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Kabuto Helmets - Kabuto Aeroblade III Stellato Tricolor Helmet Kabuto Helmets - Kabuto Aeroblade III Stellato Tricolor Helmet Kabuto Helmets - Kabuto Aeroblade III Stellato Tricolor Helmet Kabuto Helmets - Kabuto Aeroblade III Stellato Tricolor Helmet
Kabuto Aeroblade III Stellato Tricolor Helmet
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Video Reviews
Hey guys this is Reuben with Competition Accessories welcome to our review of the Kabuto Aeroblade III full faced helmet i have it up here on the shipping scale and its coming in at right under 3 1/2 pounds so that is definitely putting it into a competitive weight range when compared to other full faced helmets. This helmet is constructed with what Kabuto calls their advanced composite technology, its a blend of organic fibers , fiber glass and a very strong shell and remember the shell is your first line of defense if you go down is to spread that impact over the largest area possible so then that EPS foam on the inside so that foam can progressively and uniformly absorb the impact so that your not receiving any brain injury's but i tried this helmet on i would say the fit is really true to size most other main stream helmet brands its more of an intermediate oval it has a fairly compact feel inside meaning the chin bar is fairly close to the face it doesn't protrude a lot which translates to a helmet that is not going to twist your neck as much if you were to go down and maybe catch your chin on the pavement or anything like that. Some really unique design elements into the actual property's of the shell itself in terms of aerodynamics. Kabuto is very well known in Japan kind of newer to the United Stated but they have done extensive wind tunnel on the Aeroblade III to make it extremely stable at speed and that's thanks to their wake stabilizer on the back, not only do you have an integrated spoiler you can see off the back your used to seeing it on most higher end helmets anyways , but they also extend the spoilers down to the sides of the helmet you might be able to tell on the camera hopefully kind of a ridge along the side of the helmet here. What that does is it reduces turbulence off the sides of the helmet and it reduces the amount of wake happening as the helmet passes through the air at high speeds especially when doing head checks. When moving your helmet to the side and the aerodynamics really kinda changed dramatically , so what this does is kind of promotes a quieter ride with less buffeting and it gives a more stable feel at speed. Now Ive ridden in this helmet the Kabuto Kamui and their FF5V which is their top of the line helmet all feature some variation of this type of technology they are very very stable at speed no buffeting no lift , Very impressive helmets for the money. Now as far as money goes this helmet is in that 300-400 depending on the graphic so you are talking about a fairly significant investment for a road helmet in terms of price but you are getting a lot of features with that price as well. Talk about ventilation real quick , you do have an integrated chin bar vent on there its going to act pretty much like the defroster on your car it directs air up onto the face shield to reduce fogging , and speaking of fogging you'll notice there are pin lock posts on the face shield that comes with the helmet you also get the pin lock insert included as well so not only do you have a pin lock shield ready including a pin lock insert also if your not familiar with pin lock we have a full separate video on that system its essentially its a very solid anti fog system that does a good job at eliminating fog on the face shield , as far as changing the shield out ill show you real quick, its kind of different on this helmet verses some of the other designs out there , its got a button on the each side of the face shield you essentially push this side down slide it forward and that releases the shield its very easy to do it just takes a little bit of getting used to the first couple of times you do it to . To reinsert just slide it back down into place its not straight on and straight off its kind of a forward and then back on kind of motion but it is easy to do for sure the shield also has a lock built into the side with a lift tab once you push down all the way it kind of locks the shield down into place and then you just have to pull up at this location to get the shield open and you can see it has several detentes range not a real good city position detente per say the first notch is a pretty significant opening so keep that in mind and then you have three more detentes throughout the range as well. Continuing on about the ventilation you have two chimney vents at the top you can kind of harvest air from the atmosphere open them up and direct it into the helmet pushing warmer air out the back and then you have exhaust ventilation out the spoiler that you can actually close so that's a nice feature if its cold or rainy out you can close up the rear vents , one other piece of ventilation on this helmet that's fairly unique are these kind of like shark gills on the side of the shell here kind of a nice cut a way at the base of the helmet shell itself it serves a couple of purposes not only does it get you cool air extraction out the side of the helmet but its also a nice cut out for your collar bone , so if your head tilts to the side suddenly in a crash or you maybe land on your head this cut a way is going to line up with your collarbone hopefully reduce collarbone injury's. Take a look at the inside you do have a chin spoiler that's included in the box i don't have it installed on this helmet its just going to reduce unwanted wind from rolling up inside when the weather gets cold this traditional d ring i found it to be positioned very well very comfortable right in the right spot and a fully removable interior you can pull it out wash it obviously you can change the cheek pads out for different sizes if you need to but its a nice contoured cheek pad around the interior it will be comfortable it is a moisture wicking material that is quick drying so if you tend to get a little bit sweaty on your rides especially in the summer time it is going to help reduce any kind of bacterial build up or help it dry out faster so its not cold and wet next time you put your helmet on because that's no fun. Well pull out the rest of the interior here so you can look at the EPS liner and the crown liner as well, the crown liner is finished very nicely it has multiple density's of foam plenty of openings you have lots of room for that air to flow over the top of the crown and then in the shell itself you can see there are a few air passages and some ventilation holes as well you'll also see the SNELL 2010 sticker this is a SNELL certified helmet the one that i have here is a size medium which is the size i normally wear and like i said it fits very true to size its a very comfortable helmet definitely a big fan of it. You can check these out on our website Competition Accessories .com
Information and Details about the Kabuto Aeroblade III Stellato Tricolor Helmet
made by Kabuto Helmets
Lightweight & Aerodynamic Full Face Helmet

Developed in a wind tunnel, with lightweight composite construction, and designed for all day comfort, the Aeroblade III is loaded with features. Sharing the same SAF quick-change shield from the FF-5V—with an included PINLOCK anti-fog lens insert—makes riding in any weather as close to fog-free as it gets. When the temperature rises a COOLMAX interior and adjustable ventilation with side outlet trim will keep you cool and is easily removed for cleaning. Patented Wake Stabilizer anti-buffeting technology allows high speed and long distance riding without the fatigue of fighting the wind.

  • Category: Sport and Touring
  • Three (3) shell sizes achieve the best fit
  • Wind Tunnel Developed, Lightweight Advanced Composite Technology (A.C.T.) with a Unique Aerodynamic Design and Wake Stabilizer
  • Advanced Composite Technology (A.C.T.) shell material is a combination of hyper glass fiber and high-strength organic fiber that provides a light weight shell with increased strength
  • Newly designed rib-formed on its shell enhances strength while reducing weight
  • Meets and exceeds D.O.T and SNELL 2010 standards
  • Dual density impact absorption liner
  • Wake Stabilizer (Patented) controls airflow around the helmet
  • Adjustable Head (H.V.), Rear (R.V.), and Chin (C.V.) ventilation systems - Reduce air blowing in from chin area. Detachable/attachable, depending on a season and purpose
  • Eyeglass friendly cheek pads
  • Double D Ring shaped steel rings for chinstraps, adapted for racing models
  • Side outlet trim vents (patented)
  • SAF coverless shield changing system (patented)
  • UV Protection Shield protects eyes and skin from UV rays
  • PINLOCK® ready anti-fog shield and included lens. Military grade anti-fog lens is effective in winter, rain, and other high humidity situations
  • COOLMAX® fully detachable and washable interior pads, cheek pads and chinstrap covers
  • Designed for All Day Comfort
  • Chin Curtain Included. Reduce air blowing in from chin area. Detachable/attachable, depending on a season and purpose
  • Single Action Shield System quickly detach the shield by pushing the release button and pulling out the shield

    Our Thoughts
    Kabutos outstanding achievement of high strength advanced composite technology with aerodynamic design and safety features, you have all the elements of what an exceptional helmet should be. As air sustains life, so should the quality of your helmet. From just a piece of "Gear" to Part of Your Body. Kabuto utilizes technical strength while developing their helmets.

  • Kabuto Aeroblade III Stellato Tricolor Helmet Product Reviews
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    Great Helmets - BMorris   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Awesome graphics Light and comfortable
    Cons: Not a one.

    I am in love with this helmet Way nicer than my Icon that I had. These are reasonably priced and are really nice. Do yourself a favor and check these out

    Sizing Chart & Specs for the Kabuto Aeroblade III Stellato Tricolor Helmet
    Kabuto Helmet Sizing Chart


    Helmet size

    Metric cm



    U.S. Hat Size

    47-48cm 18.25" - 19.00"
    YS 5-7/8 - 6
    49-50cm 19.00" - 19.75"
    6-1/8 - 6-1/4
    51-52cm 19.75" - 20.50"
    6-3/8 - 6-1/2
    53-54cm 20.50" - 21.25"
    X-Small 6-5/8 - 6-3/4
    55-56cm 21.25" - 22.00"
    Small 6 7/8- 7
    57-58cm 22.00" - 23.00"
    Medium 7-1/8 - 7-1/4
    59-60cm 23.00" - 23.75" Large 7-3/8 - 7-1/2
    61-62cm 24.00" - 24.50" X-Large 7-5/8 - 7-3/4
    63-64cm 24.50" - 25.25"
    2X-Large 7-7/8 - 8
    65-66cm 25.25" - 26.00"
    3X-Large 8-1/8 - 8-1/4
    67-68cm 26.00" - 26.75"
    4X-Large 8-3/8 - 8-1/2
    69-70cm 26.75" - 27.50"
    5X-Large 8-5/8 - 8-3/4

    The sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit. However, we are happy to assist you with any needed exchanges.
    Part Number Status for Kabuto Aeroblade III Stellato Tricolor Helmet
    Options SKU Retail Price Our Price Availability
    X-Small, Stellato Tricolor KAB-TRI-XS $399.95 $309.99 IN STOCK - Ships in 24 hours
    Small, Stellato Tricolor KAB-TRI-S $399.95 $309.99 IN STOCK - Ships in 24 hours
    Medium, Stellato Tricolor KAB-TRI-M $399.95 $309.99 IN STOCK - Ships in 24 hours
    Large, Stellato Tricolor KAB-TRI-L $399.95 $309.99 IN STOCK - Ships in 24 hours
    X-Large, Stellato Tricolor KAB-TRI-XL $399.95 $309.99 IN STOCK - Ships in 24 hours
    2X-Large, Stellato Tricolor KAB-TRI-2X $399.95 $309.99 IN STOCK - Ships in 24 hours

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