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Gmax - Gmax GM32 Replacement 3 Snap Visor  
Gmax GM32 Replacement 3 Snap Visor


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Black - Gmax GM32 Replacement 3 Snap Visor
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Video Reviews
Hey this is Reuben with Competition Accessories today were checking out the Gmax GM32 open face helmet. Now this helmet retails for under 70 bucks its an incredible value and if your looking for that open faced design where you have that unrestricted view of the road ahead of you know nothing in your peripheral vision on this type of helmet plenty of wind in your face this is a great option for you guys with a limited budget. It has an advanced Thermopoly Alloy Shell which is a fancy way of saying polycarbonate style of plastic outer shell . It does have a bit of a design to it its not just a simple ball of a helmet it does have a little spoiler built into the back that actually incorporates some ventilation so a lot of times these types of helmets you see a real lack of any sort of ventilation so Gmax has stepped it up quite a bit with this helmet they've given you some ventilation which you can actually open and close if you slide it this way there's a little arrow and that's actually going to open the vent to allow some warm air to escape . As you ride an area of low pressure is created behind the helmet and its going to draw warm air right out the back of the helmet to help keep you cool. On the front of the helmet you'll see there's also close able vents the intake rail at the top and that's going to help push air down throughout the helmet and flush that warm air out the back and you can close these with a simple slider easy to operate with gloves on. You'll see that there is an included visor peak on this helmet which is going to sparkle a bit in the sun , if you'd rather run with out it you can easily pop it off its just three snaps is how its attached. They also have optional bubble shields for this helmet as well it just has your standard three snaps across the top so if you want to add a bubble type shield to the front of this you can easily do so . Now one of the best features about this helmet especially at this price point , it has a deploy able internal sun visor and one thing that i really like that Gmax has done with this particular sun visor is it simply rotates up and down with this lever on the side of the helmet . Whats nice about that is there's not springs or fancy mechanisms to break, its just a simple rotate and it deploys and you have UV 400 rated internal sun visor which blocks 100% UV and obviously acts as additional eye protection as well . Checking out the interior of the helmet it is a nice fairly soft fabric and it has a plenty long chin strap as well which is padded to keep you nice and comfortable and you'll see they incorporate quite a lot of mesh up in the top of the helmet to allow air to throughout the top to keep you nice and cool and comfortable and again this fabric is nice and soft and the red stitching is a nice touch as well from Gmax. Again this is called the GM32 its going to be a very popular helmet i can tell for under 70 dollars retails for 69.99 were actually able to discount it a little bit even further off then that. Jump on out website look at our current prices on these helmets its an incredible value for this style of helmet multiple different colors are available jump on there see what colors are available .
Information and Details about the Gmax GM32 Replacement 3 Snap Visor
made by Gmax
  • Replacement 3 Snap Visor for GM32 Helmets

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    Gmax GM32 Replacement 3 Snap Visor - Black