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Gmax - Closeout - Gmax GM11s Snow Sport Pink Ribbon Riders Helmet Gmax - Closeout - Gmax GM11s Snow Sport Pink Ribbon Riders Helmet Gmax - Closeout - Gmax GM11s Snow Sport Pink Ribbon Riders Helmet Gmax - Closeout - Gmax GM11s Snow Sport Pink Ribbon Riders Helmet Gmax - Closeout - Gmax GM11s Snow Sport Pink Ribbon Riders Helmet Gmax - Closeout - Gmax GM11s Snow Sport Pink Ribbon Riders Helmet
Gmax GM11s Snow Sport Pink Ribbon Riders Helmet


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Video Reviews
Hey guys this is Reuben with Competition Accessories and welcome to our video review of the all new Gmax 11D Dual Sport helmet. Now dual sport is a segment in the motorcycle world that is growing like crazy. Thats because people have realized it is a lot of fun to ride both on and off road and there is more and more options out there for bikes that can do both. So naturally the helmets are following the suit so a helmet that does both on and offroad well and it has a few designer requirements. First of all your going to need a full face shield. Running offroad goggles do a fantastic job of keeping the dust and fog out of yours but running down the freeway with just goggles on your going to be getting a lot of wind and air coming into the front of the helmet and it adds wind drag. Having a face shield gives you a more quiet ride and it protects your face a little bit better from road debris and bugs. Another thing that an offroad helmet does is that it is not quite as good as a dual sport helmet or a full face street helmet is aerodynamics at freeway speed. With an offroad helmet the visor is designed to block the sun and block roost when your going fast behind somebody and you need to duck down underneath this helmet is designed with those design features in mind but it has plenty of gap underneath the visor there so when your riding at the higher speeds the air has somewhere to go. It has a very nice large area at the back of the helmet and also underneath the visor for air to pass through without drag. The ventilation is really good on the 11D. You have 2 closeable intake vents at the front of the helmet. Its right up under the visor to direct air right into the top of your head. Also there is an air intake vent right at the mouth guard. It is closeable with this large sliders switch. This is very easy to operate with some gloves on. Some additional ventilation along the chin bar here. Also it has exhaust vents at the back of the helmet which include 2 static vents which are always open at the base of the shell. Two more at the very bottom of the neck portion of the helmet and along the back of this built in spoiler and then you have closeable vents at the top which operate on these sliders. Also one more vent at the very top center of the helmet. One of the best ways to keep a helmet cool is drawing all that warm air from and out the back of the helmet. As you ride this is going to function as a vacuum and suck all the warm air out of the back of the helmet. With a dual sport helmet unlike a full street helmet your not moving as fast or as much and working harder so typically the helmet will get more warm inside of it. Now the best thing about the 11D is the price point. Its under 150 bucks, definitely priced very very well. If you wanted to run this with goggles the face shield does open up very very far. Its going to allow you to fit goggles inside the eye port as you can see the eye port is nice and large so it will accommodate any style goggle. If you want to run goggles you dont have to actually remove the face shield. They also make a snowmobile version of this helmet. So if snow is something you do in the winter time you can get a double lens shield for this helmet. You can also get a breathe box and a chin curtain. Lastly we will talk about the interior, they use this soft moisture wicking material that is fully removable. Three snaps take the cheek pads right out. You will see that there are some speaker pockets built right in the cheek pad here. This helmet is designed to accept some communication systems. You can see with how easy the interior is to remove it makes it for easier cleaning if it gets dirty. Also you can see in the liner air passages for air to transfer throughout the helmet. You can see the EPS liner and shell which is going to do a good job protecting your head in an accident so the helmet shell is going to disperse the impact and then the foam liner is going to absorb the impact. You can also see the air channels to help air flow throughout the helmet. You can check these out on our website and click the link for our youtube channel and you can stay up to date with all our product videos and reviews. Thanks for watching and we will see you next time.
Information and Details about the Gmax GM11s Snow Sport Pink Ribbon Riders Helmet
made by Gmax
Main Features:
  • Modern style shell design.
  • DOT approved, lightweight, thermo plastic poly alloy shell.
  • Modern graphics to appeal to a full range of riders.
  • Full helmet and visor coverage.
  • Final clear coat covering for outstanding finish and durability.
  • Large eye port that accepts large goggles.
  • Can be quickly converted from a visor configuration to a visor-less configuration.
  • Side shield plate covers come as a standard equipment in the box to use when configuring visor-less set-up.
    Snow/Cold Weather Configuration:
  • Anti-fog, double lens clear shield, visor and visor side plate covers for visor-less configuration.
  • Outer flip shield is completely hidden under the visor and out of line-of-sight when in the fully raised position.
  • Shield can be fully raised or lowered when using goggles.
  • Visor is designed to allow airflow to pass uninterrupted across the helmet to virtually eliminate helmet lift at highway speeds.
  • Maximum air flow is achieved through shell/styro and comfort liner vents.
    Other Features:
  • Top, Front and jaw piece vents are a bold design that can be fully opened or closed with a "gloved" hand.
  • Lateral styro inserts, these additional support inserts are located between the cheek pads and the shell for increased comfort and reduced outside sound.
  • Plush, removable, washable interior has tool-less removal for easy cleaning and allows for adjustable fit and comfort that is second to none.
  • Removable and washable cheek pads allows for custom fitting with optional sizes available.
  • Removable snowmobile chin curtain for added warmth and quietness.
  • Removable maximum seal breath guard, reduces fogging.
  • Integrated speaker pockets.
  • Padded D-ring chin strap with a retention snap that secures excess chin strap length.
  • Optional clear electric shield available

  • Gmax GM11s Snow Sport Pink Ribbon Riders Helmet Product Reviews
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    This review is for Gmax GM11 Dual Sport Helmets
    GM11 - Triumph in Seattle   WA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Looks, Fit, Weight, Price
    Cons: Inside fabric pills

    Because of the price, I was hesitant to get this helmet if I would ever be involved in a crash. I haven't been in one in over 25 years... well anyway, it happened last night. In order not to be T-boned, I low sided and hit the ground pretty hard going about 40mph. I slid quite a bit, but all my gear held up INCLUDING my helmet. There was an impact and a lot of sliding on my head - but no concussion or anything. I admit I was very lucky, but the helmet did it's job and I will replace it with the same one... cause you know, it looks great as well.

    This review is for Gmax GM11 Dual Sport Helmets
    Gmax GM11 - Rykurt   PA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Quality product at a great price.
    Cons: None

    Great looking helmet with comfortable fit.

    This review is for Gmax GM69 Crusader 2 Helmets
    Great Helment - westside   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: a very nice helment, it is light, vents work well, fit is spot on, great price
    Cons: none

    I am using this Gmax helment for the first time and it does a great job read the Pros about the helment cant go wrong with this helment, nice price to

    This review is for Gmax GM11 Dual Sport Helmets
    Awesome Value - Sono   WA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Price, Fit, Weight, Field of Vision, Ventilation, Versatile, Comfortable
    Cons: Loud, Shield tab

    I bought my first Gmax based off a webbikeworld review of the GM68 and haven't looked back. Before that, I was spending a ton for Arai's and Shoei's that never quite fit right. You see, I have what some call an Earth Shaped or very round head. Think Basketball. This is the only helmet that really fits great and doesn't actually make it impossible for me to move my jaw or wear sunglasses. I can now do both. I find the liner very comfortable and supportive - even has a pocket for the speakers from my comm. The quality of the shell and looks are great. It simply has the best field of vision of any helmet I've ever used as well. As far as price - get outta town. Best value for a dual or sport helmet out there period.

    This review is for Gmax GM11 Dual Sport Helmets
    GMAX GM11D Dual Sport Helmet - George Martinetti   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: quiet,comfortable,beak causes very little lift at higher speeds
    Cons: none so far

    fine fit, ear pockets good sized and comfortable with glasses. i am happy with this helmet's quality- especially considering its reasonable price.

    This review is for Gmax GM78 Solid Helmets
    Helmet GMAX - Jeg   SC Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: great value,super fit
    Cons: none

    I bought this helmet prior to a week tour through Arizona and southern Utah. Never had a day when my head was uncomfortable with respect to heat even with daytime highs in the upper 90's.The drop down sun visor was fantastic I would highly recommend this helmet along with the helpful staff at Competition Acessories.

    This review is for Gmax GM11 Dual Sport Helmets
    Gmax11d - SuperMotoRuss   AZ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: light airy and comfortable. Good value for the price.
    Cons: the shield needs the tab to open in front not on the side

    Nice price point helmet. Does not lift up at 80 plus mph like a standard dirt bike helmet with goggles. They should have put the lens tab on the front of the visor to be able to open it with one hand. That's my only gripe and it is trivial, other than that I am totally happy with this helmet.

    This review is for Gmax GM11 Dual Sport Helmets
    GMAX GM11D - JMM   MT Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Features, price, fit,weight.
    Cons: NA

    I tried on lots of helmets in a wide price range. You cant argue with the price of the Gmax, especially give the features. Its light, fits well, has a huge field of view and is by far the coolest wearing helmet I've ever worn. I ride dual sport and ATV. The faceshield will be a bonus on the ATV in the winter. I ordered the dual lense sheild and breath box for that application. Fit is good but gives enough room to wear a liner in cold weather.

    This review is for Gmax GM11 Dual Sport Helmets
    Great price - guzman   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Price, light, comfortorable and looks great
    Cons: None yet

    Great helmet at a great price I find this helmet very cofortorable, lots of vents and looks cool. As fas as how well it protects you in a crash time will tell. I here some other manufacturers say they would not wear a GMAX helmet, but what can you expect from a competetor. I really wish there was more data out there as far is how these helmets hold up compared to other more expensive ones. I sure would hate to find out the hard way

    This review is for Gmax GM76X Crazy G Helmet
    Best fit for Frankenstein heads - f4fntm   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Comfortable, light, inexpensive
    Cons: [None]

    I have an extremely oval-shaped or Frankenstein head, and have a hard time finding comfortable helmets. This is the best-fitting lid I've ever found on street or dirt - even after a long ride, I feel no discomfort. Graphics are a bit much, would've preferred solid, and it doesn't have a fancy brand name, but whatever. It's a simple, lightweight, inexpensive helmet, and that's good enough.

    This review is for Gmax GM69 Crusader 2 Helmets
    Gmax helmet - R.E. Rider   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: very comfortable, vents work great, great price point.
    Cons: colours, accessories

    love this helmet, i don't own one but i used one about 2 weeks ago and loved it so much i want to get one. very functional. only really major con for me so far is i cant seem to find extra shields for it.

    This review is for Gmax GM78 Solid Helmets
    High feature low cost helmet - Mike in AZ   AZ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: venting, sun visor, rear light, style, noise reduction
    Cons: sun visor not dark enough, no air conditioning

    I previously owned a GMAX GM68S. It was a nice comfortable helmet with decent venting and had the rear light for night time visiblity. It was noisy enough that I wore ear plugs, but not deafening like my Fly Trekker. It had a bit more room around the temples to better allow for sun glasses, unlike the Trekker which was snapping the arms off sun glasses left and right. I still went through a fair amount of glasses with the GM68S, but not nearly as many as with the Trekker. But still having sweaty steamy foam lined sunglasses against my face was no fun. I purchased the 68S as a close-out and the only one they had in my size was black. Not my first choice as it's not the best for visibility and it just absorbed the Phoenix sun. But for the close-out price I couldn't complain. I recently stumbled while carrying it, and it hit the pavement HARD, bouncing several times, breaking off a vent, cracking the top vent housing, marring the face shield and rendering it pretty much useless. Now I told you all this so I could compare it to my new GM78.I was able to find the 78 in white YAY. That helps with visibility, and doesn't seem to get AS hot as the black helmet, but Phoenix riding is hot regardless. The venting seems to be pretty good so far. At hiway speeds it seems to stay a bit cooler than the 68S. Some one please invent a helmet with AC I ride with the main shield open at speeds up to about 35mph. Faster than that, wind come around the sun visor and bothers my eyes. The sun visor is a really nice feature. It saves money on constanly replacing broken sunglasses, keeps sweaty steamy glasses off my face, and alliviates the hassle of putting them on & off as lighting conditions change. I just wish there was a slightly darker sun visor. It's not quite as dark as my sun glasses, and I'm contemplating getting a smoked main shield to compensate for the blindingly bright Phoenix sun. Although I don't really want to carry a second shield, changing them out on the 78 is really simple and an improvement over the 68S. The 78 has the rear light for night time visibility. I don't care who this is gimmicky with both th 68S and the 78, I've had drivers at stop lights tell me they thought it was cool and it really got their attention, I always set it to fast blink so apparently it's working and helping keep me alive. The 78 is MUCH quieter than my old 68S. Even at hiway speeds, I'm a bit on the fence as to wether or not I still need earplugs. I do still wear them on the hiway, but this helmet is pretty quiet without them.Bottom line This is a good helmet with many nice features at an affordable price. If you live out west, allow time for it to arrive. Unlike Brian in MD, mine took quite a while to arrive. He's a lot closer to them than I am though. Comp Acc does have the best price I could find though, so I take it in stride.

    This review is for Gmax GM11 Dual Sport Helmets
    Decent helmet great price - CKozar99   OH Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Fits good, inexpensive but doesn't feel it
    Cons: Makes a creaking sound at speed or in high winds

    For the price, this helmet is really pretty nice. It certainly isn't a real substitute for a Shoei Hornet or an Arai, but it isn't meant to be. It fits well and functions beyond my expectations for a hundred dollar piece of essential gear. I really like the simplicity of the visor and the fact that it stretches almost ear to ear. It is easy to changeremove for cleaning. I would give it 5 stars but there is an annoying creaking noise on the left side when I am going 55 mph or higher or when there is a strong cross-wind. You get used to it after awhile but it really shouldn't occur in the first place. Other than that, no complaints.

    This review is for Gmax GM78 Solid Helmets
    Price Doesn't Match Quality - Jason in SD   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: stylish, venting, visibility, adequate noise management, rear light, value
    Cons: Sizing is tight, not sold on the mesh chin curtain

    I searched high and low for a new helmet under 200. First criteria was a white helmet for visibility purposes and my Triumph T-Bird is white as well. Second, I wanted major noise reduction improvement vs my open faced Fulmer which was not hard to do and so far the GM78 has exceeded my expectations. Outside of those 2 things, the visibility is great can't say that for all full faced helmets, the venting is nice, the rear light is good to have for riding at night, and the sun shade is nice too but I'm not sure how much I'll use it since I were good riding glasses. The jury is still out on the mesh chin curtain but time will tell. The only real con is the sizing, most brands I fit in to a L or XL, and the Gmax sizing charts says XL for me. No way. I had to step up to a XXL for comfort. I certainly recommend this helmet for all it offers but make sure you buy 1 size larger.

    This review is for Gmax GM78 Solid Helmets
    Nice helmet but fit was odd - Brian in MD   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good overall quality, excellent internal sun visor, value
    Cons: peculiar fit front to back

    I needed to replace my 3yr old HJC IS-16, which had served me well but was starting to show some wear. I had bought my wife a GMAX68S last year for the occasional rides on the back, and was so impressed with that model that I decided to go for a GMAX for myself this time. I was excited to see this new GM78 model with the internal visor - one of the features I loved about my HJC. So I ordered one in solid white Compacc had the lowest price of any online dealer, btw and it arrived quickly. I ordered the small, which is the same size I wear in other helmets I also have a Sparx and as soon as I tried it on I knew something was not right. The helmet fit well side to side and at the cheeks, but the padding in front was pressing so hard into my forehead that it was downright painful. I wore it for about 15 minutes hoping it would resolve but no dice. Interestingly, my wife's GM68S is an XS, and although tight it actually fit me without any discomfort. My personal fit issues notwithstanding, this is a high quality helmet - especially at under 120. It looks to have great venting, the main visor is outstanding, and the internal sun visor is just as nice as my HJC - it comes down low enough so that you don't see the bottom edge - an issue I've read about in other helmets with internal visors. It felt about average weight to me. Since I didn't ride with it, I can't comment on noise control. Lastly, the GMAX 78 continues with the built-in LED on the back of the helmet, same as the 68S. I find this to be a nifty feature for added rider visibilty, even it it is considered by some to be a bit gimmicky. Overall, if the fit works for you, it's a great helmet - and recommended.

    This review is for Gmax GM78 Solid Helmets
    Wouldn't buy this helmet again - Greg B   Recommended by Reviewer: No
    Pros: Cheap price
    Cons: Inner shield slider mechanism extremly fragile. J&M speaker required alot of modifications.

    I bought this helmet because I had a GM17s for years and really liked it. When I got the first GM78, the shield slider broke off in my hand. I got another one and the slider was already broken and loose in the box. Competition sent me another slider at no charge, thanks to competition acc. After wearing the helmet for 1 hour the liner seam in the top front of the helmet was extremely uncomfortable. There is very little padding in the liner. I've installed my GM17 liner and the helmet is ok now. J&M speaker installation required extensive modification to the inner part of the helmet, plus I had to modify the cheek pads to keep them from blocking the speakers. I bought 2 of these helmets, one for me and one for my wife , an xl and a xxl, when I had the helmets apart I noticed on the Styrofoam that they had xxl stamps in both helmets, apparently GMAX sizes them by changing cheek pads and liners, interesting. I would not buy this helmet again..I guess you get what you pay for in this instance.

    This review is for Gmax GM11 Dual Sport Helmets
    bad fit, bad quality - Horrible Helmet   PA Recommended by Reviewer: No
    Pros: none
    Cons: bad fit, bad quality

    First off, why anyone would have this helmet on the shelves astounds me.... it is the worst fitting helmet I have ever tried on, it actually dug into the back of my head and had no padding whatsoever. Spend a little more and get the fly racing trekker, much better helmet.

    Sizing Chart & Specs for the Gmax GM11s Snow Sport Pink Ribbon Riders Helmet
    GMAX Helmet Sizing Chart


    Helmet size
    Metric cm




    47-48cm 18-7/8" - 19-1/4"
    YS 6 - 6/18
    49-50cm 19-11/16" - 20-1/16"
    Yth S/M, YM
    6-1/4 - 6-3/8
    51-52cm 20-7/16" - 20-7/8"
    Yth L/XL, YL, XXS
    6-1/2 - 6-5/8
    53-54cm 21-1/4" - 21-5/8"
    X-Small 6-3/4 - 6-7/8
    55-56cm 22" - 22-7/16"
    Small 7 - 7-1/8
    57-58cm 22-13/16" - 23-1/4"
    Medium 7-1/4 - 7-3/8
    59-60cm 23-5/8" - 24" Large 7-1/2 - 7-5/8
    61-62cm 24-3/8" - 24-13/16" X-Large 7-3/4 - 7-7/8
    63-64cm 25-3/16" - 25-5/8"
    2X-Large 8 - 8-1/8
    65-66cm 26" - 26-3/8"
    3X-Large 8-1/4 - 8-3/8

    The sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit. However, we are happy to assist you with any needed exchanges.
    Part Number Status for Gmax GM11s Snow Sport Pink Ribbon Riders Helmet
    Options SKU Our Price Availability
    X-Small GM-PINK-XS $104.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Small GM-PINK-S $104.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Medium GM-PINK-M $104.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Large GM-PINK-L $104.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    X-Large GM-PINK-XL $104.99 Currently Not Available for Order

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    Gmax GM11s Snow Sport Pink Ribbon Riders Helmet - Pink
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    Shield Up
    Gmax GM11s Snow Sport Pink Ribbon Riders Helmet - Top
    Gmax GM11s Snow Sport Pink Ribbon Riders Helmet - Front
    Gmax GM11s Snow Sport Pink Ribbon Riders Helmet - With Out Visor
    With Out Visor
    Gmax GM11s Snow Sport Pink Ribbon Riders Helmet - Back