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Joe Rocket - Joe Rocket Velocity V2X Shoes Joe Rocket - Joe Rocket Velocity V2X Shoes Joe Rocket - Joe Rocket Velocity V2X Shoes
Joe Rocket Velocity V2X Shoes


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Black - Joe Rocket Velocity V2X Shoes
Top View - Joe Rocket Velocity V2X Shoes
Side View - Joe Rocket Velocity V2X Shoes
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Video Reviews
Hey whats up guys this is Reuben with Competition Accessories welcome to our review of the all new V2X riding shoe from Joe Rocket. I have been a big fan of Joe Rocket footwear line-up for years and the V2X looks to be no exception that I am going to enjoy riding in it is a short style riding shoe with protection of a race boot as far as the external features on the lower portion of the shoe. Obviously it is not a full length boot so with that it is not as hot or as heavy and it is a lot easier to walk around in. So if you are looking for a riding boot or shoe that is comfortable for commuting and things like that and its the more casual shoe for riding then this is definitely something you are going to want to take a look at and it is right in that 100-150 dollar price range, you can jump on our website to check that out. For just over 100 bucks it is definitely a fantastic value, you get a replaceable toe slider and a molded heel cup. There is a little bit of reflective material on the pull up loop on the back of the show so you can get a little bit of night visibility and you have a really nice sole on the bottom that will provide grip when your off the bike it also does not have any big lugs in the soles so it is not going to catch on anything as you move your feet around on the bike. Another thing I really love about these shoes is they have a very low profile shoes and it makes shifting just a lot easier a lot more precise and you also have some poly metric protection built in, in terms of support on these so that's important because if you riding in sneakers you don't realize there is no support in there so if you go down it is really easy for your foot to bend ways that it shouldn't bend and break all those bones in you foot and you don't want to do that and if you are wearing regular shoes I really encourage you to go ahead and pick up a pair of boots like these or something else that you like. To get these on and off is a little bit different that we have seen in this style of boot. Typically more racy even the shorter styles of boots have a buckle or some other type of closure, these however have a traditional lace up system with this leather flap that kind of covers the entire laces and what that allows you to do is get a real custom fit. There is a piece of Velcro and a buckle to hold that in place over the laces. This is really important because you do not want your laces to get snagged or caught on the brake pedal or pegs or the shifter or sucked into your chain you definitely don't want that to happen. You do have a little bit of perforation through the tongue here and a little bit of fabric on the back here, so I would imagine that breathablility is going to be fairly good on these as well. It is a genuine leather upper and definitely a well constructed boot. I actually have on a pair now I normally wear a size ten in pretty much everything and this is no exception and it fits me really well and it is very comfortable and you can see the laces are completely hidden. Dont forget to check out the rest of our videos on our YouTube channel and you can subscribe to that by clicking on the upper right hand corner, you can earn up to 5% comp a cash back to use towards future purchases with us here, and don't forget we have great free shipping deals, easy exchange program and no restocking fees. Thanks for watching and we will see you next time.
Information and Details about the Joe Rocket Velocity V2X Shoes
made by Joe Rocket
Listening to the two clashing mobs, the opposing demands are clear. Casual shouts the first, followed closely by yells for race inspired protection. Presiding over all of this, the decision is final Joe Rocket will satisfy both.

Born from a sleek, low cut design, the Velocity V2X showcases the casual flexibility and lightness rarely seen in riding footwear. Yet with its toe sliders, shift pads and smartly hidden closure system, this riding shoe stays firmly in the realm of motorcycle protective requirements. Track, street or weekend trip, Joe Rocket keeps you content and comfortable all day long.

  • Injection molded polymeric reinforcements
  • Protective leather overlay for laces with hook and loop closure adjustment
  • Replaceable toe slider
  • Integrated injection molded heel armor
  • Low profile toe box
  • Peg-Friendly sole sculpture
  • Double stitching in all stress areas
  • Padded ankle cuff for added comfort
  • Reflective back loop

    Our Thoughts
    Joe Rocket Velocity V2X Shoes have a shoe look with race protection. This boot has injection molded polymeric reinforcements, replaceable toe slider, and integrated injection molded heel armor. A peg-friendly sole sculpture and a low profile toe box have you ready to rip down twisties and highways. And for added comfort, twist the throttle to the max and feel the padded ankle cuff of the Velocity shoes gripping your ankle. A reflective back loop allows you to be visible, even when flying down the dark roads in low light condition. Get a pair of these Joe Rocket Velocity Boots where they look like basketball shoes but protect like race boots!

  • Joe Rocket Velocity V2X Shoes Product Reviews
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    Decent street shoes - Tom   NC Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Comfortable, replaceable armor
    Cons: Not for the track, duh

    If you bought these for the track, you shouldn't be using a motorcycle to begin with.On the street these shoes are comfortable, and break in after about two weeks of daily use. I wear them all day. They don't restrict movement and won't protect your ankles from snapping in a crash, but they do great for everyday casual riding.

    Yup - CWG   RI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Price, comfort, low profile toe box
    Cons: Style, warm

    Very happy with these boots. Great value for the price. Took a little getting used to shifting, but found that the shifter pads allow me to shift only using the side of the boot instead of having to get the whole foot under the shifter, which is faster and easier. The soles are sturdy so you don't feel the pegs through them like a sneaker based boot. They cover the ankle bones, even though they're low, so they'd offer at least some protection in a fall. Style is a little boy racer, but I'd rather have protection. There are small perforations which are supposed to let air flow, but really don't seem to help much. To be expected in decent footwear.

    Rocket Shoes - Jeremy   VA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Stylish, comfort, quality, solid toe for very direct feedback from controls.
    Cons: At 125, pricing is fair but not exactly a bargain, outside of toe area looks metallic but is actually plastic, a little too low cut for some, I'd imagine, left boot lace had some fraying near the top.

    I'm wearing them right now. Don't hate, it's casual Friday. They are comfortable- Much like a high-top basketball sneaker as a previous reviewer mentioned. Definitely about a half-size large so if in doubt, go on the low side in terms of size selection. I usually take and 8.5 to a 9 and an 8 in these is perfect. The lacing up and Velcro takes a little more time to get into them than my standard slip-on non-cycle street boots that I was using but it feels very secure and custom fitting once you're in them and man, what a difference on the bike. A lot more sure-footed in terms of shifting, braking and the feel is great. I do a mix of commuting, cruising and sport riding on an XR1200 and these, like the bike, perform well under all of the above scenarios. The do cover my ankle area but just barely. Think of them as sport-casual as more serious riding probably demands a more serious and less comfortable boot. Still these are far superior to a standard pair of sneaks or even the pedestrian leather boots that I was using up to this point. Doesn't hurt that they look pretty slick too. I've been pleased with most of what I've ordered from Joe Rocket and these are no exception.

    Great Shoes - Tom, Plainfield, Illinois   IL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: great quality
    Cons: none

    Well, Thanks to other reviewers I decided to buy these over many other choices. They do run slightly large. Mine are a 10. I would say at least 12 size large. I have lots of other gear, gloves, pants, jacket, helmet. These are the best thing I wear. My feet are comfortable and very well protected. Feels like a high top basketball shoe. No problem walking around in them. I would highly recommend them they are excellent in quality and very protective. I also think they look pretty cool. The velcro strap and laces ensure a good fit. I inserted a pair of gel insoles, that tightened up the fit perfectly. Cant think of a negative. For me easily a 5 Star product.

    Good Buy - John Newrider   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: premium protection, comfort, and style
    Cons: tread, slightly cumbersome to put on

    The best part about this shoe is how comfortable it is. i could wear these all day. The toe box is low profile, making it easy to work the gear shift. It looks great and feels extremely safe. even though they are low cut, they still protect the anklebone.I would have to say that they are just as warm as any boot, and the sole doesn't have great traction on wet surfaces. while i don't believe this to be the best purchase to be made on summer boots, they are a good purchase. i am quite satisfied with them.

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    Joe Rocket Velocity V2X Shoes - Black
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