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Gmax - Gmax GM54 Helmets - Modular Street Motorcycle Helmets Gmax - Gmax GM54 Helmets - Modular Street Motorcycle Helmets Gmax - Gmax GM54 Helmets - Modular Street Motorcycle Helmets Gmax - Gmax GM54 Helmets - Modular Street Motorcycle Helmets Gmax - Gmax GM54 Helmets - Modular Street Motorcycle Helmets Gmax - Gmax GM54 Helmets - Modular Street Motorcycle Helmets Gmax - Gmax GM54 Helmets - Modular Street Motorcycle Helmets Gmax - Gmax GM54 Helmets - Modular Street Motorcycle Helmets Gmax - Gmax GM54 Helmets - Modular Street Motorcycle Helmets
Gmax GM54 Helmets - Modular Street Motorcycle Helmets
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Information and Details about the Gmax GM54 Helmets - Modular Street Motorcycle Helmets
made by Gmax
The chinbar mechanism on the Gmax GM54s latches securely with metal locking posts and hooks, and operates with a simple lever located on the front of the chinbar. This allows you to easily flip up the front of the helmet at a stoplight, and quickly lock it back down when it is time to get underway again. The Gmax GM54s is DOT approved, and should be a great option for the budget minded rider looking for a modular helmet. Available in Black, Titanium, White and Wine.

Just imagine the convenience of a flip front for communicating with others, putting on glasses, or grabbing a drink of water without removing your helmet. Combine that with the safety of a full face helmet, and it is easy to see why more and more riders are choosing modular helmets for their heads. While a modular helmet can sound very attractive, one of the major factors holding a lot of riders back is the cost. As you can imagine, having all of those extra moving parts drives the price up, putting many flip up helmets out of reach for the price conscious buyer. Well, Gmax has done it once again with the GM54s Modular Helmet. With a street price that is well under $150, the GM54s provides a lot of features that are normally reserved for helmets costing two or three times the price. The chinbar mechanism on the Gmax GM54s latches securely with metal locking posts and hooks, and operates with a simple lever located on the front of the chinbar. This allows you to easily flip up the front of the helmet at a stoplight, and quickly lock it back down when it is time to get underway again. Another great feature of the Gmax GM54s is the internal sun visor. A plastic slider on the top of the helmet makes deploying the dark smoke internal visor effortless, even with gloves on. There are two features of the GM54s that really stand out apart from other brands. Number one was the sheer number of vents that are present. The GM54s is covered in both intake and exhaust vents, most of which are closeable and lined with a metal mesh that looks really sharp as well. The other stand out feature is the unique red LED light that is located on the back of the helmet. This light can be set to remain constantly on, slow blink, or fast blink. These settings are easily cycled through using a rubberized button on the back of the helmet. You might need the help of a buddy to get to the setting you want while wearing the helmet, but the increase in night-time visibility is obviously a very welcome feature. Overall we have been very impressed with just how much Gmax is able to pack into their helmets while keeping the price at a reasonable level. The Gmax GM54s is DOT approved, and should be a great option for the budget minded rider looking for a modular helmet.

  • New inner flip tint sun lens, with the best anti-fogging coating available today
  • Inner flip shield is easily raised or lowered with a lever located on the exterior of the helmet
  • Distortion free clear single lense shield
  • New integrated multi-function red LED rear light
  • One hand easy to use chin bar push to open mechanism
  • Lightweight DOT approved Thermo-Plastic Alloy shell
  • Excellent shield sealing reduces cold air and noise
  • Top vents/interior styro designed for controlled airflow
  • Top, side and rear venting reduces fogging and sweating by allowing hot air to escape from the mouth area and top of head
  • Adjustable chin vent directs air upward across the inside of the shield to help reduce fogging
  • Large Eye port for improved range of vision
  • Coolmax® comfort liner and cheek pads move the moisture away from your body and the fabric dries quickly, the added performance keeps you dry and comfortable
  • Removable/washable interior and adjustable cheek pads allow for more comfortable sizing
  • Deluxe ear pockets for better fit and comfort
  • Built in speaker pockets for communication systems
  • Optional breath guard available
  • Don't forget we highly recommend adding the new LED Brake Light Kit for Gmax Helmets, so your light will work in conjuction with the brake light on your bike, ATV or your snowmobile.

  • Gmax GM54 Helmets - Modular Street Motorcycle Helmets Product Reviews
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    GM54 - Gary 0   MI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Price,Fit
    Cons: None from me.

    This is my 2nd one,fits great,sized as described. May not be the lightest on the market, but best bang for the buck.

    Gmax GM54 - GLP   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Correct fit, low wind noise, and a working tail light.
    Cons: Some buffeting and small distortions in the face shield.

    Low wind noise for a modular helmet.

    Gmax GM 54 helmet - Joe   NY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: perfect fit,feels good, light,very good ventilation
    Cons: poor mechanism operation

    Have been using Nolan modular helmets for 15 years. Wanted to save a bit of money so tried the GM54.I was pleased with the fit did not have any pressure on my ears. Noise level was acceptable and has better ventilation then my Nolan. I did not like the shade slide down mechanism. Not smooth at all. The modular flip up is a one button push up that pushes your helmet up when you want to flip it up. Don't like the D ring chin strap so added an after market quick release to it.But looks good, feels good ,and good value. I would recommend it.

    GMAX 54 - dan rodgers   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great fit, mid weight, quiet helmet.
    Cons: none

    .Found this helmet to be well worth the price. Well made and very solid. Lots of vents keep it cool on those hot days. Drop down visor works terrific and is not too dark. Overall love this helmet and would highly recommend it.

    Great Buy for a quality modular helmet. - Gmax GM54 Modular Helmet   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Retractable built in tinted visor, removable cheek pads and head liner.
    Cons: [None]

    I have been using Arai helmets for almost 20 years and was wanting to try a modular helmet, which Arai does not have. This particular helmet was at a price that allowed me to try out a modular without breaking the bank. The quality is very good and I was surprised that it did not feel like ten pounds on my head, as many modular helmets are quite heavy. I read at least 75 of the reviews for this helmet and was convinced this was the modular to try. I'm really glad I did. I've done a couple short rides of about 1400 miles in the heat, and also in some hard rain. No leaks. My favorite feature of this helmet is the retractable tinted visor. I wear glasses so it is very nice to easily flip down the tinted visor when needed. When it is hot I ride with the tinted visor down and keep the clear visor up and noted no extra buffeting. There is a bit of wind noise with the clear visor down but not bad. The helmet is very comfortable, and fit true to size. It has a snap inout chin curtain which I removed for riding on a hot day. It allows for some extra ventilation by doing that. During the rain I pressed the button on the back of the helmet twice to turn on the blinking red light built in on the back of the helmet. I was able to do it while wearing my gloves. My clear visor unfortunately had a small defect right at eye level. I called Competition Accessories and explained the problem and that I did not want to send the whole helmet back as I was planning a ride and wanted to use the helmet for that ride. They CA contacted the manufacturer for me and the next day advised me the manufacturer was sending me a new clear visor at no charge. Not only is Comp Acc a great company to do business with, they have great products and provide the type of customer service that is difficult to find these days. If you are in the market for a modular helmet I truly believe you will not find a better one for such a low price and you can't go wrong dealing with Comp Acc.

    G-Max54s modular helmet - FLA Dave   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Hemet fits well. Shield is super easy to take off for cleaning or changing.
    Cons: Whistles thru air vent. Not real bad though. Depends on how you are facing the wind.

    Like helmet a lot. Great value at this price. Doesn't seem to heavy.

    G-Max54s helmet - David   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Nice helmet. Good fit. Like all the vents and the sun shield.
    Cons: None yet.

    A great value for the price. Lots of vents for Fla. riding. Inner sun shield goes over regular glasses and sun glasses. Nice. L.E.D. is cool. My wife can look at it. Arrived pretty quick, also. Thanks.

    Great helmet at a great price - GS Motoman   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great features, visor, light, fit and finish, true fit
    Cons: None to speak of at thistime

    Was in the market to replace my old Nolan N104, which was a great helmet, however, the size of that, medium, fit, but when the visor was down, it didn't provide much space between my chin and the helmet itself,... This GM54 fits so much better, has the same features, actually, more, and also has superior ventilation, as compared to the Nolan. I know this as a Floridian... I wish I bought this before the Nolan for the overall features and benefits,... It was also 12 the price of the Nolan BIG thumbs up for this piece of vital equipment BUY ONE, YOU'LL BE GLAD YOU DID

    newbe - newbe   PA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: love all the extra featuresthe light and sun shades
    Cons: none

    The helmet is very comfortable and I love all the extra features the light,sun shades,face shield flip up,and of course,the color black. being new to the motorcycle world I'm very satisfied with the helmet and plan on getting a lot of use out of it.

    SUPER HELMET - J-HAWK   IL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Everything about this helmet was very well thought out and engineered.
    Cons: A little heavy, but very well balanced.

    Yeah, a little heavy but remember, it is a full modular helmet. Positive locking face mask. Great shielding and visors. Optically correct and anti-fog coated. Plenty of good ventilation. LED Lighting for Safety a BIG PLUS Thinking of adding the RF Transceiver to couple with brake lights. Great Idea Full take down and washable Padding Surprisingly QUIET WHAT MORE CAN YOU ASK FOR How about FREE

    Take a good look into this helmet - andermle   VA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Fit, eye opening, vents, rear light, price
    Cons: slight indents on shaded visor slide

    I had a HJtC Symax II t that was damaged when a guy backed over my bike in a parking lot. I was ready to buy the Symax 3 when a buddy mentioned the GM54. So, I hunted a local place to try it one on. I have to feel a helmet on my head before I will purchase it. I spend a fair amount of time with it on as I can ride for work and pleasure. The GM54 fir me better than the HJC ever did, The rest is history as they say, The local shop did not have a white helmet and said they could order one and it would take about a week for it to come in. I usually buy my gear from Competition Accessories so I jumped on their site and ordered a XL in white. I also purchase the light to convert the rear light to a brake light. I was able to get both items for less than the local store's price. Free shipping to my door in 3 days. I am glad I look into the Gmax, It fits better and saved me money.

    GM54 helment - Billybobjoe in PA   PA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Versitility.
    Cons: None observed after 2 months of use.

    Bought because I was getting too much turbulence under the face shield of my open face. Love the flip down tinted shield. My bike has a windshield and during daylight hours I keep the clear shield tilted back. The tinted shield comes about an eighth or quarter inch from completely closing the face opening which is great for providing a just little extra ventilation without feeling any wind on your face. Field of view is excellent. The other thing I love about it is the all the ventilation. I have ridden on some pretty hot summer days and have never felt that it was the least bit warmhot inside the helmet. I feel it represents a great value for the money.

    helmet - mrwiz326   NY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Price is great, has drop down sun visor, feels sturdy,comfortable
    Cons: sun visor lever would be better on a side for a quick flip instead of on top of helmet

    Really like this helmet, had one problem when it came damaged with the visor lever broken. This made me wonder of how sturdy the visor lever would be. I must say getting my replacement helmet was a simple joy dealing with Competition. I had the new one with in the same week.

    Cool Running - Millejo   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: All the features of the 600 Shoei Helmet at 15th the price
    Cons: No BlueTooth

    I researched the heck out of modular helmets before I both the GMax 54s. I did the sizing chart and it was spot on. The Modular helmets I tried on that were more expensive did not seem to have all the features that the GMax has on it. The flip down sunscreen is very nice I like all the vents in the helmet and it keeps me WAY cooler than my old Bell FullFace I have. I paid 118 with shipping included and no sales tax. This is a very nice helmet, especially for the price. I have tried on Shoei in that past and thought 600 was a little much for my bike and the way I ride, but it was very cool. Now that I have my GMax I'm enjoying all the modular helmet benefits and saved 500.

    Modular Helmets - Silverfx   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: A very well made helmet, with many favorable accessories
    Cons: can't think of any.

    As mentioned, a very well made helmet with many safety features. All I can say is this is one of the best Helmets I've used and it's comfortable to wear. I specially like their money back guarantee and or exchange program if you're not happy with the product you ordered.

    Great Helmet - Marty   MT Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Everything about this helmet is great
    Cons: The only thing I had trouble with was size ...they run a little small

    I love this has plenty of foam padding inside and the vents are great for riding in HOT weather...the way it comes up and makes it easy to put on and remove glasses, eat, or have a cold drink when you don't want to remove your helmet...This is the nicest helmet I saw on the web for the money. The one thing you will have to do if you order one is...if you wear a large, order an Extra Large...etc. Great helmet and Great Price.

    Gmax Helmets - Marty   MT Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: This is a great helmet for the money...I love has plenty of vents and the cushion is also very comfortable.
    Cons: It runs a little small so if you usually wear a Large get an Extra Large and so on.

    Dollar for dollar this is the best helmet i've seen on all the helmets I looked has all the goodies of the more expensive helmets at 13 the price...I was amazed at the quality of this helmet.

    Great helmet packed with features - Jeffreysac   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good fit, lights up, easy on and off, sun shade built in
    Cons: no built-in communicator

    I needed a replacement helmet and since I first wore a modular helmet, I cannot wear anything else. This helmet has many great features, but the best ones, for me, are I can put the helmet on easily over my earbuds, the sun shade takes the place of sunglasses for me I wear prescription glasses, so I needn't carry a second pair for the sun and the safety light on the back makes me more visible.My wife loves the helmet so much she asked me to get her one too If you're on the fence, don't be. This is a great helmet for the price You can buy and add a 2-way or blue-tooth with the money you save.

    Gmax G Stands for Great - DeVere   MI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Fit is exceptional, sun shade works terrific, very good ventilation
    Cons: I added a quick release closure for the chin strap. It doesn't come with one.

    Maybe I have an oddly shaped head but I don't think so. This helmet makes the right amount of contact everywhere. I have owned ten helmets and I have found this one to fit the most comfortably. It has great ventilation and is easy on and off, even when wearing glasses. The sunshade deploys quickly and retracts easily. I highly recommend this product. We have all had helmets that pinch somewhere or leave a hot spot on the top of your head or forehead. Not this one. I rode 1,100 miles with it last week, including a full-speed track day event on a race course. No issues, no problems. This is simply put, a GREAT helmet.

    modular helmet - len   PA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: the helmet was sized rite and the frount closed up solidly,also it was quiet an i liked the dark shield better than the one i had on the outside.when its really hot i can lift the clear shield for more air flow an still have eye protection
    Cons: it doesnt move as much air as the non modular gmax preceeding it

    I like it its quiet fits well an the modular part closes up positively

    Great Buy - Jim P   WA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: quality, fit, comfort, quiet, great venting
    Cons: a bit heavy as are most modular helmets

    Personally, I'm not much of a modular fan, but wanted to have one to wear to, during, and from class, especially with the built in tinted visor. VERY impressed with this helmet for the money and even if paying much more I wore it back to back with my Shoei X-11 on consecutive days, but comfort wasn't that far off Fit is great A bit heavy as are most modular weighing about 34 lb. more than my X-11 True Large as with my other pastcurrent helmets several Shoei, HJC, Shark, Bell, etc.. Very quiet and stable for a modular, great venting blow through the vents with your hand inside to find out, quality would be excellent overall except for my only complaint...there is a slight rub while dropping the tinted visor that puts about a slight smudge of about 14 x 1.25 in front of the right eye. Too tight tolerances Minor flaw on just my helmet Unknown. Rain riding has been light, so not much to report regarding wet weather testing, although the visor seal appears pretty tight. Great value for the money

    Worth the Money - SkuterTrash   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Fit, workmanship, Comfort
    Cons: None yet

    Great helmets Bought a pair for us, and they look and feel great. Excellent buy, and Excellent service. My helmet arrived with the sun shade lever broken, and I called CS right away. They emailed me an RMA label, and processed my return immediately Everybody was very very friendly and professional. I will do business here again

    Hard to beat fro the price... - Steve   NC Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Well made, great airflow, quiet and fits perfectly from size chart.
    Cons: [None]

    This is a great bit of kit, especially for the price. I was a little worried about the fit buying over the internet but its perfect, going by the size charts quoted. Look forward to many miles with my new helmet

    Gmax GM54 Helmet - Gmax GM54 Helmet   PA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Excellent fit,good price, fast shipping . very happy purchase
    Cons: None

    Excellent fit,good price, fast shipping . very happy with purchase

    Gmax 54S - Daveh   PA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great helmet. Great value. Comfortable, Light in back, Quiet
    Cons: None

    I have several full face, open face and half helmets. This one so far is my favorite. I have only ridden about 300 miles so far since I got it, but it is the quietest one I have. Also with the Cardo Q2 speakers, music is clear as are phone conversations. I would buy another if available when this one wears out.

    Gmax GM54 - Levelmanno   CO Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Price, features, best Venting around
    Cons: None so far

    As a newer rider I didn't want to spend a lot on gear just to find out I wasn't as In to it as I thought. Bought the Gmax on price and features...couldn't be happier I Love this helmet Close the vents and it's warm enough for upper 30s, open them all and I have yet to sweat in the helmet Girl friend bought one too which came with a shipping damaged part for the internal sun visor...they sent a replacement part that was super easy to replace. Great design, and lots of optional visors available Buy this helmet, you won't be sorry

    Great helmet - Westbusa   NY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Quiet,great fit
    Cons: None

    This is the quietest helmet ive worn yet,opening latch is a little wierd to get used to with the way you have to push up on latch,opens ok,shield open ok,happy with my purchase

    FANTASTIC - GMAX GM54 Modular Helmet.   WV Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great fit, Excellent all around helmet.
    Cons: Have not found any.

    I bought this helmet to replace a HJC visor helmet that was over 5 years old and looked shabby with my new Harley that my wife bought me for my birthday. No, she does not have a sister. after seeing the advertisement for the GMAX modular helmet she wanted one too. It's the least I could do, so I bought her one too. Nice setup for communications device when we are riding and so many conveniences on one helmet it is an amazing value for the money. Highly recommend it if you are looking for a new modular helmet. Especially like the brake light built into the helmet and increases your safety when riding. The flip down sunshade is great too. Buy it, you will not be disappointed.

    Great Modular Helmet Value - HARLEYHOGZ   TN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Price, function, strobe light, ventilation, finish, comfort
    Cons: A little heavy

    This is a GREAT modular helmet value. It has very good ventilation with nine closable vents. It has a nice strobe light on the rear. The included sunscreen works great. The finish is excellent and the Wine color is a great match for the 2014 Harley color, Blackened Cayenne Sunglow. This is my first modular helmet and I'm liking it a lot. It seems pretty quiet to me. Can't go wrong for the price

    Good helmet for the money - GLK   CO Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good features, good fit and no issues so far
    Cons: None at this time

    Pleasantly surprised about the quality and features of this helmet. Has internal sun visor, light strip on back of helmet with different flash settings, Modular lift on helmet works well, easy to open up face shield. Fits snug, sizing for me was on the mark. Pretty quite overall. I have had many helmets I paid a lot more for and did not have the features or fit of this helmet. Have only used so far in cooler weather not sure of ventilation in warm weather yet.

    protection - mike   IL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: light weight, quiet,good protection,flip down sun visor
    Cons: none

    this is my second helmet in 3 years. the fit and comfort is great. I now add protection. I was in an accident earlier this year and this helmet performed just as you would expect. I slid on my belly and my helmet scraped the pavement. everything stayed in place the whole time aside from breaking one of the face shield pivots. the face shield stayed in place. very happy with this helmet and reason why I got another

    Best Helmet I've ever had - Phil Hinton   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Everything good
    Cons: None

    This is the best helmet I've ever had, and in 41 years of riding, that's a lot. It's extremely comfortable and very well vented which is important when you live in Florida. It is so good I bought one for my wife who also loves it equally. We've fitted ours with Bluetooth, an easy 10 minute operation as it's already designed to accommodate everything. The helmet controls are easy, even when you're wearing thick gloves. Can say nothing but good about this product.

    texas - ricardo   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: great price, confortable,great safety features
    Cons: a little hard to unlock face sheild

    i got this helmet a few days ago and when i compared it to my present one , i fell in love with the GM54 the extra padding, the air vents, and the safety light on the rear nice fit confortable wow what else can i say, great buy great price

    New Helmet - 1986 Gold Wing Rider   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great Fit, Comfortable, Very Functional, Great Price
    Cons: A little heavier than I am accustomed to but that might be me.

    I needed a new set of Helmets for my wife and to use on local and cross country touringriding. I was specifically looking for a Modular Helmet and when I saw this one I was impressed by its functionality, fit, great price and safety features. The tail light built into the helmet is a great idea. Its got multiple vents to open or close according to the weather and humidity conditions. I liked the accessibility to the speaker inserts for the Blue Tooth SENA system I purchased. The check pads came out nicely so I could install the mic. I really enjoy the internal visor eye shield that is very similar to a Military pilot helmet. I can easily say that I highly recommend this helmet.

    Gmax Gm 54 Helmert - Steve   UT Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Fits very well, lots of air vents
    Cons: difficult to unnlock front face guard

    Helmet fits well, size was accurate, looks great, I like the Blinking back light, great features, the wind screen fits very tight no leaks, this helmet has more air vents than any other helmet I've owned.

    helmet - oldman226   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: The sunvisor is a great item on the helmet. The earholes for communication system is not pushed up against your ears making it more comfortable. They are at a great price.
    Cons: [None]

    Same as the pros. The item was sent quickly.

    Nice helmet - paveguy   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good construction, nice fit, comfortable, LED light
    Cons: Inner visor angle

    Just received this helmet and after riding 300 miles, I really like it. It has good construction, nice fit, comfortable, the LED light is a nice feature and it does not feel heavy when wearing it. The visibility of this helmet is very good, no blind spots. This helmet for me seems very quiet not a lot of wind noise even at 80mph. My only qualm with it is that for me the inner dark visor has a weird angle and does not completely cover my peripheral sight lines. My fix to that was not to use it and just use my sunglasses. You really get a lot bang for the buck with this helmet...

    Very good helmet quality price - Simon   Quebec Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Very well design and more quiet that my old HJC
    Cons: [None]

    Very satisfy and well above I expected for the price

    Great helmet for the price - Crystal   NM Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Lots of vents, light, sun shield, light on back of helmet
    Cons: None

    I absolutely love this helmet. This is the second one I buy. It is very light compared to other helmets. I never have a sore neck or shoulders after wearing for 8 hours. I love the light on the back for visibility when riding at night. I like that I can get this helmet in a color to match my bike. All the vents on the helmet keep your head cool. I have recommended to many of my biker friends. The only thing negative about this helmet is the slider to bring the sun shield down is made from very thin plastic and broke on my previous helmet and my husband's matching helmet. However, once I contacted Competition Accessories about it they sent me two slider replacements for free They were easy to install and fixed the problem. I highly recommend this helmet, especially for the price. I have not been able to find a helmet with all these features for the price.

    Gmax GM54 Modular Helmet - Gerry LM   VT Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Finish, inside padding, venting, rear light
    Cons: No quick detach straps

    The paint is sharp and clean looking, the interior padding has a great feel to it and it fits like a good glove should. The multiple vents are a plus for me, I love the flow of air around my head on a hot day. The rear light is quite visible according to my fellow riders. 5 Stars on this helmet from me.

    Good choice - VictorH   Victoria Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Comfy, breathable, good options
    Cons: Lots going on - can be distracting

    This is my first helmet and I'm liking it so far. An XL fits my enormous head quite comfortably. The flip-up front is nice when starting and ending trips. The air circulation is good with a huge amount of vents. The rear light is a good comfort factor when driving at night or in fog.I've had some issue with excessive fogging on the inside of the clear visor, but an anti-fog treatment should clear that right up. The slide-down tinted screen is useful but it hits my nose when fully extended. Not a deal breaker, but it's a little annoying.

    great buy - spock   OR Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: solid build, back light, inner pull down sun shade.
    Cons: none

    This is a great helmet and you get alot for the price your paying. helmet was comfy and flows air great. wind noise was minimal for a modular helmet. bought one for the wife also. the back light is very visible to folks behind us. the strobe effect catches drivers attention and notices they don't come as close to us at stop lights.

    Great Helmet - Great Price - Henry-NJ   NJ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Solid helmet with plenty of ventilation and good visibility
    Cons: none

    This is my first full helmet. I have always worn 34 because the full helmets I checked in the past seemed very confining, hot, and restricted visibility. I bought this for the extra protection and planned on using it in the cooler months of late fall and winter. When it arrived I gave it a try on 78 degree day and was surprised. With all the venting on this helmet it is actually cooler than my 34 helmets. With the large shield size of this helmet there is hardly a difference in the visibility from my 34. And the drop down sun visor is just icing on the cake. This helmet has become my main helmet on any temperature days. This helmet gives you a lot at a very good price.

    Gmax G54 - John R   OH Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Vents, sun shade
    Cons: Haven't found any

    Great helmet at a great price. Vent air can actually be felt while traveling down the road and the built-in sun shade eliminates my need to bring extra glasses. Size was right on for me, but my wife's was a tad larger than her old helmet & had to be exchanged for one size smaller. Would buy again without any hesitation.

    Great Helmet, Great Price - Tawd   KS Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Well made, fits nice, good air flow, built in sun shade, tolerable road noise.
    Cons: none

    I purchased this helmet because when riding my KLR650 at highway speeds, my contact lenses would blur horribly, no matter what eyewear I tried. I decided to try a full face helmet to see how it would help my contacts. WOW, its a night and day difference I can now ride at 70mph, and there is NO blurring in my contacts, or eye watering. The helmet is quite comfortable, and looks great. I love the flip up modular design. I did a lot of online research before buying this helmet, and now that I own one, I understand how it got soo many positive reviews I love it I also added the optional Brake LIght kit for the back of the helmet. Its a great option, and cheap

    Helmet - bholyk   OH Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Fits well, great helmet, as advertised great deal
    Cons: none

    the Gmax is perfect for what I need it for long trips, chilly days, night riding. I especially like the safety light which gives following drivers a clear vision of me. This helmet is jam packed with features I would recommend it to the advanced and the novice rider....

    Second GM54 - Tim   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Vents, Internal sun shade
    Cons: None

    This is my second GM54. I love this helmet and it fits better than any I have used in my thirty years of riding. Unfortunately my first one was damaged in an accident. I am staying with this helmet since the first one survived impacting the pavement at 50 miles an hour. The shell held up great and stayed intact.

    Gmax GM54 Helmet - hoglaw   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Well thought out design and excellent construction.
    Cons: None

    Great helmet for a reasonable price. Dealing with Competition Accessories was easy and their service was excellent. I recommend this helmet for anyone looking for a modular helmet.

    Great Helmet - Jon   MN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Price, Fit, Options, # of vents
    Cons: Stupid light in the back

    The fit and operation of the helmet is great. I do notice on a hot day it does fog fairly easily. I have not treated the lens yet but I will be here soon. I like a quieter ride and this helmet helps dampen the sound. I ride a 2003 BMW R1150RT. and love it.

    gmax awesome - kirk   UT Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great fit. love the features. can't beat the price.
    Cons: none

    Had been looking for another modular helmet as the one I bought a few years back was a little to small. Gave the gmax a try and so far it works great. Good fit, easy to operate the visor or the sun visor with one hand.

    Gmax GM54 - Tonya B   OR Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: integrated sunshield. easy shield change.
    Cons: would prefer quick release latch instead of d -rings

    I am very pleased with the fit and function of the helmet. I thought the function of the latch would be awkward, but it is actually pretty easy.

    Gmax GM54 Helmets - jerseymech   NJ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great fit, safety leds
    Cons: [None]

    GM54 is a great fitting helmet, nice and snug. There are air vents that can be opened allowing air to flow thru the helmet while you are riding. I love the sun visor insert that can come down in the sunlight and be raised at night while still receiving full protection from the full face shield.

    bikerray - bikerray   AZ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: A good solid comfortable modular helmet
    Cons: [None]

    Two thumbs up

    Mostly good stuff - Old desert racer   WY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Well thought out, quiet, cheap
    Cons: Too many vents to fiddle with, and the light in back is mostly a farkle

    This helmet is the 2nd quietest flip-front I've had, and the other one was way more expensive. Im having trouble getting used to the location of the slider for the inner shield - up on top. At least it seems well sealed against bugs and rain. There are little vents all over this helmet. Hard to feel whether they're open or closed thru gloves. The red LED in back turns on via a button that's nearly flat - also non-detectable to a gloved hand. Set it before you put the helmet on, then keep your hand away from the button. Overall, this is a great buy for the bucks.

    Very happy with this product - Konoyaro   HI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great features
    Cons: A little big and slightly, very slightly heavier than other helmets

    Love the features of this helmet. I'll never need to bother with fumbling for sunglasses with the built in second visor. I'm now able to walk in to stores with the front flipped up showing my face. You can see the ease wash over the face of the store clerk when my face is visible. I also really like the LED light on the back as my bike is pretty dark and this is just like the mandatory third brake light on the cages around me. I highly recommend this helmet.

    Great helmet - Ian   MA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: cost, comfort, quiet, not overly heavy, rear light, sun visor, modular, well vented, easy function with gloves
    Cons: Slight whistle when you turn your head to check lanes over 60 mph

    I purchased this helmet about a month ago, and it is a great value. I have always wanted to try a modular helmet and I really wasn't expecting much for the price. but it delivered a great package. It has more venting than most helmets, and I feel they work better than most. Easy operation even with gloves. Eliminating the need to carry sunglasses is nice, and it is comfortable. I have owned HJC and Icon helmets in the past and have been mostly happy with them, but this helmet just feels better. I have an oval face, and it works well with my head shape. Overall a great helmet at a great value. Oh and the white matches Kawasaki's pearl stardust white almost perfect.

    GMAX Helmets - RichieH   MI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Easy to use. Lots of ventilation openings that are easy to open and close.
    Cons: Have none

    Everything as advertised in video works just like it shows. Everything opens and closes with ease. The sunglasses built in are great the go right over your existing glasses with no interferance.

    mustang - George   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: [None]
    Cons: [None]

    Great helmet for the cost Fits great and looks good

    Happy - funone46   MI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Better than expected
    Cons: None

    I have a unique situation with a helmet. I have double cochlear implants and finding a helmet that I can put on without dislodging the magnets for my implants was very tough. But this helmet fits very well, and quiet for a modular. I am very pleased with it and would buy another one. For the features it has NO ONE can match features and price.

    GMAX GM54 modular helmey - Boyea   NY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Very comfortable
    Cons: Exterior finish

    Great fit for round or oval head shapes. Very comfortable and functional. Not quite Bell quality, however, this is replacing a Bell full face. Bang for the buck is great and I still give this helmet 5 stars. A little noisier than a full face, not too bad, after all it's a modular.

    AWESOME - ANDREW   NY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Sunglasses built in, rear brake light feature, plenty of ventilation.
    Cons: [None]

    This helmet is super comfortable Plenty of ventilation, and the built in sunglasses are awesome. The helmet also being a modular helmet makes it that much better. Follow the manufacturers sizing chart and you will be satisfied.

    Great Helmet - BKL   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Comfortable fit. Great flip-up capability, securely staying up.
    Cons: A little noisy, but not too much so given the low cost.

    The GMax G54S modular helmet fits very well. Just make sure you order the right size. I take a Large in most brands, but a Medium G54s fits very comfortably. The snap on the strap to secure the end of the strap is large and should last a long time, hopefully. It has quickly become my favorite helmet and I am thinking about buying a second as my spare and getting rid of my Bluetooth-equipped backup.

    Love this helmet - Joe C   IN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great price, looks great and is comfortable
    Cons: Wish the chin strap could go tighter for windy days

    I love this helmet Its comfortable, very versatile and looks awesome. I love the added light on the back for night riding. I also bought the tinted shield which I like for day driving and it is very easy to change between the clear and tinted shields. The vents are all over the helmet and is very easy to open and close depending on the weather. The shield does not fog up even with vents closed on cold windy days. The flip down sunglasses is easy to use while riding. When I ride into the sun with the tinted shield and the sunglasses down you don't even realize the sun is there and there is no glare. I really recommend this helmet to everyone. When I went to pick up my motorcycle from the dealer the parts manager asked me where I got it. You won't be disappointed.

    Gmax GM54 Helmet - TJ   GA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Features
    Cons: D-rings

    I've been looking for a new helmet for some time to replace my current helmet. I was a little concerned with not being able to try the helmet on first, but took my measurement as instructed and ordered a XL. The fit is snug, like my other helmet was when I first bought it. I expect this helmet to fit perfect once I wear it for a while. The features are great, I like the drop down shield even with glasses on it came down without hitting them which was a concern. The release button will take me a little to get use to but no big problem. I like the metal locking system, my other helmet didn't. The extra vents should help circulate more air during the summer hot rides and you can close them for winter or colder riding. The features you get are the same that you would get in a more expensive helmet. The LED light on the back of the helmet will help me be seen at night. The only negative, if you can call it that is it has D-rings for securing the chin strap, but for a round 5 bucks that can be easily fixed. This helmet is great and so is the quality. The helmet arrived packaged in double boxes to protect it during shipping. I'm very pleased with my purchase and I would recommed this helmet to anyone who wanted a modular helmet.

    G-Max Helmet - Michael   NC Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Nice style, led safety light, retracting sun glasses
    Cons: None

    Very nice Helmet size chart is right on the money, led light is a nice add on safety feature but easy to turn on accidentally

    Gmax GM54 - DnHgh   MO Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Fit, convenience,Functionality
    Cons: [None]

    Really like the fit and feeling of this helmet while riding, chin curtain works great, vents prevent fogging and built in sunshade is awesome no fiddling with sunglasses.Overall very happy with the Gmax GM54 price, fit and features Shipping was fast got here when they said it would.

    GMAX GM54 helmet - Dennis I.   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good fit, quiet ride, solid feel
    Cons: Hard to open the chinbar

    This helmet fits like a glove. It is very quiet, but allows traffic noise to be heard, allowing for a safe ride. Interior sunshield comes down far enough to block most light that is reflected off the tank, making for a glare free ride on even the bright sunny days in Florida. Only drawback is the chin bar is hard to open and close, but I think thats because its still stiff from not being used. Overall, t5his is a very good helmet at a VERY good price.

    Great Value and Quality - Dan   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Fit, Finish, Features and Quality
    Cons: Non yet.

    I was looking to replace a helmet that was just to noisy and I didn't want to spend a fortune. I wasn't familiar with this brand, but took a chance. It was well worth it. I would buy another one.

    great price - oldpepsiman   AZ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: built in sun glasses
    Cons: when riding the dunes the slide for the glasses gets powder in it . it's then becomes hard to slide.

    would buy the helmet again. sizing is true.

    Gmax Helmet - Hess   AL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Nice features on the helmet. Great fit.
    Cons: [None]

    Rugged construction, comfortable, modular and nice features abound in this helmet.

    GMAT GM54 - Jim C   OH Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great fit, Good quality, Great Price
    Cons: None

    Great Helmet, rear light makes it very visible for night riding. Easy to flip up face piece.Very comfortable & easy to put on, flip down sun shield a great bonus.

    Gmax GM54 Helmet - Mudtrack   WA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Ver versatile helmet good price
    Cons: A little heavier then competitors

    This helmet does what I expected for a fraction of the price of comparable helmets. Already recommended this helmet to my fiends and riding partners.

    Great low-cost helmet - Adam   GA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Cheap, lock seems sturdy, looks good, light on the back, shade visor, fits my big head
    Cons: Fogs easily and would prefer the quick release chin strap

    Having an oversized noggin, many manufacturers largest helmets wouldn't fit my head with a full face. I scanned size charts online before seeing these from GMAX. Not only did they offer a 3X, but their sizing in the 2X helmets was slightly larger than most other manufacturers. Finally, I can avoid the june bugs to the face now that I have a full face helmet. I like the idea of the light in the back...anything to increase visibility. I'm about to purchase a second GM54s, albeit in a smaller size, for my fiance.

    Great Helmet - KLawrence   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great price, safe, comfortable
    Cons: Heavy

    It's an amazing price. LED lights in the back is extremely helpful. The white helmet has a great look.

    Gmax GM54 Helmet - Rudy Fl   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Plenty of vents. Love the internal shade lens. Fits well.
    Cons: Some of the vents move to easy.

    This helmet fits well and the size is correct. The ear pockets for communication system works well and keeps the ear pieces from digging into your ears. The internal shade is nice since I wear glasses and don't have to use sunglasses.

    Gmax GM54 - MaStErYoDa   MS Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good secure fit, cool at highway speeds, solid, lots of vents
    Cons: can get pretty warm at lower speeds

    I love this helmet. I wear it whenever I am gonna be traveling at speeds over 55MPH, so that it remains cool inside. I would recommend this helmet to anybody.

    Love my new Gm54 helmet - William C Thomas   PA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: its a wonderful product. fits just right it has the wind gaurds that help with wind sounds.
    Cons: [None]

    love the Helmet it is just a fit for whole ever just wants a great helmet.

    Nice Helmet - Chad   AL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Sizing is correct, flip-up feature is easy and feel solid when locked down
    Cons: none

    This is my first modular helmet and I am very pleased. I have a Joe Rocket helmet and this helmet is quieter and every bit as comfortable. The flip-down sun visor works great and eliminates having to mess with sunglasses. I haven't used the light yet but like that I have that option if I am riding at night as that is when I would use it. The venting is adequate and works fine. Good helmet for the price and it is my favorite right now. Only time I will choose my standard full-face over this one is if I am doing a track day or a hard day in the twisties.

    awesome helmet at an affordable price - chucha   VA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: great ventilation, useful sun visor, pockets for earphones, removable inner liner, funny but nifty light on back, and best of all great price
    Cons: none of any significance

    This is hands down the best helmet I've ever owned. It is super stylish, it's loaded with awesome features, and best of all, it is reasonably priced. In my opinion, this helmet is of better quality than my Scorpion and Shoei helmets and it came for a fraction of the cost.

    Great helmet - Lauren   NJ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: [None]
    Cons: [None]

    Great helmet Looks good, feels good, not too heavy, fairly well ventilated. Wish it was a little quieter, but ear plugs should fix that just fine.

    great helmet - mike a   IL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: fit,slide down visor, ease of visor to raise,lower
    Cons: none

    I have been needing a new helmet and after looking around, I settled on the GM54. the price was very easy on the wallet. the big selling point was the tinted visor and the way it slides out of the way when not needed. the clear visor is very easy to open and close, thought it was broke compared to my old one. if your current helmet feels loose , be ready for a snug fit. when you pull down the chin bar on the modular it pulls in to your cheeks for a snug and firm fit. the more you wear it , it will fit to you and not feel so tight. some have said it is a little loud. in my opinion it is quieter. I ride a goldwing and they are quiet anyway, now even more so. it also has lots of vents to get air flow. lastly, my head gear for radio and communication I can actually turn down and hear it even better. this is a great helmet and my wife says I WILL be getting one for her

    Solid Value - Freeway Flyer   MI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good fit, sunshield awesome, good air flow
    Cons: Sometimes can fog up on cold mornings at slow speed, a little heavy.

    My first helmet was a GMAX Open face. I really liked the air flow from the bottom and not feeling claustrophobic. I felt that a full face helmet was probably a better choice for safety, but did not like the enclosed feeling after pulling on a full faced helmet. The modular got my attention as it gave me a quick escape if needed. Obviously, the ride is a lot quieter and overall I am adjusting to the helmet well. On cooler mornings, I noticed that it does want to fog up, even with all the vents open. I have found opening the face shield to the first adjustment provides enough air to immediately clear the fog. It is also a bit refreshing until it is time to get on the freeway. I have not experienced fogging above 35 mph so it must get enough air flow at that speed. So far, even on the hot days 85 - 90, I don't feel overheated in the helmet. I am pleased with my purchase.

    great helmet - chris   LA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: great price, nice ventilation, sunshade convenience, its a modular
    Cons: a bit heavy......thats about it

    my very first helmet and i could not be happier. it covered everything i was looking for as far as price, convenience, and overall appearance. when my wife saw the safety light on the back it was pretty much a no-brainer. she would not have me ride with anything less. it is a tad bit heavy, but with a 2xl size helmet, that was to be expected. i ordered the flat black in a 2xl size.thanks compacc

    I crashed in this helmet - Flyt Risk   OH Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Sturdy construction, changeable internals, vents-a-plenty, internal sun visor
    Cons: the logo on the liner will leave an imprint on your head if you have no hair and wear it for awhile

    Soooooo, I layed the bike down while wearing this. Took a turn and didnt see the gravel so away i went. According to the person that helped pick my bike off of my leg, it was a pretty nasty fall and I hit my head pretty hard before sliding down the road. I didn't even feel my head hit the asphalt. For those worrying about durability and the flip face popping open in a won't. The face shield didnt detach or break off and the internal sunvisor still slid down smoothly. Of course I had to get a new helmet but I inspected the old one and aside from the scratches, the shell seems to still be in good shape after my inglorious spill. All the internals are removable and changeable. If the cheek pads are too smallbig, you can buy a set to custom fit your head size. You can do this with the liner as well. You can put small padsliner in a medium. Medium pads in a large, Large pads in a small. You get the idea.The internal sun visor is outstanding. I wear prescription glasses and I have no trouble with the sunshade banging against them even at highway speeds. If you happen to forget to flip down the outer visor and it gets blown off on the highway when you turn your head to do a lane check like mine did it covers enough of your face to double as a makeshift visor. Not perfectly but better than nothing. Wind noise is not terribly bad. you've got a total of 5 vents in the front so you might like to close a few if it gets too rowdy for you while wearing it. Honestly, I like the LED idea they had for this helmet. Especially since you can integrate it with your brake light for added saftey but, I was at a stoplight one night and saw another biker with the same helmet and the LED didn't seem too bright from my car. Maybe his battery was low but I don't see it being noticeable unless it's in the flashing mode maybe but........... I liked this helmet so much I bought another one after my crash. Eventually I'm going to man up and get the Pink Ribbon Riders edition they sell to support breast cancer. If I have to say something bad about the helmet I'd say the Gmax logo on the inner liner might leave an imprint on a bald head like mine but that was after having the helmet on for several hours. If you have hair this doesn't apply to you. Happy riding

    Perfect - Mitch   CO Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Everything about this helmet is awesome
    Cons: Nothing, helmet fit exactly as stated

    Awesome product. It fit exactly as hoped it would, price cant be beat for simular product. Class act buisness will be a life time shopper with these folks already got next years riding gear picked out and ready to buy. Quick delievery can't say anything was wrong. I get a lot of looks while riding which is unheard of while wearing a helmet. Defently will be bying an open face helment soon. thank you. You guys ROCK........................................Mitch

    great price - Hammer   IL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: drop down sun visor, flip up chin bar, snap out lining for cleaning, overall fit was good, stays cool while riding in hot weather, great price for all the features
    Cons: seemed a little tight around jaw and cheeks at first but seems to be losening up now, vent covers feel a little flimsy

    Overall I found this helmet to be a good bargain. and would recommend it to a friend.

    Gmax Helmet - Pulpo   DE Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Tons of vents
    Cons: Little difficult to grasp lanyards while donning helmet

    I love this helmet so far because of the myriad of features. I especially love the rear led light assembly for nighttime driving.

    quality helmet - mike   IL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: good snug fit, quality helment
    Cons: none

    not having ordering from compacc before I wasn't sure how long it would take. it didn't take long, 4 days from order to door. the fit is snug the way it should be but I think it will loosen up a bit after wearing it for awhile. lots of vents for air flow. the one had came with the bike and was a large like the one I ordered. world of difference in fit. the big selling point was the slide down sun visor. no need to switch out when it starts to get dark. only had it one day and already can't say enough about it. if you want a good helmet, this is the one you want. thanks again compacc for a great helmet

    rider - Jack   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Exactly as shown and works fantastic
    Cons: Not a name brand exceptional bang for the buck for a heck of a lot less

    The helmet is just what it is great Use the provided head size chart, I got an XL and it fits as it should. Very nice finish and operation, good venting lots and does what it is supposed to....keep the melon safe on impact.If you want to spend three times the money, you can, with something like this why would you Great product DOT certified. Love the option of removable, washable headliner HOT in FLA. Helmet does breathe pretty good.I like the constant or flashing red LED light on the back, great safety feature, although yet to use it.Like I said great helmet for the money and you should be very happy, I am

    great helmet - tmac99004   NE Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: [None]
    Cons: [None]

    helmet fits and looks great. Love the sun visor

    Gmax GM54 Helmet - Tyrone Baker   KS Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Perfect all around helmet for me
    Cons: [None]

    I have really been satisfied with this helmet and recommend it to anyone looking to buy a helmet

    Great build, great features, great price - Swag   NY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: DUAL VISOR, Modular Build, Cushioning, PRICE
    Cons: Some people get jealous of your awesome helmet...

    I love my helmet. Right off the bat, the fact that it's a modular helmet is probably its best feature. This allows for full face protection when riding, but easily flips up for when you want to stop and sip some water or talk to a fellow rider at a red light. Its second best feature is the dual visor system. I can't tell you how convenient it is to just flip down the sun shade when it gets too bright. This totally beats trying to cram in a pair of sunglasses. The interior cushioning is softer than a baby's bottom and is fully removable so you can wash it very easily. I bought the Large size with the matte black finish. It looks really good and fits my 24 circumference head perfectly. Above all else, for about 120 this helmet is a bargain. Cop one now if you haven't already

    GMAX GM54S - Tim G   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Fits right, Features, Quality and Cost
    Cons: none yet

    Researched many helmets. Was close to buying a Shoie modular until I tried one on. It just didn't fit comfortably. Safety, features and quality were tops in my search. It also had to fit so that I wouldn't mind wearing it. Living in South carolina, it had to offer good venting. The light in the back of the helmet is a feature that I have not found on any other helmet. After mine arrived, my wife wanted one too. I don't think you'll find a helmet that gives you more for your money.

    I love mine Think you will too. - Pyzon   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Light weight, Low wind noise, internal sun shield, variety of colors, Rear LED
    Cons: Sized large, order a size above.

    Great helmet Love the modularflip face feature. Great price for all the features this helmet has. The sun visor has come in handy when I forgot my sunglasses and looks cool too. Just an all around good buy.

    GM54 - DW   TN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: excellent value
    Cons: wind noise

    This helmet is a great value. excellent ventilation, great vision. the built in sun visor is my favorite feature. when I first saw the tail lite on the helmet I did not think much about it , I ran into rain with fog, my friend riding behind me said it showed up well. I ordered the Large, as I have a 7-14 head size and the fit was perfect.

    Great helmet, low price clinches it - Tom R   CT Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Easy to use latch for lifting chin bar, built in light
    Cons: So many ventilation controls, impractical to change while riding. Battery cover comes off too easily

    After the sunshade on my Symax helmet broke, I decided to go with this Gmax unit. The price was lower, and the reviews were very positive. The fit and finish is perfect, and the XL size fits me as it should. The interior design suspends the helmet the way a hard hat does with a padded web that allows air to flow around and above your head to stay cool.

    The - Road Cat   OR Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Very large viewing area. Much larger than my 2 year old HJC Symax III. Very strong and positive latching system. Great air flow from all the well designed vents. Well padded and very quiet. Sun visor works well and positions anywhere along it's length.Half the price of my 2 year old HJC Symax III.
    Cons: A tad heavy but well balanced.

    Very large viewing area. Much larger than my 2 year old HJC Symax III. Very strong and positive latching system. Great air flow thru the multitude of well designed vents. Well padded and very quiet. Sun visor works well and positions anywhere along it's length.Half the price of my 2 year old HJC Symax III.

    HIghly Recommended - Napes45105   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Comfortable, good price
    Cons: Vent controls a little loose

    Very confortable helmet. The amount of vents is very nice, but the controls for them are a little loose. Really like the modular design with the included sun shade. Had for two seasons, seems pretty durable. For the money, I HIGHLY recommend this helmet.

    Great Helmet - Shaun   VA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good price, good quality, awesome features
    Cons: none

    This helmet is awesome for the price. This is the cheapest I found it anywhere on the internet and in stores. The slide down tinted visor is nice for those sunny days so you don't have to shove sunglasses into the helmet, and on those night rides you flip it up so you aren't riding with a tinted face shield. The helmet is super comfy and has the added feature of the front flipping up making it nice for putting on and taking off. Most people that see this helmet think I paid 200-300 dollars or more for it because its such a nice helmet. The LED light in the back is neat although I haven't found much of a use for it yet. I would definitely recommend this helmet to other riders

    Excellent helmet - Pete   VA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Helmet is nice and cool when it's hot .
    Cons: [None]

    Excellent helmet I even bought a second one for the passenger.

    Great helmet - Jabrett103   KY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Nice features. Nice price.
    Cons: None

    It's funny to think that someone would spend hundreds more for a helmet. Great fit. Quality product. Great ventilation. Some might say this makes for a noisy helmet but I disagree. Great as a primary or secondary helmet. I love the LED light in the back. Buy it..

    A helmet that fits - Turkdad   IL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Fits BIG heads
    Cons: It is not real padded

    Very nice helmet .I bought a XXXL Very hard to find and it fits good.I wish it had more padding but it serves the purpose.Nice that the liner comes out so you can let it dry or wash it.Nice helmet for the price.Easy to see out of

    Great Helmet for Large Heads - Screamin' Dave   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great Fit, Great Visibility, Great Price
    Cons: Neck curtains make speaker installation difficult

    I have a large head and have a hard time finding a helmet that fits. Most of the modular helmets I have tried have my mouth right against the chin bar and the inner shield comes down on the bridge of my nose. I need a 4x with an HJC modular. The 3X Gmax fit like a glove. I bought 2 tinted shields but probably dont need them because the inner shield fits properly and is dark enough. Just spent 3 hours riding in the rain with no leakage and minimal fogging. Installing the speakers for my Scala G9 was a challenge because the neck curtain is not removable. Lots of ventilation. So nice I bought a Pink Ribbon Riders helmet for my daughter and I may buy a second helmet for myself just in case they discontinue it. Competition Accessories price was also 40 cheaper than the competition. Great Helmet and great company to purchase from.Dave

    GMAX Helmet - Richard   VA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great price Internal dark visor light on the back fit
    Cons: Somewhat heavy

    Great helmet - great price. Love the flip-up chin bar feature and the internal dark visor precludes the need for sunglasses -- and looks cool I commute before the sun comes up, so the red light on the back of the helmet is a great and innovative way to be more visible. Fit is perfect -- as advertised. It is somewhat on the heavy side, but for the price and features offered, I'm completely satisfied and would definitely recommend it.

    Much more roomier than I expected - Jerry   UT Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: [None]
    Cons: [None]

    After discussing with a friend how old my HJC Symax is, I decided it might be in my best interest to get a new helmet.. After much research I decided to give the GMAX a try. While it looks bigger than the HJC, it actually feels lighter. I have also noticed that I don't experience as much buffeting with this new helmet as I did with my old one. While I agree that not everyone's head is shaped the same, I would recommend giving this one a try to see if it fits. It did me.

    Awsome Helmet - Black Knight   PA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Sun Sheild
    Cons: Very Snug

    I cannot say enough about this helmet. I saw one at the dealer but it didn't have the LED light on the rear for about 30.00 more. Everyone envys it.

    Love This Helmet - Michael E   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Too many to mention
    Cons: NONE

    Got this helmet yesterday went for a ride today and I Love this helmet. Lots of vents good air flow love the rear led i could write a book on how much i love this helmet but i'm gonna keep it short. This is my second helmet first one is a scorpion exo 500 nice helmet too but always wanted a modular helmet and for the money you cant go wrong with this one if you don't have one already get yours today

    Glad I bought it - Tomas   IL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Comfortable, safety features, lots of venting
    Cons: Chin strap rides a bit far back on your chin

    First and foremost, I bought this helmet because of the light for safety on the back. While some of the reviews have said that it's a bit loud, compared to my old HJC SyMax, it's actually a bit quieter. In addition to that, all of the vents were open. My hat size is a 7-38 and I bought the large, which is a tight fit, but not uncomfortably so even with a helmet liner on. Some of the things that I have to get used to are locating the buttonlever to open the helmet while at stoplights and the chin strap hitting the top front of my throat. Honestly speaking, once you start riding and smiling, you forget all about it. I have the flat black and I like the quality of all the materials. The accessory that you can purchase to have the light activate with your rear brake is even more icing on the cake. I'd definitely buy this helmet again if something were to happen to the one I have now.

    Gmax helet - Cliff   AZ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Air Vents, Drop down sun glasses, easy operation
    Cons: None

    Great helmet - everything about it is great - compared to others helmets with same features that are3 times the price - a great buy

    Great Helmet - Will   OR Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Greatcomfortable fit. Metal locking pin. Lots of vents. Love the built in sun shade. Built in LED backlight.
    Cons: Visor fogs not really the helmet's fault

    This is my first helmet. I absolutely dig the modular design. It offers the best of both worlds open and full face. I only ride a 125cc scooter so I feel that it is more than adequate for my safety. If I was a pro-motorcycle racer---I might go with a solid full face, but for my purposes, this is a fantastic helmet.It fits perfectly, has lots of vents, sun shade---I especially like the built in LED light on the back. I ride pretty exclusively in the downtown city area lots of traffic and I feel that the light gives me an extra advantage of being seen while out and about.The visor does fog pretty heavily for me at least, but I ride in colder weather and I can't really fault the helmet for the visor. Plus, that's an easy enough fix.If you are in the market for a decently priced, super awesome modular helmet---I couldn't recommend the Gmax 54 enough.

    John Z - GMAXGM54   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Best helmet I ever bought The built in visor is awesome
    Cons: [None]

    I would recommend this helmet to anyone--first time rider to veteren motorcyclist--even if you dont like a full face helmet, you will definitely like this helmet

    Gmax helmet - dragonfly   KY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: great looking great finish great features
    Cons: [None]

    I liked mine so much that I ordered my wife one about 2 months later best Helmet and features for the money period

    Great Helmet, Great Service - Charles   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Aerodynamic, Well-fitComfortable, Easy to use
    Cons: None

    I tried Shoei, Arai, Scorpion, Bell and all the rest, and it all came down to the GMax 54. Fit was more comfortable, had all the features I was looking for - Modular flip-up, sun visor and built in light on the back that could be connected to the braking system through bluetooth. It has the option to upgrade to the bluetooth braking system - it has to be ordered separately - or not. So you're not stuck with it if you don't want it. If you do choose to get it, it's reasonably priced and easy to install. All-in-all a great helmet at a great price. Add to that the excellent customer service - relatively fast shipping, great tracking and early delivery - and you've got a win-win. Thanks.

    Great for big headed riders - ThatGuy   VT Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Available in large sizes, Lightweight, flip down sun visor,can't beat the price
    Cons: none so far

    A great helmet for the price especially for those of us with an excess of cranial padding. The helmet is light but seems well constructed and the contact points for the front of the helmet are metal to metal which is a feature not usually seen on helmets in this price range. The built in inner sunshield is definitely a nice bonus

    Bill A - Bill A.   KY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: [None]
    Cons: might be too snug, but will loosen up

    Liked mine so much just ordered my Wife a new one, Fit and finish the quality, and the price I think its the best buy of any kelmet out there, Thanks. also the best venting system I've come accross.

    Helmet - My Best   OK Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: built in sunglass sheild.light on back
    Cons: None

    comfortable helmet,Great Value

    Helmet review - Patrick   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Very comfortable, rear flashing light awesome
    Cons: A little heavy

    I have used it a couple of times and I love the helmet

    Amazing helmet for the price. - Turbob   MI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Very sturdy for modular, looks really cool, light in back works really well, solid construction feels expensive.
    Cons: Wind noise a little loud.

    This helmet fits great use the size chart and measure before purchasing.

    Awesome Rzr Helmet - Ray   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Versital, Easy uplift shield, allows to communicate, blocks dust, wind and cold. The sun visor is outstanding
    Cons: Cleaning dustdirt from hinge area somewhat of a challenge but well worth it.

    Outstanding helmet for those that want to have versatility for enjoying all types of Rzr side by side riding. We have 4 helmets for multiple Rzrs and everyone enjoys wearing them over the other type motocross type helmets.

    GMax GM54 - Wing   MN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Nice features for the price. Seems well made.
    Cons: None

    I have not a chance to ride with these because of the weather. Bought one for myself and one for my wife. Great features for a helmet in this price range. Found the lowest price here at Competition Accessories. Good, prompt service.

    Underpriced - Kirsch   NM Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Where has it been hiding
    Cons: What cons

    Bought this for my novice fiancee passenger. This is one terrific buy at any price Fit is perfect, features are world class, well made and very comfortable. If I didn't have an excellent helmet already, I'd buy this for myself Pretty cool helmet.

    Awesome piece of technology - Kamelspdr   NM Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Quietness, perfect for J&M earspeakers, boom mic, great design, LED light
    Cons: Initially a little tight around the cheeks

    Great price for a modular helmet of any brand. Inner visor and outer shield work great with the ventilation.

    Best bang for the buck - Shafe76   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Multiple air vents, drop-down inner visor, rear light for added safety.
    Cons: [None]

    You really can't beat this helmet at it's price point. I was pleasently surprised at the quality of the helmet when it arrived in the mail. I've since taken several rides and it's a very secure, well-made helmet. I would definitely purchase another Gmax product in the future.

    Fabtastic Helmet - Cheetah P   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Dual Visors, LED behind,Madular, and Comfy
    Cons: little loud, chin strap snap is flimsy

    I love this helmet. I had used GMax solid full face helmets before but this modular design is KillerGreat helmet for VERY little money It is comfy, feels secure, SAFE at night with the extra LED in back, and I Love the dual visors. I wish there was a helmet with the interior sunshade that came All the way down instead of stopping at the bridge of the nose - I get sunburned on my nose if its a long ride without sunscreen as its the only part of my face not covered by the sun visor. -The vents can sometimes create a whistling sound inside the helmet that is annoying, but its only when looking over your shoulder to check the blind spot, so it isn't bad at all. I do love all the vents, its a nice cool helmet- so a little noise is no biggie- and you don't hear it on the highway either.All in All - HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Great helmet for an Incredible Price

    good deal over all so far - Habs fan   PQ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Price, build
    Cons: Size

    Great helmet so far, Seems to be better built then my HJC flip up at a lower price, and many more vents and they seem to work unlike my other flip, when you close the front on this, no question it is closed, unlike my other also. Clear shield is so good that I found it hard to know if it was up or down while not moving until I got a few bugs on it, best that I have ever used. The light is a plus in bad weather or at night I guess I thought it would be nice if you were on the side of the road or something at night. This is not a quiet helmet, not loud either, you don't get alot of wind noise either, much better then a 14 or a 12 so what do you want anyways this is not a 800 full face. My only problem is with the size, A 3x is not much bigger then a 2x from HJC, I thought there would be more room, Size chart may be right for some people but if your like me and your forehead digs into the front of your helmets, maybe order a size up if you can. Wife tells me to try sleeping with a vice on my head to change the shape of my head.

    Terrific Helmet - Steve O   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good air flow, true to size, soild construction, excellent features
    Cons: A bit heavy

    Just received the new helmet, have ridden about 200 miles with it. All features work as advertised, comfortable, true to sizing chart. A bit heavy, though. Overall, an outstanding value at this price point. Would definitely recommend.

    great helmet great price - jonny k   MT Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: good padding, awesome shield activation, great sun shield
    Cons: none as of yet

    took this helmet out of the box and wore it on a 5 hour ride, Awesome As quiet or better than any flip-front I've had. Fit like a glove and super comfortable padding. Great feature with the sun shield.

    Very Good Helmet, good value - Tom K.   MO Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good fit, feels well made, quieter than expected
    Cons: none

    I was a little wary of buying a modular helmet without trying it on, but by using the sizingchart provided on the site, it fits perfect. It seemed too tight, but that's because my other helmet was too lose After riding with it on, I really love it. It is quieter than reported andI love the dark drop down visor. The overall quality is very nice, and the LED light in the back is safe and cool For the price, I don't think you can beat this helmet

    pbs1914 - miken   KY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: easy to put on and off, parts work smoothly and the light works very well
    Cons: very hot in the warmer weather

    i'm glad i made the inverstment of purchasing this helmet. Competition Accessories is a great site for riders of all levels.

    Nice fit - JoGlav   PA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great fit, easy snaps, good air flow
    Cons: Non So Far

    Great helmet for price. Nice fitting. Light on back works as advertised. creates good be seen safety, particularly at dawn and dusk. With vents closed helmet is quiet, Good airflow with multiple vent options. Modular release easy one hand opening. Solid click close.

    nice helmet - jlcarter   KY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: [None]
    Cons: [None]

    So far this has been a very nice helmet. Size chart is right on.

    Great Helmet - bludvl1   PA
    Just rode 150 miles in my new GMAX helmet . It was 80 degrees and I stayed nice and cool with all the vents. Does get alot of wind noise with all of them open but I'm still satisfied with it. I wear prescriptiopn glasses so the internal drop down sun sheild is my favorite feature along with the ability to open the face with the touch of a buton. Haven't used the saftey light yet but I like the option in foggy conditions. Tried afew others brands at the cycle shop but they were either overpriced or they didn't have the steel on steel pin fastener on the face, just plastic clips. This helmet is solid and light with good visability. VERY HAPPY Thanks Comp Acc

    This is a fantastic helmet, especially given the numerous features and capabilities. Substantial adjustable venting ports, sun shade affording nearly 90 coverage of available screen view works like a champ, and a comfortable fit/feel that is snug to prevent movement. Solidly built, good quality, very nice interior padding package, and modern look. I was skeptical of the rear LED light, but its very integral to the shell and doesn't look like a tack on - definitely adds a margin of safety, especially for those bikes not having a strong rear brake light. Proves you don't have to drop a fortune to get a great lid...I don't think a better value exists in the market than the GM54 at Comp. Accessories' price point.

    Bill B  
    Wow, Love this helmet! I had a Gmax 44 but wasn't happy with the outside dual visor, also a lot of wind noise making my Bluetooth audio set up not work so great. Decided to try a different headset and this helmet and am I glad I did! The fit is good. Large is very comfortable for me. Cheek pads are a little snug, but comfortable. I like the extra cooling vents in the helmet, along with the vent to deflect air up the inside of the visor. The tinted visor is dark enough that I don't have to wear sunglasses under my helmet anymore. Price was great too.

    Had an HJC full face that made me want to rip it off after 15 minutes of crushing my head and making my eyeballs pop out. Replaced it with this GM54 in the same size and I am extremely pleased with the comfort and fit. First ride with the helmet was in off and on light rain with blazing sun popping out for an hour then steady light rain and dark clouds for the next hour, going off and on all day. The flip up and down shield worked flawlessly and when the rain stopped and the sun came glaring through the clouds, the quick flip down tinted sun shield was just the ticket. I wear prescription glasses and the tinted shield cleared them easily making it unnecessary for me to stop and change into my prescription sun glasses,,, a real bonus. The numerous helmet vents kept my head cool with good air flow when the sun was glaring down hot. Thinking about getting one as a matched set for my girlfriend. I know she would appreciate the features of this helmet as well.

    Just like to say this is the best fitting helmet I have had in a while---very comfortable. I take an XL and it fits like a snug soft leather glove. Nice features---the flip down sun visor works flawlessly and is distortion free. The rear light works well and adds a measure of visibility in low light conditions. Looks great and is a lot of helmet for not too much . Only thing I would like is a quick release strap instead of D rings.

    Great Helmet but... - Roberto   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Overall Great Helmet
    Cons: Visor Mechanism Not quite Weather Proof

    I like to say for the price, this is a great helmet. I've driven across country in just about every condition imaginable and it performed very well. The visor mechanism broke shortly after arrival, a quick email to the GMax support and it was replaced in a few days. So, kudos to them for being so responsive. My only real critique about this helmet is that while driving in heavy rain somehow water managed to leak either through the top air vent or from the top of the face shield causing water infiltration to the interior of the face shield. I was having to lift the visor to wipe the water off the inside of the shield. The outside was easy, I would just stick my head to the left or right of the windscreen and the wind should clear the shield, not so easy with the water on the inside. I still use this helmet and think it's great, it's just no so good in inclement weather. I may also add that this is my first modular helmet with venting so, I'm not sure if the problem is unique to GMax or inherent in a vented modular helmet by design.

    Gmax GM54 - CA Bandit   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Very good value for the money
    Cons: Trim around the vents a little flimsy.

    Good value for the money. Better ventilation than most helmets, live in Florida, and stable at all speeds. The vent trims are a little flimsy in the way they are attached. Sealed the edges with some clear silicone, now more waterproof and a little less wind noise at higher speeds. I like the rear light on the helmet, bought the brake light kit with the helmet. May have saved my butt twice because of inattentive distracted drives in heavy traffic at night.

    Nice helmet - azsmp   AZ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good fit & good design
    Cons: Mfg materials not as robust as higher end helmets.

    Nice design and comfortable to wear. I wish it were made with more durable material on the vent sliders. Overall tho a great deal for the money.

    Almost perfect - JohnP   MA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Many features, decent venting.
    Cons: Heavy

    This helmet has features that make the non rider think it was really expensive. Everything works as advertised. The slide down dark shield is a cool feature. There is a lot of head buffeting with the chin bar up, but I don't think it was designed to be in that position while riding. The one drawback is the weight, it is probably the heaviest helmet I've ever worn, but this is my first modular helmet. Maybe they are all heavy I would definitely get another if needed.

    Gmax GM54 helmet - fletchman1   MI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: great fit and very good air vents
    Cons: a little noisey

    great fit and good air vent system

    Great... - Cohiba   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Led, fit,
    Cons: Vents to simple

    I ride at night, so the LED is the main reason why I got this. Much to my surprise it came with a chin webbing to limit the air. Nice Really helps in the winter. The LED has 4 setting, strait hard light, slow med & fast blinking red LED light. It gives me the extra piece of mind, knowing I'll be seen, by them Cagers.

    Gmax GM54 Helmet - Nate   MN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good quality helmet, size was spot on, love the internal tinted visor
    Cons: Outside visor tends to fog up when not moving.

    Love the helmet. The fit is good and did not have to accommodate for sizing difference. Vents work well and the visors are easy to adjust. Internal visor is very easy to activate and really helps on those sunny days.

    Meh - South Dakota   SD Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great colors, nice features
    Cons: sun shade feature broke on first

    I really like the appearance of this helmet. The first one I had the lever to lower the sun shade broke off, Competition Accessories was great to work with and I had a new helmet in a week. The sun shade on my wife's seems ok but the guide broke in half, it still works but one needs to be careful not to pop the slide out of its track. Overall a nice helmet but needs some improvement on the sun shade lowering device. I will have to send my wife's helmet back as soon as I get the chance to have it replaced as well.

    Good Value - Max   WV Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great helmet for the price, great protection, great sun shield
    Cons: the Visor fogs

    For the price this is a great helmet. For protection at a reasonable price you can't beat it, and the modular design is just plain handy. If you want full head protection with the advantages when not riding of a three quarter, this is the helmet. The only real issue is the visor really has a fogging problem until you get going and set the vents right. Otherwise, really comfortable and fits great. Be sure to follow the sizing recommendations on the manufacturer website. Oh and the Sunshield is just top notch. Bear in mind its a bargain helmet, but for the price, the parts and material are impressive.

    Gmax G54 modular helmet - Mike   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Features like hidden dark shield are great
    Cons: Noticeable wind noise

    This is my second Gmax modular helmet and it seems to be a little noisier than my first. I have a different bike with a different windscreen I havent used. Maybe just height adjustment will tke cre of the extra nois

    Helmet - TJ   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: inexpensive, looks good
    Cons: the light on back is kind of cheap

    Good overall helmet so far.

    Gm54 Helmet - Max   IN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Fits right,nice options for price
    Cons: Very difficult to remove sticker on tinted shield

    This is a nice product. I reviewed many helmets and this one had all the bells and whistles that I wanted for the price. It has lots of vents which is nice but you have to open all of them separately which can be a plus or minus. The plus is you can just open the ones needed to prevent fogging. The negative is you have to open the rest of them individually to get the full cooling effect. The biggest problem I had was getting the sticker off the tinted shield. Matter of fact I screwed up the shield because the glue they used to put the tag on was so hard to remove. They definitely need to use a different glue. Overall I would buy another one of these. I also like the light in the back of the helmet. I did update the light so it comes on when I hit the brakes. Nice.

    Nice fit, nice price. - JMM   MT Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good fit, sun visor, light weight, variety of replacement partsvisors.
    Cons: none yet

    Riding buddy has one so I got to try before you buy. Its a good fit & finish, especially for the price. Anxious to try this on the road but wont be able to ride for a few more months at least due to winter conditions. I do wish GMAX offered a breathe guard for this model.

    Nice Helmet - Tammy K   NY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Light weight, sun visor
    Cons: Putting helmet up and down

    I bought this last winter for myself and absolutely loved the sun visor. I also liked the lightness of the helmet as well, as I have neck issues, so it wasn't too heavy like my other helmet. I use it for snowmobiling and it's warm enough as well. The drawback to this helmet for me is the difficulty of lifting the face up and down. I'm thinking there has to be an easier release way, but over all I loved the helmet. So much, I bought another one for my daughter who is marrying a motorcycle man She'll love her's too, especially the sun visor.

    Great value - Mainstay   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great value for the price. Excellent fit.
    Cons: Chin piece falls off.

    Great fit and comfortable. Low wind noise, until the detachable chin piece turned up missing. How do I go about getting additional chin pieces A better method of securing the chin piece is in order. A tactile feel of the lighted bar would be nice. Please contact me regarding how I can order chin piece.

    GM54 Helmet - Tom in NM   NM Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Clear vision. Easy to use. Looks good.
    Cons: A little tight on cheeks.

    I have used this helmet for one ride on a sunny day with temperature in the 80s. Comfortable except extra pressure on cheek bones. The normal size was too small, but CA quickly replaced it with the correct size. It feels secure and when riding through some shady patches, was able to easily lift the sun shade for better visibility. The helmet is well worth the investment.

    Great Helmet So Far - Juniper   MT Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great helmet for the price
    Cons: Fogs easily

    I've had this helmet and worn it every day for riding for about 2 weeks now, and I'm really impressed. I really love the modular system, lots of flexibility, without that claustrophobic feeling I always get when I put on full-face helmets. Only cons -- maybe too many vents Definitely a good thing in general, but I have to have my husband help me close them when I need to, because I forget where they all are. Also fogs up fairly easily, I fix this by cracking the shield open at stops. Unless it's pretty chilly, windy, or wet, I can ride like that most of the time without even closing it. Also, maybe runs a tiny bit small. If you're right on the verge between two sizes, I would go up. If you want a modular for a very reasonable price, definitely get this helmet.

    GM54 - Teresa   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: comfortable, great price, love the sunshade
    Cons: more plastic than I like

    I purchased this helmet for my husband for Christmas. This summer, a screw fell out making the modular piece inoperable. I contacted Competition Accessories, who promptly sent a replacement part. I was very pleased with their service. I will definitely purchase from them again

    Good Helmet - Niteowl   AZ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Low cost, good build, great design, and loved the vents on the helmet.
    Cons: Its made for a ROUND ROUND ROUND head.

    I got the 3XL praying it would fit. And just my luck. I ended up paying 16 to exchange it. If she had fit. Id have her on all the time. Good padding, real good vents in front and rear. If Gmax had teh 3XL in my head shape. I would never really look at any other brands. But it felt like a small bowl was on my head and the edge of the bowl rested on the high top area of my forehead. If you dont have a huge head or a long oval head. Buy this brain bucket. Its worth every penny. And if you have read about the internal visor sticking or stops working... Dont sweat it.... They sell replacement visor sets. That are all plug and play. And for that fact. You can break the internal visor 20x and still not pay as much as other high end helmet makers. Thats my review.WISH it had fit. But not my luck. Hope ya'll enjoy yours.FYI The only reason for the 45 stars was due to the 3XL size not fitting,. Otherwise its a 65

    GM54 very nice helmet - Steve   AR Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Quiet, Comfortable
    Cons: Sun visor is stiff

    I really like this helmet. It's hard to beat it for the price. Fortunately, I haven't put it to the ultimate test, where the worth of any helmet really counts.The GM54 seems relatively light for a modular helmet. The fit is snug against my face, sealing wind noise out. Numerous vents make it flow about as much air thru the helmet as others.Go by the sizing chart. I wear a large in practically all other helmets. The chart said get a medium. I did, and it fits properly.The sun visor movement is kind of cheap. There is no spring return as in most other helmets. It is strictly a mechanical push-pull button that has a lot of resistance. That button is not only stiff, but nearly impossible to reach with the chin piece in its up position. No way you could do it with gloves on. Other helmets with some kind of lever on the side of the helmet are far superior. This really my only complaint with the helmet. The visor has no detents. Depending on the size of you nose, you can place the visor at any position you like. The shape of the visor gives excellent coverage.The chin bar latches very securely. It does require a bit of effort to latch and unlatch. That extra force needed, forces the helmet to try to rotate on your head. I hunch my shoulders up to bear against the bottom edge of the helmet for extra support while snapping in place. It's not a big deal, but I've had other helmets that were easier to operate in this regard. They also cost a lot more.The light in the back is nice. It is not very bright and probably does little good in the daylight. It is quite visible at night. I don't know how much it helps, but it can't hurt. I installed the brake light option, so the light only lights up when I apply my brakes. The 2 AAA batteries seem to hold up well. I haven't needed to replace them in the four weeks or so I've used the helmet. And that included an 11 day road trip.I give this helmet a 4.5 out of 5. My complaints are minor. The fit and comfort are in line with helmets that I paid 3 to 4 times more for. It's hard to beat that value if it performs when the going gets tough. I hope I don't ever have to find that out. I prefer to trust the DOT sticker.

    The Max - pahirst   TN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Every feature was good quality
    Cons: The weight a little supprise to me.

    4stars For my first flip-up helmet

    Great helmet - Richard   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Lots of vents, fits well, great side to side vision, rear brake Light.
    Cons: Helmet doesn't cover the chin good enough

    A great summer helmet, good air flow, lower jaw portion of helmet does not cover your chin, the nylon wind cover is in the way, I removed mine. The back light is perfect if you add the remote device that activates the brake Light. Fairly quiet, sun screen is a major plus.

    commuter - jon   NY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: sun visor , multi purpose
    Cons: alittle loud with wind noise , water gets on inside shield

    love all the options you get for such a reasonable price . i commute 110 miles a day . i have worn the hemet for about 1500 miles so far and i am please with its performance . it is louder then my other full face helmets but that is to be expected with all that this helmet can do . the one thing that is hard to deal with is the top seal for the clear shield let water on inside of shield . i ride rain or shine so this is hard for me since you don't want to open and try and clean inside shield while ridding . over all for pirce i like it and would buy again . really like to light in back for night riding .

    Good helmet for the price - WillB   UT Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Built in shades, good padding
    Cons: A little heavier than I expected

    For the price, this is a great value if you want a modular helmet. It I has good padding and built in sun shades. Padding is good and the helmet is comfortable, although heavier than expected. This is my first modular, so I am comparing the weight to my open face HJC.Take the time to measure your head carefully and check the size chart. I normally take a large but size chart called for a medium in this helmet, and it fits good.

    Gmax is awesome - Ken   UT Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: It fits great, is surprisingly quiet, and I like the flip down sun visor.
    Cons: Tha D Rings on the chin strap seem loose and cumbersome compared to other helmets.

    I really like this helmet and have gotten a lot of compliments on it. It's got a cool modern design and great features. I have and would recommend this product to anyone who wants a great deal on a cool looking helmet.

    Cmfortable, great features, value and quietish - Aceboxer   NC Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Value, ventilation, comfort
    Cons: heavy, hard to operate sun shield when chinbar is up.

    This helmet performed well on a 2,000 mile first ride. Significantly quieter than my previous no-name modular, though not quite as quiet as my HJC IS-16. It seems quite heavy, but I didn't experience any discomfort throughout the trip. I was impressed with the fit, though the cheek pads seemed a bit snug at first, they seemed to compress, or I got used to them. Other sizes are available, but I'll stick with these. The anti-fog coating on the face shield performed quite well in cooler temps 40-50F, but I had to crack it when the rain started. I'm thinking of getting the double shield for next winter. It stayed mostly dry inside, one of the vents let a bit of water in when the rain was heavy. The finish was much nicer than the pictures showed. I ordered the white one, which has a metallic and pearlescent look to it.

    Great Helmet - TLC2NY   NY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Sun Visor, shield, correct sizing
    Cons: Latch, fogging

    Ok, so I bought this for snowmobiling. Been in it twice so far not much snow yet and LOVED it The sun visor is worth every penny of this helmet Snow blindness is always an issue, especially when the sun is shinning right in your face. The sun shield works SUPER The clear shield is easy to crack open for air as well. I've been out on -10 below zero ride and the helmet is very warm. Never got cold. And that's without a balaclava. The only two things I don't like, is, in the very cold the clear shield fogs immediately and needs to be cracked open the whole ride. The second is I thought it would be an easy release to put up the whole shield, but I have to hold the top of the helmet and press down as I'm releasing the lever and pushing the face mask up. But, even those two things aren't deal breakers. I have always had trouble with fogging, even with shields that claim they are fog free. I have told as many people as I can about how much I love this helmet

    Gmax GM54 Helmets - Modular - Bamarider   AL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Quiet, comfortable
    Cons: Sunshade hits my nose if I put it all the way down

    So far i like the helmet. It is quieter than the Nolan N90 that it is replacing and appears to be better vented. I won't know about that for sure until warmer weather. No complaints so far.

    Good value - David   AZ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: price, LED, many vents, great ventilation for summer without too much wind noise
    Cons: optics on both shields, almost too roomy in front, too much air for winter

    This is a great value for sure, but it's not perfect. However, I'm betting you'd have to spend 75 more plus to get a better modular. I also have a Nolan N85 that I paid 200 for so that's what it's getting compared to. Also, do understand regarding noise that I always wear ear buds with good noise reduction. The 3 main issues that keep me from selling my N85 so far are1. The optics on both shields aren't good. It's a little distracting, but this is coming from my N85 whose optics are perfect. As in, with a clean shield I can NOT tell it's on. Goes for the sunshade too.2. Even with the vents closed, I can fee a lot of airflow, which may not be ideal in the winter. More comparing to do yet on this one. 3. This helmet shell is larger than both my Nolan and the Bell Evo modular I tried, and seems to have less cheek padding close to my mouth. Both of these combined reduce that feeling of safety that I get with other helmets. Probably not an issue once you get used to it.If you have to have a modular and are on a budget, this is a great helmet. Hopefully your shield optics would be better than what I got. But if you have more money to spend, consider a Nolan modular. I too sometimes worry too much about price, but realize you'll probably keep this helmet five or more years, and if you spent only 100 more, that's only 20 a year more - that's nothing.

    Triumph Tiger 800 - CJohnson   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Versatility
    Cons: Weight

    This is a good helmet. I like the ability to remove the inner lining for cleaning. I like the sun visor inside under the clear outer visor. The helomet is made well with brass fittings on face shield not the plastic in some other helmets.The helmet is on the heavy side.

    Gmax GM54 Helmet - John S.   NJ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Fits well, wind noise acceptable, nice features.
    Cons: The flip up button isn't natural for me with my gloves on.

    I liked the helmet right out of the box. I have an HJC and the fit matches size for size for me. All controls work well. No tight spots. The drop down sun shield works well and doesn't conflict with glasses. Paint work is excellent. I like the pockets for speaker. They work well with my flat speakers wired in. The light in the back is good for night riders....doesn't apply to me much, but is a cool addition. I would recommend this helmet to a friend.

    Functional - cozadz   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: High tail lightflasher, headset mounting pre-worked, shaded undershield
    Cons: Paint finish

    The functional parts of the helmet are great, but if you need it to look great, the paint just isn't quite there. I've got a black streak all the way across the back of my pearl white helmet. It looks like a string landed on it while it was being painted and quality control either didn't catch it or didn't care.

    Stickerman - Stickerman   OH Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: This helmet is Pro all the way for the money.
    Cons: I cannot come up w anything bad or con.

    I bought two and I would buy another if needed. Nice helmet in many ways.

    Stickerman - Stickerman   OH Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: everything is great
    Cons: the slides on the vents may slide a little too easy

    So far 30 years this is the best helmet for the buck I've ever had. Hands down.

    overall please with helmet - Larry C   NC Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: good solid feel, good ventilation, cool
    Cons: use snaps to secure lining instead of velcro

    Overall pleased with the Gmax 54s helmet. The light on back adds a kool factor along with added safety in being seen. With chin skirt in helmet is very good with road noises, also good keeping cold air out while riding. This helmet is more for the round oval head, I have more of egg shape oval head. I order 1 size larger than sizing chart and it fits nicely. I am a 7 38 hat size and ordered XL helmet. Also order in white, visibility is good. Never and hope never will have to test it in a crash. A very good helmet for the money and added features. I would buy this helmet again and recommend it to a friend.

    Get One - JeffST1100   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Sun Visor,Vents,Modular,price
    Cons: Wind Noise

    I don't think you can find another helmet with all these features for this price.Riding in South Texas you need some good venting and this one does it.I love the sun visor.The modular part of it I never use, but it is there.I would give it 5 stars if the wind noise was not so loud.As always comp.acces had the helmet to me quicker than you think at a price that you can't beat.Thanks

    Gmax GM54 Modular Helmet - Rocky River Rider   OH Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Well made, sun visor and face-guard operate smoothly, feels very safe
    Cons: Very heavy, Cheek guards press jaw, a bit tighter fit,

    I use this helmet when I go on the interstate highway. The quality, padding, and noise reduction make me feel safe at higher speeds. I hope that the padding will break in and not feel so tight on my cheeks and head. I purchased a medium same size as my other helmets, but this seems tighter. The helmet is heavier than my other helmets and I notice the difference when I first put it on. I wish it had a quick release chin strap, you have to fish the strap through metal rings harder with gloves on to secure it. The strap is long enough that I can leave it attached to the rings and fit my head through, then snug it up. I like all the other features...movable face guard, sliding sun visor, LED safety light on back.

    Excellent Value - Devil Dog 6   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good Price, Very Comfortable, LED Light Safety Feature, Solid Locking Mechanism
    Cons: Chin-Bar Release is awkward.

    After taking a bird strike to my HD helmet at about 80mph, had to get a replacement. Had been looking at modulars for a few years now, but the cost was unbelievable. When I saw the price for the GM54, I was skeptical. However, after reading many reviews about this and other modulars, I decided to take a chance on the GM54. Boy am I glad I did I wore a XL in my HD open-face model, and after reading comments from others, I ordered this in a 2XL....perfect fit The helmet is lightweight, but still feels solid. I drive between GA and Louisiana twice a month, a 694 mile ea. way trip, so comfort and lightweight without sacrifice to safety was a huge factor in a helmet for me. I was used to a dropdown sun visor both from past experience with helicopter helmets and my HD helmet was also equipped this way, so this was a requirement for me. I have mounted a BLINC bluetooth system to this helmet and while it has pockets for the speakers built in, I wish that it also had a mounting slot for communicators, but the unit fits and works well. I will be ordering a second in the event that this helmet is discontinued. I like it that much. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a well manufactured modular, at a very reasonable price.

    The price is right - John S   NJ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great venting lots of features
    Cons: Over all a very large package

    I wear a half helment for most of my riding , and carry a full face if I run into rain . The venting works so well I can feel the air flow inside the helment . It has alot of great features that all work well . I love the light on the back of the helment for night riding . Now for the bad news . It is to tall and wide to fit into my BMW top and side cases , so I have to choose between this helment or my half helment . The fact that it opens with the tall wind shield on the bike I can do most of my below freeway speed riding like that . For the price and amount of features , its a great buy .

    GM54 - Richard   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Price, good ventilation, metal locking tabs, speaker pockets
    Cons: Plastic sun visor guide weak

    Great buy for the money, a little heavy in weight, the visor slider guide sticks, mine broke and was replaced by me under warranty. Overall a good touring or ever day helmet

    Very good helmet - mrfergie   NC Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: all it features
    Cons: the chin air guard needs to be more flexable or fitting to the helmet and the pocketsfor the ear speakers could be a little larger.

    over all this is a very comfortable helmet to the long rider.

    Excellent - Zoomy186   MO Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Fit and finish, very good shield and inner shield design
    Cons: Lower neck pad could be larger

    This is my 4th modular, and is the best so far. Used different HJC models in the past. I normally ride with a high end full helmet for long street rides and track days, but for running errands and getting on base I use a modular. Don't let the price fool you, this is a very good, light, and solid helmet. The only cheap thing I found on it are some of the lower plastic snaps for the removable cheek pads can pop out rarely happens. The rear light works well with long battery life. I don't use the flash mode, and the light is very bright. The helmet is the quietest modular I have used, and rivals my full face Shoei.

    Gmax GM54 - DustyMX5   NY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Light weight, metal latches, inner shield and lots of vents.
    Cons: Cheap inner shield activation system.

    This helmet is replacing a well used HJC Symax2. By comparison the inner shield mechanism sucks, but this helmet feels lighter, has better venting and is quieter. The design of this helmet handles wind better than any other I've had ... it simply doesn't move at all. The tail light is cool too but probably not legal in blink mode in our state NY. We'll have to wait and see how it survives several seasons of use.

    crf250x4 - team honda   OH Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: sizing was perfect, product description was accurate
    Cons: not snell rated

    overall, a good starter helmet for a person with glasses.....

    Gmax GM54 - Bryan   AZ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great price, lots of air vents, cool light, good fit
    Cons: A little noisy

    This helmet has a lot of nice features, I like the light on the back of the helmet for extra safety since I ride in the dark a lot. It's a little noisy if the air from over the windshield hits it, nothing earbuds couldn't fix.

    GMAX MODULAR - RICHARD G   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes


    Value - Dusty   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Value for your money
    Cons: none

    I Always look for Value, this helmet is Very good Quality for your hard earned money. All functions work well, I am glad I bought this one. Great price now to boot I paid more and I still got my moneys worth Only 4 stars because it is not a 500 quality...

    Nice Helmet - Capt Bill w Concours   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Nice modular Helmet
    Cons: Non to mention

    My first modular helmet. Glad I selected this one over others. Nice locking mechanism. Sun visor a plus. If your want to be more noticeable at night, the LED light you can turn on back of helmet is interesting option. Nice venting options too.

    GMAX MODULAR STREET HELMET - TIGER431   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Cons: SO FAR NONE


    Great value - David G   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great styling, feature rich, awesome price
    Cons: Chin-bar latch and vent design

    I purchased this helmet for my wife a couple of weeks ago. I took it out for a test ride to see for myself how it compared to my four-year-old Sy-Max II. The conditions were very windy, so I experienced good test conditions. The helmet seems well balanced, a bit lighter than my helmet, more stable in the wind I experienced almost no buffeting and its quieter. The internal shield sits more comfortably over my face and provides excellent coverage. The internal materials seem good, though not as plush as more expensive helmets, but it is still very comfortable. I can't really attest to the ventilation The weather was around 75 degrees. I had all the vents open, but was not aware of any air moving in the helmet.There are a couple of complaints First and foremost is the chin-bar latch. You must pull up on the latch to release the chin-bar. It is more natural to push down with a fore finger while pulling up with your thumb on the bottom of the chin-bar. Also the latch protrudes and seems a bit flimsy, making the durability suspect. The other concern I have is the durability of the vent openings and the difficulty opening or closing them while riding with gloves. One additional note, and this is just my opinion The rear light is dorky. Fortunately it isn't too obvious what it is. I'd rather have a reflective strip here or nothing.Final note I believe this helmet to be an outstanding value. I don't think you will find a nicer helmet for the money and Competition Accessories has the best price...I've checked.

    Very Noisy - mcadamson   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Nice Features, Great Look, Nice Quality
    Cons: Noisy, Pressure point on forehead

    I bought this helmet to replace my aging Vega Summit XPV. I was hooked on all of the features such as retractable sunvisor and speaker pockets never drooled over the helmet light like most everyone else has.The quality of this helmet is top notch. The latch mechanisms seem secure and the helmet isn't flimsy like a lot of low-end modulars. The fabriclining seems like it was built to last, but the shutters for all of the vents seem pretty delicate and have the possibility of breaking.Noise. It is unbelievably noisy I have owned plenty of other helmets HJC CL-15, Gmax GM68s, Summit XPV, Shoei RF-1100 and this GM54s is the noisiest helmet by far. Cruising around 80 is a fierce roar. It covers the 2-Brothers exhaust on my Honda 919.

    Gmax GM 54 Helmet - Vince WA   WA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: NIce Helmet, wide vision, good ventilation & good price
    Cons: Lots of wind noise but no more than my other helmets

    I went for one size up from the chart & it fits perfect. The slightly wider eye port is helpful as I'm blind in one eye so every little bit helps

    Nice Helmet - Rainer   CO Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: All the features for such a low price
    Cons: Button for the inside visor is weak

    This is a great helmet with a lot of really nice features. The only problem I've had was the button for the dark interior lens broke off when I was cleaning the lens. I called up Comp Acc and a new assembly for it was sent to me and I was able to replace it easily.

    GMAX GM54 - RoadKingRuss   WA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: LED flashing light on the back of the helmet is a wonderful invention.
    Cons: I have not found any cons

    This helmet is excellent. The flashing LED light on the back of the helmet...all helmets should have this feature Fit is nice and snug with room for ear buds.

    of - dean   IL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: iner shade
    Cons: vents

    gud helmet but frunt right vent leaks air badly

    Gmax helmet - RSB1964   OH Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: great features and excellent ventilation.
    Cons: noisy, especially with all the vents open

    Good helmet for the price.

    Great helmet - Michael R.   TN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Comfortable
    Cons: A little bulky

    This is a great helmet. The only downside is that it is a tad bulky and heavy.

    GMax 54s helmet - Gander-Michigander   MI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good snug fit. Little wind noise. Love the internal sun visor
    Cons: Would suggest a quick-hook strap. One internal screw was missing - no big deal.

    I just tried my new GMax helmet today - what a nice helmet. Having had a much more expensive helmet for the past 5 years, this lower cost helmet blew it away with comfort and features. The light in the back of the helmet will come in handy on night rides as will the internal sun visor during the day. The cheek pads offer a good pocket for my communication set and the chin bar allows for more room for the boom mic. The chin curtain does interfere with the mic - I had to remove it in order to comfortably use the mic. All in all, a great helmet that's true to size as well.

    Gmax54 - MarkS   AZ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Solid construction
    Cons: Sizes run small

    Very happy with helmet but be forewarned... The sizes run small.. Using their size chart you must upsize at least 1 size If you measure close to the upper end of a specific size range, then upsize 2 ranges Otherwise it is well built and flip up portion works well.... Reasonably quiet for 140 helmet..

    SoCal Tourer  
    I selected 4 stars because there may be some magical helmet out there that is better, until then this is a fine helmet. I pushed myself to get a tighter fit for the top of my head - Medium - so the helmet was tight across my cheeks. I ordered Large cheek pads these are actually smaller to give more room and now it really feels like a custom fit helmet.. The flip up feature appears rugged and I don't think it compromises safety. Plenty vents for good airflow and good vision space. I like the flip down filter for early and late day riding plus it works good if you are wearing sunglasses and have to ride into the sun.

    With 17 years of riding experience street & track I have owned my share of helmets inc. Arai & Shoei. The Gmax GM54 is better fitting than my previous Shoei but not quite the perfect womb fit of my Arai. I love the features with the flip up chin bar, the flip down sun visor, and the flashing rear light. This thing has many many vents, which is great for the warmer weather. The detachable chin screen does a nice job keeping wind from coming up into the helmet during these cooler months. the helmet is a little heavier feeling, but my other helmet is a racing helmet so. I bought it in the XL, and it fits very well. I expect the fit to ease up a bit with more hours in the saddle. The quality of the helmet is very good, but not Arai good if you know what i mean. But for the great price this thing sells for, i wasn't expecting it to match up to a 400 helmet. The hinges and other movable parts feel very sturdy and work as designed. Overall, this was a good buy for my newly found sport-touring hobby.

    Broken Tab - buddyeckles   OR Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Really a great helmet, especially for the price.
    Cons: Slider tab for the internal sun visor broke while I was sliding it down to clean it. Very cheap design, only about an eighth inch plastic holding it to the sliding bar inside the top of the helmet.

    I like this helmet, although it does run a size smaller for my head shape than other helmets Bell, Icon, Shoei,etc. Even though the internal visor tab broke, I'm going to keep it. I found the internal visor had some distracting distorsions which I can live without. I have sun glasses so I don't really need the internal shade. The rest of the helmet is great. The ventilation is good and it's easy to raise the chin bar with one gloved hand. Also like the rear flasher and bought the remote unit to active it when I apply brakes. Well worth the money except for the cheap plastic internal visor tab.

    mixed - sabrerider   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: comfortable, quiet
    Cons: plastic parts

    I wear glasses and when the helmet initially arrived, I could not fit my glasses into the helmet due to lack of clearance between my temples and the cheek pads of the helmet. However, C.A. promptly sent me a thinner replacement set of cheek pads which allowed my glasses to fit nicely. Two weeks later the plastic tab on top of the helmet which lowers and raises the sun shield broke off. C.A. said they would send me a replacement, but it is yet to arrive.

    GMax GM54 - Box 746   MI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Stylish, nice venting, safety light is a plus
    Cons: runs half size smaller than average, check molding around edges for proper adhesion

    Practical, stylish, and nice features for the price point.... runs about a half size small compared to most lids... check the molding around the edges for proper fitting and adhesion- after a few lifts of the visor found that aprox. 38 of inch not secured and starting to pull away from the lid when closing the visor- used a half drop of 3m car trim adhesive clear and no one was the wiser....would recommend and will be purchasing another....

    Good value, fit issues - lllincoln   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: good function, good price
    Cons: Hurts the head after an hour

    Both my gf and I got this helmet. I like it... for about 45 min. Then it feels like it has way too much pressure on the fronttop of my head. There is a liner with little padding in this area. It allows air to flow over your scalp. But it seems the weight of the helmet is concentrated here and not distributed to other parts of the head.I can mitigate it by wearing a skull cap. But the problem eventually gets to me. Otherwise, the helmet is a good choice. Be careful trying to add padding. It is easy to cut off the airflow. And simple solutions have not netted much. A redesign would be good.

    Nice fit but... - DwayneH   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great fit
    Cons: A air duct cover fell off in the first month

    Its a good helmet but after the air duct cover fell off, I hardly use it anymore.

    nice helmet - gate keeper   WV Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: quiet
    Cons: heavy in the fromt

    This helmet does a great job at keeping road debree out of your face.I use eye glasses and I love the way the sun shield comes down and does not touch my glasses. I also use hearing aids and the helmet is easy to take off and put on with out messing with the hearing aids.The helmet feels front heavy.But you get used to lt.The main draw back that I found with this helmet is that after a ride of about 30 or so miles, it start hurting the center of my head. The only thing that I can find inside the helmet is the gmacs emblem that is in the padding, this is located right ware it hurts my head.For short rides it is great.

    Gmax GM54 Flip-up - Bryan   CO Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: The fit, the slide down sun visor and the many vents
    Cons: The slide mechanism on the sun visor sticks, the chin wind protector

    I like this helmet a lot. The overall style and fit are great. I really like the locking mechanism for the flip-up. My major problem is with the sliding mechanism for the sun visor which sticks at times. I like the number of vents and the positioning which allow plenty of air to circulate inside the helmet.

    Gmax GM54 Helmet - JJ   Recommended by Reviewer: No
    Pros: Features
    Cons: styro-foam liner - uncomfortable for more than a couple hours

    The first helmet I purchased was a large, my HJC large fits good. The large was way too tight on my cheek bones so I exchanged it for an XL. The XL fit better and felt fine but after wearing it for close to an hour the top of my had started to hurt, my wife's did too. I purchased my wife a medium at the same time I bought mine. I determined that the top of our heads was hurting because of the stitching of the brand name in the top cloth suspension device more like a stiff piece of unforgiving cloth material. After placing a piece of foam in the top of the helmet we could wear them for close to 3 hours, but after that if feels like someone is poking me in the top of my head and I couldn't wait to get home and take it off. My HJC is all foam inside and not styro-foam. I was shocked to see that a helmet with such good reviews about how well it fit was made with a styro-foam liner. I didn't think helmet manufacturer's did that anymore.

    mediocre - rider   WY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: second sheild is always nice, being able to lift the face section up
    Cons: not very comfortable if worn for any period of time.

    Love the feature of being able to lift the shield up as well as having the second shield. The comfort leaves something to be desired, as it get irritating if worn for very long.

    Part Number Status for Gmax GM54 Helmets - Modular Street Motorcycle Helmets
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    X-Small, Black GM-54S-XS-BK $184.95 $166.46 Currently Not Available for Order
    X-Small, Flat Black GM-54S-XS-FBK $184.95 $166.46 Currently Not Available for Order
    X-Small, Wine GM-54S-XS-WN $184.95 $166.46 Currently Not Available for Order
    X-Small, Titanium GM-54S-XS-TI $184.95 $166.46 Currently Not Available for Order
    X-Small, Pearl White GM-54S-XS-PWH $184.95 $166.46 IN STOCK - Ships in 24 hours
    Small, Pearl White GM-54S-S-PWH $184.95 $166.46 IN STOCK - Ships in 24 hours
    Small, Wine GM-54S-S-WN $184.95 $166.46 IN STOCK - Ships in 24 hours
    Small, Black GM-54S-S-BK $184.95 $166.46 Currently Not Available for Order
    Small, Flat Black GM-54S-S-FBK $184.95 $166.46 Currently Not Available for Order
    Small, Titanium GM-54S-S-TI $184.95 $166.46 Currently Not Available for Order
    Medium, Black GM-54S-M-BK $184.95 $166.46 Currently Not Available for Order
    Medium, Pearl White GM-54S-M-PWH $184.95 $166.46 Currently Not Available for Order
    Medium, Flat Black GM-54S-M-FBK $184.95 $166.46 Currently Not Available for Order
    Medium, Wine GM-54S-M-WN $184.95 $166.46 Currently Not Available for Order
    Medium, Titanium GM-54S-M-TI $184.95 $166.46 Currently Not Available for Order
    Large, Black GM-54S-L-BK $184.95 $166.46 Currently Not Available for Order
    Large, Pearl White GM-54S-L-PWH $184.95 $166.46 Currently Not Available for Order
    Large, Flat Black GM-54S-L-FBK $184.95 $166.46 Currently Not Available for Order
    Large, Wine GM-54S-L-WN $184.95 $166.46 Currently Not Available for Order
    Large, Titanium GM-54S-L-TI $184.95 $166.46 Currently Not Available for Order
    X-Large, Black GM-54S-XL-BK $184.95 $166.46 Currently Not Available for Order
    X-Large, Pearl White GM-54S-XL-PWH $184.95 $166.46 Currently Not Available for Order
    X-Large, Flat Black GM-54S-XL-FBK $184.95 $166.46 Currently Not Available for Order
    X-Large, Wine GM-54S-XL-WN $184.95 $166.46 Currently Not Available for Order
    X-Large, Titanium GM-54S-XL-TI $184.95 $166.46 Currently Not Available for Order
    2X-Large, Black GM-54S-2X-BK $184.95 $166.46 Currently Not Available for Order
    2X-Large, Pearl White GM-54S-2X-PWH $184.95 $166.46 Currently Not Available for Order
    2X-Large, Flat Black GM-54S-2X-FBK $184.95 $166.46 Currently Not Available for Order
    2X-Large, Wine GM-54S-2X-WN $184.95 $166.46 Currently Not Available for Order
    2X-Large, Titanium GM-54S-2X-TI $184.95 $166.46 Currently Not Available for Order
    3X-Large, Black GM-54S-3X-BK $184.95 $166.46 Currently Not Available for Order
    3X-Large, Pearl White GM-54S-3X-PWH $184.95 $166.46 Currently Not Available for Order
    3X-Large, Flat Black GM-54S-3X-FBK $184.95 $166.46 Currently Not Available for Order
    3X-Large, Wine GM-54S-3X-WN $184.95 $166.46 Currently Not Available for Order
    3X-Large, Titanium GM-54S-3X-TI $184.95 $166.46 Currently Not Available for Order

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