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HJC - HJC FG-17 Helmet Liner  
HJC FG-17 Helmet Liner


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Helmet Liner - HJC FG-17 Helmet Liner
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Video Reviews
Hey guys this is Reuben with Competition Accessories and welcome to our video review of the HJC FG-17 helmet. Now this is a new full face helmet from HJC that uses their advanced fiber glass shell. This is a mid lined to upper level helmet for HJC, one step down from the RPHA-10. They have brought some design influences from the RPHA-10 which is their top of the line road race helmet. This helmet retails around the 200 dollar mark depending on the solid or graphic that you pick. The one I have in front of me is actually the Jorge Lorenzo replica helmet. Its going to be a little more expensive in the price range but still a very good value for a fiberglass shell helmet. I will give you a 360 view of this helmet because of the graphic. We will throw this up on the scale to see how much it weighs and it is 3.60 lbs. If your not aware some helmet graphics actually add a little bit of weight to the helmet unlike the solids which will be the lightest weight. Your right around that 3.5 lbs mark so fairly light weight it is not a super super light weight helmet but it is also not a very heavy helmet. Few different key things to point out about design right off the bat, first they have brought over a similar face shield to the RPHA-10. Its not the exact same face shield but it uses the center locking mechanism. I personally been riding in a RPHA-10 for a while and it has this feature. It takes a little bit of getting used to but essentially when it clicks into place it locks and really pulls the face shield tight against the gasket. It gives you a really good seal so your not getting any extra wind noise or water that can run down inside the shield. It also helps to lock the shield on if you are on the track or doing higher speed runs or head checks that wind is not going to suck it ope or move your face shield. Another thing that is nice is it is right in the center of the face shield so you can open it up with either hand. Give it a press and it unlocks with this little latch. We will talk about the base plat mechanism real quick, this is called their rapid fire 2. This is a very easy base plate mechanism to operate, there is a spring lever on the side like a trigger and you pull that back and you can see the shield pops right off. As you can see on the inside of the face shield you see a recess are around the shield, and that is actually for the pinlock max vision shield. It is a flexible pane that you install on the inside of the shield and what it does is create a dual pane lens to help stop fogging. The max vision actually extends all the way to the top and bottom along with the sides of the face shield so that way it is not in your peripheral vision. The reason it has the recess in the face shield is so that way it can actually sit in the shield and will not get in the way of the gasket when you are lifting it up. You have an internal breathe deflector that is included as well. It nice and soft and that will help keep your breathe up off the face shield and it will help reduce fog. You have a nice chin bar vent, and also their advanced channeling ventilation system. So you have 2 intake scoops at the upper portion of the helmet that operate with just these simple rocker switches. So very easy to operate with gloves on and they are going to function just like ram air scoops so while your riding air is going to be forced down inside the helmet flow through the back and then if you spin it in it has a really nice looking integrated spoiler on the back of this helmet. You also have some exhaust vents integrated in that as well. That is going to help draw that warm air right out the back of the helmet. Once we pull the insides out you will actually see how the air channels throughout the inside of the helmet. Speaking of the interior this has what HJC calls their silvercool lining, this is a anti-bacterial material and moisture wicking and does a good job keeping you comfortable. You will see the opening on this helmet is fairly snug which is a good thing that is going to help give you a really good seal around the base of the helmet and around the cheeks and neck. Standard D-ring closure with a nice little HJC pull tab. You can fully remove the interior as well so if you need to freshen the helmet up its 3 little snaps and the cheek pad comes right out. You can see it is a nice contoured cheek pad as is familiar with most HJC helmets. I will pull out the entire interior so you can take a look here, The crown liner has just a couple snaps at the back and the tab that runs around the front. You will see it is very open and they use several different density's of foam to keep it comfortable and its open so that air can flow throughout the helmet. If I open this up you can see those intake holes at the top from the air scoops that we pointed out on the front of the helmet and there is 3 holes at the back of the helmet for those exit vents. Also there are some channels for the air flow through the helmet towards the back. Cheek pads are low profile in the ear area, there are no actual built in recesses for the speakers, most communication systems have fairly low profile speakers to begin with and it shouldnt be an issue but if your looking for a helmet that has specific spots for the speakers this one does not have that. This helmet is positioned more for the sport guy or street guy it does not have a drop down internal sun visor but it is a snell 2010 approved helmet. If your looking for a helmet you can take to the race track or do some track days and you need that snell certified or you feel more comfortable with a helmet that has passed those snell standards then this is a great helmet for you guys. For a price point for around 200 bucks you can jump on our website to view our current pricing is on it. I will go ahead and reinstall the shield for you its very easy and straight forward there is a tab on back and a pin on the front and you simple line those up and give it a press and it will lock in. You can check out the FG-17 on our website at competition accessories dont forget you can earn up to 5% comp a cash back to use towards future purchases if you click on that link in the upper right hand corner you can subscribe to our youtube channel to view all our latest video and product reviews. If you have any comments about this helmet we would loved to hear from you. You can comment on our youtube channel, facebook page, and on our website. Thanks for watching and we will see you next time.
Information and Details about the HJC FG-17 Helmet Liner
made by HJC
  • Replacement Cool-Max liner for HJC FG-17 Helmets

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