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Gmax - GM68 Full Face - Gmax Chin Curtain for GM68  
Gmax Chin Curtain for GM68
Retail Price: $7.99
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Chin Curtain
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Chin Curtain - Gmax Chin Curtain for GM68
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Information and Details about the Gmax Chin Curtain for GM68
made by Gmax
Chin Curtain for Gmax GM68S

Gmax Chin Curtain for GM68 Product Reviews
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Below are more Gmax Reviews from our online customers.
Hopefully they can help you find the right item and make the best buying decision.

This review is for Gmax GM68S Solid Helmets
3 - Genski84   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: L.E.D. Lights, comfort, ventilation, lightweight.
Cons: None

I flipping love this helmet. Don't let the price fool you. This is a steal It cradles your brain so good I never want another helmet. Ever.

This review is for Gmax GM68S Solid Helmets
gmax gm68 helmet - vel   NY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: extra smoked shield
Cons: run small

I have to say, this helmet is great for the price.The venting system really works, the lights built into the helmet for night riding is also a great option.Plus they also give you a smoked lens for the lights to blend it into the Matt black helmet i got.Plus it comes with a clear and dark shield, extra lens and extra batteries.I have 7 other helmets, some were 5x the price and didn't come with all these extras.

This review is for Gmax GM68S Solid Helmets
Excellent helmet Don't let the price fool you. - Matt   AR Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Excellent venting, best clear shield I've ever seen, light weight, excellent paint
Cons: no pin-lock to lock the shield closed

I ride daily and spend most of my time commuting. I needed a helmet that would vent well in both an upright and a crouched position. This helmet is more than capable with all these vents Unlike a lot of other helmets, this thing moves air. Now, you'd think with all those vents that it would be extremely noisy. However, it's very, very quiet even at freeway speeds. This is likely due in part to the design of the neck roll and the included chin curtain. The shield also seals very well against the rubber seals and keeps wind out. I also have plenty of room to wear my prescription glasses once the helmet is on. This is one of the quietest helmets I've ever used. There are pockets for speakers in the helmet that are felt lined. I'm sure with minor effort you could install a full bluetooth communications system. There is ample room between my chin and the chin bar, which has been an issue for me in the past. The breath guard included does a good job of keeping moist air off of the shield. However, at highway speeds it feels like it is being blown toward my face by the wind coming through the front chin vent. That's easy enough to close off, though.The LED lights seem a bit gimmicky to me and are not overly bright... but if you're relying on 6 LEDs to keep cagers from hitting you, you have other problems to deal with. Overall, I would say that this helmet is an AMAZING value. It offers a TON of features not found in other helmets in this price range. I love that the tinted shield was included. You won't find these cheaper than on compacc.comBuy one. You won't regret it. Honestly, I could not be more happy with this helmet. Whether you ride a sport bike, a touring bike, or a cruiser, this will meet your needs.

This review is for Gmax GM68S Solid Helmets
surprisingly light weight, yet solid construction, decent build quality for the price. other helmets cause sweating in the summer forcing weekly liner washings minimum. this one flows far more air than much more expensive helmets. No sweat, no odor after months of riding. It is somewhat more noisy than my other full face helmets but I always wear ear plugs anyway. after 1yr of all weather riding, this is the one I regularly grab. fit is snug just right, sensibly placed visor detents are another plus over the others. I like it. Planning on buying another one just because.

This review is for Gmax GM68S Solid Helmets
This is a great quality helmet........for an unbelievably low price. Vents are superb the lights work.......and the shield is the clearest one I've ever seen. With a free smoked shield this is the deal of the year...............these run a little tight, but if you have a normal round type head they will be fairly true to size.......if you're right between sizes go to the next larger.............

This review is for Gmax GM68S Solid Helmets
buy it now - the11th   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: l.e.d helmet lighting and super comfortable
Cons: takes a bit to break in

Overall a really reliable and good helmet cones with smoked out lenses and extra batteries. A must buy especially if you ride in the night

This review is for Gmax GM68S Solid Helmets
DECENT HELMET - Gregory   NY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Love the looks
Cons: Light not working correctly

You get what you pay for. For 99 dollars you get a decent helmet.

Sizing Chart & Specs for the Gmax Chin Curtain for GM68
GMAX Helmet Sizing Chart


Helmet size
Metric cm




47-48cm 18-7/8" - 19-1/4"
YS 6 - 6/18
49-50cm 19-11/16" - 20-1/16"
Yth S/M, YM
6-1/4 - 6-3/8
51-52cm 20-7/16" - 20-7/8"
6-1/2 - 6-5/8
53-54cm 21-1/4" - 21-5/8"
X-Small 6-3/4 - 6-7/8
55-56cm 22" - 22-7/16"
Small 7 - 7-1/8
57-58cm 22-13/16" - 23-1/4"
Medium 7-1/4 - 7-3/8
59-60cm 23-5/8" - 24" Large 7-1/2 - 7-5/8
61-62cm 24-3/8" - 24-13/16" X-Large 7-3/4 - 7-7/8
63-64cm 25-3/16" - 25-5/8"
2X-Large 8 - 8-1/8
65-66cm 26" - 26-3/8"
3X-Large 8-1/4 - 8-3/8

The sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit. However, we are happy to assist you with any needed exchanges.
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