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Gmax - Gmax GM11D Replacement Bottom Trim Rubber  
Gmax GM11D Replacement Bottom Trim Rubber


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Black - Gmax GM11D Replacement Bottom Trim Rubber
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Video Reviews
Hey guys this is Reuben with Competition Accessories and welcome to our video review of the all new Gmax 11D Dual Sport helmet. Now dual sport is a segment in the motorcycle world that is growing like crazy. Thats because people have realized it is a lot of fun to ride both on and off road and there is more and more options out there for bikes that can do both. So naturally the helmets are following the suit so a helmet that does both on and offroad well and it has a few designer requirements. First of all your going to need a full face shield. Running offroad goggles do a fantastic job of keeping the dust and fog out of yours but running down the freeway with just goggles on your going to be getting a lot of wind and air coming into the front of the helmet and it adds wind drag. Having a face shield gives you a more quiet ride and it protects your face a little bit better from road debris and bugs. Another thing that an offroad helmet does is that it is not quite as good as a dual sport helmet or a full face street helmet is aerodynamics at freeway speed. With an offroad helmet the visor is designed to block the sun and block roost when your going fast behind somebody and you need to duck down underneath this helmet is designed with those design features in mind but it has plenty of gap underneath the visor there so when your riding at the higher speeds the air has somewhere to go. It has a very nice large area at the back of the helmet and also underneath the visor for air to pass through without drag. The ventilation is really good on the 11D. You have 2 closeable intake vents at the front of the helmet. Its right up under the visor to direct air right into the top of your head. Also there is an air intake vent right at the mouth guard. It is closeable with this large sliders switch. This is very easy to operate with some gloves on. Some additional ventilation along the chin bar here. Also it has exhaust vents at the back of the helmet which include 2 static vents which are always open at the base of the shell. Two more at the very bottom of the neck portion of the helmet and along the back of this built in spoiler and then you have closeable vents at the top which operate on these sliders. Also one more vent at the very top center of the helmet. One of the best ways to keep a helmet cool is drawing all that warm air from and out the back of the helmet. As you ride this is going to function as a vacuum and suck all the warm air out of the back of the helmet. With a dual sport helmet unlike a full street helmet your not moving as fast or as much and working harder so typically the helmet will get more warm inside of it. Now the best thing about the 11D is the price point. Its under 150 bucks, definitely priced very very well. If you wanted to run this with goggles the face shield does open up very very far. Its going to allow you to fit goggles inside the eye port as you can see the eye port is nice and large so it will accommodate any style goggle. If you want to run goggles you dont have to actually remove the face shield. They also make a snowmobile version of this helmet. So if snow is something you do in the winter time you can get a double lens shield for this helmet. You can also get a breathe box and a chin curtain. Lastly we will talk about the interior, they use this soft moisture wicking material that is fully removable. Three snaps take the cheek pads right out. You will see that there are some speaker pockets built right in the cheek pad here. This helmet is designed to accept some communication systems. You can see with how easy the interior is to remove it makes it for easier cleaning if it gets dirty. Also you can see in the liner air passages for air to transfer throughout the helmet. You can see the EPS liner and shell which is going to do a good job protecting your head in an accident so the helmet shell is going to disperse the impact and then the foam liner is going to absorb the impact. You can also see the air channels to help air flow throughout the helmet. You can check these out on our website and click the link for our youtube channel and you can stay up to date with all our product videos and reviews. Thanks for watching and we will see you next time.
Information and Details about the Gmax GM11D Replacement Bottom Trim Rubber
made by Gmax
Gmax GM11D Replacement Bottom Trim Rubber is now available to replace the bottom rubber trim on the GM11D.

  • Replacement Trim Rubber for the Gmax GM11D

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