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Gmax - Gmax GM78S SPC Solid Snowmobile Helmet Gmax - Gmax GM78S SPC Solid Snowmobile Helmet
Gmax GM78S SPC Solid Snowmobile Helmet


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Video Reviews
Hey whats up guys this is Reuben with Competition Accessories and welcome to our video review of the Gmax GM78 and the GM78s which is the same helmet but with more accessories for you snow guys. Looking at the one here in front of me this is called the fire-strike graphic and we have the GM78 available in multiple different graphics and colors, you can jump on our website to check those out. Bang for the buck you get a lot of features compared to some other brand of helmets in the same price range. The street version of this helmet is under a 150 bucks. You can jump on there and check out all our current prices for this helmet. The snow version which comes with a little bit more accessories is a little more expensive. First things first ventilation on this helmet, you get a ton of vents, most of them are closeable. You have a chin vent here you can open and close with a simple slider. Thats going to direct air up and onto the face shield to keep your vision clear and give you some good air flow. You have intake vents at the top here again you can open and close these. On the back of the helmet you have some exhaust vents that are also closeable. A lot of other helmets out there are made to leave their rear vents open all the time, so thats nice you can close the four vents up if you want to. On the bottom of the helmet you do have some static ports and these are always open. Now one thing that is really unique to Gmax is they incorporate this rear light. You have three modes you can cycle between. The first mode is always on, the second mode is going to be a slow blink, and the option is a rapid blink. That is really going to help keep you visible especially at night you dont want to get rear ended or for people not to see you, you can leave that flashing and people are definitely see you coming. You can also link this up with your brakes and they have a wifi kit that links it wireless to your brakes/brake switch on your bike. This will actually light up when you hit the brakes and obviously with a helmet that is a high place to have a light shine and hopefully it will get drivers to notice you. Now the shell of the GM78 is a light weight polycarbonate shell, in fact if I throw it on the scale here I say light weight compare to other polycarbonate shells with the internal drop down sun visor, but it is still 3.95 lbs. For a helmet under 200 dollars its definitely a great value. You have a UV protected shield here, it is easy to open and close. You also have an internal drop down sun visor. There is a slider at the top here you can slide back and forth to deploy or retract the sun visor. Nice convenient location easy to operate especially with gloves on. Be careful, you dont want to be too rough with this because it is a thin plastic that pushes the shield to pull up or down, but it drops the shield down nice and low and you can see its actually down far enough so its not in your line of sight, a lot of times they don't drop down far enough and that can kind of be in your vision. This comes down far enough that its not in your way and it is not hitting your nose either. Also it is far enough forward so if you wear glasses you will still be able to have them on while the visor is deployed. Now you have a rubber breathe deflector here as well. That is going to help keep your breathe off the faceshield again helping it not to fog. The internal visor that is drop down is also coated with an anti-fog coating. You can remove the interior on the Gmax helmets. There are a few snaps on the cheek pads and speaker pockets if you are going to run a communication system. You can remove the interior real quick and easy. If you ever need to swap out cheek pads or something like just cleaning the helmet up you can easily pull the internal pads out and clean it up. You can see the crown liner has quite a bit of mesh material on it as well, thats going to allow all that venting built in the helmet to actually reach your skin and keep you comfortable. Looking at the interior here you can see that the EPS liner which is that white foam throughout the helmet here. That is what is going to absorb impact in a crash so if you go down the poly carbonate shell is going to spread the impact over the broadest area of the shell/helmet. The internal liner is going to takeover and crush or absorb the impact so your head doesn't have too. Also it has all the ventilation holes so when you are riding that air has somewhere to go inside the helmet and throughout the helmet out the back. You can see they have a little bit of foam in here as well so your head is not hitting up against that, and the rest of the foam is built in the crown liner to keep you comfortable. I wanted to quickly show you the snow version helmet that we have here. For you guys riding snowmobiles or riding in really cold conditions wear fog on the face shield is an issue the snow version actually comes with an electric heated shield. It comes with the power leads you will need to hook up to your sleds battery. You have your port here on the side and you can see it is a dual pane shield. This insulates from the inside to the outside so your not having fogging issues. He external shield here is anti scratch coated so your going to get a lot of useful life out of this shield. Another thing you will notice is there is this really large breathe deflector built in on this helmet. You can remove this easily and then it has a nice comfortable foam padding that will sit right on your nose so its not uncomfortable. That is really going to do a good job keeping your nose and breathe away from the shield, along with keeping you warm and preventing more fogging issues. On the bottom you have a removable chin curtain and that will seal up the base of the helmet a little bit better so your not getting cold air coming up in the helmet. This helmet also has the drop down internal visor. Check the GM78 and the GM78 snow version on our website at Competition Accessories is an unbelievable value for what you get. The snow version also does have the brake light. Dont forget you can earn up to 5% comp a cash back on future purchases. You can also click the link in the upper right hand corner to subscribe to our youtube channel to view all our latest product reviews and video reviews. We have great free shipping deals, hassle free exchange program , and no restocking fees. Thanks for watching and we will see you next time.
Information and Details about the Gmax GM78S SPC Solid Snowmobile Helmet
made by Gmax
GMAX GM78S SPC Full Face Helmets can be used as a street or snow helmet, making it extremely versatile. The GM78S Helmet is a full face helmet with an internal flip lens. All GMAX Helmets are lightweight to reduce neck strain and showcase top-quality finishes. They offer superior venting and removable/washable padding. Outer shells are hard coated for a durable, long life and have custom designed graphics covered in clear coat. GMAX GM78S Helmets are offered in Black with an optional Electric Shield. Whichever option you choose, GMAX will put your head in the best helmet you've ever worn!

  • Lightweight D.O.T. approved thermo-plastic ploy alloy shell
  • New integrated multi-function red LED rear light with three distinct settings; steady on, slow flash and rapid flash
  • Optional wireless LED Brake Light available
  • GMax adjustable “Dual Exhaust Venting System” Top, side and rear venting reduces fogging and sweating by allowing hot air to escape from the mouth area and top of head
  • Adjustable chin vent directs air upward across the inside of the shield to help reduce fogging
  • Interior and styro designed for controlled air flow
  • New Inner flip tint sun lens with the best anti-fog coating
  • Inner flip shield is easily raised or lowered with a lever located on the exterior of the helmet
  • State of the art anti-fog double lens shield with anti-scratch hard coated outer lens for longer lasting clear view
  • Large eye-port for improved range of vision
  • Removable, washable interior and cheek pads
  • Deluxe ear pockets for better fit and comfort
  • Built in speaker pockets for communication systems
  • Snap-in snowmobile chin curtain for added warmth
  • Snap-in maximum seal breath guard reduces fogging
  • Excellent shield sealing reduces cold air and noise
  • Optional Electric Shield available

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    Part Number Status for Gmax GM78S SPC Solid Snowmobile Helmet
    Options SKU Our Price Availability
    X-Small, Black GM-78SN-XS-BK $127.45 Currently Not Available for Order
    X-Small, Black - Electric Shield GM-78SN-XS-BKEL $202.46 Currently Not Available for Order
    Small, Black GM-78SN-S-BK $134.95 Currently Not Available for Order
    Small, Black - Electric Shield GM-78SN-S-BKEL $202.46 Currently Not Available for Order
    Medium, Black GM-78SN-M-BK $134.95 Currently Not Available for Order
    Medium, Black - Electric Shield GM-78SN-M-BKEL $202.46 Currently Not Available for Order
    Large, Black GM-78SN-L-BK $134.95 Currently Not Available for Order
    Large, Black - Electric Shield GM-78SN-L-BKEL $183.95 Currently Not Available for Order
    X-Large, Black GM-78SN-XL-BK $134.95 Currently Not Available for Order
    X-Large, Black - Electric Shield GM-78SN-XL-BKEL $183.95 Currently Not Available for Order
    2X-Large, Black GM-78SN-2X-BK $134.95 Currently Not Available for Order
    2X-Large, Black - Electric Shield GM-78SN-2X-BKEL $202.46 Currently Not Available for Order
    3X-Large, Black GM-78SN-3X-BK $134.95 Currently Not Available for Order
    3X-Large, Black - Electric Shield GM-78SN-3X-BKEL $183.95 Currently Not Available for Order

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    Gmax GM78S SPC Solid Snowmobile Helmet - Black
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