 Front (KY- 7939) Rear (KY-8802)
M109R (All Models) '06-'13 Front (KY-7939) Rear (KY-8822)
Boulevard M90 '09 & '13 Front (KY-7939) Rear (KY-8823)
Boulevard C109 '08-'09 Front (None) Rear (KY-8823)
V Star 1300/T '07-'13 Front (None) Rear (KY- 8809)
V Star 1100 '99-'09 Front (KY-8810) Rear (KY- 8811)
V Star 950/T '09-'13 Front (None) Rear (KY- 8811)
V Star 650 '98-'13 Front (KY-8810) Rear (KY-8811)
V Star/Virago 250 All Front (KY-8831) Rear (KY- 8811)
V Max '09-'13 Front (KY-8802) Rear (KY- 8843)
V Max '85-'08 Front (KY-8810) Rear (KY-8811)
Virago 1100 All Front (KY-8810) Rear (KY-8811)
Virago 750 All Front (KY-8810) Rear (KY-8811)
Road Star 1600/1700 (except Warrior) '99-'13 Front (None) Rear (KY-8811)
Road Star Warrior '02-'09 Front (KY-8812) Rear (KY-8809)
Royal Star with OEM Rear Pegs '96-'01 Front (None) Rear (KY- 8811)
Roadliner/Stratoliner & Deluxe '06-'13 Front (None) Rear (KY-8809)
Raider '08-'13 Front (KY-8802) Rear (KY-8809)
Stryker '11-'13 Front (KY-8810) Rear (KY-8811)
Thunderbird '95-'03 Front (KY-8840) Rear (KY-8840)
Thunderbird Sport '98-'00, '03 Front (KY-8840) Rear (KY-8840)
Thunderbird Storm '10-'13 Front (KY-8840) Rear (KY-8802)
Adventurer '96-'01 Front (KY-8840) Rear (KY-8840)
Legend '99-'01 Front (KY-8840) Rear (KY-8840)
Bonneville T100, & Bonneville SE '01-'13 Front (None) Rear (KY-8840)
Bonneville America '02-'10 Front (KY-8840) Rear (KY-8840)
Speedmaster '03-'13 Front (KY-8840) Rear (KY-8840)
America '10-'13 Front (KY-8840) Rear (KY-8802)
Rocket III All Front (KY-8840) Rear (KY-8802)
Hammer All Front (KY-8805) Rear (KY-8805)
Vegas & 8-Ball & Jackpot All Front (KY-8805) Rear (KY-8805)
Kingpin* All Front (None) Rear (KY-8805)
Cross Roads All Front (None) Rear (KY-8805)
Cross Country All Front (None) Rear (KY-8805)
High-Ball All Front (KY-8805) Rear (None)
Hard-Ball All Front (None) Rear (KY-8805)
Judge '13 Front (KY-8805) Rear (KY-8805)
Boardwalk '13 Front (None) Rear (KY-8805)
Spyder RS Models** '08-'13 Front (KY-7939) Rear (KY-8848)

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