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HJC - HJC HJ-17 Dual Lens Snowmobile Shield fits Symax 3 - IS-MAX - IS-MAX BT - CL-MAX 2 Helmets  
HJC HJ-17 Dual Lens Snowmobile Shield fits Symax 3 - IS-MAX - IS-MAX BT - CL-MAX 2 Helmets


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Clear - HJC HJ-17 Dual Lens Snowmobile Shield fits Symax 3 - IS-MAX - IS-MAX BT - CL-MAX 2 Helmets
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Video Reviews
Hey guys this is Reuben with Competition Accessories and we wanted to do a product video review of the HJC IS Max BT and BT stands for bluetooth. Thats because this helmet comes ready for the chatterbox Xbi2-H communication system. It has a panel on the side that is removable and the chatterbox unit clips right in and its got speaker pockets and channels available for the wiring. Also it has a good are for a microphone so its all ready to go. You can purchase that separately and its going to integrate perfectly with this helmet. For you touring riders that do a lot of miles especially two up, if you want to have somebody you want to stay in touch with or you have a riding buddy that you want to talk to, having a helmet with the chatterbox system in integrated is definitely the way to go. Another thing that makes this helmet extremely popular is it is a modular helmet. With a simple pull of the lever your chin bar is going to raise up and that makes it extremely convenient especially for people who wear glasses. You dont have to remove your glasses to get the helmet on. You can open up the chin bar to talk to people at lights or the gas station you know you can drink with the helmet on. Flip it open and you have access so its definitely convenient and it has a secure metal latch. Which is going to latch it down securely into place so snell does not test modular helmets, so its only DOT approved. Its a poly carbonate shell helmet. It definitely has a nice fit and finish to it. Not a whole lot of gap between the chin bar and the actual helmet itself. With a lot of less expensive modular helmets you will see the tolerances are just not what you get with HJC. Real quick we will talk about the venting, you have fairly basic venting with this helmet. There is a chin bar vent which is going to direct air in and up onto the faceshield. On the top of the helmet you have a closeable intake vent as well. Two holes at the top, now while there is only the front chin bar vent and the vent at the top of the helmet, the interior is channeled and once we get into the inside of the helmet we will be able to show you that. This is basically going to draw air up and inside the helmet so its going to keep your head cool. You will see that they actually have these vents fairly far back on the helmet and thats because this is designed with the touring rider in mind. If your on a touring motorcycle your in a more upright position and not in a tucked position. Those vents are moved further back to get up in the air flow especially for those bikes who have tall windscreens. Another thing that makes this helmet extremely popular for touring riders is it has an internal sun shield. This is a smoke shield that is built in the helmet. This makes it extremely convenient for how often you have to change your face shield out which would be basically never. You can deploy this sun shield during the day rides and then if you ride into a tunnel under some trees or into the night you basically push this button on the top and thats going to retract the sun shield. To deploy it all you do is just slide this forward. Its very intuitive you slide it forward to deploy it and press the button to retract it. That makes it very easy to operate and you dont have to fiddle around to find it. The IS MAX BT uses HJC's HJ-17 shield. What that does for you is gives you a huge selection of shields, there are all kinds of different tints and mirrored shields available for the HJ-17 because they use it on many different helmet models. This also makes changing out the shield very easy. There is basically a trigger on each side, where if you pull this its going to pop right out. To reinstall it is just the reverse you slide it right in and it is going to click right into place. It is very easy to swap out the face shields if you chose to do that. Another thing I wanted you to notice about this face shield is these littler pins here and those posts are for the pinlock system. What that is an internal shield that you can install between the two posts and the pinlock will create a seal around the inside of the face shield and you will get a dual pane shield. What that does is it is very effective at reducing fog, so if you ride in colder conditions or wet weather, fogging becomes an issue, go ahead and purchase a pinlock shield separately. Take a look at the inside of the helmet this helmet is lined with HJC's silver cool material which is moisture wicking which is going to manage moisture very well. If you ride in hotter conditions its going to help wipe the sweat away from your skin. You can remove the cheek pads as well. They built in a little mesh panel right were your ears will sit and you dont have any extra material sitting between your ear and the speaker can install. That also prevents from any discomfort that you may have because there is no extra material to press up against your ear. If you take a look here you can actually see the available space for the wiring where the communication will sit. The cheek pads can be removed by two snaps and a little bit of Velcro and they come right out and the crown liner is just a couple of snaps around the front and the back. You will see they used a lot of mesh material on the crown liner as well as the silver cool moisture wicking fabric. We talked about the channeling for the ventilation, you can see where they have air passages built into the liner and some multi-density EPS foam. This is going to progressively absorb impact and that air is going to come in through the two holes at the top and have places to go. Also it will have an area for the hot air to escape. If you a touring rider who wants the convenience of a modular helmet and you dont want something that is really cheap and you dont want to spend a whole ton of money. The IS-MAX BT falls right into the middle of the range of our lineup that we carry here at Competition Accessories. For bang for the buck it is really a good option, so check these out on our website at Competition Accessories, also make sure you subscribe to our youtube channel so you can stay up to date with all our latest product reviews. Also follow us on facebook, we give monthly give-a-ways and list all our product information for new reviews. Thanks for watching this review and we will see you next time.
Information and Details about the HJC HJ-17 Dual Lens Snowmobile Shield fits Symax 3 - IS-MAX - IS-MAX BT - CL-MAX 2 Helmets
made by HJC
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Fits the following Models:
  • HJC Symax 3 Helmets
  • HJC IS-Max Helmets
  • HJC IS-Max BT Helmets
  • HJC CL-MAX 2 Helmets

  • HJC HJ-17 Dual Lens Snowmobile Shield fits Symax 3 - IS-MAX - IS-MAX BT - CL-MAX 2 Helmets Product Reviews
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    Lens - Bramble   MI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Precise fit
    Cons: Easily scratched

    The lens arrived on time and fits my helmet nicely. The item is a bargain at this price.

    Snowmobile helmet dual lens - Ntr09   WA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Installs easily
    Cons: Make sure you get the correct shield i.e. with or without frame.

    Purchased after snowmobile season, so no chance to evaluate fairly. Was recommended by others in snowmobile club.

    Part Number Status for HJC HJ-17 Dual Lens Snowmobile Shield fits Symax 3 - IS-MAX - IS-MAX BT - CL-MAX 2 Helmets
    Options SKU Our Price Availability
    Dual Lens Shield 956-364 $39.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Frameless Dual Lens Shield HJ-17FL-CL $39.99 Currently Not Available for Order

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