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HJC - HJC Rpha-Max Solid Modular Helmets HJC - HJC Rpha-Max Solid Modular Helmets HJC - HJC Rpha-Max Solid Modular Helmets HJC - HJC Rpha-Max Solid Modular Helmets HJC - HJC Rpha-Max Solid Modular Helmets HJC - HJC Rpha-Max Solid Modular Helmets HJC - HJC Rpha-Max Solid Modular Helmets HJC - HJC Rpha-Max Solid Modular Helmets HJC - HJC Rpha-Max Solid Modular Helmets
HJC Rpha-Max Solid Modular Helmets
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Video Reviews
Hey guys this is Reuben with Competition Accessories Welcome to our premium modular helmets guide this video is going to encompass these four helmets that i have in front of me that range from around 450$ all the way up to 700$ plus so again premium modular motorcycle helmets here that were going to talk about and hopefully we can narrow it down for you if your in the market for a new modular. There's some key differences between these all of them are fantastic helmets very well made and premium features if your not familiar with modular helmets basically that means it just has a flip up chin bar , your going to be able to raise that up out of the way if you wear eye glasses that's a huge advantage you can easily get your glasses on and off . All of these helmets accommodate glasses very well they also work very well if you need to talk to somebody at a light or a gas station you can easily raise that up and have a face to face conversation with somebody if your a smoker if you want to take a drink with your helmet on you can do all of those things with a modular helmet so convenience factor is really high with a helmet that is in this price range obviously you paying for a lot of comfort features and premium features that your just not getting with less expensive modular helmets the fit and finish of each of these is very very good and i just want to stress that each one of these helmets is good each in its own right and were going to kind of run though these from my left to my right from least expensive to most expensive and kind of break down the differences between the four that i have in front of me. So first here on my left , to your right , is the Nolan N104 now this is the only helmet that doesn't have a composite shell it has a polycarbonate lexane shell its manufactured in two shell sizes these were made in Italy again its a nice fit and finish . One of my favorite things about the Nolan is it keeps the chin bar very very tight and low when you look at how the shield mechanism and the chin bar mechanism opens and functions in fact if i close this down and open it again if you focus on this pivot right here you'll see when you open it up it actually starts to raise and then it slides back into place and then it has a nice secure detente at the raised position its called an elliptical pivot instead of being on a single access raising up like most other modular helmets this one actually keeps it nice and low and then there's actually a chin bar lock on the side so if i click that in that actually going to prevent the chin bar from coming down at all . So if you like to ride with the chin bar in the raised position at all and i know all motorcyclists if you wear modular around town or if its hot out a lot of the time you'll keep the chin bar raised. A lot of manufactures actually don't recommend that just for safety reasons obviously you don't want that chin bar to accidentally fall down but well talk real world here i know a lot of you guys going to be wearing modulars are going to ride with the chin bar open. This one is going to prevent it from accidentally coming down on you, even with this unlocked it still has a very nice locked detente if you want to close it you will have to apply some pressure to move down and your going to have to click down into place. All the helmets up here are going to have metal to metal latches obviously as a safety feature you don't want the chin bar to open on accidentally open all the chin bars up here have very secure latching systems I'm not going to elaborate on that on every single helmet here . We do have a full helmet brake downs of each of these helmets so if you do actually want to see how the latches work and hear more about the features of each of these helmets you'll have a chance to watch those videos at the end of this one. To talk some more about the chin bar mechanism on the Nolan though its a little different in that there's a two stage operation there's a tab on the base that you can pull forward its just going to get that other one to come out squeeze those together that's what actually releases the latch.So its a two stage procedure to get that released and that's just an extra safety feature that's going to help keep the chin bar down and secure in case of an accident . You have a European style ratcheting strap on the Nolan these are nice and handy because you can get them on and off with gloves on and that's infinitely a nice feature just going to adjust the strap to where its comfortable to you and then it will just ratchet into place and some Americans are a little leary of these but they are incredibly strong or at least as strong as the D ring system that's found on other helmets that were used to here in the US but its actually very common over in Europe. Fully removable interior on the Nolan talk about the Ncom system briefly they have a Ncom communication system you can remove this base plate here pop that off and install the Ncom system and you'll easily be able to integrate their communication system with the helmet here though its going to integrate very cleanly. It has nice openings for a speaker pockets and plenty of room in the chin bar for a mic. So Definitely a great option for those of you running a communication system , and last but not least internal sun visor there's a slider on this slide that forward its going to deploy the internal sun shield it does have an anti fog coating on it and its spring loaded so you click that red tab and its just going to raise that up nice and smoothly out of the way. Pin lock lens is included with the Nolan so for the external face shield anti fog is accomplished with the anti fog insert. In fact while were talking about pin lock all of these helmets up here include a pin lock ready shield with the pin lock insert included in the box . So you are paying more for these types of helmets but you do get all those types of features included . Ventilation system last but not least on the Nolan is pretty ingenuitive the way that they have designed it they have a single slider up here on the top , and the first position is meant to crack this upper air scoop , fully released all the way to the back it is not only going to open this air scoop here but it also opens the brow vent at the front of the helmet . You'll see that they integrate a spoiler into the shell itself and then there is an exhaust port out the back to help warm air escape out the back of this Nolan . Again the Nolan N104 is going to retail for 449$ you'll have to jump on our website to see our current pricing is we are able to discount the Nolan with a pretty healthy discount but you can jump on there and see what those go for currently on our site. So for retail price ten dollars more 459$ for the HJC which is the next one to the left here. This is the RPHA Max which is brand new this one just came out it was just released and we are really impressed with it it has their premium integrated matrix shell its actually manufactured in three different shell sizes these ones are made in Korea but you see a lot of design influence over from the RPHA 10 which is their premium road race helmet or the RPS 10 which you might be familiar with so really top of the line features coming out in this helmet very aerodynamic design HJC uses extensive wind tunnel testing and development of both the aerodynamics of the shell and the ventilation system for the RPHA max very very nicely done helmet. Ill place this helmet on the scale here you can see its very light weight 3.6 pounds that's almost as light in fact that lighter then a lot of full faced helmets and its almost as light as its full faced brother the RPHA10 . So definitely a very well constructed helmet . Chin bar opens with a simple pull of the tab on the bottom that rotates up on a single access but it does stick up a bit further then the Nolan which all of the other helmets up here are going to be in that boat. You have what they call their cool forever interior fabric its moisture wicking fully removable customizable you can change out different sized cheek pads you have pockets for speakers on the sides here that should accommodate just about any kind of communication system standard D ring and chin strap for the closure . This does have an internal sun visor much like the rest of these helmets here this one is deployed with a slider on the top . This is just going to slide forward and lock into place and you can see it lowers down there it does have an anti fog coating on it , and then there's a button on the top here you press that and its going to retract that up . You might have noticed like the Nolan this one is also damped so its not a jarring sudden spring loaded motion its more of a smooth nice retraction. This helmet includes a max vision pin lock shield. You can see the blue outline on the face shield here its nice and large that's how the outline of this pin lock is going to sit on the shield so your going to get unrestricted vision out of the helmet here . And the pin lock insert if your not familiar with it creates a duel pane effect you have an interior shield a small bead of air and your actual external face shield when you install the pin lock insert and that gives you some insulation between the outside air and the inside . It really does a fantastic job at reducing fog , and again all of these helmets include the pin lock insert . Moving on to the right here you have the Neotec . The Neotec is made by Shoei and if your familiar with motorcycle helmets you've probably heard of Shoei they have been around for quite a while they are made in Japan they have an advanced integrated matrix 5 ply shell its manufactured in three different shell sizes fit and finish again very nice what you would expect from a Shoei . You finally get fully removable interior our previous modular helmets did not offer , internal sun visor is deployed on this helmet with a simple slider found on the left side of the shell here. Slide that up here to deploy it no springs or buttons on this guy its just a simple slider very easy and intuitive to use and if you know where that slider is you can get that up and down very easily . That is anti fog coated you have a multi density liner which is the actual foam inside of this helmet which is going to progressively absorb impact and its also allows them built to let in air channels though out the EPS liner so that this top vent can actually function as a ram air scoop to slide it back and that's actually going to draw air down inside the helmet and then you have an exhaust vent on the back here. This Shoei retails for 648$- 662$ so right around that 650 dollar range . There are graphics available that run for a little bit more then that but the solids are right around that 650 dollar range and we actually are able to provide a little bit of a discount on the Shoei as well. Last but not least we have the Schuberth C3 up here on the right . The Schuberth is made in Germany retails for 699$ and there are no discounts available on these guys, they charge a premium on them but it is worth every penny according to those who buy the Schuberth C3. First thing to point out its an extremely clean shell design, if you look at the back here there's no extra spoilers no extra vents on the back its just a very clean shell design which means its going to be the quietest helmet of the bunch here and that's really what Schuberth really prides themselves on its been wind tunnel tested and actually proven to be extremely quiet at freeway speeds so if noise is something that bothers you if your on a longer ride it gives you kind of a fatigue if you want to use a communication system so having a quieter helmet will help you enjoy that a little bit better the Schuberth with a lot of little design features just to get a very quiet ride . In fact if you look at the top of the face shield here you may notice these little triangle shapes here that is what they call tribulaters. Rather then having just a simple face shield that is just smooth and flat that would create a lot of turbulence around the seal here . These tribulaters actually create a bit of a swirl as it comes over the shell of the helmet , so instead of creating extra wind noise around that seal its actually going to promote wind to go up and over the shell of the helmet so it keeps the noise nice and low . Intake vent is a single vent at the top here and then you have a chin bar vent and again no exit vents on the back of the shell but it does create an area for the air to flush out at the base of the neck , so probably not as aggressively vented as for some of the helmets up here but again your getting a very quiet ride with very tight tolerances how the chin bar integrates with the rest of the helmet its a very nice tight and secure fit. Another thing that's unique to the Schuberth if you get it open here they have their anti roll off system which is an additional chin strap so you have your standard chin strap that has a ratchet enclosure much like the Nolan , and this is a German helmet your seeing that European influence in this one , but rather then just coming up and connecting inside the helmet like most do , it also has an additional strap that runs inside around the base of the helmet and you may have noticed there are a couple of rivets on the back here . That is what they call their anti roll off system, So if you were to go down and hit this helmet is not going to be able to roll forward off of your head or out of place. As this chin bar tightens against your neck this rear strap is going to pull tight keep the helmet in place its an additional safety design that Schuberth has used in their design. They also have a very rounded chin bar, so that if you were to go down and hit your chin on your chest its a very round shape so its not going to create an additional point of injury in that area . Ill show you how the internal sun visor works on the Schuberth , so again a very similar design to the Shoei just a simple slider that's here on the side, slide that back to release the shield down and into your vision and then slide it back to get it up and out of the way. Again that's also anti fog coated, it includes the pin lock insert so your getting all the features that your getting with the other helmets plus your also getting additional safety features. Last but not least on the Schuberth there's a couple of things , first of all the interior out of all of these as you would expect for a 700 dollar helmet is the most plush and the softest and just looking at it on camera you will be able to tell its a very premium fabric very comfortable its what they call Techskin design to keep you comfortable in cool weather and warm weather its cool max so its moisture wicking , its anti bacterial its very comfortable fully removable and then another thing you can do on the Schuberth that is really neat. You can remove the neck roll and replace it with the Schuberth communication system it actually integrates the communication system into the neck roll of the helmet. So your going to get buttons on the neck roll you don't have to attach anything externally to add bulk or weight or wind noise its just integrated right into the neck roll it works really really well and again if price is no object for you this is the top of the line helmet for you that your looking at right here. Definitely a very nice helmet again it retails at 699$ and there is no discounts available on the Schuberth line but that's what your going to get for 699 dollars there are some other graphics available with the Schuberth that will give you a little bit more as far as solids for price is 699. Now real quick i didn't have a chance to weigh all of these and while i do that I'm going to talk about the fit. First of all the Schuberth is going to be the lightest one up here talking about this being a 699 dollar helmet it is 3.55 pounds . If weight is something that is of concern to you weather you have neck issues that cause issues for you or if you just want to have a helmet that isn't going to cause fatigue when your on the bike for extended amounts of time the Schuberth is the lightest one up here. As far as fit goes i would say between the Nolan and the Schuberth these are going to be the most round oval shape that we have up here on the table, and then when you look at the Shoei and the RPHA max these are going to be the more intermediate oval or a slightly longer oval shape between the three of these. As for sizing goes these are all a size large I've tried all of them on they all fit true to size i wouldn't need to go up or down a size in any of them although i will say the opening for the Nolan is the tightest out of them pull the helmet on and off over your ears the Nolan is a little bit tighter but again that's going to give you a better seal on the base of your neck to prevent wind noise. The Schuberth weighed 3.55 pounds , by contrast the Shoei is going to be heaviest on the table is 4.05 pounds now and that's a half pound difference try and keep that in mind. And then the RPHA Max again very light weight almost on the same weight as the Schuberth 3.6 pounds so very impressive design on the part of the HJC. And then the Nolan up here 3.8 pounds it kind of splits the difference between the others . Hopefully that helps you narrow it down a bit between these top four modular helmets that we offer at Competition Accessories , they are all fantastic options just pick one that strikes your fancy as far as looks which ever one that fits your budget the best and bare in mind that comfort is something that can be bought that is something that is appreciated on a longer ride i know how a lot of you guys ride year round long commutes long tours you know year long around the world trips your going to want something that is extremely comfortable that you can endure wearing for days and days on end and be very comfortable and not have something that's a distracting or uncomfortable for you.
Information and Details about the HJC Rpha-Max Solid Modular Helmets
made by HJC
When looking for a Helmet I always was leery of buying a modular helmet for a couple reasons. The modular helmets were always too heavy, clunky and noisy. But the HJC RPHA Max is the exception. This flip-up helmet is superlight and has the same profile as a full face helmet. HJC uses completely new technology in the RPHA series of helmets to make the HJC RPHA Max helmet super light, quite and small. Add in the their new COOL4EVER liner and you get a heck of a helmets for under $500. In our opinion the RPHA max matches the quality and features of the Schuberth C3, Nolan N104 and the Shoei Neotec modular helmets. So give it a try. With No Restock Fees and Free Shipping this is a great deal!

  • Advanced P.I.M. (Premium Integrated Matrix)
  • Carbon fiber, aramid, fiberglass and organic non-woven fabric materials are combined to produce a remarkably strong and extremely light shell
  • Designed for superior fit and comfort using advanced CAD technology, three different shell sizes offer an extremely light, quiet and comfortable modular helmet
  • Includes Breath Guard and Chin Curtain, as well as a new innovative chin curtain “extender”
  • Flip-Up Chin Bar and Face Shield
  • Innovative center one-touch open/close locking system designed to be opened with either hand
  • Flip-up chin bar makes communicating with your helmet on easier, and wearing glasses more comfortable
  • ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation System
  • Full front-to-back airflow flushes heat and humidity up and out
  • Chin bar intake vent provides airflow across the shield interior to help eliminate shield fogging
  • Removable, Washable Interior
  • Removable, washable and antibacterial moisture wicking comfort liner
  • COOL4EVER interior liner offers self-cooling properties that wick away moisture and keep the rider cool
  • Eyeglass grooves can accommodate riders with glasses
  • HJ-25 Pinlock® Prepared Shield and Base Plate System
  • Optically superior Pinlock®-prepared 3D face shield provides 95% UV protection
  • Innovative center one-touch open/close locking system is designed for an extremely secure seal
  • Simple and secure RapidFireâ„¢ shield replacement system offers ultra-quick, tool-less removal and installation
  • Pinlock® 100% Max Vision fog-resistant lens included
  • HJ-V7 SunShield Visor System
  • One-touch integrated smoke-tinted SunShield deploys and retracts quickly and easily
  • Three positions for adjustable SunShield lever

  • Standards: DOT
  • Construction: Advanced P.I.M.
  • Weight: 3.55 lbs / 1610 grams (approx, based on size medium/large solid color)

    Our Thoughts
    Embracing its reputation as a value brand, HJC has focused on helmet innovation and quality. The RPHA-MAX modular helmet has unleashed a flip-up offering a large amount of value. Made of the same lightweight and strong materials that are used in their high-end race helmet, the RPHA-MAX exhibits desirable sporting characteristics while still retaining a touring focus. Often underestimated, this HJC helmet is one not to be taken lightly.

  • HJC Rpha-Max Solid Modular Helmets Product Reviews
    Review this Product  for a chance to win a $100 gift card.

    Solid helmet my first modular - Kruzmsl   SD Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Modular design doesn't take away from quality feel of helmet
    Cons: Wish they'd incorporated speaker pockets too

    Did a lot of research before pulling the trigger on thi helmet. Have always ridden with full face helmets so going into a modular design was entirely new. Needless to say I'm not disappointed. I've still not ridden with it yet but I can tell from trying it on I'll be more than happy. The modular feature will be a bonus. Plan on doing more 2-up riding with my wife so I believe this feature will definitely come in handy for longer trips. It seems to rate right up there with the Shoei Neotech but without the added expense.

    HJC Rpha-Max Solid Modular - Chromechaser   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good fit, easy to use with gloves
    Cons: Drop down visor ineffective on sunny days.

    Bought this helmet based on reviews comparing other brands with the similar features. Wore it for the first time on an all day ride and had no issues with pressure points. Easy to operate while riding and wearing gloves. Have not worn it on a hot day so can't speak to it's venting ability. No unusual wind noise at hwy speeds. The drop down visor that comes with the helmet is of little use on sunny days. You will still need sunglasses to minimize glare or order the darker lens that's available for this helmet. Even having to purchase another lens, this helmet is a solid buy compared to the higher priced Shoei or Nolan modular helmets.

    RPHA Max - Jim P   OH Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: ergonomic, well made, removable liners, light weight
    Cons: Sizes run small

    I would have listed comfort under a pro or a con. Out of the box, my 2XL largest available was tight on my head and a little too tight on my face in particular when i dropped the lid. However having had a few helmets over the past 25 years or so, I knew it would relax eventually. It did thankfully after a couple days of wearing it around my house and looking like a dork. I have a basket ball sized head and have made peace with that.Working the the liner and foam gently with a spoon and my thumb I was able to eliminate the pressure points and now it feels like it was custom fit. consider buying a size larger than you think you need, or have your head shrunk. But hang in there. if it goes on easy and just a little snug, it will work its self out.

    Best modular I've ever far. - jerseygirl   NJ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Fit. Visor. Chin bar mechanism. Finish. Light weight.
    Cons: [None]

    I have had this helmet out for four good rides. So far, I have no major issues with it. I have to say that it fits to size. My head measures at about 22'. In the past, I've always ordered smalls. In the last year I've had to return two smalls in exchange for mediums. Is it just me I think the fit could be a little more snug, but it doesn't seem to affect the performance. The fit seems to be an intermediate oval which suites me just fine. I lent it to another rider to try on and even though he had a smaller hat size than me, it looked too small for him with his nose touching the breathe guard. I could only guess he needed a long oval fit.The visor is great. The action is super smooth, not stiff and jerky like the old Symax. I love the latching mechanism, easy to lock and unlock. I haven't tried the pin lock yet.For the color I chose silver. It's kind of a deep silver, meaning it looks like you could put a penny on it and it would disappear.One of the main reasons I bought this helmet, other than the great price was it's light weight. Almost half a pound less than the Shoei.I find it to be reasonably quiet. But, I always wear ear plugs nowadays, so that may be moot.Personally, I think wind noise has just as much to do with the bikes equipment, wind screen shapes etc. as it does with helmets. One small gripe. The visor release levers seem a little hard to push back, but I found that if you use the eraser end of a pencil to push against them they disengage easy enough. Better hard off than easy off in this case, I believe.Well, that's all I have to say about that.The chin bar mechanism lifts and latches quite easily.

    Good helmet - GT2CH   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Fit, visor, and ventilation
    Cons: None

    Took helmet on a ride to CO and it worked great. I was surprised on the ventilation factor with some of the other reviews. Compared to my old HJC IS-Max and a Scorpian 900, this helmet vented the heat much better. I installed the Pinlock liner and it performs very well.

    RPHA Max Helmet - Ed   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Very light weight, Top vents very well, Good field of view, Pin Lock anti-fog, Sunshield
    Cons: Hard to close, Chin vent could be better, D-ring

    This is my first HJC helmet. I needed a light weight helmet, and this one delivers. I find the top vent works very well. The chin vent is average. The PinLock anti-fog works very well so far with our 40's temperatures. I wish the helmet had a micro-lock chin strap, but the D-ring works well. I use a Sena SMH10 intercombluetooth device. The speakers for this system fit into the pockets very well, as the Sena speakers are thin. The sunshield is a bit too light in color for me, so I will have to order a darker one. I have only been wearing the helmet for about two weeks, but so far I am very pleased.

    HJC Rpha-Max - Classic FatBoy   NC Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Construction, removablereplaceable liner, no fog faceshield
    Cons: noisier than solid but not bad for modular, sunshield has slight distortion

    I mainly use this for cold andor rainy weather and trips when I need intercom. Intercom installed easily, weight is lightweight and cooling vents that you can actually feel. Coolest full face I've ever owned. Very comfortable for the long ride. It is not as quiet as my solid Shoei but that's the cost of getting modular convenience. Face shield closes securely and opens very easily. I replaced a IS-max BT with this due to sudden impact to the pavement with me in it. I here to tell you that HJC makes a very safe helmet, saved my noggin. This is a better helmet than the IS-max and worth the extra money to move up. I have found CA to consistently have the best prices.

    Rpha-Max - mred   WA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: fit, lightweight, comfort
    Cons: none yet

    This helmet seems to fit true to size This helmet is actually the 2nd one we have my wife liked mine so much I bought this one for her. It is light and comfortable, Easy to use the internal sunshield. This is a very nice helmet and the price was awesome. Definitely worth the money

    Nice Helmet - ron   MT Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good field of vision, quiet, vents well. Pinlock antifog insert included.
    Cons: HD headset speakers don't fit without modification to the inner shell. The big R on the front is not so attractive.

    Seems to be very well built. Quality seems to be on par with other brands costing much more. Latches and pivot point are smooth and easy to operate. If you are looking for a modular helmet that is quiet, comfortable and well made, you can't go wrong with this HJC

    HJC Rpha to the Max - Kasey   UT Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Light weight, comfortable fit
    Cons: Not as Quiet as I thought

    This has become one of my favorite helmet in my collection. I have a few helmets in my collection including Arai & Shoei, I thought because of the price of this HJC it would not be as comfortable of a helmet and I was wrong. Great fit right out of the box the liner feels great on your head and is very comfortable, light weight the best air flow of any HJC's I have, right in there with Arai & Shoei. The price is amazing. Thank you Competition Accessories for always giving us bikers the best pricing to keep us on the road with good equipments.

    A great buy - KiwiFZ   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Fits like a glove, quiet, cool and great sunshield mechanism.
    Cons: D ring is a bit of a minus but I have come to live with it.

    A great helmet that I have absolutely no regrets about buying.

    Rpha-Max - Classic FatBoy   NC Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good construction, comfortable interior, no fog face shield, quiet for modular
    Cons: noisier than full face, tight fit for radio gear,

    Price - This is a lot of helmet for the money and Competition Accessories has the best price Ive found. This helmet outperforms much higher priced helmets. Compared to the IS-MAX spend the extra money and get this helmet.Comfort true to fit, good firm fit for an oval head, a little warm behind a windshield for 90 degrees and above but modular feature helps when stopped for a breeze or taking a quick cool drink. Weight is spot on especially for a modular. Very aerodynamic with very little to no wobble. Construction this is very good construction and comparable to much higher priced helmets.Noise very quiet for a modular with no rattle from the air vent controls or modular hinge. Tight seal around face shield. If you want a helmet any quieter buy a full face.Face Shield Fog there is none, the Pinlock is the best and is a must for any year round rider.Visor works as good as any other but does have some glarereflectionChin bar locks and unlocks easily and securely, as good as the highest priced helmetsradio gear this is a tight fit for radio gear get the flattest speakers and it will fit.

    HJC RPHA-MAX - Bill   IA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: lighter, quieter
    Cons: haven't found any yet

    Seems to be a little quieter than previous HJC modular helmets. The sun visor works well and is situated a little further from my nose. A previous model had it resting on my nose which I felt couid cause injury in a crash. Mine was, unfortunately, crash-tested. Protected well. Bought another one.

    36 of 36 I have owned - rainman   CO Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Light weight, sound control, comfort, aerodynamic,
    Cons: none

    This is the best helmet I have owned in 50 years of riding, better than my old Arai full face. Comfortable and quiet on all my bikes, with or without a windshield.

    Rpha-Max - Shaun1   PA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: light weight and easy on the neck
    Cons: noisy on bike that has a windsheild

    Helmet is perfect performance on my SM990. On my HD ultra classic its got some buffeting noise from the windshield turbulance

    Great helmet - Bad Dad   WI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Quality, quiet, True to size, decent venting.
    Cons: rubber tab on d ring.

    This is my first modular helmet after having always worn full face racelmets. I usually wear Arai Rx7, Shoie x12, Shark Rsr2, ect. Hjc has great fit, with pinlock, fog free, decent venting, overall very pleased and no complaints. I broke it in riding back and forth to work and am currently on day 6 of a 14 day trip and am hsppy I got this helme

    absolutely delighted - screech   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Very aerodynamic, literally no drag
    Cons: Kinda noisy for a high end helmet

    Was in the market for a modular after I trashed my Nolan N-102. Have had various Arai's and Nolan's in the past. Was very intrigued by the low weight since I was eyeing the N-43E.Decided to try this wind-tunnel tested composite helmet and am absolutely thrilled by it. The weight or lack thereof and the shape make it such that riding in high wind situations are barely noticeable except for the noise. Will buy another in an instant if I had to.

    HJC RPHA-MAX Helmets - sammiet   SC Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Quiet, lite, ease or opperations and works well with glasses.
    Cons: none

    Pick this helmet up at open house Saturday and finally got chance to go for a ride Monday. The helmet preformed well. Here in SC we had a very windy day that was a really good test for the helmet. Not only met but exceeded my expectations.

    HJC RPHA-MAX Helmet - tomkat100   AR Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Lightweight compared to my Arai. This is my 1st modular and I must say I really like the convenience of flipping it open to eat, drink, etc. The flip-down inner tinted shield is nice when riding into the sun. So far, no serious complaints about this helmet
    Cons: So far, none.

    This helmet was recommended by a friend. I've been reluctant to buy a helmet without 1st trying it on, but the measuring guide and the helmet shape have resulted in an excellent fit.

    RPHA Max-to the Max - Bagger Dragger   AZ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Very light, Lots of features, Comfy, Great ventilation, Easy to use features
    Cons: The big raised R in the center looks dorky

    I thought for sure I was going to buy the Shoei Neotec because nobody around wear I live had the RPHA Max yet. I am soooooo happy I waited for the IMS show so I could try both helmets on back to back. Compaired to the Shoei Neotec the RPHA Max feels WAY lighter. The RPHA seems to carry what little weight it has very low where as the Shoei felt very top heavy for being so light. The retractable inner sun screen doesn't hit my nose when it's down. Everything works very intuitively.Fits very true to size. My XL fits like it should although the cheek pads are just a smidge snug but that's no big deal. I get no buffeting with this helmet either. I am very impressed.Competition Accessories price and costumer service made it even better

    Great Modular Helmet - Mark   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Light weight, great ventilation, pinlock
    Cons: Fit is small, d-ring has sharp edges.

    Bought this helmet after reading several articles and on-line reviews. It replaced a modular Zox Genessis. I ordered the same size in the RPHA-MAX as the Zox and was surprised to find that the HJC fit considerably tighter than the Zox. Al lot of that is due to the thicker and more comfortable liners and padding in the HJC. Now, after a couple of months of riding the helmet has broken in and shaped itself to my head and is very comfortable. Love the light weight and the fog free operation that comes with the included pinlock system. Also, the ventilation is better than any helmet I have worn. You can really feel the air moving. The sun shield works great and I really like the sliding operation of it on the back of the helmet. The helmet is quiet for a modular and being able to ride with the face shield closed because of the pinlock is another plus. I would prefer a snap closure for the strap but that is mostly a matter of personal choice and the double d-ring closure works fine. The edges of the rings are a little sharp, but nothing that can't be tolerated. All in all, this is a great modular helmet and I consider it one of the best purchases I have ever made to enhance the safety and comfort of my ride.

    HJC RPHA - Paul   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Light weight, ventilation, noise level
    Cons: D ring hard to fatsen

    I have tried several modular helmets in the past as I have a problem with fitment. Nolan 102, HJC Sys Max 2, Shoei Neotec, Nolan Trilogy. This is the lightest modular helmet I have owned or tied on. The top ventilation actually works. This is the first helmet I have actually been able to feel air flowing through with the top ventilation open. The helmet is quiet for a modular, I haven't tried it with the chin dam in, but should be even better. With the face shield up and visor closed, the buffeting was minimal on my touring bike at speed, may be different without a windshield. With the face shield down it does snug the cheeks up tighter than when worn open. The tinted sun visor seems to come down lower than in some past HJC helmets which was always one of my complaints. My only complaint is that with the cheek padding and d-ring location, it is hard to get at the D ring to fasten the chin strap. Bottom line much nicer than the SYS MAX and although not as plush as the Shoei Neotec, it is much lighter and a far better value.

    Excellent Helmet - Dennis   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: fit, comfort, quiet, quality, pin lock, sunshade,
    Cons: venting, fogging, hard to adjust vents with gloves on

    I decided to spend a bit of extra money on this helmet as reviews were very good. I do like the helmet but it has a few flaws. Before I installed the pin lock visor it fogged up terribly. The buttons for the vents are small and hard to adjust with gloves on. I got the helmet in November but I have ridden in 70 degree weather here in central California and I have serious doubts that the venting will be adequate when the temperature gets over 90 degrees. I went from an opened face helmet as I wanted more protection and this helmet provides that but I may have to use the open faced helmet in the summer. Time will tell and I will try to report back on the venting. It may be that no modular or solid helmet will give adequate ventilation. This new helmet is a bad fit for me 6ft. tall, my motorcycle, and windscreen which is 19 in inches tall. My head is completely above the windscreen and there is a lot of wind turbulence, buffeting, and noise. That turbulence wasn't apparent with my other helmet. On my friends bikes with taller windscreens and lower seats and my bike without the windscreen, the helmet is nice and quiet. Now I am having trouble finding a taller windscreen for my 2008 Yamaha Warrior.

    update to prior review - goezy   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: light weight, good visibility
    Cons: shields fog easily

    Got the helmet back from HJC in about 10days, no compliant on time. It was replaced with a brand new helmet. Very surprised the helmet was replaced and very appreciative. Wind noise is now much less. Found one issue, in the morning cold - 50 degrees - both shields will fog up when all shields closed. It fogs up so bad that visibility is restricted. Lifting the main clear shield to allow air flow resolved the problem. However, at a stop the clear shield must be fully up or all shields fog. Note, I do have the pinlock shield installed and it still fogs. My Shoei does not fog in this manner. My thinking is there is more distance from the chin mouth nose to the shield on the Shoei than the HJC so there is more airflow around the pinlock shield. Still good for the price but be aware of the downsides.

    Good helmet - goezy   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Fit, drop down sunvisor, good latches
    Cons: Not enough cushion around inside chin bar, release of shield is not easy.

    Take the helmet on a few rides and in my daily commute. Had some wind noise issue on one side and helmet is back for repair with Comp Acc. Have not got it back yet so I may need to add more info later.Sun--visor at max deployment does not hit my nose. Visibility through my glasses and both shields is not distorted. The fit is good but not a good a my Shoei multitech. Also the inside of the chinbar is all padded and the HJC is not. HJC's chinbar does not cover as well as the Shoei.HJC is comfortable and does not fell heavy. The airflow is very good with the top vent open. It is better than the multi-tech. Chinbar latches very solid and release with just a button push. The shield replacement is not a quick or easy as the Shoei. I had to use a dowel to push the lock release mechanism on the HJC, fingre pressure was not enough.For the price a good helmet. While the Shoei may be a better helmet in my opinion, realize that it is much more expensive. Even my old multi-tech costs more that this new HJC.Recommend with the above caveats.

    Raphael max - Norby   NH Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Nicely made, all functions perform smoothly
    Cons: A more solid latching sound when loweringlocking chin bar needed

    If your on the cusp of a large or extra large go with extra large, you will still get a snug fit. A pillow type speaker is too 1.25 inch large to fit in the space provided so you have to go with a in ear type bud. The cooling is as advertised thru the top and the nose deflector works well for directing your breath away from the shield. The finish is very good with all trim snugly fitting and no adhesive showing any where. All liner material is nicely finished and stitched well. The visor stays where put up to 70 mph. The sun shield could be a little darker. I was hoping at low sun angles that it would block more but even with sun glasses I needed to squint. Great overall buy accessory bag and pin lock shield are nice extras.

    HJC Rpha-Max Modular Helmet - Dennis L. - Rockville, MD   MD Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Lightweight for a modular, snug not tight fit in normal size which I ike, the pearl white is a stunningly beautiful finish, included pinlock shield so no fog, relatively quiet for a modular except...
    Cons: at certain speeds and wind conditions something rattles in the top of the helmet, maybe something in the air intake.

    Will know more about all the pros and cons if the freaking winter ever ends because I bought the helmet in late December and this winter's been awful in MD. I will be taking lots of long trips this spring and summer should they choose to show their faces You can certainly tell this is a premium helmet by the fit and finish and quality of the materials. I own 2 Shoei, 3 Nolan, and 2 Scorpion helmets yes, I do have a problem, and the Rpha Max is by far and away the best of the lot. If I can find the source of the vibrating sound at certain speeds around 65 on 2014 V Star 1300 Tour Deluxe which has a fairing...maybe it's something to do with that and eliminate it, I believe this helmet will be perfect

    HJC - Great Value Modular - Gunner   AZ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Light, Quality Construction, Integrated Dark Visor, Ventilation
    Cons: Not as quiet as I expected, sizing

    Upgrading from an older, first generation modular helmet to get the integrated dark visor I wear glasses and a cooler helmet. Very impressed with the quality of the construction the visor latch and modular mechanism are first class. I really like the built in dark visor, eliminating the need to switch glasseshelmet visors during the day, though I don't understand the dual position feature of the integrated dark visor. I tend to go directly to the fully extended position, which is relatively easy with a little practice.Excellent ventilation that I can actually feel as I ride. Perfect for AZ, but might be a little cool for northern climes the helmet does come with two chin blocks for colder temps - once it gets below 100 degrees I'll check them out, but it looks like the seal around the neck will be excellent.I have a 58mm 7 14 inch head and ordered a medium. With the chin guard up the helmet fit just fine. Lowering the chin guard would draw the chin pads into a position where the helmet cheek pads was way too tight. My son has a narrower face, and it fits him just fine, so he is using the medium and I ordered a large - fits fine. Round face - go to the larger sizeEasily installed my SENA SMH-10 comm system on the helmet, and the sound is betterlouder than my older helmet Summit XPV, so this helmet is quieter, though not as quiet as I expected.Light weight, overall, and the foam is set-up so that it is easier for me to use my glasses. I haven't had the opportunity to use the Pinlock visor, included in the price, but I look forward to checking it out next month during a ride to CO. Great value modular compared to some of the 600-800 helmets the MAX competes with right now.

    From SY-MAX2 to RPHA-MAX - R1150RT Rider   KS Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Smaller shell Lighter Improved shield closure & sun visor damping Premium interior liner Pinlock fog shield included Centered shield latch
    Cons: Runs small EPS foam ridge gave me a headache Top vent noisy Red tab on chin strap interferes wclosure

    This is my third HJC modular helmet, starting with the original SY-MAX. I was looking to upgrade from the latch pin-breakage prone Large SY-MAX2 to a more premium helmet like the Shoei Neotec. However, I chose a Large RPHA-MAX after seeing the online reviews and CA's low, low price. Physically smaller than the SY-MAX2, it fit snugly too snugly in fact, as I had a headache after 1hr from the EPS ridge around the helmet's crown. I pulled out the liner and pressed down the ridge with my thumb, until the pressure was relieved. I know - the EPS is now compromised - but the pressure is gone The internal sun visor is a lighter shade of grey than the SY-MAX2's, and they aren't interchangeablecompatible However, the visor damping is much improved, as is the redesigned front tab-locking clear shield. It seals uniformly and easily, but the locking tab blocks vision if the shield is partially raised to allow for airflow. I plan to install a Sena 10 communicator and put thousands of miles on this helmet

    Good Helment - lhb   NV Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good ventilation
    Cons: Front heavy

    Fit is good. Good ventilation. Front heavy causing neck stiffness after a few hours touring.

    I like the helmet - Jeff   MO Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good fit, the quality is there, finish, etc. quality helmet. Good ventilation also
    Cons: Not as quiet as I'd hoped. I'd say its quieter than my old Shoei. multitec, but that's not saying much

    Happy with the helmet. I was going to go with a Nolan, but I couldn't use my Scala Rider, I'm glad I went with the RPHA Max. Another big plus is the weight. Considerable lighter than my old Shoei.Also seems more aerodynamic. Looking over my shoulders is much easier. Overall, I'm very happy. I leave for 8,700 mile trip to Alaska in a few days.. If I change my mind about this helmet over the next few weeks, I'll come back and edit this.. Good deal from Competition Accessories also.. Got here pretty quickly also.

    Not perfect but a quality product - HJC- rpha-max helmet   CO Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great finish, quality interior
    Cons: a little hot, not as quiet as hoped

    First of all, I was very disappointed with a whistling from the left side of the helmet. After some frustration and taping the side of the helmet, I realized that the left side pin for the fog shield was missing. There was an extra in the packet, when replaced it was much better. Watch for that. Once fixed the helmet was high quality and comfortable. It was not as quiet as hoped for but considering the mini-windshield on my BMW GS800 it was OK. Also a little hot on an 85 degree day, might not be the best for hot climates. Even given the comments above, I was very impressed with the quality of the finish and interior. I love the ability on a hybrid helmet to take a drink without removing the helmet. I have a big head my wife agrees so I purchased an XXL which fit great. Overall, I rate the helmet as a 4 and recommend it.

    HJC RPHA max - John Woodworth   KS Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Light weight very well made high quality
    Cons: Size, chin guard and rider com interface

    I ride a cruieser but I take my safety very seriously. My current helmet was a lower end HJC IS MAX wich was a good helmet but heavy and no where near the quality of the RPHA Max.The Good Light weight as the manufacture and numerous reviews have claimed. Very well made you can really see that the quality and function of this helmet is right up there with other high end helmets. The price from Comp Acc. was a huge factor in my purchase. This is alot of helmet for the buck. The pin lock sheild is another great value, and if you've not tried one they work very well.The not so good My only real grip about this helmet is the fact that HJC nust have thought that no one would want to add a communiction system to this helmet. I ordered a second Scala G9 set up with this helmet and every aspect of the instalation was a real pain. The biggest issue was instaling the ear speakers. Next the mike boom has to be just right in order to close the chin bar. The rest of my dislikes are more a personal thing than an issue with the helmet. If you wear glasses then you may experience fogging due to the breath guard and chin curtian. These are part of what quit the noise in the helmet. Bot can be taken out so all is well. Fit and sizing This helmet fits more like a full face helmet which is good. If you have no riden with a close fitting helmet it will feel strage at first. OK one last issue. I wish helmet companies would not change the shapes of their helmets. My old modulat was a rounder helmet and I had to buy a2xl buy the tape measurement I should wear a large, so I took an chance an ordered a XL . The RPHA Max fits TOTALLY different than my IS MAX helmet. Sevice and shipping and price where awsome from Comp Acc. I would and have started ordering as much as I can from these folks. I would recomend this helmet to anyone seeking a higher end modular helmet.

    put this one on the shelf - riderglide   Recommended by Reviewer: No
    Pros: good quality, good fit
    Cons: noisy, prone to fogging

    I find this helmet noisy, prone to fogging even with the double shield

    Hjc helmet - Big head   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Well made, good ventilation
    Cons: Sized small, noisy, seam across forehead

    By the HJC size chart, I should wear a xxl, but it is painfully small, and there is a seam that is abrading my forehead. I read in Rider magazine that this a quiet helmet, but it is noisy enough that I have to wear extremely effective ear plugs, and can not hear my Bluetooth. A lot money for this sort of irritation

    HJC RPHA - Max Helmet - Jack   MO Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: weight, construction
    Cons: ventilation, sizing

    should have ordered an XX large, instead of an extra-large, , it was very uncomfortable, since I used it they would not take it back, I should have read the returns info. When I called 'customer service', Chris' exact words were sell it on E-bay The helmet is quiet, and the ventilation they advertise, is non-existant as it was a 90 degree day, very difficult to wear on a long trip.

    HJC RPHA-MAX Helmet - svmax   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Light weight, fit, no buffeting, internal sunshield.
    Cons: NOISE, sun shield fully extended

    I ride a naked SV650, and finally had the chance to ride with my new HJC RPHA-MAX Helmet .The light weight, great fit and lack of buffeting at any speed was a pleasure. I'd read and view many reviews prior to purchase that indicated this helmet was very quiet. Unfortunately for me I did not find this to be the case. At any speed above 40 mph this helmet is noisy and the noise increases dramatically as the speed increases. Earplugs will definitely be required when riding with this helmet.The internal sun shield is very convenient and even clears my glasses when extended. But, if fully extended second locked down position, there is a gap between helmet and shield across the top that is about 116 of and inch that will let the sun shine in. With the shield at its first locked down position the gap at the bottom is between an 18 and 14 inch but is more bearable than being at the top.

    hjc rpha - hillrider   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: very light, quiet and comfortable
    Cons: will not work if you wear glasses

    top of eye slot pushes down on my glasses if helmet is correctly seated on head. I can rotate helmet up a little, but then the ear holes don't line up.

    Not as good as I thought - Craig   Recommended by Reviewer: No
    Pros: Fits good and comfort
    Cons: Chin strap difficult to use, face guard latch not easy to open, noisy

    I was hoping the HJC RPHA Max helmet would be a huge improvement over my BILT modular helmet. At 5x the cost, it should have been. About the only thing I like about the helmet is the fit and comfort. The negatives include a chin strap that requires the buckles to be properly set before tightening or it doesn't tighten properly, it is just as noisy as my 99 BILT modular, and more recently the face guard latch is sticking making it difficult to open the face guard. Overall I am not pleased with the quality of this helmet.

    RPHA Max - Multistradajim   NY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Quite,light, aerodynamic. good looking.
    Cons: Poor quality build. Chin piece won't stay snapped in, vents installed crooked

    Overall I like the helmet. Over the years, I have used Bells, a Caberg, and this is my third HJC, but I must say that the quality is not up to the level of the CL that is half the cost. After reading all the reviews I thought this was going to be a SUPER helmet, but workmanship is not up to snuff.

    Rpha-Max - n1acguy   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Quiet, well ventilated
    Cons: Very awkward to pull on to your head. Have to reach really high to activate the sun shield.

    I like the modular helmets because I wear glasses and don't have to remove them to put the helmet on. This helmet requires spreading the cheek section quite a bit to do so, and that means holding the helmet by the front with all the weight biased to the rear as you try to stretch it over your head with your glasses on. It takes some getting used to and it's awkward to do so.The sun shield works nice, but the lever activation doesn't seem to be very well thought out.Pulling the shield down means lifting your hand and arm to the top rear of the helmet. This is not so easy at freeway speeds since you are lifting your whole arm up into the slipstream.I wonder if they even tried it while riding before making the video. I'm surprised this isn't mentioned a lot more on these reviews. I wish I had bought a different brand. No more mail order helmets for me.

    Part Number Status for HJC Rpha-Max Solid Modular Helmets
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    X-Small, Matte Black HJ-RPHAM-XS-MBK $464.99 Currently Not Available for Order
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    Small, Pearl White HJ-RPHAM-S-PWH $464.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Small, Silver HJ-RPHAM-S-SV $464.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Medium, White HJ-RPHAM-M-WH $459.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Medium, Black HJ-RPHAM-M-BK $459.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Medium, Pearl White HJ-RPHAM-M-PWH $464.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Medium, Silver HJ-RPHAM-M-SV $464.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Medium, Matte Black HJ-RPHAM-M-MBK $464.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Large, Matte Black HJ-RPHAM-L-MBK $464.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Large, Black HJ-RPHAM-L-BK $459.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Large, Pearl White HJ-RPHAM-L-PWH $464.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Large, Silver HJ-RPHAM-L-SV $464.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    X-Large, White HJ-RPHAM-XL-WH $459.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    X-Large, Black HJ-RPHAM-XL-BK $459.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    X-Large, Pearl White HJ-RPHAM-XL-PWH $464.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    X-Large, Silver HJ-RPHAM-XL-SV $464.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    X-Large, Matte Black HJ-RPHAM-XL-MBK $464.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    2X-Large, Matte Black HJ-RPHAM-2X-MBK $469.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    2X-Large, White HJ-RPHAM-2X-WH $464.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    2X-Large, Black HJ-RPHAM-2X-BK $464.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    2X-Large, Pearl White HJ-RPHAM-2X-PWH $469.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    2X-Large, Silver HJ-RPHAM-2X-SV $469.99 Currently Not Available for Order

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