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Gmax - GM32 Open Face - Gmax GM32 Replacement Comfort Liner  
Gmax GM32 Replacement Comfort Liner
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Comfort Liner - Gmax GM32 Replacement Comfort Liner
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Video Reviews
Hey this is Reuben with Competition Accessories today were checking out the Gmax GM32 open face helmet. Now this helmet retails for under 70 bucks its an incredible value and if your looking for that open faced design where you have that unrestricted view of the road ahead of you know nothing in your peripheral vision on this type of helmet plenty of wind in your face this is a great option for you guys with a limited budget. It has an advanced Thermopoly Alloy Shell which is a fancy way of saying polycarbonate style of plastic outer shell . It does have a bit of a design to it its not just a simple ball of a helmet it does have a little spoiler built into the back that actually incorporates some ventilation so a lot of times these types of helmets you see a real lack of any sort of ventilation so Gmax has stepped it up quite a bit with this helmet they've given you some ventilation which you can actually open and close if you slide it this way there's a little arrow and that's actually going to open the vent to allow some warm air to escape . As you ride an area of low pressure is created behind the helmet and its going to draw warm air right out the back of the helmet to help keep you cool. On the front of the helmet you'll see there's also close able vents the intake rail at the top and that's going to help push air down throughout the helmet and flush that warm air out the back and you can close these with a simple slider easy to operate with gloves on. You'll see that there is an included visor peak on this helmet which is going to sparkle a bit in the sun , if you'd rather run with out it you can easily pop it off its just three snaps is how its attached. They also have optional bubble shields for this helmet as well it just has your standard three snaps across the top so if you want to add a bubble type shield to the front of this you can easily do so . Now one of the best features about this helmet especially at this price point , it has a deploy able internal sun visor and one thing that i really like that Gmax has done with this particular sun visor is it simply rotates up and down with this lever on the side of the helmet . Whats nice about that is there's not springs or fancy mechanisms to break, its just a simple rotate and it deploys and you have UV 400 rated internal sun visor which blocks 100% UV and obviously acts as additional eye protection as well . Checking out the interior of the helmet it is a nice fairly soft fabric and it has a plenty long chin strap as well which is padded to keep you nice and comfortable and you'll see they incorporate quite a lot of mesh up in the top of the helmet to allow air to throughout the top to keep you nice and cool and comfortable and again this fabric is nice and soft and the red stitching is a nice touch as well from Gmax. Again this is called the GM32 its going to be a very popular helmet i can tell for under 70 dollars retails for 69.99 were actually able to discount it a little bit even further off then that. Jump on out website look at our current prices on these helmets its an incredible value for this style of helmet multiple different colors are available jump on there see what colors are available .
Information and Details about the Gmax GM32 Replacement Comfort Liner
made by Gmax
  • Replacement Comfort Liner for GM32 Helmets
  • Image Coming Soon

  • Gmax GM32 Replacement Comfort Liner Product Reviews
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    This review is for Gmax GM32 Solid Helmets
    Matches perfect - DDeanPE   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Comfort, style, low cost
    Cons: None

    Great helmet for the money, and a perfect color match to my 2006 FJR

    This review is for Gmax GM32 Solid Helmets
    Very good product - Fred V   OK Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Fast delivery, lighweight, sun viisor included, choise of colors, correct sizeing, and good price
    Cons: Chin strap confusing

    The Gmax GM32 helmet is an excelent helmet for the price. Very lightweight for long riding trips. Comes with snap on sunvisor and flip down sunshield if needed. Good range of colors to chose from. The size seems correct and lots of padding inside of helmet. Cant go wrong with this product for the novice riders.

    This review is for Gmax GM32 Solid Helmets
    lightweight and easy to wear - oldshacker   OH Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: lightweight, easy fit for universal visors and shields, long chin strap, tinted eye shield.
    Cons: The tinted eye shield slams down to only one position. hit my big nose a few times

    The helmet is very lightweight and easy to interchange with my various shields. The noise level is high thus I use ear plugs. It doesn't scratch easy. I have no issues wearing my glasses with the sun visor down. I use this helmet mostly for my everyday ride to work. Great deal for my ride

    This review is for Gmax GM32 Solid Helmets
    Great helmet - HectorPA   PA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Fits perfectly, padding very comfortable
    Cons: None

    I wanted a new full helmet that fit well and also looked good , and the Gmax fit the bill. The padding is solid without being too tight feeling and the flip-down eye shield is just the right size for sun protection. The flow-through ventilation's adjustable openings are a nice touch, too.

    This review is for Gmax GM32 Solid Helmets
    GM32 review - KenSprad   OH Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Quality, fitment, features, price
    Cons: Looks big, a little heavy

    Very comfortable, and fits well, but seems a little big. Great bang for the buck with the flip down sun shield and air vents. Attachable sun visor snaps on with 3 snaps and is very secure. The helmet has a little weight to it, but has great visibility. Overall I am very happy with this product.

    This review is for Gmax GM32 Solid Helmets
    NICE HELMET - JMAP   PA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes


    This review is for Gmax GM32 Solid Helmets
    GM32 - Squatch   MD Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great fit
    Cons: Little small in sizing compared to my HJC. Need to order one size up

    Good helmet with a good fit. I found that you have to order one size up compared to my HJC. Rode a total of 18 hours so far and the fit is great.

    This review is for Gmax GM32 Solid Helmets
    Good value, comfortable - buzzsaw1012   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: comfortable fit, good price.
    Cons: unable to snap face shield on center snap

    purchased one for the wife and one for myself. The wife loves the comfortable fit. I also purchased a generic moveable face shield for her helmet. I am unable to snap the center snap. I haven't worn my helmet yet. I'm used to a half helmet, riding here in Florida. It hasn't gotten cold enough here to wear it.

    This review is for Gmax GM32 Solid Helmets
    G Max 32 Review - G Max GM 32 S Helmet   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Nice finish, good fit, comfortable
    Cons: A lil on the big size but ok

    Just received my G max 32S helmet yesterday. went for a ride this morning. First of all the flip down shield is great has good eye protection, clarity is very good. Flip down works easily with the control on the side. Helmet fits good I got a med. pretty true to size. It is fairly quiet. weight is good. The only minor con is that the overall physical size is a little on the large size compared to my other open face helmets. The finish is excellent in pearl white, matches my burgman 650 pretty close. The only other comment is that the cheek pads are a lil snug, more then I am used to. but I guess they will break in. I am told you can different ones that are thinner but I haven't located them yet. Competion Acc provided the usual great customer service.Overall a pretty good helmet for the price. I like it.

    This review is for Gmax GM32 Solid Helmets
    Decent Helmet - Randy   KY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Quiet, excellent sun shield, good price.
    Cons: Sits tall

    My old HJC was showing its age and was never very comfortable, so I was looking for a new helmet. I thought about modular, but kept going back to open face designs. This one came available from CA and had an easily deployable sun shield. I watched CA's video and decided to give it a try. The video is a good representation of this helmet. Its light enough, has good cheek pads, a strap snap, that very handy sun shield and decent cooling. Mine seems to want to rattle with the front vent closed however...Not a big deal, but notable. It does sit a bit tall. I think its a good value for the price.

    This review is for Gmax GM32 Solid Helmets
    Good Helmet - Randy   KY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Sizes true, good comfort for the price
    Cons: Kinda big, vent rattles when closed

    I was looking for a new helmet to go with my old HJC so I'd have a spare for 2 up. I live in a no helmet state and wear a helmet mostly for the visor when riding into a setting sun and to keep my head warm in cool weather. I wanted an open face version and this one has a pretty good retractable sun shield. Its just what I wanted and the price was good As the other reviewer mentioned, its just a bit heavy, but not too much and it seems tall. Their sizing seems pretty good. My head measured by CA's guide measures 23 and their large fits just fine. The cheek pads are comfortable and placed well. The included visor snaps on firmly and doesn't rattle. The vents seem to work and actually improve the looks of this helmet. My only complaint is that the front vent does rattle when in closed position. Of course, I'll rarely need to close it so there really is no issue there. I watched CA's video before buying and it is a good, candid, truthful presentation of the helmet. If you're looking at this helmet, just watch the video.......then make up your mind.

    This review is for Gmax GM32 Solid Helmets
    Sun Visor sticks - Don   OR Recommended by Reviewer: No
    Pros: Good Fit- as described. Nice helmet except for sun visor. Excellent service on warranty and return
    Cons: Visor stuck in up position

    Loved the helmet except for visor. Worked fine first time out. On second trip, the visor was stuck up in the helmet. Looks like it was hanging up on the trimming around the edge of the helmet. Called Comp and Access. Sean send me return label immediately and I received replacement helmet just a couple of days later. However, visor stuck the same way before I ever put it on. E-mailed Sean, who sent me another return label and credit card was credited in just a couple of days. Re-ordered a different helmet which will be here in couple of days. Ordered several items from ComAcc and always received excellent service. Two stars are for helmet itself - not CompAcc.

    Sizing Chart & Specs for the Gmax GM32 Replacement Comfort Liner
    GMAX Helmet Sizing Chart


    Helmet size
    Metric cm




    47-48cm 18-7/8" - 19-1/4"
    YS 6 - 6/18
    49-50cm 19-11/16" - 20-1/16"
    Yth S/M, YM
    6-1/4 - 6-3/8
    51-52cm 20-7/16" - 20-7/8"
    Yth L/XL, YL, XXS
    6-1/2 - 6-5/8
    53-54cm 21-1/4" - 21-5/8"
    X-Small 6-3/4 - 6-7/8
    55-56cm 22" - 22-7/16"
    Small 7 - 7-1/8
    57-58cm 22-13/16" - 23-1/4"
    Medium 7-1/4 - 7-3/8
    59-60cm 23-5/8" - 24" Large 7-1/2 - 7-5/8
    61-62cm 24-3/8" - 24-13/16" X-Large 7-3/4 - 7-7/8
    63-64cm 25-3/16" - 25-5/8"
    2X-Large 8 - 8-1/8
    65-66cm 26" - 26-3/8"
    3X-Large 8-1/4 - 8-3/8

    The sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit. However, we are happy to assist you with any needed exchanges.
    Part Number Status for Gmax GM32 Replacement Comfort Liner
    Options SKU Retail Price Our Price Availability
    X-Small 15MM GM-32LIN-XS $14.95 $13.46 Usually Ships in 4-5 Business Days
    Small 12MM GM-32LIN-S $14.95 $13.46 Usually Ships in 4-5 Business Days
    Medium 15MM GM-32LIN-M $14.95 $13.46 Usually Ships in 4-5 Business Days
    Large 12MM GM-32LIN-L $14.95 $13.46 Usually Ships in 4-5 Business Days
    X-Large 15MM GM-32LIN-XL $14.95 $13.46 Usually Ships in 4-5 Business Days
    2X-Large 12MM GM-32LIN-2X $14.95 $13.46 Usually Ships in 4-5 Business Days
    3X-Large 9MM GM-32LIN-3X $14.95 $13.46 Usually Ships in 4-5 Business Days

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